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  1. Guys, need some help here. I am trying to download the Seth - flight.xml file from Naturalpoint˙s forum page but it seems the attached profiles aren`t available for download anymore. Could someone be so kind and post a text from the profile? Thanks in advance...
  2. Bought the RD Preset's yesterday, it's much much better then BMW, have them both.
  3. Found it and not only that. We might even get a bug fixed next year 🤩
  4. I don't think they're capable of doing it, let's wait and see. There's no real progress for a couple of months now, just some bugfixes...
  5. Happened to me also, community folder wiped out, had to reinstall it all. I decided to scrap the product, too many issues.
  6. Mr. Kok and this guy on the team, oh my...🙈
  7. Nope, it will be a staged release. We get the right part this year and left somewhere in 2025.
  8. Any minute now... check their youtube channel.
  9. Does anyone have a clue how automation works? I have it set at 5pm. Do I have to start the app daily/weekly in order to download the texture sets or should it start automaticly and download the files on a set time?
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