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  1. How were you able to turn off the logs in the river?
  2. I am VERY familiar with the 331's after spending a few years flying them strapped to both a Metro and a Cessna Conquest II. We shall shee..... I highly doubt these guys got it all right - given that I am still awaiting updates for both my citation - Hawker and King Air 350. You'd think I'd learn -
  3. Kyle- I love you. In fact it could be classified as a man crush now!!! Yours posts are always so articulate and timely!! Thanks
  4. Dan, If you look at his post - you'd see hat he referenced it!! I think he was looking for an update (like the rest of us). You have to realize that your product is like crack (not that I've ever tried) because once you have some (777-737) you want more
  5. I do love that all of the flight testing seems to be taking place in CYVR - at least in these photos!! Looking great guys
  6. Who knows.... Trying to get information from PMDG is as tough as getting updates from PMDG - lol!!!
  7. All, Please PM me if you would be interested in being paid for a custom paint job on the NGX. Previous experience required. Serious inquires only. Thank
  8. Morning, On a recent flight from CYVR to KORD in the NGX, I was panning around the VC from the forward position to the port wing from the Captains seat. It seemed as if the shadows were not displaying correctly and that the VC shadow was blocking out the shadows of the clouds on the ground. Anyone else see this or did someone put something in my water? DR
  9. That guy has a habit of making comments like that. Just ignore him. He's grumpy
  10. The support guy said by was a licensing issue so to check I installed the NGX with no issue. Then installed the 200LR. No issue. Installed the 300 with a freshly downloaded installer and the issue remains. Support ticket is still open with no reply for 3 days. Any thoughts?
  11. I too am having this issue and I have just tried Kyles fix - opened a support ticket as mine is asking me to activate each time. Reporting back - Kyle's fix did not work. I also have the yoke to the left and full throttles and am not able to click on anything in the cockpit. I started a support ticket.
  12. I just did the same thing with no issues to report. Exact same situation as you are/ were in....super nervous.
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