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  1. malct

    QW 787

    Thank you for your feedback, There is someone selling one on Ebay which i have reported, Could be a pirate
  2. malct

    QW 787

    Anyone know if Quality Wings have sales on their product. I am after the QW 787 but its a little expensive and with sales around this time of year, i thought i would check if they offer promotions this time of year and do you know who else sales QWs products. I remember buying the QW757 from sim shack at a cheaper price Thank you for any help
  3. malct

    Wanted, New FSX Plane

    Thanks Chock, I did by a new PC just for FSX with a good processor , Just need everything running.
  4. malct

    Wanted, New FSX Plane

    Thank you Jim, I will go for the QW787 i think, Shame there wasn't a $12 sale on this
  5. malct

    Wanted, New FSX Plane

    Jim, I have had the 757 since it went on sale, So i am not going to get any better, Its the manual, To complicated for me. Out of the 2 Jim, Which one was easier to learn and to fly?
  6. malct

    Wanted, New FSX Plane

    Thank you both for your replies, Jim your correct about the 400 page manual, I just want to get in and start flying without all the complicated stiff that can be over my head. I don't have a clue on what has happened to the 757, i have had to do a full install of all my software and the plane is just sitting on the tarmac, flaps fully down, looks like no power with no instruments working but yet the engines are on. I like the long haul flights hence the bigger planes since i do a lot of flights from the uk to asia and i have all the airports, Bangkok, Dubia, Doha etc The 757 is now outdated since the new crop of planes but agree the 737 as been about now a very long time. I will have a look at those links Chock
  7. Hi, I have had the qw757 since it was first realised, but since buying a new PC with windows 8.1, i have had a lot of issues with it, so looking to buy a new plane that not complicated to learn to fly like the 757 worked and i still still could not get the reverse thrust to work, So looking for something thats not to complicated. Looking at the QW 787, i understand that its equal complicated to learn, plus expensive and a very bugs. Can anyone recommend a decent plane to buy, Prefer something large than small, I was looking at the 777 , But with the new A350, I guess that's to new yet. Any recommendations would be great. Thank you all Malc
  8. Just checked my case and i can see where the product key label was stuck on, So at some point its come off. I guess its out of the question that someone who doesn't need the product key will be able to offer it to me, I have seen these Product key generators, But its to much a risk to download a virus.
  9. I am sure that the last time that i loaded FSX-Accel, It didn't ask for the product key. At the moment i have loaded up SP1 and 2 but not attempted yet to try the disc again since loading all my add ons. Sorry for not getting back to you, I have asked for email alerts but getting nothing
  10. I spent hours loading up all my software that i have bought over the years, Any recommendations on any freeware? I have the QW 757 and thats what i use but looking at buying the 787 in the near future. I am using the UT Live , just wanting everything working for the long winter nights.
  11. I guess i must have lost the Product code, I do remember a long time ago having to read the numbers out on the centre of the disc to Microsoft and they gave me a code, maybe its when i first bought the gold edition. I think its going to be best just to download SP1 and SP2 and not bother with the 3rd disc. Thank you all for taking the time out to help me Malc
  12. Regards Stream, I have lots of Add-ons Like airports, Bangkok, Dubai, Uk Airports and UT live and aircraft, I understood that these would not work with Stream
  13. Hi and thank you for your replies Jim I have tried Run the following fix -, then install Acceleration I followed everything and after i have installed the disc, it then asks for the product key and i typed the product key that came in the case (Only one Product key in the case which i used after the 2nd Disc) and i get the message, invalid product key
  14. Hi. I have the FSX Gold Edition which comes with the Acceleration Disc I am loading up a new PC and when it comes to loading the Acceleration disc and starting FSX, it then asks for the product key and the only product key that i have is the one that i had to use on FSX flight sim which i used after the 2nd disc loaded up. I have done the following 1, Contacted microsoft and transfered to many departments and no one can help me. 2. Followed HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCURRENTCONTROLSETCONTROLCLASS{4D36E967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}2) edit your UpperFilters key. For FSX and their validatin system, they expect it only reads "PartMgr , It says change from 0 to PartMgr and its already showing PartMgr I dont want to be downloading Cracks because it could be a virus. My options are, Wait for help or install SP1 and SP2 and not bother using the Acceleration disc I know this has been asked, but tried many things and given up. Thank you all Malc
  15. Hi, I hope someone can help me, I have been trying to solve this problem now for 4 days , Ever since i downloaded Edinburgh 2000 extreme and they recommended changing scenery settings Mesh Res (5M) and Mesh Tex (60cm) Once i made the changes, FSX would crash, I found a old thread that says if your running NVidia Graphics card, then download the latest driver, After doing this, I restarted FSX and made new changes to the display and it crashed again, but this time a box appeared and it fixed the problem and it stopped crashing after making changes. While adding some traffic software, i made a mistake adding files which resulted in me doing a factory reset. Once starting up the PC, I added the latest driver to Nvidia and then installed FSX and service packs 1 and 2 (I do have FSX acceleration but i have lost the product key, so unable to use it) When starting FSX and making display changes to Res and tex, FSX will crash again, I did get the repair box up again but this time it did not fix the problem. I have read quite a lot of threads, one which tells me to tick Preview directx 10, but this does not work, plus i loose the Progressive Taxi. My system is Windows 8.1 nvidia geforce 750 ti and i have added Geforce Experiance that came with the lasted driver. and the processor is intel i7 4790 3.6Ghz Quad core with 16 GB . Regarding the pop up box that fixed the issue first time, another pop up box appeared asking if it had fixed the problem Yes or Noand that box did not appear after the 2nd install. Any help would be great Malc