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  1. Hi all, I was flying VHHX-RJBB this morning in the 744, and descended through some heavy weather into my destination. As I deployed Flaps 1 at the start of my approch to 6R however, I got a sim-hang that lasted about 20 seconds before the whole thing quit to the desktop. Nothing shows up in Event Viewer to recognise the crash. I've done a bit of detective-work and have two files which may identify the source of the problem. In the 747's debug log, the last few entries made before the CTD as I was flying in the heavy weather were as follows: 2020/05/23 08:53:51 readPrecipData: Previous cycle not finished. 2020/05/23 08:53:55 readPrecipData: Previous cycle not finished. 2020/05/23 08:54:00 readPrecipData: Previous cycle not finished. 2020/05/23 08:54:04 readPrecipData: Previous cycle not finished. 2020/05/23 08:54:08 readPrecipData: Previous cycle not finished. 2020/05/23 08:54:13 readPrecipData: Previous cycle not finished. 2020/05/23 08:54:17 readPrecipData: Previous cycle not finished. If this were the cause then I'd assume something to do with activesky would be the case. dxdiag however suggests that Chaseplane was involved: +++ WER9 +++: Fault bucket , type 0 Event Name: AppHangB1 Response: Not available Cab Id: 0 Problem signature: P1: ChasePlane.exe P2: P3: 5eb71a31 P4: 6b69 P5: 134217728 P6: P7: P8: P9: P10: I am unsure if this is also a potential cause or if this happened as a result of the p3d freeze. I think there is one other post on these Forums which described a similar issue to what I am reporting, however there appeared to be no real answers given. If anybody has either suffered this themselves or can perhaps speculate the cause, I would very much appreciate any advice in order to prevent repeats (CTDs near to the end of a flight are the bane of my existence). Many Thanks, Martin
  2. They don't include the Charts for Kai Tak, but the nav-data is very much there, it's what I use for my flight planning in PFPX Certainly. Flytampa does provide a set of charts, and somebody on their forums even provided a set of Jeppensen Charts I believe. The right turn was done on short final to line-up with the runway, but since this was a pretty tight turn if you were following the Localiser, it would actually be significantly easy to pull off if you were actually slightly to the left of the localiser, as this helped make the final turn a bit more shallow and easier to control.
  3. It is indeed a challenging approach, even more so when you have a strong crosswind (though I believe Cathay pilots developed a habit of turning left off the localiser when visual, which gave more space for the final turn). I can understand the attraction with other offerings of the new VHHH scenery etc. but so long as Navigraph continues to include navdata for Kai Tak I intend to continue to quietly pretend that it never closed! Even if you don't use the airport itself though, the scenery for Hong Kong Circa 1998 provided by the Flytampa Scenery is cause enough to purchase it imo, it still looks stunning today even when compared to far newer scenery.
  4. (I have just realised that this would perhaps be far better placed in one of the PMDG user-to-user forums, my apologies, if one of the Mods wishes to move this topic to the appropiate forum I would have no objections)
  5. Hi all, As a quick look at my profile would probably suggest, I am rather a large fan of the old Hong Kong Kai Tak airport (closed in 1998), and indeed FlyTampa's Kai Tak scenery was my first (and remains my most treasured) piece of Addon Scenery. One video of Kai Tak which I'm sure you're familiar with is this landing from the flight deck of a Cathay Pacific 747-400. You'll notice that at circa 4:06 the Radio Altimiter calls out "60", an unusual callout but indeed one that was available as a custom option if requested by a customer. This callout was used by Cathay Pacific while they operated out of Kai Tak, and was dropped following the move to Chek Lap Kok. Although it does not initially appear to be available in the options of the PMDG 747 QOTSII, the callout is indeed included among the sounds in the aircraft in the P3D sounds folder. So, if you are a frequent flyer into Kai Tak, consider adding this callout to your Cathay Pacific 747-400 to be fully authentic for the time period. To do so, simply edit the .ini file for the relevant aircraft (located in [SIM-LOCATION]\PMDG\PMDG 747 QOTS II\Aircraft) and scroll to the GPWS section, above where it reads "GPWS_50=1", simply place above it: "GPWS_60=1", and then edit your other callouts as desired (as seen in the video, the callouts used at the time before landing were "60", "30", and "10". Cheers, Martin
  6. Many thanks, hopefully it will get cleared up on Simmarket's end if that is indeed the case.
  7. Hi all, Sorry to be having to resort to this, however since Simmarket support tickets require one to be logged in, I've had to resort to the classic general forum support thread. For whatever reason, Simmarket does not appear to be accepting my login details. The password reset facility appears to be working fine and I've already reset my password several times, however logging in I am met with: " ERROR: No match for 'E-Mail Address' and/or 'Password'." - This is despite the fact my login details are 100% correct (this also happens regardless of whether I use my customer number or my e-mail). Has anybody else had this? Is this perhaps a problem at Simmarket's end? I would like to be pointed in the right direction at least if possible. Due to the whole COVID-19 outbreak I have a lot of free time on my hands and would like to get my P3D running again! Many Thanks, Martin
