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  1. jgoggi


    Thanks Bryan. I hope you could have the 748 in advance, so that you could start fitting FS2Crew in order to have it available shortly after release...
  2. jgoggi

    Windshield rain effect

    Aside these not needed and senseless replies, I can't believe that at PMDG they don't know if it could take one month or one year, considering that it's only a matter of applying an effect on a windshield that is more or less the same as the -8 and I can't understand why it can only be known after releasing the -8... Or maybe it is just a commercial strategy?
  3. Unfortunately the problem is still present, even in v4.3... LM seems not to care about basic issues, but only about secondary ones... The only way to have autogen loading during approach is by setting Autogen Draw Distance to Medium, NOT higher...
  4. jgoggi

    fsl 319 released

  5. jgoggi

    fsl 319 released

    It's not really a "shadow" bug, it's like the lower part of the windshield is missing when in certain angles. Did the beta testers report the bug to LM??
  6. jgoggi

    fsl 319 released

    Beware, if you set clipmode=minimum, you will get some scenery objects flickering, above all in the distance. Since a super computer is needed to run P3D with SSAA, and in MSAA there is already some flickering/z-fighting, such a flickering is disturbing and not wanted. So this is a workaround that fixes the lack of the lower part of the windshield but breaks another visual aspect of the sim... Quick fix by LM absolutely necessary...
  7. Hi, I have Tomato Shade version 23 and P3D v4.3. Whenever I select "Alternate lighting for clouds groups" in the Clouds section of Tomato, when I apply the preset I get an error, saying that the alternate lighting could not be applied. This with ANY preset and does not happen with PTA. Anyone knows why? Thanks!
  8. Hi Bryan, do you think you will make an FS2Crew for the 747-8, when it's out? Do you think the SDK will be like the 777, where FS2Crew can't have control over the electronic checklists? Thanks and best regards, James
  9. jgoggi

    CTD when closing P3D v4.3

    Till now I have been doing some tests and loaded only P3D, no other applications. I have GSX, SODE, FS2Crew and Activesky (on networked computer), but I did not activate any of them, I just fired up P3D, selected the 747 and the airport, I did some visual checks from the VC and quit. As soon as I clicked on yes (confirm exit) I got the crash message. This happened each of the 3-4 times I loaded the 747, while did not happen with default or other airplanes. And it did not happen in v4.2.
  10. Hi, after updating P3D to v4.3, each time I close it after using the 747 it does not close normally but with a CTD. Is that "normal"? Thanks.
  11. jgoggi

    Prepar3d V4.3 has been released

    I can't test because I am not at home, but is the issue of the grey band visible on the VC windows of the A320 FSLabs but also on some default airplanes present also on PMDG airplanes? https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6314&t=129984
  12. Are you so optimistic in your life? 😄
  13. jgoggi

    744 rain effect

    Yes, sorry, I was just trying to recall how long the 744 was in beta before being released...
  14. jgoggi

    744 rain effect

    How long has the 744 been in beta? Anyone remembers?
  15. Hi PMDG, Considering that the 748 will still take I suppose at least 4-6 months before release (I would bet we won't see it in 2018), we can say that the 744 will be below the "current standard" as to the windshield rain effect, that is appearing on all the main liners from the other companies. Couldn't the effect be fit into the 744 in the meantime, without having to wait all that long? Thank you.