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  1. For 99% of users, nuking your entire install for a point release is not worth the time.
  2. Chapstick

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    While the sounds aren't the greatest, they do the job, especially when going in and out of beta/reverse. Also, I don't understand why them sampling sounds from the real thing is a letdown to you.
  3. I’ve only had what one might call Pilot-Based Failures... Alex Pugh
  4. Did you turn off your ReShade DLL? Alex Pugh
  5. Chapstick

    Ultimate 787 - Version 1.1.2a released

    Are we really praising QualityWings for taking steps to make their product achieve basic functionality?
  6. Chapstick

    Jo Erlend Sund's EDDK preview - WOW!

    Cool, I can already see everything I’ll need to turn off to get 15 FPS.
  7. Chapstick

    Installation Issue

    Did you uninstall it, then download the latest -400 base version from your PMDG account? Those steps are needed to install the -8. Alex Pugh
  8. Chapstick

    Installation Issue

    WHY ARE WE YELLING You need to install the base -400, then the -8. It’s an expansion. Alex Pugh
  9. Seatbelts on/off issue is due to using a panel state from a previous version. I think the fix radius is now actually accurate to real world, it was incorrect with the 400 release. Not sure about the fuel tank situation. Alex Pugh
  10. Chapstick

    747-8 ntdll.dll Crash

    I just got an NTDLL in the -8 flying over the North Sea from EDDF-KSFO. But honestly, I get them maybe one out of every ten flights, and it's been happening for at least 2 years. I just take it as something that will inevitably happen since Lockheed and no third party devs (except Umberto at FSDT, who added something to turn off GSX at 250k/10,000 feet) will acknowledge that there's a 30+ page thread on AVSIM and other places about these crashes that all follow a similar pattern. It's always with PMDG products, but because those are the only airplanes I bother flying on the long haul routes where the crashes happen, I have no idea if it's a conflict with PMDG. Alex Pugh
  11. Chapstick

    seatbelts on ? / Off ?

    Yeah, but then the next update breaks your custom states and you have to make them again. Real frustrating. Alex Pugh
  12. Chapstick

    seatbelts on ? / Off ?

    I see the same thing and put in a ticket. I thought maybe it’s because I used a panel state from a previous build. Alex Pugh
  13. Chapstick

    FPS spiking through limiter

    Thanks all. Apparently, setting both of my monitors to 60hz and the limiter to 30 helped clear up a lot of the stuttering and unstable FPS.
  14. Chapstick

    [25SEP18] We are cooking an update for you...

    Being a little hyperbolic, aren't we? Alex Pugh
  15. I have a GTX 1080 + i78700k and a 144hz monitor. I've set my FPS limiter to 36 using Frame Limiter V2 in Nvidia Inspector. My concern is that the FPS is constantly spiking right through 36, especially in conditions where performance is good. How can I get it to maintain a more stable FPS and not blow through the limit I've set? I'm measuring FPS using shift+z in P3D. Thanks,