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  1. I bought it before watching your video, but must say, your videos are awesome. I love how you’re able to do those moving comparison shots of the same exact place.
  2. I found the issue! It was a Marketplace addon - ENMH Mehamn Airport by FlyThreePeaks. It's under the Aerosoft umbrella, so I sent them a ticket. Now with that out of the way, everything is looking great! Thanks Dillon.
  3. Looks awesome. May have to get FS Realistic to "walk" around the grounds. I can already hear my PC whining lol. Gonna bring it to its knees for sure.
  4. It is pretty crazy how subjective it is. I absolutely love it, especially in VR. Was just buzzing around Baltimore doing a performance test at night, and it was incredible. The slight ground illumination, draw distance, etc. I do miss how with orbx we were able to change the size of the bulb…if I had my way, I’d make the orbs a bit smaller, otherwise I think it looks amazing.
  5. Buncha cry babies 😁 No one forced you to buy the “P3D port”, no one is forcing you to buy v2. Stop crying and buy it, or don’t. Only you can determine the value of $1. For me, I’ll probably fly in there once or twice every 6 months or so. $3 per visit per year…not too bad imo, lord knows I’ve spent way more money on worse addons for this sim.
  6. I feel your pain…HOWEVER, over these past few years I’ve switched between having it on and off, and have finally settled with it ‘On’ for now. It’s by no means perfect, but it has improved significantly, in my opinion. Even with TLOD at 120 in VR, it still looks great. This is with rolling cache off. Try it out and see if it’s improved for you. Again I hear you, but weather has improved quite drastically. I too wish they’d open up the weather engine to 3rd party developers, but it is what it is I guess. I’m finding metars much more accurate with respect to wind, altimeter/qnh, and visibility. Remember when there was no fog? I just hope they get around to creating more accurately depicted cloud types.
  7. Oh I didn’t think of safe mode! Good call. Is there a way to force it into safe mode without “crashing” the sim?
  8. I thought so too, but I removed everything from the community folder....nothing worked. Unless it's something from the marketplace...
  9. Since using GSX, I haven't really given these any thought. However, I'd like to see AI traffic using ground services. The only posts I found on the topic are these: MSFS FORUM I tried disabling the stuff suggested, but still have no pushback trucks. I'll get some ground vehicles driving around...a few catering trucks, vans, and firetrucks, but no other ground service vehicles or people. Both sliders are maxed out just for testing purposes. Is there another setting that is hidden? Or does GSX disable the ground services automatically? TY
  10. This is true, however I've found in limited testing that having RTSS/ScanLine enabled, the frametime is smoothed out. Still playing around with various options to find the perfect solution, but as for now, the original one I posted seems to work pretty word not allowed well.
  11. You need MSI afterburner. Along with that comes RTSS. Do you want the OSD? If so, watch the above videos. If not, then in RTSS (the little new blue icon in your system tray) press SHIFT+Add. As long as the sim is running, you can select it from the list that pops up. I'd recommend unticking unnecessary programs.
  12. Is this a setting under the in-game weather tab, or under assistance?
  13. Thank you for these beautiful airfields. Is that map indicative that you're going to make KMPI too? 😁😁
  14. Oh i see, yeah these settings are for The Witcher 3. The only settings I carried over were for the Nvidia Control Panel and Riva Tuner.
  15. I'm using TAA, so I don't notice any blurring. There is quite a bit of headroom with the 4090, and the GPU is only running at around 30-60%, although I am only running 1440p, not sure about 4K.
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