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  1. Considering what you get for the money, I think we get away cheaply. I've paid more for one aircraft than both Fixer & Shadow. I need neither. I bought them to support the great work done here. I've gotten my monies worth in education alone.
  2. Usually...the textures load a micro second after I see the substitute logo. If not, I would think about verifying the game cache.
  3. Are those things modeled on the glider?
  4. FSX-MS

    Was this solved? When I had a similar issue it was UTX. What add-ons have you installed? Similar to this?
  5. Mostly agreed. I bought REX HD Airports when it was half price and I had $3 in credit points. For $11 it's great.
  6. FSX-SE

    What other add-ons have you installed? Something airport related like REX HD Airports?
  7. FSX-SE

    When I changed EZDOK's setting for joystick versus keyboard I too had the camera slowly pan itself into a corner but I still had EZ enabled. In FSX there are settings for the camera pan keys, perhaps one was changed by EZ?
  8. FSX-MS
  9. By the same logic, why redo any aircraft that was done in the past? Because you as a dev think you can do it better?
  10. FSX-MS

    And if you want to see percentages of the settings you want to use the "maximize" Less than full screen but bigger than a window.
  11. FSX-MS

    I migrated to the Steam edition over the holidays without issue regarding add-ons. I have: AS 2016 ASCA Five of the A2A aircraft GEX UTX EZDOK GTN Complete REX Airports
  12. I'd tape a piece of paper over the top half of the screen (so nothing but instruments show) , like a visor and have a go?
  13. That is weird since the Steam version should have loaded sp2 which enables dx 10 in FSX? I had the same situation with the boxed set but because I had not installed sp2.
  14. To me, it is more a question of realistic simulation. Neither of those effects from 2006 pass muster for me, so they are disabled. How they affect FPS, I cannot say.