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  1. So you’re running DX12 (beta I guess)? I’m wondering if I should or shouldn’t. My only issue is now when I’m in fairly dense areas, I get a very rhythmic stutter, literally every second it’s ……/……./……/……/ and it looks like a word not allowed slideshow..trying to figure out if this is the GPU or if I’ve actually reached the limits of the 10900k? I run LOD at 100 and most settings are “high” rather than “ultra”. Thing is, this stutter is happening while at 35-45fps..you’d think if it was cpu I’d be getting much worse frames. I’m at a loss. I’d also like to know if a word not allowed internet connection could cause this? I’ve noticed, take Houston for example, I took off, and it was word not allowed..was getting 25fps, after about half an hour in the air I was back to my usual 38-45fps over the city…is this cache doing that gradual improvement? My understanding is that if you fly out of the same airport routinely, it saves all the data so your performance is better
  2. Seems to be a bit of debate but should I have HT on or off?
  3. So in your opinion would the 3080 Be a noticeable difference or marginal at best kind of upgrade? wondering if its worth the money from the 3060. I kinda figured The I9 should be golden even through msfs2024, kinda odd they put such a powerhouse cpu matched with a mid grade graphics card. The I9 10900K Was literally the fastes processor i could buy at the time i got it, and it seems now theres cpus that will run circles around it..still seems to be more than enough to run msfs at moderate settings. as for the DDR4, i can get it fairly cheap, im just trying to avoid the occasional stutters i get when in densly populated areas, it seems like the bottleneck is the 3060 fighting to render all that at once. Also curious if this is a clue..even now that im up in the low 60fps area, it still says "Limited by main thread" although The I9 is only at 19% Load. how is that a limit when its not even breaking a sweat? and yes btw, My Temps are nice and cool, and even flying its around 50 degrees. never hits the 90 degree limit to cause throttling.
  4. OK, I feel like a dumba$$ lol...I found the problem, it was in fact limited within Nvidia control panel..not sure how it happened but now I'm getting 65-67fps sitting on the ground with moderate settings. Just curious, I've had my own doubts about the RTX3060 but I'm wondering what's a good upgrade option and if one can be had that's a sizeable jump within a budget of around $300 ish or should i stick with what i have and double my ram (i was already planning on getting another 16gb of DDR4).
  5. So ive got a I9 10900K and have , long story short, noticed that it is "Limited by main thread". So ive taken to the internet going down a rabbit hole searching for whats going on, to no avail. I makes no sense because i have locked and unlocked my frame rate, changed LOD terrrain and objects up and down, and am currently at 100. Im getting roughtly 31-32fps pretty rock steady no matter what...i noticed, same aircraft and same area yesterday cruising at 14,000 ft my fps was exactly the same...32. the only way i could see it change is when it dipped down to 25-27fps when LOD Finally hit 200. So this morning i figured id play a little more with the LOD and bottomed it to Zero and my fps didnt change AT ALL from the 31-32? youd thing id gain a couple fps with LOD Bottomed out. so im thinking, your telling me an I9 10900K in a da42 sitting in nashville (not very heavy scenery) is only capable of 31fps even with everything turned to the lowest settings??? I have gone in bios and disabled virtualization and that made absolutely no difference. Something seems to be going on here thats not letting my cpu run at its potential. in P3DV4 with HEAVY 3rd party scenery like LA and in the PMDG 747 id see consistant 65-70fps at the worst and up to 160fps at altitude. I know its sort of apples and oranges and you can tell me msfs is cpu intensive but i dont understand why dropping LOD to nothing didnt even give 1 fps more? its like its locked. My CPU BTW was only running a 9%...why wont msfs let me actually use my CPU??? GPU Is an RTX3060 and 16GB of DDR4 running windows 10. Mobo is a ASROCK Z590-C. HERES A SCREENSHOT
  6. havent tried binding it yet, but i will say for some reason every now and then it will refuse to set after i initially release the brake...it will just set than release immediately...ill reload the flight then its fine. 🤔
  7. No worries, but I wish I wasn’t forced to be “realistic” as quite frankly the parking positions in MSFS are, with the exception of gates, far from realistic..having flown into FBO’s myself irl I’ve never been parked in a row with my nose up against the building lol, but in msfs…it should be an option though for sure!!
  8. That’s all I needed to hear, sounds really are huge for immersion but I’ll be patient lol.The GPU thing REALLY bugs me, but I must say, once again you guys have done a phenomenal job, can’t wait until she’s all ironed out. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks ark!
  9. Just curious, I may be having some kind of problem as after the recent update my right wing is a pink checkerboard but I also notice after all the sound updates, its a little better but for some reason the fan sound you hear (the classic lear groan) is playing even at idle, so theres no real change throughout the power band it just gets a little higher pitch and a tad bit of rumble, but you always hear the fan sound, if anything it gets quieter at full power. Its literally the opposite of the real Lear... . the reverser sounds are AWSOME! ive gotta say though, i had this jet for P3D and the sounds were way WAY better...seems like the sound set struggles in msfs..outside theres no real change when you throttle up...seems like the same sound just gets louder. was this all intended or is there something not right with my installation? Also, one other thing i noticed, The GPU Wont work unless i load up the sim in a designated parking spot?? doesnt this defeat the literal entire purpose of having a built in gpu for the plane so i can get ground power at a small airport that may not offer it or I park in a different location? theres a couple of add on scenerys that have FBOs with realistic parking areas like under a canopy etc that i now cant use the GPU. Any chance this can be reverted back to the way it was (is there a file i can just swap around?)
  10. Hey all,wondering how i can use a virtual cockpit from one airplane in a different plane. I found this global express on flightsim.to https://flightsim.to/file/35553/bombardier-global-6000-e-11aand I was wondering since i own the aerosoft CRJ, cant I just use the vc from that in the global? I tried to copy the interior model files from the crj into the global and then re assign the cfg to use the "CRJ900.XML but all I get is the airplane with no cockpit....Can someone point me in the right direction especially if you happen to have the CRJ (the global is free), and chance i can get some help here?
  11. engine sounds definitely need work but i can't see how it sounds like a prop jet lol.
  12. Tablet will go blank sometimes and only show a full battery symbol and a speaker symbol but unable to use it after a short time. tried clicking top left corner to no avail (i thought this "charged the battery")
  13. So for years I was understanding that Gulfstream wouldn’t license any of their aircraft for Sim Development and this was the reason for never having a Gulfstream in sim, then I saw the GLF550 by AKD Studio for Xplane. Just curious, has Gulfstream changed their stance on this? Wondering if anyone has any new info and is there a chance this means we may finally see a Gulfstream in MSFS?
  14. What exactly is LNM and AH2? I think for me, having a ctd when crossing the pond in a 747 and hoping you were keeping track of fuel burn so you can edit that back in and exactly what fix you were at becomes a PITA when the updates seem to be constantly breaking the sim causing the CTD issues. I mean for $60 you'd think such a basic element would work, unfortunately too many people are willing to just deal with it, and i think thats why asobo will more than likely never fix it. It sure is shiny and pretty, but the more I dig into it, its seems riddled with bugs and issues still not addressed two years later. Rather than world updates for scenery, id rather see the darn thing work. As a real world pilot, i can certainly see why alot of people say its more of a game than a simulator. Not bashing it, just not what Id hoped it would be.
  15. ok, well thanks for the response guys...back to P3D It is...outside of the pretty scenery, this thing is still a freaking mess...even the constant force update garbage is getting irritating and its only been a week. not very intuitive either (camera, menus etc), i find myself missing way too much from the older sims..maybe ill try it again in a couple years.
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