  8. Sounds like a good fit, I already have a 212 EVO which will simplify things as well.
  9. Yeah I'm not planning to move beyond 1080p anytime soon. Till I'm self-sufficient I'm happy with a budget build.
  10. Were I to upgrade I would prefer to keep the budget as low as possible, so in the low-hundreds essentially. What I may do is build up a larger budget and start a whole new build, as parts of my current build are now over 6 years old. I could then use my current GPU in the new build which would be perfectly adequate. As a Student I would prefer not to string myself too high, price-wise. As a max for the CPU+Board I would say £300-400 (which I believe is around $400-500). Though for a new build where I reuse my GPU I could theoretically go up to around £1000 without taking too huge a chunk out of my savings. I was thinking perhaps an OCed Ryzen 5 2600 would work nicely given a good cooling solution.
  11. HI All I have been embarking on a look at my sim setup recently due to some FPS issues I have been having. This being the classic problem of the FPS tanking when on approach with most kinds of Scenery. I noticed that despite my semi-recent investment in a half-decent GPU (a 8GB RX-570), I am seeing little actual use of my VRAM, suggesting that my real problem is my considerably older CPU, an FX-8350. So here are a few questions coming out of that: What can I do with regards to my CPU? Will I need to look at replacing it? What tweaks can I make to my settings to give my CPU an easier time (/shift the load) without compromising aesthetics too much? Does V4.5 offer any performance improvements? (asking mainly as I'm still on 4.4 currently until I'm sure compatibility is all ok) I'm looking at a Ryzen model as a potential replacement, but as I'm not as attuned to the hardware side of things as I used to be so any advice on good value upgrades to get the best out of P3D would be appreciated. Many Thanks, Martin
  12. That is the original aim I had in mind when posting this thread, however I have been so absorbed in making the PFPX profiles for this aircraft the past few days I haven't really had the chance to fly it yet... Oops
  13. Hi All, Just a quick note that I am currently in the process of attempting to build a PFPX profile for the Standard VC10, if I am successful with this then hopefully one for the Super will soon follow. This will probably take a while though. If anyone has any experience in creating new aircraft profiles for PFPX then I would be grateful for any assistance. Thanks, Martin
  14. The product name should give it away, the new model is called the VC10 Professional, and has a higher price-tag. The old model is part of Just Flight's 'Jetliner' Range and should therefore appear as the VC10 Jetliner. Martin
  15. I agree that it is a bit bothersome compared to what I'm used to, however I guess the general fuel/load setup is simple enough to configure in the P3D settings, and the fuel system is laid out in the manual is sufficient detail. Such as Load Manager would though be greatly appreciated as part of a future update.
  16. Hi all, After a few understandable weeks of delay, Just Flight have now released their VC10 Professional. This is a revamped version of the previous VC10 Jetliner Product, expanded to include the Super and RAF Models with expanded systems depth along with other new features such as an INS. Although I did not personally own the old version, if you do you should be able to get a discount on the new model. You can see the product page here: https://www.justflight.com/product/vc10-professional I have not had much time to make my first impressions with the aircraft yet (I've yet to get the thing in the air), that will have to wait a few days, however I have some more immediate questions and feedback from my initial experience in setting up that I will post in case anyone has any answers, and also for some general information. As this is/was a rather niche aircraft both in the real world and in the sim, I have not yet been able to find any performance profiles necessary to put into PFPX for flight planning. Although not vital, this is something I have become somewhat used to with my aircraft and would like to have some if possible. There is data for the Super VC10 on vc10.net and there may be other data available through the purchase of various manuals online, however I am not hugely familiar with interpreting the data in these and transferring them to PFPX, if anyone has any experience with this kind of thing and can help at all, I would be very greatful. The Aircraft comes with a rather stripped down interface, with options for panel states etc and 2D popups for the INS CDUs but not much else. I am fine with this, however this does mean the doors do rely on the Standard P3D Door keybinds which don't seem to work for me (e.g. Shift+E+2 will just open/close the main exit and open a 2D popup). This is an easy fix however as there are a number of freeware gauges online that offer door control, I simply downloaded one of these and use it to control the aircraft doors. However, as I feel this may be an issue for other users and took me a while to fix, may I suggest that something like this be included by default? I will seek to post more of my experiences over the next few days when I get a chance to fly the aircraft properly. Thanks, Martin
  17. Hi Ted Many thanks, I will be sure to draw a few routes from this when I have the time. Martin
  18. Hi all, As some of you may know, Just Flight will soon be releasing a revamped version of their VC10 for P3D v4, with most of the systems simulated. And I was beginning to think of some old BOAC routes I may try flying when I get my hands on it and learn the aircraft. From a travelogue I stumbled across recently, one such route is London -> Frankfurt -> Beirut -> New Delhi -> Bangkok -> Hong Kong -> Tokyo. This route was flown by a 707 I believe, however, it should be equally appliable to the VC10. As somebody without hugely deep pockets I am still building up my scenery collection after upgrading to v4 last year, I already own scenery for Heathrow and Hong Kong (Kai Tak), and obvious high-quality airport scenery exists for Frankfurt, New Delhi (from imaginesim, if a bit aged) and Tokyo. For Bangkok a slightly older ThaiCreation scenery for FSX exists (in this case VTBD, I prefer the cramped nature of the old airport and am likely to go for it over VTBS), and as far as I am told ThaiCreation sceneries seem to play relatively well with P3D. That then leaves Beirut, which does not seem to be supported all that well. A freeware (albiet a very high quality) scenery for OLBA exists, it does not cooperate well with P3D as I had to set up a 'fake' FSX installation by naming a file fsx.exe and setting up the registry connections via the Flight1 Registry repair tool before installing the addon becomes possible (it insists on detecting an FSX install before doing anything); however despite also taking a little while to load in, I can confirm the airport seems to work fine in V4. Leborsim, the comany that made the scenery, is also working on a scenery for the wider city, however sadly that will only be available for X-Plane. Does anybody else have any other good 'empire' routes they would like to share? Direction with regards to scenery would also be appreciated, as many middle-eastern & african airports are sadly but understanably lax in support in the flight sim community. Many Thanks, Martin.
