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  1. I haven't upgraded to v5 yet personally (though I plan to within the next few months if feasable). 4.5 serves me fine at present. As others have already said 4.5 is the more stable platform. If you want minimal fuss and next to no CTDs 4.5 is a great way to go, lacks some of the fancy visual stuff like EA but I've personally found that EnvShade & Rex Sky Force doesn't do a bad job in the visual department. Most addons compatible with v5 are also backwards-compatible with v4 which helps in the addon department. If you have the hardware I'd suggest considering v5 for the performance & visual enhancements though.
  2. Yeah this is a known P3D issue with regards to large aircraft like the 747, you want to change your mesh setting, 10m usually does the trick for me. Justsim ELLX is another Airport where this problem comes up.
  3. If you have the cash to spare I'd highly recommend buying it, it's a fantastic aircraft, I've pretty much ended up gearing my entire sim setup round it because it's so enjoyable to fly. Also, though I'm aware many prefer to fly on more modern schedules, http://departedflights.com/ has a wealth of international routes from the mid-late 1990s with the 744, which is often where I look when I fly the aircraft. And like Chock says you can always take them on short-hauls anyway - technically it wouldn't even be that inaccurate - BA was certainly known to take their 747s out on European routes every now and then to compensate for disruption of their narrow-body services. Edit: oh, and if you're looking for short-hauls and and happen to have the scenery, then the Hong Kong-Taipei shuttle is a classic, especially if you have FlyTampa's Kai Tak Scenery!
  4. I think the idea that many developers will return to P3D is a little bit optimistic, at least in terms of primary development. I'm not quite the pessimist that some on this forum are, but I do think we need to embrace the reality that P3D will be a second-order priority at best, MSFS is the most commercially-viable platform at present & will most likely be the priority for 3rd party devs for the foreseeable future. That doesn't mean there won't be anything for P3D though. Certainly on the scenery-side of things, so long as P3D maintains a big enough niche I can see future products being developed for MSFS first then later ported over. And developers with an existing back-catalogue of older sceneries for FSX/ earlier versions of P3D could probably still make it commercially viable to update these sceneries to the current state of the airport(s) and standards of the Sim. I'm a little less-sure on the Aircraft side of things but I think P3D does have advantages in that it's niche always was it's capture of the study-level market. Aircraft already far into development will still likely be finished and I don't see devs like PMDG dropping P3D support overnight given the complications related to developing study-level sims for MSFS. As I said in my earlier post I still think P3D has a future for the next few years, at least for us established users. Certainly I'm content with continuing to invest in P3D as a mature & stable platform with a sizable back-catalogue of addons to make use of. But it's never going to compete with MSFS for commercial/ consumer appeal as that simply isn't what it's designed for. I don't see P3D entirely disappearing though unless either Xplane or MSFS can adequately fill that study-sim 'niche'.
  5. This is probably the most inportant point on this thread for me. I'm currently sitting on a supremely reliable v4.5 install where I can run 7+ hour flights in the PMDG 744 and barely have to worry about stability in the slightest. Something I never achieved back when I used FSX. v5 is something I can move towards getting at my own pace while still enjoying what v4 has to offer. May not look as good as MSFS but I can look past it for most of the flight - and if I fancy a visual treat there are still sceneries like FlyTampa's Kai Tak where the approach is breathtaking every time. P3D Development is drying up but there is still enough to keep it alive for a while yet. The TFDI MD-11 & FSLabs Concorde will be enough to keep me simming on P3D for a few years to come by themselves. And the beauty with P3D is we can still take what we have and enjoy it for years to come without having to worry about them being broken by mandatory updates or servers shutting down!
  6. I would love to take the VC10 over to v5 when I move over eventually, sadly I've had bugs in the electrical system of the aircraft since it was released in v4 which rather kills the immersion. I did make JF Support aware and they supposedly notified the developer, but (I reckon partly down to the developer being external) I've heard nothing since then, an offical v5 port seems equally remote for the time being. Would be nice to see it fixed up & put in V5 officially though unless an unofficial v5 port shows up that fixes my issues. Edit: having just checked the JF forums there does appear to be an official V5 port in the works still! So hope not lost as of yet
  7. From the things I've been reading and based on the kind of products they've been putting out recently, It does give a lot of credence to the rumour that there aren't any real Developers at CS anymore. It would certainly suggest why they can't even modify a model to make an animated cargo-door and will still charge money for their "CF" model. Feels increasingly like a shell of a Dev Company rather than an actual one. It's a sad state of affairs.
  8. My go-to short-haul Aircraft is the Leonardo Maddog MD82 - I haven't so far paid for the 83/88 Expansion but I do plan to expand into that at some point. The TSS Soundpack for the Engines & Immersive Audio Pack for the Flight Deck make for a lovely experience sonically as well. On occasion I still use the old PMDG NGX, but hope to move to the NGXU at some point. I've recently given the Aerosoft narrowbody airbusses another go but I'm not a fan of not having control over the throttles during Approaches and flying them manually with a yoke is a bit uncomfortable. If I ever move into Airbus proper it'll be via the FSLabs I feel. Long-haul it's always the PMDG 744 for me, I never get tired of taking it into Kai Tak and I love to fly Cargo-routes in it. It's my favourte aircraft handling-wise as well, while I like the Maddog it can sometimes be a bit of a pig to land in a crosswind in my experience, whereas a nice heavy 744 I find comparatively easier to put on a stablised approach. I don't know about anybody else but I know of little more satisfaction than that to be gained from greasing a landing and hearing the Speedbrakes deploy - I have a thing with mechanical noises. I don't currently use any other aircraft for Long-Hauls but the TFDI MD-11 will be a day1 purchase and with hope a certain long-promised 747 Classic will also be up-to-scratch when finally released.
