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  1. Sorry I'm not sitting at my flight sim computer, but in the options dialog you can exclude files or directories from being scanned when building the database or if scanned, not have them show as an add-on airport. The second options is what you're likely looking for.
  2. Nope.. First, do you have LNM installed on both the computer containing the sim and the remote? If yes then have you created the database using LNM on the computer containing the sim? If yes, have you copied the the folder containing the the database that was created to the remote computer? If no to one or both then the user manual addresses how to do so. Ernie
  3. Hi Karoly, You should be able to download version 1.8.5 from here. Just click on the OS version that you need.
  4. Do you perhaps have the "Separate Airport and Object Bgl Files" checkbox checked?
  5. FSX-MS

    Congratulations.. Did you compare the two to see what the differences were? Posting your findings might be helpful to a future someone who is having the same issue.
  6. FSX-MS

    Also, it's worth a scan with AIFP to look for FS2004 traffic files which can cause traffic not to appear when mixed with FSX traffic files. If you haven't already onverted them, default WOAI traffic files are FS2004.
  7. FSX-MS

    What are the AirlineDensity= and GADensity= sliders in the cft file set to? Also, make sure that when you copied over the SimObjectPaths the numbers are unique for each line.
  8. Thanks for pointing it out. It also includes a version for FSX, which I wouldn't have been aware of otherwise.
  9. Do you have multiple controllers? I have a XBox 360 controller as well as a ED Tracker that have conflicting axis, so I have to set them to None.
  10. FSX-SE

    The only downside is that you need both subscriptions to both fsAerodata and Navigraph. However, Navigraph is used by a ton of aircraft and addons so you'll likely find another use for it. Give Little Navmap a try if you want an app that can take advantage of both. Ernie
  11. FSX-MS

    You didn't mention the aircraft that you're having trouble with..
  12. FSX-SE

    Another option is to simply update the Navdata using fsAerodata or aero.sors. That way you can stick with your existing aircraft. If you go with fsAerodata you'll need a Navigraph subscription and fsAerodata is payware. aero.sors is freeware, but I'm not sure how it compares in comprehensiveness to fsAerodata. From what I understand, to keep Flight1 GTN current you'll need a Garmin subscription or find a source for old data. However, I don't own it, so I could be misinformed. Ernie
  13. FSX-MS

    Please not another P3D vs FSX post. There are more than enough posts already if you do some searching. Also, questions like this are best asked and answered in the P3D forum.
  14. Unless one has been released that I'm unaware of the Aurasim v speeds app for the Q400 is web based..
  15. Hi Eddie, No, not necessary. FSX looks for both Scenery & Terrain folders in the specified path, so should find the flight plans. The next thing I would check is to make sure that there is a SimObjects entry in FSX.CFG that points to the WOAI aircraft. I don't have any WOAI currently installed, but if the traffic files can't find the airplanes then you'll get no traffic. Other than that, Without physically seeing your computer I'm stumped. I would be glad to do a TeamViewer session with you if all else fails. However, there are more knowledgeable users that I in this forum. Ernie