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  1. Hello Hans, I am running v1.2.3 since release and everything is working fine as normal. Can you describe what you are trying to do in more detail, and what exactly is not working anymore?
  2. Wakes are implemented. Can't comment on superiority, but can say that it is a remarkable undertaking and achievement that keeps getting better. It's free so you have nothing to loose other than 10 minutes getting it up and running.
  3. My own experience is that the value has diminished over time as developers have included more features into the planes themselves. So I would say it depends on the planes you have/use. If I am not mistaken, there is a free trial version at their webpage.
  4. I seem to recall that there is an option to start minimized in the settings page?
  5. A great list here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/your-top-5-world-enhancement-mods/509855
  6. The GAIST mod is not (yet) real time. So you cannot expect to see live traffic. Ships will follow some correct routes though.
  7. @DaveH, do you use Little Navmap? https://albar965.github.io/littlenavmap.html If you do, you can flip a switch to show you AI ship traffic. You will be able to see if there are some ships originating from GAIST around you. Just to check if the mod is installed and working properly.
  8. The Arrows are (still) great… the Comanche is really exceptional. The Arrow was my first payware and in my opinion it broke new ground for MSFS when it released. Now the Comanche has also broken new ground and will be the GA yardstick to measure against. If you enjoy(ed) the Arrow, I think you are more than likely to have a blast with the Comanche.
  9. @Rob G Take a look at www.chartfox.org. It is free.
  10. A2A are looking into this and have mentioned that it might be related to a momentary loss of or lag in the connection between MSFS and Accusim exactly as you describe.
  11. Dang… I know the frustration @Rob G MSFS can be merciless when it comes to troubleshooting. One day something works and the next day out of the blue the same thing starts to behave strangely 🤬 This might not help at all, but here goes: I recently bought the Comanche and during a flight this weekend I noticed that there is a button labelled BOTH on the radio panel. Gotta press new buttons! When I pressed it I initially had two separate COM lines with voice going on top of each other. Each in their pane in the ATC window. At first everything seemed fine, then suddenly in the subtitles one of the ATC were tagged with “You: “ as if the comms came from me. After a few more messages, all reply options were gone in both ATC panes and did not come back. I switched off both radios and switched the comms back to only one channel… COM2 I think. And after a little while tings came back to normal.
  12. @Dominique_K there is actually a work-around for keeping settings betwixt sessions. German youtuber Jaydee posted a video recently on it and also made a community folder mod for the purpose. It is on FS.to. (Not saying the World Map is great or anything controversial like that)
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