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  1. Same, if I try to purchase on marketplace starting the sim with administrator rights, I get the pending message.
  2. Of course, but where I fly, there's not many controllers.
  3. Total crappp from Asobo, make AIG and FSLTL almost useless. Live traffic is awful, plenty of mismatched liveries, immersion killer at it's best.
  4. The possibility to write on charts, for eg. marking with a green line the taxiway path ground gave us. or departure freq, etc...
  5. Very pleased with this update, to be perfect, annotations is the big thing missing 4 me. They stated they will bring this in the coming versions though.
  6. Amazing add-ons. Really nice job with handling ai in msfs which is not at all friendly to work with in this regards. Just one thing I noticed that could be improved, if possible, when ai are arriving the gate after landing, they arrive full taxi speed and have no way to line up, they end up parking 90 degrees and stay that way or they'll start rotating in the gate. Anyway, thanks a lot for this great additions to immersion.
  7. Of course they are not flying accurately, if they want to fly in another timezone. You still don't get it.
  8. Don't waste your time, they don't want to fly the most accurate way possible. Maybe they fly with an xbox controller and in outside view.
  9. If they where fined to reply without thinking, they would bother to think, hopefully.
  10. Yeah it surprises me how could anyone not want this option for msfs too.
  11. Yeah me 2, if we had a clue they're on the making of something, are they?
  12. historical weather...mmm, interesting! I'm waiting for the reviews
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