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    Prior to my retirement I held positions as a Corporate Trainer and Computer Programmer. I served with the US Air Force from 1967 to 1971, where I earned my Private Pilot license while stationed in Germany. My interest in flight simulators began in 1985 after experiencing subLOGIC Flight Simulator II on a friend’s Commodore 64. When I bought my first PC in 1991, Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0 was installed second only to MS-DOS.

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  1. Have you resolved this yet?
  2. Honestly, I would uninstall FSX-SE also. If you do, Steam doesn't remove the directory, so I would use Revo to force an uninstall by file after Steam is done. That way all of the folders, registry bits, etc. gets eliminated. Even if you only do FSX, I suggest getting the free copy of Revo and doing the uninstall though that, rather than the control panel. Revo will prompt for a scan after the uninstall (if you don't reboot) and remove stuff the default uninstall doesn't. The way the link suggests should work okay, but I'm not sure if it's as through.
  3. Jim, I would really encourage anyone making the swap from FSX boxed to FSX SE to completely uninstall FSX boxed. Then after uninstallation use a combination of CCleaner and Revo Uninstaller to remove any bits that remain. The reason being, that if you have both installed, FSX SE will create all new directories with the SE suffix. On the other hand, if you don't have both installed then FSX SE will create directories with the FSX boxed names. In other words FSX instead of FSX_SE, or what ever the suffix is. This makes it really great for installing add-ons because the addon thinks that it is being installed into FSX box, so no messing with incorrect directories, multiple locations, etc. I know that it's possible to work with both, but oh so simple with just one. The key though is to remove 'ALL' traces of FSX boxed. IMHO, Ernie
  4. airernie

    Scenery.CFG File Error

    Thanks for the good link.
  5. airernie

    FSX upgrade

    If you really want to commit to P3Dv4, then $700 to $100 isn't going to cut it on a new computer. Sure, you can get something in that price range, but read the forum messages long enough and you'll realize that won't cut it. A suitable video card is going to cost you $500+. Then the i7-9700K or i9-9900K CPU, then the motherboard and memory, so you can overclock the CPU, The the SSD, etc. As long as you're satisfied with FSX (I am), I would stick with it. Just manage your settings and you'll eliminate any OOM messages. Yeah, you'll have a hard time flying that PMDG 737 out of FSDT's KMEM or FlightBeam's KMSP, but our software is called 'Flight Simulator',not 'Set on the ground and look at the pretty airport simulator'. 😉 Ernie
  6. I haven't looked into the altitude-display, but per page 31 of the manual "All aircraft icons can be customized: User, AI and Multiplayer Aircraft Icons." The manual has a section titled Customize", which should get you started on modifying the aircraft colors. Ernie
  7. I don't use water cooling, but I do have a ASRock Z77 Extreme4, which I've been very happy with. It's OC'ed to 4.2Ghz and has been rock solid. Unfortunately, they are now selling on eBay used for what I paid new. Still, if you're patient you might find a used one for under $100. Hopefully the group here will give you some other great suggestions.
  8. airernie

    Airport advice

    I don't see how they could resist.
  9. airernie

    Scenery.CFG File Error

    If you can't find the tool listed above you might give SceneryConfigEditor a try. It requires having the java runtime environment installed, but will trap error and provides a pretty easy interface for fixing errors. It's also the easiest way to add new freeware scenery to FSX. Ernie
  10. Alex, Thanks for responding. I'll give your suggestion a gtry. I'm not overly concerned about FSGRW support since my current setup is temporary. The computers in storage use Active Sky and I hope to have those up and running in the next 30 days. Ernie
  11. Not sure if there is an answer for this, but still playing with FSGRW and LNM. I noticed some issues with the visibility (SM) observations that LNM is displaying. Thanks, Ernie Please note the FSX weather in the LNM airport information panel: Below is the weather from FSGRW Below is the weather from FSX:SE
  12. airernie

    Airport advice

    I do agree with most of your comments regarding payware, but the above statement hasn't proven to be true with freeware for FS2004, CFS and a few others. There will always be a developer who likes to create stuff just because they can. Heck, stuff is still being written for 40 year old home computers. :-)
  13. Hi Frank, Sorry, my question was somewhat confusing, but I was referring to how weather is displayed in the LNM airport information panel and tooltip. There is a 'Weather' tab in Tools -> Options where the user can specify which weather source(s) to display. Active Sky is listed, but not FSGRW. So, I was wondering if selecting Flight Simulator would reflect the FSGRW weather since FSGRW injects it's weather into FSX:SE. Thanks.
  14. Running FSX:SE on a laptop using FS Global Real Weather since my full setup, which uses Acrive Sky is still pending a move south. Since there isn't a specific option for LNM to display FSGRW results similar to Active Sky, would the FSGRW weather be contained in the FSX information? Or, is the FSX weather read directly from the server and therefore can be different than what FSGRW is generating? Thanks, Ernie