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  1. airernie

    Vendors no longer supporting FSX

    I have enough money in FSX that I'm unlikely to abandon it even if development stops. I just want to funnel what money I can spend to those developers that support FSX, therefore my desire to determine whose they are. Ernie
  2. I had a email conversation with Imaginesim to see if they intend to update KAUS similar to the P3DV4 version and was informed they will not be doing anything to the FSX version. I realize they are not the only ones; Flightbeam, 29 Palms, FS Dreamteam and others have made that decision. Is there a list of vendors who will no longer be either creating new products for FSX or updating their FSX products? The stock answer is switch to P3DV4, but frankly at my age it doesn't make economic sense to spend the thousands to support a new platform. Thanks, Ernie
  3. airernie

    Ultimate Traffic 2

    You might take a look at Ultimate Traffic 2 - Power Pack if you haven't already. It's from Flight1, free and supports UT2. I haven't used it for a while, but it might do some of the things you want. Also, it's fairly easy in UT2 to add and remove alternate liveries. Ernie
  4. airernie

    Scenery issues in AI Traffic

    I wouldn't delete them. Instead just uncheck (disable) the reference to the folder in the scenery library. That way nothing in the folders loads and if you ever want them back you just check (enable) the reference. When I want to remove an individual BGL I add .OFF to the filename, not delete it. So much safer and reversible. :-) Ernie
  5. airernie

    Ai traffic

    I would try viewing the airport BLG using AI Flight Planner. If you've got a disproportionate number of military parking assignments, then change some of them to civilian. That might reduce the number of military arrivals and departures since you don't have parking for the aircraft. You can also edit the traffic, but the MyTraffic editor isn't what I would call user friendly. It can be done, it's just not the easiest thing to do.
  6. airernie

    FSX starts to load but then disappears...

    Sometimes FSX loads, but doesn't maximize. Try opening task manager, right clicking on the app and maximize it. It's frustrating, but I don't have a why.
  7. airernie

    Traffic Global Early Access Edition

    It appears that GA traffic will only use the default aircraft. Hopefully, they will change that. Otherwise, I'll continue with UT2, which allows me to insert my own aircraft.
  8. Unfortunately not so easy. LMN doesn't read data from folders. The Navigraph data is compiled into a database file that LMN reads. The database is similar to what LMN creates when the the user 'loads' a simulator database. Adding a different data source would require Alex creating a compiler to transform the NavDataPro data into the database format and maintain it. I think this is what he is referring to in his reply. BTW, LMN is open source so I someone else could possibly create the necessary compiler. Of course, they would need to agree to maintain it because it would be uncool to create, then dump and run expecting Alex to maintain it. IMHO.. Ernie
  9. Probably not. The Navdata that LNM uses either comes from Navigraph already in LNM usable format, or is extracted from the flight simulator and formatted by LNM. Or course I'm not Alex and he may have something up his sleeve. :-) As for my recommendation, spring for the Ultimate package. Update all of your add-ons and do manual downloads of the current AIRAC then cancel your subscription. Ernie
  10. airernie

    P3d Starts on 2nd Monitor

    Capt. Pero only occasionally visits this forum since it isn't the official SIMstarter NG forum. Your best bet for a quick(er) answer would be the official forum on Aerosoft. Ernie
  11. airernie

    Updated Manuals URGENT

    A bit surprised that you feel that way about FSX being as it probably provided a fair share of the past revenue for FS2Crew. Ah well, more money to be spent elsewhere.. Ernie
  12. airernie

    Dll and exe backup

    Although Capt. Pero does visit this forum your best bet for a quick(er) answer would be the official forum on Aerosoft. Ernie
  13. airernie

    FSX Airplane Loading Issues

    I'm not sure what's causing your issue, but a work around might be to load a default aircraft, such as the C172, Then change to the aircraft you want once you're at the airport you want to fly from. iFly recommends this, as does a couple of other developers of sophisticated aircraft. Ernie
  14. airernie

    Some FSX issues

    For the logbook issue I would search for and in the AVSIM library. As for the others, sorry I can't help. Ernie
  15. Tony, I'm of the opinion that LNM is the "bee's knees" , but for the iPad you might try 'FltPln Go'. It doesn't have near the features and is certainly not a replacement, but I've seen it praised in some of the other forums. Ernie