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  1. The 4k option has been enabled... here's a comparison: https://imgur.com/a/YaQDMEk
  2. That language might be old from when they were supporting P3D and were guaranteed to update.
  3. Hopefully someone makes a video of them doing a full A-B flight in the NG on Xbox. I have a Series X and can't wrap my mind around flying a complex airliner on it without buying an Xbox compatible joystick/throttle and plugging in a keyboard and mouse. And that point, I may as well stay on my desktop.
  4. 18 months of no updates then this, weird. Doesn’t look particularly mind blowing except maybe the supposed performance improvements.
  5. Word salad... I still can't tell if ESDG is a functional development team that plans to release a product in the near future.
  6. I hope they add simbrief integration like they did for ASXP at some point
  7. Well, when I checked it yesterday it was down. In any case, I still think Eaglesoft is dead.
  8. RIP Eaglesoft I guess https://www.eaglesoftdg.com/
  9. Ernie Alston hasn't logged in since late February of this year. Not that bad, right? Well, Lars Roennig, who is apparently their "Vice President," hasn't logged in for a year. Corey Ford, who is supposedly the President and member of the dev team, hasn't logged on since January 2022. This isn't the best way to judge a dev team's progress, but it speaks volume. I for one think QualityWings is dead. Such an incredible amount of disrespect to their customers who bought their products and have been following them to not be clear and honest about the status of their team.
  10. You have to join their discord to see the current status. Aiming for end-of-June beta, September at the latest. Of course, this being flight sim, those timelines are meaningless.
  11. Looks like the end of the line for Dublin in Prepar3D. RIP.
  12. https://fselite.net/content/exclusive-imaginesim-singapore-airport-2023-for-prepar3d-first-info-and-previews/
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