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  1. Unfortunately, didn't work for me. Mine was already at zero and still get a bad stutter.
  2. I get that PMDG absolutely sucks when it comes to their promised-and-never-delivered LNAV update but this is such a hilarious statement.
  3. This is working great so far in 2.30, btw. Haven’t run into any issues mapping to my Bravo.
  4. Does anyone else have a problem in every aircraft, default or third party, with coming to a smooth stop when parking? Below 4 or 5 knots, any further pressure results in a sudden and violent stop. Here are my brake axis settings on my CH pedals:
  5. So OP's point is how he wants Simbrief integration, something PMDG has announced is coming? Ok. Not sure why this needed a thread.
  6. No, because the Marketplace doesn’t allow for that kind of pricing scheme.
  7. Then how come I can hear the APU as if it's right behind the cockpit? I can get the subjectivity of graphics, but the defense of the 20-year old, rehashed sounds blows my mind.
  8. I own both and for the most part it looks like a direct port from P3D. They might've touched up a few spots and increased some textures but I think potential customers spending $79 on this need to know that they haven't put in the same effort compared to PMDG, for example. Don't get me started on the sounds - atrocious and the same ones they've been using for a decade+.
  9. I wish they'd aim for FSL/Leonardo quality and charge more if they have to, e.g. make a "pro" version. In any case, if they're just now casually asking what users would like to see in an update that they haven't started on, that's not an encouraging sign.
  10. Thought about purchasing this a/c this weekend but FSW's website has been down for hours.
  11. Sure, but justified or not, announcing you’ve gone into beta gives users a totally different impression of how long the project is out from release. At that point, silence just looks like you’re stuck in development hell.
  12. Nothing of note. You can join their Discord where they have posted a few screenshots since January. The beta announcement was premature IMO.
  13. This is useful information to the rest of us, thank you.
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