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  1. Orbx's EGHI for P3D was good. Mix of animated and static train models helped make a fairly quiet international airport a lot more alive. There are plenty of things in MSFS that look oversaturated or cartoonish. Adding some brightly coloured boxes won't break the immersion for me.
  2. Another way for IFR flights could be to use Active Mode until about 10,000 feet. Change to Passive Mode for higher levels, so as to see weather fronts and no transitions. Revert to Active Mode for the final part of the descent (at about 10,000 again) to have the more interesting weather depiction all the way to the gate.
  3. Likewise. Not so much bring prices down, but should stop them from increasing without much restraint. Might also see new features brought in to differentiate between the different products.
  4. Do you like Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Apple or Android smartphones? Ferrari or McLaren? You'll receive many subjective opinions (mine included) and many of these won't match what your own preferences are. As I see it: Active Sky benefits: More cloud layers, more diverse cloud layer types, more likely to experience thunderstorms, air is more dynamic, ability to offset the MSFS 'feature' of halving windspeed at ground level. Default weather benefits: Free, ability to see and approach/fly through/past distant fronts, no transitions (even gradual ones) whatsoever, 'genuine' global weather rather than continually updating adapted presets.
  5. Competition is great! A new flight planner, NavData and LIDO chart provider is getting underway with their offering: https://www.aviaplanner.com/ 3-day trial for free. A monthly sub at $3.50 or $29 for the year. "[Functionality] sections marked with an asterisk are under development and will be available in the next 1-2 months." Perhaps anyone who doesn't like Navigraph's cost could try this provider and report back? Credit to @carlanthony24 for mentioning this over on a FSElite comment section.
  6. May want to change your 'libellous' comment. It isn't FSDT, rather FSDG who has included advertising in one of their scenery products. But yes, this entire thread is a storm in a teacup and we aren't even discussing the relevance of third party weather add-ons, nor the inclusion of default weather radar or lack of it in our favourite airliners... 😁
  7. An alternative method, which is a fix for all aircraft, can be found here: https://sors.fr/aero/navaids.html It updates the sim's magnetic variation files. Just read the documentation and back up the original MSFS m.v. files on your PC.
  8. Absolutely! Trees (and previously buildings) being oversized by as much as 45% has a vast impact on the sensation of speed and attitude. Discussed this a few times before:
  9. Would like to see a return of the 'jump-ahead' feature. It moves the aeroplane to a specific waypoint, while simultaneously removing the appropriate amount of fuel that would have been burned and correctly change the time of day being displayed by the sim negates the use of sim rate time compression. We had this feature in the QW 787 and It would be great for long-haul airliners themselves or for MSFS2024 to natively offer this very useful capability. The current teleport in MSFS2020 isn't robust enough. //42 Flow teleport and FSiPanel 'move aircraft' don't change fuel loading, nor the time of day. 'Jump-ahead' is far less time consuming than flying long-hauls at 2x or 4x time compression and avoids flying at warp speed.
  10. This KOSP soundset is nice, but don't confuse the first sound pack you hear as being the 'correct' one. Fenix devs have created excellent soundsets of their own and I see no reason to replace them with third party replacement mods.
  11. Prepar3D is derived from Microsoft ESP (Enterprise Simulator Platform). There was a reason why LM couldn't offer a home or entertainment version of the P3D sim until MSFS turned up on the scene. LM failing to abide by the wording of the licencing agreement would have seen MS' legal team in a strong position to win a breach of contract court case.
  12. Yes. The issue with stuttering aircraft was resolved back in late 2022. Fluid AI traffic since. Depends on where exactly you are flying. Coverage has improved since the new data providers have been brought online. ZSPD (74.5%), ZULS (60.7%) and ZBAD (56 4%) have fair to good coverage, some other places like ZLXY (1.6%) are poor. RT ground coverage checker tool: https://www.flyrealtraffic.com/coverage.html
  13. Current ATC is its own immersion killer.* AI aeroplanes not behaving as they should is an even bigger immersion killer.* LiveATC.net and genuine live traffic from the RT+PSXT combination is as real as it gets.* *For me. Whatever other people find most realistic is up to personal preference. I'm glad choices exist and appear to be improving all the time.
  14. PSXT is the best., IMO. Why? Because it copies exactly what real aircraft are doing currently/did at an earlier time period in real time. Everything parks on the correct stands/parking areas, take-off and landing distances are correct, aircraft use the appropriate taxiways and runways, go-arounds are minimised, aircraft can be positioned into holding patterns, aircraft avoid bad weather, the list goes on... People have some justifiable criticisms of RealTraffic & PSXT, but nothing comes closer to replicating the real world than genuine real world data.
  15. Well, they're not wrong. FS add-ons do go through a journey. That said, they would have fewer critical comments about their work if they took more time optimising their initial releases and didn't rush the releases of hotfixes. 10 in quick succession makes people think of the old adage 'more speed, less haste.'
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