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  1. Vic1

    fo power up and chocks

    what exactly is the fo meant to do ? set ground power & chocs by the fmc fs options and then press the avail lights on the over head? either way despite seeing the powerup flow indicated in the fs2crew window i dont get the chocks applied or get the power up of the aircraft either when i say im not using cold and dark i thought you meant the cold and dark panel state option. i do have the aircraft in a cold and dark state , just not using the c& d state provided with the 777 incase its corrupt to confirm, i have no chocs no power nothing on nor even connected (dead) and when i activate the the pf flow and start fs2crew i hear clicking i see the fo fmc change a few pages but nothing actually happens as far as power up. i get ground responding and confirming power is connected after a few seconds but no avail lights in overhead? kav ok so i just tried it with the pmdg provided cld dark panl state and it worked. only thing i still cant get happening is getting ground to connect the gpu mannually by button or by voice command from the cold and dark. i hear lots of clicking plus confirmation audibly that its connected but the avail lights do not illuminate. i should add im able to disconnect the gpu using voice commands ok just wont connect. cant connect air conditioning unit or air start either in same way . kav
  2. Vic1

    fo power up and chocks

    not using cold and dark no. i see the process identified in the window but the switches are not pressed by the fo. kav
  3. hi i cant seem to get this new option to work. i set it on in the cfg but fo wont power up from ext power. power avail lights on but fo wont press them nor set chocks in place any ideas tks kav
  4. i notice that there is a warning that we can only download the base package so many times before the download link expires. thats fair enough but if we are forced to download the installer again each time there is an update then we are using up our download quota each time. is this correct, if so should it be this way ? should our quotas not be diminished when we have updates to download? tks kav
  5. Vic1

    777 comms radio freq increments issue

    Kyle that was then this is now my job situation has changed since i reserve the right to choose weather i wish to take a different approach now to then, but your now deliberately trying to be vindictive which is completely unnecessary. my reference to age is that sometimes those that have been around longer dont constantly need correcting from those less experienced than them in life its about respect. you seem to feel the need to always be right about everything even my own job security situation which you know nothing about and you've actually made my point about how easy it is to find stuff online hence i wish to keep it too a minimum. your not helping buy publishing the above in this way particularly when you know my wishes on the subject simply because i want to reduce my online profile these days as much as possible. as you can see my user name here is vic, i deliberately chose that and started signing my name as vic until i felt obliged and forced to use my real name by people here in the forum so its already too late at that point. i actually didnt want any reference to my real name as others in the past have also chosen such as "quavion" i still have the right to aninimity for my real full name for any new or recent material . If i explained the nature of my currant job you would understand exactly why that is relevant and makes sense. sadly due to your nature of always having to be the connoisseur you have pushed and pushed yet again in your quest to be right about stuff you have no idea about. i tried to be polite with you and courteous but you went too far. Lets just get things in to perspective here for a moment your argument is completely sided towards the forum rules of a flight simulation forum (lets not forget were talking about a game here and virtual airplanes thats the bottom line) vs my argument for real life security against real world constantly fluid and changing threats. Your arguing as if these two elements are as equally as important worse the game is greater. Bottom line is they are not even close and reality /rw security will always take precedent over a video game if it comes to the crunch no matter what. those of us that do have high security jobs still have the right to private lives and hobbies without the two conflicting or have to explain and justify why that may be a conflict to others who don't understand yet feel qualified to pronounce judgement about it. this discussion ends here .. kav
  6. Vic1

    I've lost my AI

    hi i had something similar once and it turned out to be an fsx setting show aircraft shadows or cast shadows on self that caused the issue. once turned off the ai re appeared. may be worth a try kav
  7. Vic1

