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  1. chevelle505

    Falcon 50 - Where are the sound files?

    Within the main Sound Folder in FSX root directory theres a folder "FSW". scroll down to SND86,87,and 88. Those are the APU sound files. Im running P3D however so it may be different.
  2. chevelle505

    Quick question with fuel load

    Well yeah, i suppose you could. Its my understanding that its not a good idea in general with aircraft like this and pmdg ect that have their own fuel management tools to use the sim. also, kind of a pain to remember what all 6 tanks had in them at the time your computer crashed hehe. just really wish there was a way to have the sim save the fuel load. My PMDG 747, as complex as she is, saves the fuel load as it was left. As far as crashes, thats really the main reason im asking. had my computer lock up on a flight, loaded the autosave and everything was fine except for the fact that all of the sudden im 7600lbs heavier that I was at FL360. Sure, I can roughly subtract that but the feeders hold different levels at any given time than the mains. you could just divide 7600 by 6 (3 mains and 3 feeders) and subtract that, but this throws your cg off if im not mistaken. it really is a bigger issue than it seems at face value...basically, 4 hours into a 5 hour flight your computer or p3d has a hickup and your entire flight (as far as calculating fuel and cg) is waisted, sure you can throw in some arbitrary numbers but that defeats the purpose of a simulator, not to mention all the planning that went into it. would be neat if flysimware could at least just take a quick look into it and see if theres a work around. just a thought.
  3. chevelle505

    Quick question with fuel load

    Ok, so its a P3d limitation? Thats nuts because even old fsx would save your panel state and fuel load. In other words on a long flight and your computer or p3d crashes, autosave doesnt really help when you have to scramble to turn everything back on mod air and re adjust your fuel so your not over landing weight...seems like with all the advancements of p3d something like that would have been solved. Thanks anyway Al!
  4. chevelle505

    Quick question with fuel load

    Does anyone else have the issue of saving a flight..then reloading and the airplane is back to being fully topped off? 100% Fuel every time I load it. Is there a way i can have it save my fuel load so If I want to tanker into 3 or 4 airports with precisely the right amount of fuel it will save where I had the tanks? Or is this a P3dv4 thing?
  5. chevelle505

    Next Livery Coming to Avsim

    Capceo, That looks beautifull!! What scenery/airport is that? Is that actually pittsfield MA? I like that hangar lol
  6. chevelle505

    Flysimware Screenshot Contest

    Climbing out of Everett, WA over the weather
  7. chevelle505

    The Falcon 50 V1.8 Beta Available

    YES!! I was hoping for features like this. would be neat if it had a refueling panel like the old crs 747 where its real time fueling and you can operate the precheck valves ect. Just another Idea, as silly as it seems, Any chance the baggage door will ever open? you guys are constantly making this product better and better by the week. Will this version include the new sound updates as well?
  8. Wow! That looks amazing..seems like the brightness is just right. Any chance of getting rid of the blocky ceiling?
  9. chevelle505

    Falcon 50 New sounds features

    All i can say is WOW. You guys keep at it and this will be the "pmdg level" business jet of flight sim! Hope those wheel sounds are there on landing as well to hear the tires whining down as your slowing..such a cool sound to hear in a real jet. You guys have got the sound down just about dead on perfect!! Blocks on the cabin ceiling still drive me nuts though lol
  10. chevelle505

    Falcon 50 No APU Sounds internal or external

    Where exactly are the apu sounds installed? Just curious if there was a way for me to revert back to my old v1.6 apu sound with 1.7? Would it be a matter of just copy and paste old sounds over the new ones?
  11. OK, Updated p3d client to 4.4..updated GTN and Garmin trainer..installed the falcon 1.7 and now all the chrome is black and interior celing is still blocky. Verified p3d is version 4.4 and i downloaded a fresh copy of the falcon as of tonight. Installed the "P3DV4.4" version in the installer...WHY WONT 1.7 WORK for me??? im at a loss guys..back to 1.6 again.
  12. ok thanks for clearing that up..didnt seem right but it did work..sorta..haha. either way, as much as I hate to say it, it may be time for me to move on a find a different biz jet..I STILL CANNOT get this thing to hold a set speed for anything longer than an hour or so. Ive tried everything from fsuipc changes to different flight controllers to even using the keyboard to control the throttle..dont have this problem with any other aircraft..after 15-20 minutes its either overspeed or slowing to a stall, n1 will not stay put and V1.6 (just updated to it tonight) seemed to have made the issue worse..i just barely feather the throttle and it jumps from 78% to 86%..shes all over the place, been fighting this for months now, i give up! its a shame because i love flysimware and shes a beautiful bird!
  13. ok so on install i selected P3Dv3 and set the directory manually to v4. Iva got an airplane now but the interior celing textures are all screwy (looks like blocks) and I have NO sound other than battery. going back to 1.6 until this all gets sorted out, for a brief minute though ive gotta say im floored by the interior textures..especially the panel..WOW.
  14. so unless I missed something...Im gathering this 1.7 will NOT work with anything but v4.4?? seems kinda rough I have to upgrade the entire sim for one plane..theres no comparability to run it without PBR in v4.3 at all?
  15. chevelle505

    Falcon, or P3D Settings??

    Hey guys, had a quick question about settings in P3Dv4. I have dynamic lighting turned on and all sliders are roughly set about mid way in terms of scenery/lighting. I noticed on the Falcon landing lights at night, there's a series of lines dividing the beam along the fuselage as opposed to a steady beam.. Is there a light setting that could be causing this or is this within the flysimware falcon itself? none of my other aircraft do it but i figured maybe it could be something different with the textures on the falcon? either way, any ideas would be appreciated, thanks again! ~John