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  1. Is there a change log? I'm still on the fence about buying but maybe this update would help.
  2. Ok. Let's say P3D exists in vacuum. Sloped runways in P3D are still a disaster. That'll be my last reply on the matter. Carry on, all...
  3. Yup. Sloped runways in P3D are a disaster. I can't believe that was a headlining feature of V5.
  4. It's every airport. Example config... the only thing I change between airports is the ICAO and runways. <Parameters> <Airport> <ICAO>OMDB</ICAO> <ActiveTakeOffRunway> <Runway>R30R</Runway> </ActiveTakeOffRunway> <ActiveLandingRunway> <Runway>R30L</Runway> </ActiveLandingRunway> </Airport> <enableFastTakeOffs>1</EnableFastTakeOffs> <allowTakeOffDistance>6000</AllowTakeOffDistance> <taxiSpeedLimiter>30</TaxiSpeedLimiter> <runwayTaxiSpeed>29</runwayTaxiSpeed> <enableRollthenTakeOff>1</enableRollthenTakeOff> <minCrossingRny>2000</minCrossingRny> <isGUIVisible>1</isGUIVisible> <voidTimer>1000</voidTimer> <TaxiSeparationMultiplier>1.8</TaxiSeparationMultiplier> </Parameters>
  5. Not sure if this is a new bug or I'm just now noticing it, but after I land, ATC directs every AI aircraft that follows to go around. Anyone else seeing this?
  6. This isn't true though. Whoever said that is wrong.
  7. Three of the terminal 3's satellites at CDG were torn down a while back and they're building one singular concourse to replace them. This release from T2G does not include any of those changes.
  8. P3D v5 cost: $28 US Same thing for MSFS: $17 Yeah, things are looking great for us P3D users lol... Also, this has been out for months now. Maybe they just got around to putting it up on SimMarket?
  9. To turn it back on once you've reload a config.
  10. tbh I would just set a hotkey in FSUIPC (like ctrl + T) to turn traffic on and off
  11. Lockheed gets leapfrogged again: https://youtu.be/QhVK1jnnYVY?t=2... and that's a free patch. This is what V5's clouds should've looked like 10 months ago.
  12. Um, 5.2 was released April 1. It was all over this forum. Don't know how y'all missed that.
  13. AND users should have to upload a 15 minute video explaining why the Bredok 737 is the best flight simulation product ever made before they’re allowed to post. We need to cleanse this forum (fora) of any voice that dare speaks against the Truth Of Bredok.
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