    777 comms radio freq increments issue

    Thomas i did pm you privately some time back detailing why i cant submit a ticket in the support portal after you made the same suggestion, just too recap, mr randazzono refused to help me in a personal email due to the fact that i altered one of the textures in the vc , i simply customized it to add some bug splats on windscreen , which is in effect no different to repainting. he claimed that due to this modification i had tampered with the product and reverse engineered it and therefore was in violation of the eula and pmdg would no longer help me in the future despite the fact that i did a clean re installation of the 777. he said he only had my word for that. he then threatened to void my product serial number for the product. i believe that i was treated this was simply because i had been a dev for fslabs in the past so he was extra heavy on me due to this and the obvious history there. i did explain this to you if you recal. this means the forum is my only source of help with a product ive paid for and simply added a little extra texture too in an existing texture sheet. thanks kav with the greatest of respect kyle. im older than you more life experience and in a job with far greater security awareness and gravity than you do. i appreciate your very knowledgeable on many things related to aviation and aircraft generally which we all appreciate but be aware that you have no idea who you are really conversing with here in the forum, what are job roles are security classifications or knowledge and reasons for our decisions. therefore if i say i dont wish to use my proper first or last name than pls respect why rather than always try to make out you know better about absolutely every subject out there. Just because you say so will never alter what i know within my job role about this subject. i appreciate your trying to help but pls know when to draw the line and listen rather than always insist in knowing better. i dont use my first or last name here. If i did i would be instantly traceable in this forum alone. my ip has nothing to do with it thanks kav
  8. Vic1

    777 comms radio freq increments issue

    Hi Dan Im very aware of the rules on names, thats my name.for security reason due to nature of my job do not wish to publish my full name on the internet besides i go by the name kav anyway.In addition to this some of us like a little privacy and dont want every one in the world being able to follow my online conversations or hobbies . Not trying to be difficult or deliberately awkward. If pmdg want to identify me as a licenced owner of the 777 they are welcome to pm me and ill provide serial number. thanks for your answer , its atis on various approach charts that require frequencies that im unable to enter in to the radio such as omdb or wsss tks kav
  9. I notice that its only possible to adjust the freq in increments of 25 yet often atis and other airport frequencies require something in between therefore im unable to enter the necessary freq any reason for this? or way round it? tks kav
  10. Vic1

    Normal Operation Checklists

    Never understood how trim can be set during preflight because the hyd pumps are off at that point so elevator cannot be moved. The beacon would also have to be on if the hyd pumps are on and control surfaces are being moved. can anyone explain this and what is the correct procedure as i find myself having to ignore this item in the electronic checklist and setting the correct trim after pushback thanks kav
  11. Vic1

    PMDG Tiller

    perfectly possible to assign another axis via fsuipc to the tiller steer option. i do this in the 777 and turn the nose wheel completely independently of the rudder using my t flight hotas by thrutsmaster slide axis works very well and feels realistic not touching the joystick to turn and also having no rudder movement when steering the nose wheel kav
  12. Vic1

    SP1 vs VAS memory

    what is the best way to save a flight situation in order to clear the vas build up. Ive heard of people doing this mid flight or before landing but when i tried it it didnt reaally work in the 777 not everything was configured systemwise exactly as i had saved it. How can i do this and have absolutely everything start from exactly the same point it was when i saved it mid cruise?. same fuel, same switches activated same systems precicely as they were left? do i need to save the flight in fsx first or save the flight in the cdu too. Do i have to exit fsx completely or can i simply end flight or re loead the saved flight whilst still in fsx without shutting it down.?? can someone give me a precise method for doing this? tks kav
  13. FSX intermittantly stops responding when i select wxr request on altn page cdu. I have asn networked and all cdu datalink options are set to auto. rte wxr data recieved fine and each leg populatad also des wxr requests work fine too, just a problem with altn wxr requests. sim freezes along with sound and i have to force a close through task manager which results in mfs has stopped responding kav
  14. Vic1

    777 SP1 Change Log

    Loose how exactly? interesting to know from a real 777 pilot tks kav
  15. Vic1

    Trimming Key Options

    Fsuipc should work for this, assignments tab kav