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  1. Make sure you FPS are in sync with you monitor refresh rate if you don't use Freesync of Gsync. Otherwise you will always have frame drops (stutter)
  2. But without the Simbridge can I start a MCDu on my Ipad ? I think not.
  3. Can the back door on the left be opened on this model ??? Would be nice when passengers can also board at the back
  4. Still there. We can go to the moon but this seems unfixable !!!!!
  5. https://docs.flybywiresim.com/fbw-a32nx/feature-guides/simbrief/#stable-version-only
  6. Unbelievable that this is still NOT fixed
  7. Anyone already made a comparison between ASOBO EDDK (in city update 4) and Aerosoft EDDK? I read the FPS on the Aerosoft is terrible.
  8. Already been addressed !!! UPDATE – 2.6.7 July 29th, 2023 - GSX (all versions) NEW: Added option to control how Stairs will behave. The checkmark has 3 positions: Automatic, which is like previous versions, Semi-Automatic, which means GSX will Attach stairs automatically, but will leave the user in charge with detaching, and Manual, which means GSX will never operate the Stairs on its own, it will be completely user-controlled, with the “Operate Stairs” command.
  9. Seems to be IMPOSSIBLE to fix ....unbelievable
  10. Connection lost is different then bandwidth error. After a bandwidth error BING data is turned off !!!
  11. No it's not provider related. Sometime ago it was even worse with the bandwidth error. We made a TCP trace en analyzed it with Wireshark and it's the server side which is not responding which gives the bandwidth error. Will be even worse with 2024. Never was happy by playing games where streaming is needed. Sometimes the bandwidth error is gone by using a VPN. It's a CDN issue and NOT a provider issue More here with over a 1000 posts. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/your-bandwidth-is-too-low-february-march-april-2023/573113/1687
  12. So it can take a while for this to be fixed for PC users
  13. Maybe I missed this. But in the FBW cockpit I see white Squares where my mouse is located in the flightdeck. See image. Any idea why this is ? https://www.dropbox.com/s/quobaz5r33l1kfs/Schermafbeelding 2023-06-28 203945.png?dl=0
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