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  1. Hi, I do confirm that in v4.5 HF3 the FO doesn't start the Before start procedure because he says "we still have the door light here", even if all the doors are closed. There is something not working correctly.
  2. I have been using RC for many years (more than 15 if I remember well) and one year ago I decided to change, because first of all I was fed up with that restriction at FL 130 or 120 during descent at EACH flight and also because I desired an ATC that would be aware of the SIDs and STARs procedures. Now, after one year of using PRO ATC X, I am always stressed because the approaches are not dealt with the way I would like to and this results in always having to adjust myself the altitude or the track, otherwise I risk to end up too high or miss the ILS. RC4 only uses vectors in final (unless you ask for a standard approach and then you are left flying it alone) and that gives you no concern in performing the approach, so I am tempted to go back. RC4, on the other hand, gets a bit boring because it does always the same things, and the voices quality is too "scratching" compared with PRO ATC X. I don't like so much those with TTS voices (VOX ATC and Pilot2ATC) because you have maximum a couple of different voices and they are not radio-quality. Further, I tried Pilot2ATC (10 days trial), but in my not very powerful networked laptop, it takes about 5-7 minutes to load the data and about 1.8 gb of RAM...
  3. Thanks, Dave. So, if you don't want to ask ATC anything, is it possible to have the copilot COMPLETELY deal with communications from lift off to touchdown, so that you, the pilot flying, have only to think of flying the airplane?
  4. Hi, I am thinking of trying Pilot2ATC, but I would like the copilot to automatically contact centers/tower during the flight. I read that he can switch the frequencies, but, once switched the frequency, will he also say "Center good morning, this is ...." etc.? Thank you.
  5. Hi Bryan, Do you think FS2Crew will be compatible with the FSLabs A321 as soon as it is released or will it need some modifications? Thank you.
  6. Hi, did anyone intercept any anticipations/leaks about a possible v4.6? Thanks.
  7. Does RealTurb need to be installed in the same machine as P3D or can it be installed on a networked machine? Does it influence fps some way?
  8. Thanks, Bryan, I will test at home. Unfortunately, I only have the message "P3D has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution to the problem"
  9. Bryan, just for info, after installing FS2Crew for the 320 I get a CTD each time I quit P3D, 100% of the times. Same thing with the 747 FS2Crew, but strangely not always, only if I remain on the ground all the time. If I do a complete cycle (takeoff and landing), most times no CTD. Since I guess it's not easy to understand what may cause it, I got used to it... The important thing is that I don't get any CTD during my flights...
  10. I tried many many times with TOGA, but there is no way the system recognizes that word 😂
  11. I purchased it as soon as it was available and was not aware of the coupon 😂
  12. Bryan, doing my first flight, I have difficulties in letting my copilot understand the word "confirmed" (takeoff briefing), he always understands "confirm". Can the two words be made equivalent? Thanks.
  13. I did a test : 1) No FFTF entries in my P3D.cfg (so default FFTF of 0.33) and unlimited fps. I took note of the fps with the airplane steady on the runway threshold of a big addon airport. 2) FFTF=0.01 in P3D.cfg and again unlimited fps; same situation, with the airplane on the same runway threshold. The fps were **exactly** the same, not the minimum increase. I suppose that this means that if I use FSPS - FFTF Dynamic I will not get any improvement...
  14. If I am not wrong, only a couple of people wrote in this thread about this addon and it's not completely clear if it gives some real improvements...
  15. Please, some more comments of people using FSPS - FFTF Dynamic? Is there a noticeable improvement? Thanks.
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