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  1. Are you even a private pilot - let alone a commercial pilot - with a valid opinion? It’s great you have an opinion but without any legitimacy to back it up - well - you come off like a pigeon.
  2. @Igrok-kun You need to go in to X-Plane and load up a flight with the King Air and then use the plug in menu and "add" the GTN to the panel. Exit Xplane and then go to the aircraft folder for the King Air and look for the RealityXP.GTN.INI file and copy and paste the text from configuration you have and save. Viola! Try that and let me know
  3. Rob - - I can replicate by turning the parking brakes on and off. With them off a idle - they are shaking. Parking brake set - no shaking
  4. Interesting to note - maybe its the placebo effect - but I just took the 744 out for lap around KPAE and it seems to be a different airplane to hand fly. For the better I may add. Anyone else?
  5. Ahhh the generation-nows - no idea what patience is or means
  6. I could not help but chuckle and reminis about the last sentence regarding the drag curve and the TCAS as I have buckets of hours in Citation II’s, 5’s and the Ultra! Amazing little machines and they were amazing for some of the remote strips we were flying to around Northern Alberta. Great for medivac machines too. I always found that in the higher FL’s we would just get in the way - hence the nickname - slowtation! Great little airplane though. I loved the Citation II - we had TKS and it worked great. I was flying that bird on the West Coast where the Rime ice is plentiful for about 5 months of the year! I have TKS on my SR22 now and it works great!!! Remember the barber pole is a goal - not a limitation - LOL
  7. All - as much fun as it is watching this post grow but if I remember correctly - do we not usually see and update to the PMDG Operations Center with the new DLL's for the airplane? I seem to remember something similar happening for the Trip-7, Seven-3, Seven-4-4 and the DC6? Just saying...
  8. Oh the wonderful apple-like pre-release hype from PMDG is like none other in the world of simming! Nothing better than free marketing lol
  9. Awesome. Thanks Kyle. Glad to know all is okay
  10. Howdy all, just wondering if anyone has heard from Double R in the past month or so. More concerned that he is okay and hasn’t taken ill or anything sinister like that. Just a curious question for a very long time supporter of his products Hope all is well and that he’s just deep in to the zeros and ones! DR
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