  9. I do believe one of the more recent updates for the Aerosoft DC8 included an automated Flight Engineer to handle the fuel-system during the flight if you'd like the workload reduced somewhat. I believe you will still need to look after the INS somewhat though. Been a long time since I last took the DC-8 for a spin, but it is a fun aircraft to fly from memory, the amount of manual control is refreshing compared to more modern aircraft.
  10. This is a very good point, I think most of us who aren't developers underestimated the time it would take both for Asobo to put together a SDK that allows for the more complex addons and the time for relevant developers to get their head around it. Give or take a few years MSFS will have a much more filled-out ecosystem for study-level sim aircraft and that's where I see myself (and others) finally letting go of P3D as their main sim (given how long I've waited for the 64 Bit edition of the FSLabs Concorde though I may maintain a P3D Install purely to maintain a virtual Concorde). The best aircraft usually take years to develop so the main game is patience. I agree, it's not something that really suprises me as someone who was only just under 2 years old when Concorde made it's last flight. It does however make it all the more special when a good quality simulation of one of these aircraft does come about, it's one of the reason why I have a soft spot for Just Flight as developers as they do have a history of catering to classics more than other developers (particularly classic British aircraft which for obvious reasons aren't given much love by other payware developers beyond Concorde & and 146/RJ). So I do really understand the frustration among those who were waiting for this aircraft despite not being a big regional-jet fan, as these aircraft don't come around very often (sometimes only ever once or twice!). At least with the DC3 and a lot of the old warbirds there are a lot of Operational examples still around whereas operational 747 classics for example number in the single-figures (and most by the US Govt so off-bounds for many of us!)
  11. JF have confirmed multiple times it is still in active development (most recently about a week ago), but from the sounds of it a lot of the hard systems-coding work is being done by a single developer so the bug-fixing etc. is taking time. The A300 has also spent a long time in the bugfixing stage. It's not ideal given the lack of progress but in fairness I'm not aware of them dropping an aircraft at such a late stage of development and I'll forgive the length since the initial announcement if is released in a solid state. I've personally wondered as to whether JF should maybe wait a bit longer to announce these more major projects as these things do take time (specially when developed by a small team, iirc the Leonardo MaddogX for P3D was developed for multiple years in virtual silence). Ether way I have very little in the way of criticism for them beyond the fact that I wished they were able to dedicate more in the way of post-release support after the initial weeks/months following release. I'm very fond of the VC10 but the JF aircraft (VC10 Professional) is still suffering from the same bugs in the DC electrical system in v4 that it did on release and lacks a proper load manager utility meaning I very rarely fly it.
  12. You are right on that, I'll admit to having a similar initial reaction (though wasn't that vocal) initially before I eventually decided to stick with P3D. In fairness given the length of time since a major Microsoft Flight Sim Announcement it was understandable. It's also why I don't at all blame Just Flight for their decision. frankly I'm just glad they're seeing their other P3D Projects through.
  13. This is probably my main concern with MSFS in terms of longevity, the system they use to deliver the visuals/ scenery etc. is ingenious but we also all know how trigger-happy companies are to shut their servers down when the product stops making money. One hopes that support will be more long-lived and take a more evolutionary approach but it very much depends on the business- model Microsoft and Asobo go after. The issue with Software as a service is that one day the service stops and what happens to all your prior investments? The offline version at least mitigates this but I do quite like the security offered by older sims that keep all of their primary features in the box rather than the cloud. I do still think MSFS is a promising platform and I hope it will evolve enough as a platform to make a good replacement for P3D for more hardcore simmers, though I am still disappointed at the speed at which support for P3D has declinded. Insofar as Just Flight are concerned, they are also to their credit completing their P3D aircraft still in development in the A300B4-200 and 747 Classic which I still eagerly await as someone who enjoys a good steam-gauge jetliner (the 747 Classic in particular I've wanted a good simulation of since I started simming almost a decade ago). I'm somewhat reconciled with the decline in support for P3D at this point. I'm simply glad at a personal level that by the time the last major outstanding P3D aircraft in development are released I'll have more or less what I want from the sim. I'll give MSFS a few years to have proper study-level coverage and then maybe I'll invest.
  14. I always felt it was a shame CS went down the route they did. I'm a fan of classic jetliners generally and the 707, 727 et al I would very likely have bought had they updated them for v4/v5, I've been sorely tempted by the 732 and L1011 on a number of occasions. Even if the systems aren't necessarily gold standard the modelling on those aircraft still stand out, and the VCs for the 727 & 707 I think could hold up if given a dose of PBR texturing. Their PFD aircraft on the other hand all seem to have a rushed quality to them, I've only ever considered the 767 purely because there are no real equivalents available, whereas the CS Classics did seem to have some genuine merits to them. Either way after the MSFS Debacle CS are on my blacklist, the kinds of tactics they've been engaging are unacceptable regardless of the platform.
  15. As someone who is currently sticking to 4.5 partly for stability reasons, does 5.2 make V5 worth the upgrade now? I'd be happy to take advantage of what I can with my slightly outdated GPU (RX5708G), may not be able to do all the fancy 3D cloud stuff but if I can be reassurred I can run it at a good fps without having to worry too much about VRAM I may make the jump.
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