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  1. Thanks for the reply. Really like your scenery. Two issues for me: I have trees randomly appearing next to taxiway intersections. I'm certain that it's due to another developer's add-on. However, can you create excludes for the entire airfield to prevent objects from appearing? I do not use photogrammetry at all, rather the MSFS default city (Online Functionality and Bing Data World Graphics both turned on). Due to this, the Calgary Tower (and possibly other future buildings you are working on) is obstructed by a weird cylindrical office tower block. Again, is there any chance you can provide excludes for the non-PG default city, please?
  2. Yikes! Most of the scenery is of a fair to good level, which for the price point is fine. I'm willing to accept less overall detail, such as static images on the terminal windows on the 'C' gates. However, those 4K textures look worse than the original lower resolution ones and messy AF. I hope Umberto revisits these apron textures. I'd rather see both the ground texture colouring (that weird green/yellow tint) and the ortho (with the messy real markings and pavement edges) replaced. MSFS default airport aprons look better (to me) than this.
  3. Hooray! This was being worked on for a looooooong time. It's already available though Contrail. The only concern is that they have written: That's a lot lower than I run in MSFS. Hopefully, it's to cover lower-end PC users.
  4. Don't know what to make of //42 any more. Whereas in P3D their ChasePlane add-on and Immersion (aircraft effects) packages were must-buys, it now seems like they're making products and trying to create a market for them afterwards. In case anyone was tempted to buy Stripr primarily for the bonus feature of 'Skip MSFS Intros: Allows you to skip annoying intro branding trailers (asobo/blackshark/etc).' Just to let you know that you can easily do this already by using the Windows '-fastlaunch' instruction as described here:
  5. Wonder no more. Orbx Global products use P3D's default mesh, so any mesh product you add will give a massive improvement. No showstopping terrain imagery conflicts with any Orbx Region (that I can recall). P3D selects the highest resolution mesh in the LOD around your aircraft anyway, so no mesh conflicts either. With FSGUNG FTX, I selected 5m resolution in P3D. Not much visual benefit in the few areas of the World that have 1m resolution data and more likely to use up system resources cause CTDs with Terrain.dll errors. I recently did a comparison of the foothills of The Rockies, just West of Denver in P3D (with FSGUNG at 5m) and again with the default MSFS terrain mesh. There was much more intricacy in the relief in P3D. It is worth buying, IMHO.
  6. Agree on a lot of this. Except, if you approach LM's current situation dispassionately, it makes sense from a business perspective to call it a day on any future version of “Prepar3D.” If LM are going to use new technologies, such as Unreal Engine and AI tools to create a 3D digital Earth, then from a sales and marketing approach, they'd want to differentiate their new, next-generation simulator from their current platform. Calling it P3D v6, creates the impression with buyers that it is another iterative and incremental improvement, rather than a revolutionary one. Plus, given P3D's major selling point of backward compatibility (for scenery products at least), it would be a fundamental change to break that concept while attempting to maintain it is of the same lineage. The mutually beneficial relationship triangle between consumer-level users, third-party developer product ecosystem and LM is a mere shadow of what it was. To change the current dynamic requires LM to bring out a compelling new offering. Let's see if, at next month's FlightSimExpo, LM reveals something great.
  7. Certainly not when using Orbx Central. (Don't know if a config utility exists if you bought directly from FT). It's annoying as there are static SWA and AAY airliners taking up ramp space (and they don't look good compared to AI models), and no ability to turn off other items (e.g. landside road traffic). Yes, see below: (Larger image here: https://ibb.co/TcB8xbk) Forgot to check for the hotels monorail, sorry.
  8. Appreciate the explanation on version numbering, Martyn. And on the RJ update, even if it's disappointing to hear.
  9. Having fired-up P3D for the first time in a year, there are a handful of airport sceneries that still hold their own. Flightbeam, FlyTampa and WF Scenery Studio have created some fantastic products. For the best combination of products, it's WFSS' VHHH (alongside FlyTampa's VHHX and SODHK's Dragoneye Hong Kong). If we're talking just one product, it's FlyTampa's KLAS. What I like about these is that it's not just the airport that looks great, it's also the entire approach and city.
  10. I'm glad JustFlight is still updating the BAe 146. Though I am concerned that it is still a '0' point something version, rather than a '1' point something, (v0.1.9) The Avro RJ was previously discussed as being readied for an end of Q1 2023 release. Nearly 2 months after that provisional date, there still hasn't been any news since mid-December.
  11. Hello first-time poster. EGLC v1 purchasers through the MSFS Marketplace cannot receive the discounted price yet. Orbx said the following:
  12. WF Scenery Studio is the Flightbeam equivalent of Chinese airports. Their *payware* VHHH is excellent and does what you're looking for.
  13. I think you've answered your own question. Also, discussed here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/614263-night-enhancements-from-dreamscenery/ and here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/night-enhancements-worth-it/494988 Personally, I don't see any benefit and buildings look like they have all been unrealistically floodlit. Each to their own.
  14. Did you delete the original Asobo handcrafted KSEA from the Content Manager page in your MSFS?
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