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  1. Still waiting for a good EHAM and LFPG. That would be awesome. Come on INIBUILDS 😉
  2. 4 online friends got the same error around the SAME time with all different version drivers. (also some had 531.29). So think how can this be … All had the error on the same time. You really think this is a driver issue when all 4 online players have all different driver versions and encountered the same issue at the same time
  3. Well I was already on the older drivers. I hope not more issues are coming soon. Otherwise the "uninsall" option will be the solution for me
  4. Then you are lucky with this flight. 4 online friends got the error at almost the same time all different drivers etc!! This can never be an issue on its own. Never!!! Temp gpu 50 degrees.
  5. The Asobo story is not correct at all. Neither memory RAM or VRAM is the iissue. It just started. Just like other friends of my who had this message for the first time at almost the same time as I had. This is very coincidental!!!! This is also another Asobo issue I also read reverting back drivers. Well I think that is also nonsense. With the current driver it worked for months and all of a sudden it is a problem??? And other friends with different driver version had this error to yesterday around the same time! Figure it out and stop changing everything on your computer when this is also actually an Asobo issue
  6. Alway strange that for some reason more users have this error for the first time yesterday. It makes me think.....
  7. Had this yesterday for the first time ever. Just like the bandwidth error first time ever it almost never went away. Let's hope this is not a new one.
  8. Well messing around wit DLL's and complain about CTD's later on the forum 😉
  9. Aren't those online players ? More people play offline (yes and need to be online for weather and Bing data etc.) But not online for playing online with friends
  10. Is it wise to do this ? Does it have to be installed in where the nvngx_dlss.dll is located now? Xboxgames/Microsoft Flight Simulator\Content ?
  11. Anyone else noticing more hesitation/stutter when switching views after SU12 ? It's some I noticed immediately after the install of SU12
  12. Yes correct it's slew. The default pushback from Asobo is smooth and comes very slow to a stop instead of an instant stop.
  13. It even happens with the Towbar. So no this is not how it works with a Towbar
  14. Do users of GSX have this issue with pushback ? When pushback you see the aircraft lifts an inch (or whatever) After pushback you see a little drop is there something I can do do about this? Also when coming to a stop it's an all of a sudden stop compared with the default pushback from Adobo it's slowly coming to a stop.
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