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  1. The Office error in my experience was down to the version of FS2Crew RAAS that comes/ came packaged with the 747. Disabling/ removing it or (as I later did) replacing with the full version with the subsequent updates I personally found solved the CTDs.
  2. Frustrating given how far along in development both projects were. Particularly the A300 which was at the video preview stage almost 2 years ago now. I guess there's still the TFDI MD11 and FSLabs Concorde to look forward to. But I am very disappointed considering how much I've wanted a proper 747 Classic in P3D for years.
  3. It is compatible with v5, however it needs a few patches to work properly. Inibuilds has an exclude patch that will remove the default buildings that will otherwise show through the scenery (you can find BDO liege in the list in the link provided). There is also an optional patch to add dynamic lighting (you'll need the Inibuilds dynamic lighting library). Hope this helps!
  4. I fly a lot of long-haul cargo-flights in the 747-400, (typically 6-8 hours) so for me the average flight would look more or less like 10% 30% 60% Very rough estimate of course, but the point is that I usually only monitor the flight heavily during beginning and end portions of each flight. I spend the majority of the flight either away from the PC or doing other things. I don't have a lot of third party scenery outside the actual airports themselves, though I do make a point to look around the window more when I'm in an area with nicer scenery. Even without any custom scenery I still enjoy looking out the window when flying in Alaska in and out of Anchorage. But the majority of my attention usually goes to what the aircraft is doing and where I am, including the relevant flight planning. I prioritise airport scenery and the area immediately around the airport usually. I've generally considered P3D Scenery to be 'good enough' if not amazing. It's certainly better than what I used to have in FSX, and my current PC setup currently limits the amount I can get graphically out of the sim anyway. I'll happily take an upgrade in time, but the aircraft always come first. Effectively my standards are relatively low on the scenery so long as the Aircraft and the Airports I'm flying into look good.
  5. I think it's understandable that the third-party weather system perhaps makes it difficult to make the system more open to external developers in MSFS, but the lack of support for historical weather will remain a sticking point for me and will make me reluctant to move over (though I imagine I eventually will in a few years). I'm willing to take a downgrade in the weather department for it so that temperatures etc. match the time of day I choose to fly at and effect performance appropriately. I guess the fact that REX apparently has a workaround is a good thing - I don't know that much about it but if it allows historical weather I imagine it'll be what I use if/ when I move over from P3D, though relying on unofficial workarounds isn't ideal when continued functionality isn't guranteed by updates, even if Asobo are purposely choosing not to patch it. The 2D Panel debate is interesting, I started simming around the time that they were (or seemed to me to be at least) on the way out (circa 2012/13). I never liked them, especially when there wasn't 16:9 support, though I found them useful in aircraft like the Concorde X for breaking down and learning the Flight Engineers Panel and the other rather crowded parts of the Concorde Flight Deck, ideally though I like to have everything in the VC, being that a good camera addon like chaseplane usually makes positioning one's self in the VC easy. My resolution isn't that high (I guess 1080p is considered fairly low these days) but I don't struggle with VCs at all.
  6. Glad it works for you now!
  7. Do you have FSUIPC Installed by any chance? I think John may well have been closer to the mark than I was, a quick google of this sort of issue seems to have linked it to some sort of issue with FSUIPC. Apparently deleting the FSUIPC.ini file (it should in the FSUIPC folder in the sim addons folder) and letting it rebuild helps. This is an old post and relates to an older version of the PMDG 737, but I'm hoping it may be of a help:
  8. There could be a number of reasons for this: Have you properly set up your FMC? Including all your aircraft weights, if your speed is low on flap retraction you'll still struggle to climb. What power setting are the engines at? If underpowered you will struggle to climb Check your takeoff calculations - are you giving yourself enough performance for the conditions? Is the gear up? Altitude and airspeed at which this occurs? At higher altitudes the aircraft will struggle to both climb and put on airspeed, the same is the case in hot weather. If you haven't already I would recommend following the Tutorial flight(s) in the manual, they are designed to help familiarise you with the aircraft. Usually with these sorts of aircraft it's less often an issue with the flight dynamics and more with how the aircraft is configured Hope this helps!
