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  1. i notice that there is a warning that we can only download the base package so many times before the download link expires. thats fair enough but if we are forced to download the installer again each time there is an update then we are using up our download quota each time. is this correct, if so should it be this way ? should our quotas not be diminished when we have updates to download? tks kav
  2. every woman I know hates it fs including girlfriends past and present. bores them all to tears and call us all geeks need to get myself a flightsimming woman I think kav
  3.     hey Kimberly so rare to see a woman who likes fs and flying airliners particularly for long haul how did you ever get in to this geeky hobby ( you don't look geeky from your picture) and what exactly is it that you like about it because is a usually such a guy dominated hobby just interested cheers kav
  4. can someone tell me what the latest version number isthankskav
  5. yes of course i have tried that and when i use weather that is when problems occur. I realise it is weather related but its not just defauld themes its asx aswell. my point is that unless i fly with no weather its unflyable and there is no point in flying with no weather for mekav
  6. just tried that and within 2 minutes of selecting heavy storms i had a bank angle warning with ap and hdg select and the ac was turning fron right to left to right tp left eratically banking at or over the limet each way, it just could not cope , was default weather theme. all fsuipc wind turbulance options disabled/enabled respectivly yet still un flyablekav
  7. ok ill give that a trythankskav
  8. besides its not a total freeze of the vc or sim its just the main crt displays thet hang and nothing i can do will fix it unless i reselct the aircraftkav
  9. but this has also happened on many occasions with asx over a network i have the latest fsuipc ive tried smoothing but what ever combination i try it eventually happens usaully starts with a stallalso the freezing guages ive tried everything to save the flight new view etc etc nothing they remain frozen noting will un do itthanks for the advice but there must be some other problem herekav
  10. i have noticed that when flying the flight plan in the sim that is loaded in to asx at exactly the same selected flight level as selected in asx and at each way point the winds alof data heading/ speed in the briefing is quite different at mant waypoints to the actual winds in the sim, So this bieng the case fuel planning using asx is pointless as it does not reflect the actual weathersurely this is not rightkav
  11. i have been experiencing problems with the 747x latest version xp fsuipc installed reg versionsuddenly the aircraft turs left and right eratically at angles way over the bank angle limit climbing decending stalling as if in serious turbulance . all i have is default weather on , such as a theme of heavy storms etc etc. the aircraft becomes unflyable on ap this way and a struggle to fly manually.seccondly after a few hours of flight some of the gauges freeze nd pfd and remain that way i have to shut down the sim. the ac still flies thoughkav
  12. i cannot close the fsuipc display window on my networked rc4 ive tried to change the assignment but it wont closeif i try to close it manually with the mouse it just opens again automaticallycan you helpthankskavan
  13. hellodoes asx give you the wind componant + or - like the older versions did because i cant fint this info anywhere in the briefingthankskav
  14. ok solved thankswas the screen resolution that was causing the display problemas for the message well i dont know how i fixed it but it gonekavan
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