  19. Hi Ben As an owner of WF's Hongqiao (ZSSS) scenery I can confirm it is a very high-quality scenery with all the bells and whistles one expects with scenery these days (SODE support etc.) WF seem to be top notch devs. Makes me consider whether to buy more of their products now there's a sale! Thanks, Martin
  20. Hi all I have been encountering a rather crippling issue with Chaseplane that renders not just the Simulator but my entire PC unusable, requiring a restart. In effect my mouse stops responding properly and lags out, the mouse buttons stop working and movement of the Curser is out of sync and makes continual beeping noises as it edges it's way across the screen. I have encountered this issue in the following scenarios The PMDG 737 after a few minutes of use with some of the experimental builds of Chaseplane (it disappeared in some builds and reappeared in others I think) The Qualitywings 146/Avro RJ upon loading in. This has only occured since the latest update to the 'stable' release (which I installed earlier today) For additional information, I am running P3D v4.4 Academic on Windows 7. I have a feeling what may be crapping out is the Win 7 USB Mouse drivers, though I have not yet attempted to replicate the issue with a PS/2 mouse. If necessary I can give further details of my specs. Any info or assistance on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Martin
  21. Hi All, You will probably remember that Just Flight released the 'VC10 Jetliner' the other year, although high quality the systems were understandably simplified somewhat to appeal to newer simmers, with the promise of a 'Professional' release eventually, along with service packs that add the Super VC10 and RAF models. Well that now appears to be very close to completion, JF have recently released screenshots for the product and labelled it as 'coming soon'. So with luck we may be seeing this wonderful aircraft released in not too long. If you have already purchased the previous VC10 I believe you can get a discount when it is released. You can view the product page and the screenshots here: https://www.justflight.com/product/vc10-professional Again, I am a huge fan of Classic jetliners and it is nice to see Just Flight filling this niche in the Flight Sim community, with a 747 Classic, Caravelle and 146 also in development at the moment, and I am also glad to see a VC10 with 'study sim' level systems soon to be on the market. Thanks, Martin
  22. Hi, sorry to ressurect this again, but I recently took the time to reinstall both the Content and the Scenery for 4.4, and it appears I am still getting the same crashes. I am assuming there is still something not quite right in how I have things set up, any support would be appreciated. Thanks, Martin. edit: well, after yet more wrangling it appears that I've managed to get everything working, the solution: updating my graphics drivers, the one time that's actually fixed my issues for once lol, anyway thanks for the advice on this thread.
  23. Many thanks, I will be sure to update that portion before setting up my next flight. Thanks, Martin
  24. Hi all, I recently updated my P3D Version to Version 4.4, I did this by uninstalling the old client and installing the new one, as I saw reccomended by a google search (it was my first time updating P3D) I have also taken the update as an opportunity to use the new update for the Leonardo Maddog X. However, interestingly, trying to load the Maddog in with PBR Textures causes my Graphics card to Crash. I get a popop from Windows claiming: "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered", which subsequently crashes P3D. I have had this issue before and fixed it by deleting my generated filed, however in this case un-ticking the PBR textures option for the Leonardo Maddog was enough to prevent the error from occuring. Has anyone else had this issue? Is this due to a fault in my P3D setup or my Maddog Installation (I don't appear to have the texture issues that signify a bad installation on the Maddog)? In case it helps here is a quick listing of my PC Specs: OS: Windows 7 Professional 64 bit CPU: AMD FX-8350 (OC-able but not OCed to my knowledge) GPU: MSI Radeon RX-570 8G 16GB DDR3 Ram Many thanks, Martin.
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