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    Prior to my retirement I held positions as a Corporate Trainer and Computer Programmer. I served with the US Air Force from 1967 to 1971, where I earned my Private Pilot license while stationed in Germany. My interest in flight simulators began in 1985 after experiencing subLOGIC Flight Simulator II on a friend’s Commodore 64. When I bought my first PC in 1991, Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0 was installed second only to MS-DOS.

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  1. Fair enough, but his question wasn't about which simulator you would recommend, but what the difference was between FSX Deluxe and the Gold edition and could have been answered without the need to mention non FSX simulators, which was the point of my response..
  2. Please fellow simmers, I would ask that you respect that this is a FSX forum and answer the original poster's question without editorializing about other flight simulators.
  3. To start a flight plan, regardless of where your aircraft is currently sitting; 1) You can right click on any airport icon and select set departure/destination. or 2) You can Click on the 'Search->Airports' tab. Key in a Airport code, name, city, etc. Right click an airport in the results list and select 'Set Flight Plan Departure' or 'Set Flight Plan Destination'. Clear the search criteria and do it again for the other airport. Once selected; Click on the 'Flight Planning -> Flight Plan' tab and the airports will appear in the list. You can then right click on the airports in the flight plan, or on the map to set procedures, etc. You can also do either of the above with Navaids, waypoints, etc. to add or append them to a flight plan. It's really pretty easy to create plans with LNM. For the GLOBE stuff; there are instructions on installation about four messages down in the Little Navmap installation thread. Ernie
  4. I would recommend using AI-Manager to install and verify your AIG repaints and flight plans. AIFP doesn't always find the correct model due to some repaint names in AIG not agreeing with the AIFP included file.
  5. I think it is generally agreed that the Steam version is better because it contains coding changes that fixed some issues with the boxed version of FSX. Steam also plays well with Windows 10, whereas some people have reported issues with installation or activation of the boxed version. You may find the occasional add on that might not work with the Steam version. However, none are show stoppers, so if you don't already have the boxed version I recommend the Steam version. I own both and stuck with the boxed version because over the years I have dealt with those issues that I alluded to in the first paragraph, so feel no need to install the Steam version.
  6. I'm sure that you'll find save users who do. I tried it, but found that having both installed at the same time was more of a hassle than it was worth. Especially, with minor coding variations they are the exact same program if you have FSX Deluxe and the Acceleration pack. My suggestion; pick one.
  7. I have a few of their airports, mostly midwest US. I rank them above default and below freeware products such as Ray Smith and others. The airfields are done from Google maps, etc. and frequently lack accurate parking assignments and custom buildings. For instance all spots at KLEX were designated such that commercial jets would park anywhere but at the gates. I contacted the author and he fixed most of them, but never replaced the file that was available for download with the fixed one. Fortunately, I was able to use ADE to correct them myself. So, would I recommend them? Yes, if there are airports that you want and can't find elsewhere and only if the price is at least 30% off, preferably more. They simply aren't worth full price. Ernie
  8. Full disclosure; had I known when I started what I learned while doing I wouldn't have done it either. 😀
  9. Good question. I moved here from the Chicago area a bit over a year ago and IMHO none of the area trees match the beauty of the Maple that are abundant farther north.. Perhaps they are still showing the effects of the ice storm.
  10. It's the attachment link below the body of the first message. BTW, it's not a simple add. You'll have to download and install models, then select the flight plans, then install the textures, which are a mix of automatic and manual installs. I would suggest installing just the regionals, which TG lacks and use TG for the rest. This will reduce the hoops and lessen your frustration.if you choose to go the AIG route.
  11. Correct, while the AIG traffic is compatible with FSX, they do not support FSX when it comes to installation. Take a read of the tutorial.
  12. All user uploaded fuel performance data is available at https://www.littlenavmap.org/downloads/Aircraft Performance/ I don't see any Zibo, so it looks like that it's not been uploaded. so you may need to create your own.
  13. Take a look here; https://vpilot.metacraft.com/Documentation Has an explanation on Model Matching, Custom, and explanation of rules. VPilot will automatically pick up your flying models. No need for custom rules.
  14. First, open Settings in VPilot, expand the Model Matching (FSX) entry and click on Advanced. The folder that contains the FLAi aircraft should be listed and selected. If it's not there then there is no entry for the SimObjects folder that contains the FLAi aircraft in fsx.cfg. If not there VPilot won't find it. Ernie
  15. Are you sure that you need to buy it again? If purchased through Steam/Dovetail it should still be available for download from your Steam Library menu.
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