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  1. Hi Bryan, Today I installed for the first time FS2Crew on P3D v5 (while I have it already active on v4). I noticed that, when I activate it, it writes on the v4 panel.cfg, rather than pointing at v5. Could it be that the activator gets confused because of my folders configuration, that is the following? v4.5: D:/Simulazione/FSLabs v5.1: D:/Simulazione/FSLabs v5/FSLabs Looks like the activator "sees" the first part of the path, "D:/Simulazione/FSLabs", instead of considering the whole path, "D:/Simulazione/FSLabs v5/FSLabs". Is there a way to solve the problem? At the moment I just copied the panel.cfg file from v4 to v5 and it works. Thank you very much and best regards.
  2. Hi Bryan, thank you very much for the latest updates to FSLabs and PMDG 747 FS2Crew! Now I don't have P3D crashing any more when I exit without loading FS2Crew! Best regards.
  3. Andrew, another issue I have just found, not so important as that of the runway illumination, is again when I switch landing lights off during flight, then on. If I do that from the external aircraft view, I get the engine cowls illuminated. If I do that from the VC, they don't get illuminated, even if I switch the lights off/on again. Just for info. Thank you.
  4. Thank you very much, Andrew, really very kind of you. Sorry for being a bit abrupt, but I have been scratching my head with this issue in the past 2 weeks and I did many tests in different conditions, 100% of the times I could not get the lights illuminating the ground upon landing, if they had been switched off then on during flight (as it shoud happen passing 10000 ft). Waiting to test the next update. Best regards.
  5. There is a thread open by someone else on the FSLabs support forum in March: https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/24864-lights-not-illuminating-on-ground-when-arriving/&tab=comments#comment-190332 This is the reply by Lefteris: "We have responded to your support ticket. It's a bug in the P3D engine whereby if there are too many dynamic lights in the sceneries installed, the P3D engine will not correctly process them in turn from the ones closest to the ones farthest, instead you'll randomly lose whichever ones the engine decides are too many." I DEACTIVATED all installed sceneries, so everything DEFAULT and I tested on some lost small airports surrounded by nothing... Well, the issue is still there... Therefore this reply is ABSOLUTELY WRONG!
  6. Marcus, I have P3D v4.5 HF3. Did you test the A320 upon landing? Not at takeoff, but after climbing and then landing... Anyway at FSLabs they are aware of the issue, so it can't be only me...
  7. Hi Marcus, Yes, I did, but they simply replied that it's a P3D bug. Upon my insisting (the issue does not occur with the PMDG 747, that has dynamic lights as well), they said that I will no longer get support because of my attitude... Is the wrong attitude mine or theirs?
  8. David, This is a typical reply that shows the world how you all that criticize me, do that without even understanding what I say... I just said that the slewing test is to avoid wasting time taking off, climbing, descending and landing.... The result is howerver EXACTLY THE SAME, as it is obvious it should be! So please don't stick to useless and stupid pretexts just to go against me... Further, looks like, if I find a bug, everybody prefers to bash me and keep the bug, instead of stressing it to the developers! "Odd and strange way to break stuff"... Incredible and absurd! I just want to have the landing lights illuminating the ground at night, like it happens in real life!! Otherwise I can't even land! What odd and strange request is this??????
  9. Thank you, Rob. I have tried in small default airports on lost islands, and unfortunately the result is the same...
  10. Spotlights installed. It's not only me, it happens with everybody! Try with the test above: slew up to 6000 ft with landing lights on, then switch them off then on, then slew back to the ground. You will see no splash lights on the ground! It's definitely an issue with the A320, even if the developers keep saying it depends on P3D.. It's very annoying, because when you land at night, the runway is not illuminated!
  11. Thank you for replying, but of course the dynamic lighting is enabled, otherwise I would not see the lights on the ground at departure...
  12. Hi, I have an issue with the FSLabs A320 that the developers attribute to P3D not dealing correctly with dynamic lights. Situation: A320 on the runway, at night, with landing lights ON. I takeoff, fly at a certain altitude and then land. When I land, the landing lights DON'T ILLUMINATE THE GROUND. This happens both in the VC and outside: if I go outside, I se the lamps turned on under the wings, but no splash on the ground! If I turn the lights OFF then ON again, they again illuminate the runway. You can reproduce this quickly: start on the runway with the landing lights on, then slew up to say 5000-6000 ft, turn the lights off, then on again, then slew down to the ground. The runway won't be illuminated. Strangely, if you climb only up to around 1000 ft, they still work, but if you climb higher, they won't work when you go back to the runway. This is an important issue, because this way you can't land at night, unless you manually switch the landing lights off then on when on final, below 1000 ft (but that sucks)! Any solution? I have P3D v4.5 HF3. I should stress that I tried both with default airplanes and with the PMDG 747 and the lights work perfectly! So is this really a P3D issue? Thank you,
  13. Hi Bryan, Since I have had Win 7 Ultimate up to now and I would like to upgrade to Win 10, do I need a particular version of Win 10 to run FS2Crew with VOICE control (namely, PMDG 747 and FSLabs A320) or all versions are ok? Thank you. Best regards.
  14. Thank you. I hope next update will be for v4.5 as well?
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