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  1. Hi, I have a question regarding the P3D Academic Licence. I reached an activation limit due to a hardware replacement (MB + CPU) as I accidentially forgot to deactivate an account prior to HW replacement. I`ve already send an email to licensing@prepar3d yesterday but have yet to receive an answer. As I cannot expect getting an extra activation until monday (or even tuesday in Europe), I˙m actually thinking of buying another academic licence but wanted to ask about the refund policy ? Matej
  2. Hi, @KNOSSOS, do you have any news regarding the 11.30 integration possibilities? Regards, Matej
  3. If I`m not mistaken, Robert once mentioned he`s very impressed by the DCS World engine. So therefore, could it be something for that platform? 🤔
  4. hollow1slo

    Is P3D V 4.2 release imminent?

    Phisically-Based Rendering?
  5. hollow1slo

    FT CYYZ Updated To P3D v4

    And Vienna also...
  6. hollow1slo

    CaptainSim 757 Released!

    Thanks, watching now...
  7. hollow1slo

    CaptainSim 757 Released!

    Which channel?
  8. hollow1slo

    Any late 2017 leftovers?

    Yeah, I agree completely. It looks like we˙re done for this year. It has been a fantastic one thought...
  9. hollow1slo

    Any late 2017 leftovers?

    Flytampa KBOS, KLAS and 29Palms Nuremberg all moved to 2018. The list is getting shorter
  10. hollow1slo

    Any late 2017 leftovers?

    No Captainsim 757 release in 2017 either, still in beta...
  11. hollow1slo

    Any late 2017 leftovers?

    Yeah, health first, we can wait a bit longer...
  12. hollow1slo

    Any late 2017 leftovers?

    One less on the list as the MD-80 was pushed back until next year 😔
  13. hollow1slo

    Any late 2017 leftovers?

    Yeah, hope to see tge FT`s KBOS too.
  14. hollow1slo

    Any late 2017 leftovers?

    What are you guys looking forward to during the holiday period? Here`s my list (I don`t exactly know if these are supposed to be released this year, but still...): - Flythemaddox MD-80, - Captainsim 757, - PMDG JS41 v4, - Jetstream Designs Nantes... Looking forward to see other people˙s wishes.
  15. hollow1slo

    Delayed AutoGen

    This is exactly what I do. As soon as I start descending, I press Pause and wait for the autogen to catch up.