  9. Yes, that sounds exactly like the problems I had in V4. For me, it was the DC Electrics (specifically the batteries) that flat out didn't function like they were supposed to, meaning you were stuck with a bunch of red inop lights illuminated and made engine start a complete nightmare without CTRL-E (even when I did manage to start the engines manually I had to CTRL-E afterwards to sort the electrics out). I raised it with Just Flight Support at least twice back in the day, and I got promised that it would be sent to the developers to look at the second time round (after I sent a video as proof) and heard nothing since then. Now in fairness, I think the VC10 was one of their aircraft with a large amount of the systems developed by external developers, so I'm not sure if it's entirely their fault that they haven't been able to get them to either solve the electrical issues; although at the same time such a glaring problem really should have been addressed. It is also for a similar reason that I think we haven't (and most likely never will) see official V5 Compatability. Which is a shame, as it's a lovely model with a lot of potential.
  10. Interesting that you got the VC10 Professional to work in v5, I just attempted installing it into 5.3 and doesn't seem to load past 5%, so I guess there's no reviving it in my case. I do wish JF would support it a bit more, particularly as it never functioned for me properly even in v4, but I've had it written off for a long time now. Now the David Matelby 111 I am seriously tempted to take a look at, I flew his models a whole bunch in FSX, particularly the Comet 4, so I might give that a try.
  11. That would make sense, I have never used button control, so I don't know if that changes things at all.
  12. It's always inaccurate for me. The callouts should be made when the indicators for the localiser and glideslope become alive, i.e. when they show up on the pfd as the ils comes within range. The callouts in my case nearly always happen too early, i.e. before either have become alive. This is also noted in the official manual: It may be that for you it tends to be more accurate, but in my experience it's always been way out.
  13. So personally I've purchased the P3D all access pack and think it's pretty good value for money for the price I got it at (at a very heavy discount for about 30 Euros I think) FS2Crew offloads a lot of the workload by making operations a lot closer to how they are done in the real aircraft, so the F/O does most of the systems management for you, though you still control what goes into the FMC and have responsibility for the overall flight as PIC. The downside is you interact a lot less with the aircraft systems - you don't do much of the systems setup so there's less button pushing, not doing a lot of it yourself takes a little getting used to. The interfaces differ by aircraft and some are a bit more limited than others, for example I prefer the interface that comes with the 737/ 747 than the one that comes with the MD80. The aircraft is easier to fly and if you're into managing the systems you don't get much of that. Some of P3D's limitations also means some of the callouts aren't that accurate (on the 747 for example the glideslope/ localiser callouts are always wrong, though thankfully you can turn them off). The upside is that the experience is very dynamic, particularly if you set up voice control, you still feel very much in control even if you're not manipulating stuff yourself. Ordering your F/O around has the added benefit of that they'll handle stuff for you that previously (I found at least) distracted from flying the aircraft in more dynamic phases, particularly the aircraft external lights which I always found a bit of a distraction. The checklists also mean you're doing everything by the book and you're less likely to forget steps (which I'm quite prone to, particularly on the MD80). So while it makes the aircraft 'easier' from one perspective, you get the dynamic of a flight-crew which adds its own dynamic. For the really heavy systems management I'm holding out for the FS-Labs Concorde and (maybe one day) the JF 747 Classic as three-crew aircraft with lots to do systems-wise for a rewarding single-crew experience. Ultimate Ground Crew X also makes a nice addition, as you can talk to your ground crew over the intercom, which I quite like for pushback. Performance is fine, I do find with the 747 that sometimes when you pull into your gate when parking the sim will freeze for a few seconds when you come to a stop, however it hasn't made any meaningfull difference to my performance that I can tell.
  14. JF Aircraft can have a bit of a quirk to them at times where the engines won't light up despite connecting the fuel up because the sim still thinks the mixture is set to full lean (despite not being a prop), I had this issue with the 146 and setting the mixture to full rich with ctrl-shift-f4 before engine start seemed to fix it for me. That said I was never able to get their VC10 Professional to work properly in v4, it always had a bugged DC electrical system logic that I could never resolve, though I don't think the standard version had those problems.
  15. I can give a +1 to both SNJ Sim's RJFF and BDO's RJBB. The RJBB scenery is a bit dated in that it lacks dynamic lighting etc., however on the inibuilds forums there is a Dynamic Lighting profile for it (requires the relevent effect library) and the rest of the scenery stands up very well. The SNJ sim scenery seems to lack SODE support but the price is so good there's not much reason not to go for it (I'm sure you can probably sub in GSX Jetways if you have Level 2)
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