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  1. FSRealistic is quite good, but still not near Ezdok concerning all vibration-shaking effects... I miss them!
  2. Hi, I am quite disappointed with live weather after SU10... I always have haze even if the metar reports visibility 9999 and, on landing, I see the runway only 1-2 miles before touch down. Is there anything I can do? Thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6we4cfhipkkwb9o/308747815_10227534674303273_1709790243325935280_n.jpg?dl=0
  3. Hi, I installed PATC SR on a networked computer and use MSFS. Under Options -> Flight plan folders, in the "Simulation path" box, I enter the path where my FlightSimulator.exe file is located, but I get the message "Flight simulator folder not found"! What folder should I point at? Thank you.
  4. Hi, is it possible to reduce the use of the interface window, for example by starting the checklists with voice instead of clicking on the related button? Or, for example, have the FO start the after-start flow automatically after starting the engines.
  5. Thanks, Bryan. I think FS2Crew for the Fenix is one of the MOST wanted addons, it is really needed to reach the maximum level in realism! All those, like me, who come from the FSLabs, where the fantastic FS2Crew flows and checklists were (are) known by heart, really miss it, now...
  6. Hi Bryan, Yes, but those on the Fenix EFB look different even from the new Airbus checklists. Anyway I suppose this is something for Fenix developers to deal with... Best regards.
  7. Hi, I see that the Fenix A320 checklists shown on the EFB are NOT the standard Airbus ones. Will the FS2Crew checklists be the standard ones, as it is with FSLabs and FBW? In that case, will it be possible to replace the EFB checklists with the standard ones? Thanks.
  8. I suppose it shouldn't take long. The FBW one, similar to FSLabs, is already very good!
  9. Exactly, same for me at Helsinki, heavy stutters, but they are gone if I use autogen at medium rather than high.
  10. Hi Frank, Yes, I use the AS scenery, but the stutter is there even if I disable it, so it does not depend on the scenery. There is only a couple of big stutters in that point, maybe something that is being loaded, and it happened both with my old computer (i7-4790k, GTX 1660) and my new one (i9-11900k, RTX 3080Ti). For the rest, no fps issues. Both in P3D v4.5 and 5.3.
  11. By the way, I (and many others) have an issue with LSGG, either default or custom. When taking off from runway 05 I get some bad stutters during takeoff roll. It has not yet been understood if this depends on the default scenery or ORBX or what... Anyone has any updated info? Thanks...
  12. Marcus, Envshade has nothing to do with the issue, it all depends on the properties of the object. I think all the objects that are visible through the clouds were made for previous versions of the sim and imported into 5.2. I could fix the issue on some objects by modifying some parameters with Model Converter X, but it's a long trial-and-error process, mainly because I know very little about these things...
  13. Sorry for retrieving this old topic, but I am having a lot of objects of addon sceneries visible through clouds with v5.2 HF1 and I tried to apply the workaround, but it is not compatible with v5.2. Is there a way to have it working? Thank you.
  14. Sorry Bryan, disregard. Uninstalled and reinstalled FS2Crew, now everything looks working correctly... Best regards.
  15. Hi Bryan, No, I did not do any manual installation. Below you can find the first lines of the log.txt file, where it looks like FS2Crew does not correctly locate the A319 folder, it considers the one of v4 (and why can't I see the lines related to the CFM and IAE A320, that I use?). Adding each time the FS2Crew lines manually to 4 panel.cfg files is not that comfortable 😢 Thank you. Start of log P3D found NO p3d.dat found, version fallback: 5 add-ons.cfg path:C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\add-ons.cfg, lines 51 FSLabs title line:TITLE=FSLabs Aircraft Family FSLabs path line:PATH=D:\Simulazione\FSLabs v5\FSLabs Auto path:D:\Simulazione\FSLabs v5\FSLabs EXISTS FSLabs A319 CFM panel.cfg path: D:\Simulazione\FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A319 CFM\panel\panel.cfg Used entries: //FS2Crew windows
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