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    Active simmer for the last 20+ years. My passion is my full time job as a career firefighter and is something I've been doing for the past 15 years.

About Me

  • About Me
    Active simmer for the last 20+ years. My passion is my full time job as a career firefighter and is something I've been doing for the past 15 years.

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  1. Handles great for me. I’d encourage you to look at the manual and make adjustments to your sensitivity. I’ve had to setup profiles specifically for this aircraft. I love how it handles with my settings.
  2. I’m still noticing when I flare that the nose does this thing where it has a very subtle bounce to it. It doesn’t feel smooth like other aircraft. Difficult to explain, but rather challenging when trying to flare the plane.
  3. Agree with this completely! I haven’t touched anything else since it released.
  4. Confirmed there is a CTD issue with Google maps zooming. See attached: https://streamable.com/im3q9y
  5. We shall see, but you’re not helping unless it’s your personal mission to be the first to start the drama.
  6. No offense, but it’s comments like this that unnecessarily stir the pot and create drama before there is even drama.
  7. Yep, and he had a CTD while messing it with it a couple hours in. Very unfortunate. I think he was trying to zoom out with the map. May or may not be related to the tablet, but still something I hope isn't a problem.
  8. Does anyone else feel like on final they feel like the can’t keep the nose steady? I feel like there is this constant up and down oscillation that I fight with my yoke (Boeing thrustmaster). I don’t experience the his with any of my other aircraft including the pmdg 737. It’s very challenging to explain. Same problem with the stock 787 and the kuro… just curious what others think?
  9. PMDG makes solid products, there’s no question about that, but this article sums up the customer experience on their forums for the last several years. The communication and interactions have started to deteriorate. I’ve been a customer for twenty years and won’t necessarily stop because of articles like this, but I do feel they make some valid points and things are beginning to become concerning.
  10. I would agree, they aren't up to FB standards for sure. With that said, it has been way to quiet and I've really missed flying in and out of MSP. Might have to pull the trigger if it's cheap enough.
  11. Yep - he's only proving my point. A nuisance to this forum.
  12. I haven't directed the staff to do any such thing with their duties. With that said, I have no desire to fight with you. I've looked at your comments on these forums and you tend to be a nuisance as seen by your reply here. Go rattle cages somewhere else.
  13. I think a more neutral way of wording it would just simply be, "CaptainSim 717 discussion". I agree with what was said above by @F737MAX Or, the OP could just request this thread be deleted since now we are censoring people. Title was fine for a week until a few people got their feelings hurt and just like everything else in society these days, we cater to the few.
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