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  1. Before deleting it, I took it up for one last spin....performance was worse in P3D too...bahaha.
  2. This. I uninstalled P3D the day before the recent update came out lol 😑. Oh well. I couldn't get past that it looks like a cartoon, especially with the night color banding. Even fired up X-Plane because I wanted to take up the 767 and check out the X Enviro clouds. They just don't come close. Ugh, visuals, sadly have a pretty large influence in believably for me. If I want the most realistic experience in a flight sim with terrible visuals, I'll just wait to do my recurrent training at work...For now, MSFS does a really good job. To each their own.
  3. hm. just tried the demo. I'm not sure I like it. I'd only get it for the vibration effects, the sounds don't really matter to me, other than like the stall buffet and over speed sounds. I've only tested in the DC6...it looks like all the vibrations happen outside. Like the ground and terrain will shake, but your head in the cockpit stays stationary. it's hard to explain, but I'd imagine that my "head" would be shaking...not the ground lol
  4. Mm, I don't think so. They don't have to do anything for us either.
  5. Something did definitely change with the weather though. I was getting updrafts and downdrafts in CBs for the first time ever. But the METAR was off with regards to the Altimeter. Actual was reporting 28.87 when the sim was showing 29.05
  6. That looks right. Normally you'd see a VV (vertical visibility) if the sky is "Clear." That looks like a VV of around 003 (300 feet).
  7. I just "adjust my seat" when i hop in the sim. I'm pretty sure You can save a view by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+1 (2,3,4,5...). Make sure you press the numbers above the letter keys and not the NUM pad. Then you can use the NUM pad to select the view associated with the number you used.
  8. It's being created by one guy. If anyone is able to help code, he could use the help.
  9. Same happened here! I was wondering why the Autopilot kept disconnecting!
  10. Try disabling film grain in the User.Opt, i've noticed those little dots too.
  11. Their sceneries in P3D were awesome. Especially OTHH and VHHH. I hope they jump in soon. Same with FlightBeam. They've only got a handful of sceneries out for MSFS, but I'd really like to see Quito and SFO in this sim.
  12. How do you like that one? Was thinking of getting it for when we have airliners.
  13. I dunno, this sim is pretty majestic, even with its flaws!
  14. I mean it's fiiineee, I'm just being a snob. Feels like Carenado quality.
  15. I wish they had 3 sliders. One for Autogen LOD, one for Vegetation LOD, and another for Terrain LOD. I'd keep autogen and tree quality low or medium, but have houses and buildings stretch out as far as the eye can see, same with trees. LOD 200-300 is fine for terrain since it prevents blurries...but if it's covered in trees and houses, terrain LOD wouldn't matter that much anyway.
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