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  1. Yes sir using this one but dont install the latest windows 10 22h2 october build with instead use a build from march that is before aprill 11 update i installed that march build then atlas os for performance as when i used atlas os with 22h2 oct build it gave api dll
  2. Ohh yeah its sad to see microsoft not give enough importance to this issue well ill have to downgrade then
  3. Any updates on this im also again getting this issue with the latest updates from microsoft win10 22h2 idk why they cannot fix it for once
  4. Same thing happened with me i couldnt uninstall the update so i installed a cusotom windows iso it has updates disabled so works fine and also microsoft is now auto updating 21h2 to 22h2 so it might be that the update got installed again thanks
  5. Hello Ernest thank u for solution 2 weeks have passed and no api dll crashes anymore u are a lifesaver thanks
  6. heyy brother can u tell me how can i uninstall this update cuz i also have this but in control panel i where i can uninstall updates this doesnt show up thank u
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