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    Active simmer for the last 20+ years. My passion is my full time job as a career firefighter and is something I've been doing for the past 15 years.

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  • About Me
    Active simmer for the last 20+ years. My passion is my full time job as a career firefighter and is something I've been doing for the past 15 years.

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  1. Trying to figure this one out but I’m also not totally sure this is a bug. I’ve tried without any custom vmr files (Stock) and with a custom VMR file. What I’m finding is the NAV lights on the aircraft will reflect off the ground, but until they get into the air, they’re not very visible on the aircraft itself. If I move the camera up close to the aircraft I can see it on the tips, but just barely. From any distance you can’t see it at all. Strobes, beacon, landing, and taxi lights seem to be working fine. I’m just trying to understand if this is a problem with my sim or a bug. Anyone else able to look on their client and see? If you look closely in this pic, you’ll see the nav lights reflecting off the ground. As soon as they’re in the air, they become super bright and visible
  2. I still remember the days of the PSS (Phoenix Simulations) 757 and how folks were so eager to get that over the LevelD 767. Really was an awesome plane. Too bad they went belly up.
  3. I’m very curious on the relationship with PMDG and Asobo right now. Reading between the lines of some comments that Rabdazzo is making on their official forums makes me believe things are sweet and sour. Some posts there seems to be a lot of upbeat positivity about how great and advanced the platform is and other posts that talk about debugging like it’s the 90s and culture that Asobo has developed of being silent to partners like PMDG. I’m really hoping we don’t see things go south between the two.
  4. I suspect from what we’ve read before, this won’t be implemented until Asobo does some leg work.
  5. I see what you did there 😂😂😂
  6. I agree, but it's exciting to see something that talks about an official statement. Maybe it means we are closer than we thought?
  7. Received this from Parallel42 in my email today. Was reading through it and came across this little gem. Would be great to see ChasePlane make its way to MSFS and looking forward to this official announcement.
  8. Exactly what was posted above. That’ll improve when VATSIM implements their new technology.
  9. This! This has worked for me since SU5. Thought I was going to be stuck on an old driver until I came across this recommendation. Glad you beat me to it.
  10. I personally stopped using REX and continued using Unrealwx. For me, the experience is the same except I don't use an external client with Unreal. With that being said, I feel like I'm one of the few who tends to switch back and forth, or atleast I'm one of the few that admits it hahaha. Below FL180 in the US, I prefer to use Unrealwx, but above FL180 I'll shift to the MSFS Live weather system. I'm still hoping Jorg has something up his sleeve for us with the weather accuracy. Blows my mind I can see every square inch of earth using their Bing maps, but some how I'll load up the sim to find a clear day when it's totally overcast outside. Just blows my mind we have excelled in some aspecs of the sim and regressed in others. So much technology out there that should allow me to practically see the same cloud above my house in the sim, but then I'm again, I'm not a programmer so it's just me living in my fantasy world haha.
  11. I share the same concern. That this will be another WIP product like so many others. Atleast by their own standards it will be.
  12. I swear I'm not wearing a tinfoil hat and making conspiracy theories when I say this hahaha. If that's how he meant for that statement to be interpreted, then that has some potential to be disappointing for many end users who have enjoyed many of the features we have currently.
  13. I've been a PMDG customer since 04' and I'm absolutely stoked for the release of this product for MSFS. With that said, I personally feel that the Q4 deadline is going to be tight for them. Considering we are now in October and they don't yet feel comfortable to show cockpit screenshots makes me feel like they're too far behind. Personally, I'd rather not see them rush the product to the market and have the aircraft right on release rather than making it feel like an early access title.
  14. Something must be up. Someone on Facebook posted about having stutters all of the sudden. I had been using my sim all day with no issues. Got into this evening after my workout and I noticed my mouse was freezing, stutters and what seemed like terrible performance. Checked my temps which were good. Tried another game which was fine. Did a benchmark test and all was good. Wondering if it’s related.
  15. Same problem here. Just started this morning. Was working fine yesterday evening when I did a couple flights. Something is certainly up. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/bug-logged-no-streaming-data-working-photogrammetry-and-bing-maps-just-stopped-working/446586
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