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  1. Yeah, this set up made so there was commonality with the -400 classics. Plus all those options cost money. Commonality though, was the biggest reason.
  2. N302AS: [Displays] Glass_PFD_ND=1 PFD_low_airspeed_alert=1 PFD_groundspeed_displayed=0 PFD_Vref_plus_20_bug=1 PFD_100knot_bug=0 PFD_rising_runway=0 PFD_split_axis_flight_director=1 PFD_pitch_limit_indicator_popup=1 PFD_radio_altitude_round_dial=0 PFD_angle_of_attack_dial=0 PFD_landing_altitude_bar=1 PFD_2500_height_alert=0 PFD_show_landing_flaps=0 PFD_integral_heading_scale=1 EFISMAP_radio_altitude_round_dial=0 EFISMAP_80knot_bug=0 EFISMAP_flight_path_vector=1 ND_trackUp=1 ND_VOR_course_lines_displayed=0 ND_VerticalSituationDisplay=1 ND_RangeArcs=0 ND_TCAS_RangeRing=0 ND_ActWptData=1 PFD_ND_NPS=1 Engines_SideBySideDisplay=0 Engines_ColorChangeInhibit_5minutes=1 Engines_ColorChangeInhibit_10minutes=0 Engines_LowOilQuantityInverseVideo=1 Engines_HighVibrationAlert=1 Engines_ShowRefN1=0 Engines_ShowOilQPercentage=0 Engines_ShowMaxContLines=0 Fuel_LowAlertBelow1000lbs=0 Fuel_TOTALDisplay=1 MFD_FlightControlSurfacesIndicator=0 MFD_BrakeTemperatureIndicator=0 [Engines] Engines_DoubleDerate=1 [MCP] MCPType=0 [AFS] WingsLevelatTO=0 AllowGSCaptureBeforeLoc=0 RollOutEnabled=0 [FMS] DefaultAccelHeight=1000 DefaultReductionAlt=1000 DefaultCutBackAlt=800 DefaultRestoreAlt=3000 DefaultTransAlt=18000 [GPWS] GPWS_AltCallouts=1 GPWS_2500_RA=0 GPWS_2500=0 GPWS_1000=0 GPWS_500=0 GPWS_400=0 GPWS_300=0 GPWS_200=0 GPWS_100=0 GPWS_50=0 GPWS_40=0 GPWS_30=0 GPWS_20=0 GPWS_10=0 GPWS_MinimumsType=2 GPWS_AprMinimumsType=4 GPWS_WarnBankAngle=1 GPWS_TerrPeaksMode=1 GPWS_TerrUseCyan=0 GPWS_V1Callout=0 [TCAS] TCAS_ShowAllTraffic=0 TCAS_FilterRange=40 TCAS_FilterSeparation=2800 [Airframe] Airstair=0 ShortFieldPackage=0 FlightTestPackage=0 SteelBrakePackage=0 DualBatteryPackage=1 JumpSeat=1 Yoke CheckList L=1 Yoke CheckList R=1 ETOPS=0 DualCargoBottleSystem=0 SingleClassCabin=0 EyebrowWindows=1 SatcomAntenna=0 ISFDInstalled=0 HGSInstalled=1 HGS_AutoAIII=1 HGS_GSrefInPRI=1
  3. Only NGs that came off the line with no eyebrow windows have the vortex generators. Ngs with eyebrow windows or eyebrow windows that were removed do not have them. I forget the exact reason, but if eyebrow windows are or were present , the vortex generators cannot be installed...something to do with the airflow. PMDG should make it so if you select eyebrow windows, the vortex generators are removed. But its not a big deal, at least for me.
  4. Interestingly enough in the 80's United had three of its 727-200adv equipped for overwater ops for flights over the Gulf of Mexico. They had the OMEGA system installed on them, as we ll as an early ACARS.
  5. The 727 is by far the best looking aircraft Boeing has ever made. Haven't heard many pilots say anything bad about it either.
  6. It does appear that the windows have been fixed, except the windows on the L3, R3 doors (777-200LR only) are still not transparent, not a show stopper though...
  7. Both American and Delta do have the HGS on their 737NGs.
  8. Thanks Kyle, that's good enough for me.
  9. You cant really see it if the sun is shining directly on it, but it is there. Not a huge deal but it defiantly wasn't there prior to the update. I'm just trying to figure out whether it was done on purpose, or is a bug. The fact that you can see it from the VC, and not outside is what makes me think it might be a bug, but not sure.
  10. Can anyone confirm that the inner portion of the winglets is showing the night lighting splash during the daytime when looking back at them from the VC. It doesn't show from outside in spot plane view, but when in the VC they appear to be lit up as they are in darkness. This is with the newest version (build 1.10.6436). It seems to be present on all the winglet models, -700, -800, and -900.
  11. Kyle, It was a clean install per the pinned thread. I have since, uninstalled and reinstalled, again per the pinned thread, but the error remains for me in FSX. as Ryan said it looks like you guys are working on it , and I'm sure you'll figure it out.
  12. Kyle, The panel states issue seems to be present in FSX as well. I did a clean install with the update with a default FSX setup and used the PMDG short panel state as a starting point. The fuel, and anti ice is on all the time. I'll submit a ticket.
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