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  1. I can't wait either, yoke is on it's way 😁
  2. Great news indeed 😄 💘💕
  3. Haven't bought the CS767 II if you mean that, i love 757&767's though 😄 Maybe when they have some "sales" MD-11 is another story, i just want IT, missed this bird so much since PMDG MD-11 was last good addon of this type 😍 With TFDI i truly believe they will make a masterpiece out of the mighty MD-11. 717 had it's rough start but look at it now, it has come a long way and has gone better at every update 😉
  4. Instant buy for me, don't care how much it cost's :D <3
  5. Is there any error message given when you try to install net framework?
  6. Try to run this tool https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30135
  7. I suddenly seem to have this problem also, can't update VfxCentral, Chaseplane etc . Problem started today so i cant use VFx central or Chaseplane anymore. I contacted OldProp support so lets see.... EDIT: Problem solved by disabling security software (Comodo) fully
  8. New videos,taxi and takeoff, altitude modes and approach setup
  9. https://fselite.net/news/flight-sim-labs-a321-x-in-time-for-christmas/
  10. Great news indeed 😀👍👍👍
  11. Hope they will reconsider this, not interested about airac+charts bundle. Ended my subscription also after receiving these news about upgrade which IMO i consider as downgrade...
  12. You are probably missing Orbx Object Flow, so reinstall it or ESSA scenery, that should get it sorted
  13. Towing is also coming for GSX according to Umberto Fsdreamteam forum
  14. I have this happening on NGX sometimes, clickspots disappear for some time and come back littlebit later. No clue whats causing this..
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