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  1. jgoggi

    great guide-747-400

    Well, in fact it's different. This guide focuses a lot on the FMC flight preparation and I think by now it's quite clear to everybody how to setup the FMC. The 744 Precision Simulator manual also explained how the various systems work, thing that is not present in this guide and that is fundamental in understanding how the airplane works...
  2. jgoggi

    Bugs disappearing?

    Well, in my airline I read everyday lots of ATL pages and I often get the pirep "Cockpit window dirty, please, clean it"... Looks like window heating and the speed don't have much influence...
  3. jgoggi

    Bugs disappearing?

    Does your car windshield get suddenly clean without any human o meteorological intervention? In another airplane the bugs remain (and increase) until you clean the windshield or until it rains…
  4. Hi, is it possible in the -8 to make windshield bugs persistent and increasing until a window cleaning is performed? It's not realistic that they suddenly disappear by themselves...
  5. jgoggi

    Any Update on PMDG 747-8?

    I suppose it all depends if PMDG has included the ECL in the SDK...
  6. jgoggi

    How long before the 747-8 is released?

    Xmas? Are you so pessimist?
  7. jgoggi

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    Hi, a question to 747-8 beta testers with P3D v4.3: do you experience the band of different colour on the ground out of the windshield like the one experienced on the FSLabs A320 (and on some default P3D v4.3 airplanes)? Since it's an issue with P3D v4.3 tied to the windshield rain/bugs effects, it should be visible on the -8 as well...
  8. Is this the update that will come out soon after the 747-8 is released?
  9. jgoggi


    Bryan, do you think it will take long to make the FS2Crew for the 747-8? Won't it have many commonalities with the -400? I don't think I will purchase the -8 until the related FS2Crew is out (or at least is close) 😢
  10. If you have FS2Crew you can perform the go around procedure very well...
  11. jgoggi

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    What is the cyan dashed line overlapping the route on the ND?
  12. jgoggi


    Thanks Bryan. I hope you could have the 748 in advance, so that you could start fitting FS2Crew in order to have it available shortly after release...
  13. Unfortunately the problem is still present, even in v4.3... LM seems not to care about basic issues, but only about secondary ones... The only way to have autogen loading during approach is by setting Autogen Draw Distance to Medium, NOT higher...
  14. jgoggi

    fsl 319 released

  15. jgoggi

    fsl 319 released

    It's not really a "shadow" bug, it's like the lower part of the windshield is missing when in certain angles. Did the beta testers report the bug to LM??