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  1. My ASFS Turbulence effect scale to fly the PMDG 737 is at 15 with MSFS Turbulence to REALISTIC. This settings avoids the excess of over banking for me. Didn't try MSFS turbulence in another setting though, but, If I'm not mistaken ASFS recommends to set it to LOW.
  2. This is crucial, I had stutters and discovered a few add-ons where the guilty ones. One was a mod for taxi, landing and center lights, it made them 3D and introduced lots of stutters. Another one was a tree height mod, all of them free or payware will give you performance issues and stutters (see martinboehme's post in this thread ). If you're using one of these two, remove them from comm folder and you'll have no more stutters, that's my experience anyways. Hope it helped
  3. This is a perfect explanation of why all this mods, free or payware, introduce stutters in heavy scenarios. You pull them out of the comm folder and stutters are gone.
  4. If you waited till now, you maybe wait for final, that should be very soon, I'm under the impression that this would be the last beta build. But I don't regret joining the beta a month ago at all.
  5. You won't regret it, the new ground physics and dx12 fix alone is worth it.
  6. With community folder emptied, haven't had this problem anymore, I'll have to trace which add-on is causing this.
  7. It was .16 and .17 only with FSLTL (the only ai traffic I use), I edited my post, it happens to regain loss of performance after a while, strange. Other than, I'm very happy with dx12 texture issue fixed.
  8. Once FSLTL is loaded performance drops immensely with .16 and with .17., then after a minute or so lost fps comes back again, this is a new one for me.
  9. Just landed from KTPA, what a nice airport and rendition, thanks very much iniBuilds. It performs great with my system (7900 X3D, RTX 4700), all optional settings enabled.
  10. Don't turn it off, it works in conjunction with msfs. I fly the 73 and have it to realistic, it's working outstandingly well now with latest B8888. (- Re-designed turbulence and air effects injection method for more compatibility, solving low or no turbulence for some users). I no longer have those strong bank angles when high turbulence hit.
  11. Yes I noticed this, thanks for the guy that pointed this out in Hi Fi's forum. If it was you, thanks very much man. And Damian of course.
  12. I was thinking the same, and was just about to post it (About the personal thing he must have against the developer).
  13. Bare in mind that ghosting also is less seen if you are closer to displays or MCP numbers if you wish. The further the distance from these, more ghosting you get.
  14. First, your sim looks great. About windsock presenting almost any wind effect, yesterday i had to edit a scenery (stock) windsock for this reason and replaced it with a custom simobject one (ASFS ON and also only using asobo's live weather wit ASFS closed), it worked as expected after this. My turb msfs settings are set to realistic and ASFS are deafult at 50, i don't fly GA but on the 737 works very good. I love how ASFS sets those presets, when I first tried ASFS, after using asobo's live weather for so long, I was shocked and very pleased to see different type of clouds that brought IMHO a much more real representation of a METAR. As I used historical weather a lot, if not, everytime in the past with p3d, ASFS brings so many more pluses than negatives. Thanks for the video.
  15. Watched his video, he's all over the place with so many add-ons installed and running, as you well said, he can't handle a new product review, even after naming his live video ASFS review. It's a shame that hard work from a trusted developer like Damian has to take this from click bait youtubers.
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