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  1. LMN's course line is based the flight plan you entered in to LMN. It doesn't read your aircraft's navigation system. If you update the flight plan in your aircraft, then you need to update the flight plan in LMN if you want them to remain in sync.. In the case of 'Direct To', that would involve removing the way-points between where you and and where you want to fly direct to, then re-saving the modified flight plan if you want to keep it.. In real world flying you would need to do the same with your air traffic control flight plan if you were flying under instrument rules.
  2. Bummer. With the rebuilt aircraft Milviz chose to remain with default navigation data rather than allowing for Navigraph/NavDataPro integration.
  3. Trouble with flight plan

    First thing I would check is; does the path mentioned exist?. It looks like it might be missing some information. Most references to Users includes Roaming, or some such other folder. Ernie
  4. Static AI aircraft in FSX ?

    Note sure if you've already read it, but there is a document in the Avsim Library titled that details how to create 'almost' static aircraft in FS2004. You could try following the same set of directions using AIFP and see if it works.
  5. If you don't already have it, I would recommend downloading Little Navmap. Great moving map, planning tool, etc. and it will display an icon and information for any ship within the AI bubble. Ernie
  6. Why wait? Start enjoying the existing ships today. The install isn't at all painful.
  7. Not as pronounced as SimMarket, but It in red text, so it's not like they are trying to hide it.
  8. no progressive taxi lines

    Are you seeing the same thing with default aircraft? If not, what happens if you load a default aircraft first, then change to the PDMG once you're at the gate? Ernie
  9. Changes to v3.3

    Thanks.. I did a search before posting, but somehow couldn't find it.
  10. Scenery Config Editor v1.1.9

    I don't think SCE cares. I've used several versions of Java and never had an issue. Ernie
  11. Where I can I find the change to see what revisions have been made since 3.1?
  12. How to use WAMA

    Thanks for replying.. Honestly.. no. I was doing it as a precaution, because frankly, I'm not sure how DLLs and objects affect memory. However, given your examples I'll give it a go and see what happens. Perhaps I am doing more work than necessary.. Ernie
  13. How to use WAMA

    The recent 'Still love WAMA!' thread reminded me again why I own, but don't currently use WAMA. I wish I could find a solution, but early on I discovered that WAMA's changing aircraft on the fly was incompatible with how I use most of my aircraft in SIMstarter. For instance, some of my aircraft (exp: iFly 737) require that I first load a default FSX aircraft, then change over to the complex aircraft once I am sitting at the airport. For others, I have custom dll.xml or exe.xml files that get loaded when I select a specific scenario. These customs exclude loading of DLLs non-relevant to the aircraft I am flying, so as to save memory (still a FSX user), or load model specific HID macros. So, any recommendations from fellow SIMstarter users, other than switch to P3DV4 (which ain't never gonna happen), would be appreciated. Thanks, Ernie
  14. Stable Beta 0.40

  15. Recommended cards.

    You might take a look at Desktop Aviator. Their 2690 does similar to what you want. They might sell you the circuit board behind it, so you could do your own. Ernie