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  1. Their Avanti 180 EVO also has the ProLine 21.
  2. System specs? Do you have Orbx scenery anywhere else in the world where it works?
  3. VDSR? Isn't that an FS9 scenery? That would most likely require recompiling the building models.
  4. Dino Cattaneo has announced that his IndiaFoxtEcho FSX/P3D products have been withdrawn from further sale and are now available "as-is" as freeware downloads. The author notes that the products still remain copyrighted. This includes the F-35 Lightning II, Eurofighter Typhoon, Aeromacchi M-346, TA-4J Skyhawk, A-4E Skyhawk, C-2/E-2 Greyhound/Hawkeye, and SIAI Marchetti S-211. Details at https://indiafoxtecho.blogspot.com/2022/01/freeware-releases-for-p3d-fsx.html
  5. It sometimes helps to bump up the voltage a bit when XMP settings aren't stable--motherboards often do not set/report voltages precisely, so the reported voltage may look OK, but actually be somewhat below that used to test the RAM during production. If the RAM works most of the time, you may only need to add a few hundrendths of a volt to make a difference and get up out of the ragged gray area near the edge of stability.
  6. Prepar3D v5.3 Hotfix 2 ( is now available and can be downloaded immediately from the Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D website. Prepar3D v5.3 Hotfix 2 contains additional resolutions for high priority issues identified after the Prepar3D v5.3 release.
  7. The MLG tires on both acft aren't all on fixed axles. The fuselage-mounted body gear (two inner and aftmost) MLG trucks on the 747-400 are hydraulically steerable up to 13 deg left/right, and the 777's two MLG rear axles are also steerable, so turning dynamics are explainably likely to be a bit different between the two acft.
  8. A TV that has a direct game/PC mode that bypasses any internal image processing will reduce input lag significantly. There's a fairly broad range of viewing angle characteristics across the available display panels--when you sit up close to a large-format monitor, you are looking at the screen edges at enough of an angle that some displays will wash the colors and contrast out too much. How much is acceptable and improvements w/r/t price vs performance will vary with the user. It's always a good idea to measure your intended viewing distance, and try to look at the TV from that distance in-store for pixellation, brightness, and contrast. I found that 55" was the largest I could go with the 4K display at 1m viewing distance before the individual pixels became too visible. Color saturation, brightness, and contrast are going to be subjective calls.
  9. I think what you're missing is the effect of VRAM fragmentation--when an allocation is requested, a single contiguous block of addresses is needed to satisfy the request. Reported available VRAM is total available minus total allocated without consideration of the largest available contiguous block. So it's possible to have an allocation request refused due to not having a big enough block available, triggering an OOM even though there is enough unallocated VRAM available in total (but spread across a bunch of too-small blocks). Increasing VRAM availability on a given system will entail limiting fragmentation by reducing usage enough that you're keeping utilization well below the max. Use of high-res terrain textures comes immediately to mind as a major VRAM load that can be reduced.
  10. I don't have the CS 767, but I'd suspect that maybe the ZFW is obtained from the cargo loader in the 767F.
  11. This forum is for the RealityXP Garmins...support for the F1 versions is done on the Flight1 site.
  12. Do you have your P3D and add-on folders excluded from real-time scanning by your antivirus? Are you loading a flight plan in Activesky so it can pre-cache weather? You might want to look for a non-FS process running when these slowdowns happen...something like an AV scan, file indexing service, background updates etc. I run Process Lasso and can quickly bring that to the foreground to look at what's hitting the CPU if I need a quick snapshot of process loads.
  13. All other things--screen size, display technology, refresh rate, response time, brightness--the same, yes, you should see a noticeable improvement in clarity, and may well be able to run with reduced AA settings due to the higher pixel density. But...assuming you're replacing an older monitor, you probably have the opportunity to take advantage of all sorts of other improvements as well, for example a brighter, fast-response IPS panel replacing a slow TN panel, G-Sync for variable refresh rate support or 30Hz refresh rate support, a bigger display etc.
  14. Tropicalsim has released a 2022 remake of TNCC-Curacao Hato International Airport for P3Dv5. The new version includes recent terminal expansion and taxiway extensions, PBR textures, SODE jetways, and other improvements. Discount available for those who purchased previous FSX/P3D or the MSFS versions. Available at Simmarket
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