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  1. Everyone chill... Alex Pugh
  2. Chapstick

    PFPX file for 747-8

    Unfortunately it looks like the data cost for the EFB t/o calculator was too expensive so I don't think we're getting something comparable to TOPCAT. E.g., it can't do assumed temp calcs. Alex Pugh
  3. Chapstick

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your tweaked profile? Thank you! Alex Pugh
  4. Chapstick

    Locking Frame Rate

    25 vs. 60 FPS.
  5. Chapstick

    40 fps jittery gameplay

    Frames Unlimited, Vsync and triple buffering on. See if that produces less stuttering. You might not like the frames running that low but it would still be interesting to see if it mitigates stuttering.
  6. Chapstick

    40 fps jittery gameplay

    Try it at 24hz just for kicks. Also, under the Nvidia control panel -> Change Resolution -> Customize... you can create a custom refresh rate for your monitor. It may or may not work.
  7. Chapstick

    P3D v4.3 Massively Improved Anti Aliasing ?

    If your TV/monitor is running at 30Hz, you don't need to set the limiter in P3D to 30--just leave it unlimited and turn Vsync and triple buffering on. Vsync will limit frames to your monitor refresh rate. People like me who are running 144Hz monitors are using NI to set a limit, in my case 36.
  8. Chapstick

    P3D v4.3 Massively Improved Anti Aliasing ?

    I only use it for the FPS limiter. I’m on 4.3.
  9. Chapstick

    P3D v4.3 Massively Improved Anti Aliasing ?

    These the same drivers that crash P3D if you set a frame limit in NVI?
  10. Chapstick

    P3D v4.3 Massively Improved Anti Aliasing ?

    Hate to rain on your parade... but MSAA has always been the same along with the issues it brings. You’ll notice it eventually, especially with certain scenery objects. 4x SSAA with DL on has improved, however, and that’s what I almost always use during the day. At night I switch back to 8x MSAA. Like you, I have a 1080.
  11. PMDG doesn’t have dynamic lighting in their VCs yet. Must be some nice shader to hide the banding and pixelation caused by the light textures! Alex Pugh
  12. Yeah I’m confused... what’s actually going to be in the final product? On his stream, Chewwy (sp?) kept saying that ATM/derates/flaps 20 take offs would be in the RTM build. alex Pugh
  13. Doesn’t sound like there’s much point in bothering with the EFB for take off if it’s so incomplete. Kind of disappointing. Alex Pugh
  14. Oh the pogo stick is there, now with an integrated Electronic Bounce Bag that lets you calculate optimum leg force needed to achieve the most efficient bounce. And it has rain effects. Alex Pugh