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  1. I wish it were that simple. I have a repeatable NTDLL crash on a flight out of ATL in the Maddog. Currently trying to figure out what the culprit is. So far, OCing doesn't seem to be it.
  2. Or maybe devs could stop churning out garbage. V5 has crashed three times for me today. All DXGI or NTDLL.
  3. This is the worst P3D release ever and people still defend Lockheed. LOL
  4. There appears to be a pretty severe bug with the PMDG 747 and beta #3--turning on the WX radar can result in the displays becoming laggy and you losing control of the autopilot. I put in a ticket with PMDG and there's a few other people on PMDG's forum experiencing the same thing.
  5. All that means is that you reinstall scenery and content. Exactly what I said. Thanks.
  6. HF1 was the only hot fix I ever recall where they recommended you reinstall content and scenery, which wasn't even that much of a hassle. 99% of the time you just need to uninstall and reinstall the client component.
  7. PMDG's 747 offers better value for the money.
  8. But you can also change how they operate, but again, that requires reading the documentation--specifically, the introduction.
  9. I think you have to deactivate first. I once made the mistake when I was building my current system of forgetting to deactivate P3D before reformatting my SSD's and it took a few business day for LM to get me back up and running.
  10. Where are people seeing the improvements in the gauge refresh rates/animations? On my install, it looks as atrocious as ever. Video showing what I mean: https://streamable.com/tiio36
  11. Speaking of SimMarket... why is FFTF V5 still not on their site? I know it's just like $3 off or whatever but I also know as soon as I buy it direct, SimMarket will finally post it...
  12. IMHO use SimBrief for your flight planning/exports, and use LNM for situational awareness (e.g. being able to see how gates are labeled in the sim and if AI is parked at your arrival gate is extremely useful). I don't see the point in using LNM for flight planning if you have to hunt down performance profiles when they're already available on SimBrief.
  13. https://forums.hifisimtech.com/threads/any-more-beta-updates-upcoming.12312/post-54871 ...as for the 5.1 timing, it's just logical based on past experience. Not sure why you're asking for a "source" from me instead of OP.
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