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  1. Not interested about P3D-version anymore but yes for MSFS
  2. By the looks it seems too good to be true for free 😁 I would pay for this.
  3. You're probably having this issue with the yoke https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/tca-320-sidestick-airbus-issue/458124 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/thrustmaster-airbus-joystick-rudder-problem-with-intermittent-flicking-without-input-solved/390799
  4. For the love for Mighty MD-11, i decided to pay for it in advance , if it even helps TFDI somehow to produce this addon. I trust them and i think they will take this project to the goal and beyond.
  5. My credit card got charged but MD-11 in the client area shows as unpaid. Probably something wrong with paypal 😒 Made a ticket, let TFDI sort it out...
  6. I also noticed loss of frames when i was passing over Copenhagen into southern Sweden and further into Norway, sim just wasn't as fluent as before. This behaviour continued to Oslo where i landed. No clue what is causing this, my community-folder is full of Norwegian sceneries, maybe one of them is causing this. Have to test with empty folder though.
  7. Here is newest fix, made by Mörkö https://flightsim.to/file/41637/essa-stockholm-arlanda-terrain-fix-heightmap
  8. FSDG has decent Accra, Nairobi, Cape Town and Windhoek for MSFS
  9. Justflight has also B757-200/300 on development
  10. Takeoff video, can't wait 🤗 (1) Takeoff in FS2020 - YouTube
  11. Bought this also, it's not perfect but it is just what this new sim needs, more airliners! I believe even this addon will evolve despite being not study level. Now some updates into this and liveries!
  12. I have both and can say that MK Studios is so much better than Justsim 😀
  13. I had similar problem last night, loading 1 file over and over again. Removed the installation and quit trying after 10 reinstall's/reboots. I Don't really know what causes this problem 😪
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