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  1. Ah ok, then you can't get anymore lower in price ;-). I bought it already some time ago before they got it into ORBX Central.
  2. ... and the price is in AUD, not USD.
  3. When I renamed the trafficAircraft.bgl I saw it was altered compared to my former renamed file. So yes, they changed something but since I use AIG traffic, I didn´t see what changed.
  4. Just saw, F1 GTN complete is now compatible with 5.1 https://www.flight1.com/products.asp?vid=flt1sf&pid=f1gtncp When I'm home, I'll check if I can download a new version via Flight1 agent. Regards Dan P.S. Yes, 2.22 is available
  5. I have never seen, content error logging any missing files, but wrong files, double entries mostly in fx or cfg. So i´m not really sure, if this is a garantee for you.
  6. I had two occasions so far, where I could remove stutters successfully in P3D5.1. First was the very old landclass of Japan, which I added and then got stutter. Took it away, everything was fine again. Reason for the stutters unknown. Second was a missing effects definition for Tongass Fjords in the add-on.xml. Adding the proper path cured the stutters again. I found this coincidentially in a forum, where Holger Sandman brought this up. He's a very geniuos man. So the question is, what did you add or change at the day the problems begun? If you can remember, check this scenery, if everything is allright. Then check all others. I tried with Processexplorer to find files not found but it is extremely difficult to find the place, where stutters begun. Prepar3D.exe is searching a lot of things after encountering a problem. So you see a lot of not found messages from files, not existing but also not missing. We need definitely a tool, saying what is missing. Regards Dan
  7. Yes, I speak French too. About four years ago, someone asked for it and did not get an answer. I'd love to have this scenery too. Seems no way to get that. Maybe we should write SamScene to create Paris next time.
  8. No, it was not. From your video go to Youtube and see the comment of the person, who put it to Youtube. It says clearly, it is self made, not published anywhere. I meant, the France VFR product looks like a Prealsoft product. I like the look of Samscene products more. They have more soul, when Prealsoft looks dead to me. But I have both products, because you can´t have everywhere both of them. France VFR Paris looks a bit artificial, too clean, generic, not like your video, which is unfortunately no buyable scenery. I´d buy it, if it were possible.
  9. They are not well represented on youtube it seems but here´s a screenshot example from their website for the actual P3D product Ile de France. Maye it´s Paris, but I like Samscene cities more. This looks more like a Prealsoft City, with a certain monotonous appearance. I just wonder, who detailed the default Paris is.
  10. I don´t think this video is the Ile de France product. On the youtube page you can read in french: C'est une réalisation personnelle destinée à mon usage privé. This means to me, it is not buyable nor downloadable. I also searched for France VFR Ile de France and found this video, which is not very pleasing to me.
  11. Rome I have SamScene Rome, and Fiumicino and Ciampino from Aerosoft. But I can not really recommend these airports, since Aerosoft is no longer updating them for P3D5 unless MSFS becomes less interesting for them. But I installed in in 5.1 and it´s fine. There were some textures in the P3D45 texture folder i had to copy manually for the autogen buildings in the neighbourhood of Ciampino. Samscene Rome gives a lot of known buildings and performance is good. Paris I don´t know any city scenery. I have Orly from Jetstream design and Taxi2Gate Charles De Gaulle Airport. Didn´t have time to look at it in 5.1 so far. I used it last in 4.5. Regards Dan
  12. No, they say you should direct to the new path. Either this or as you did, but that has the risk you miss something. Carenado also provides a procedure and a patch, you should get to. https://carenado.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046625614-Installing-Carenado-aircraft-in-P3Dv5 Dan
  13. https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html
  14. I just tested the carenado c208B, which seems to have a propeller texture problem in v5.1 After reworking the texture prop.bmp, simply saving it as DXT5 solved the problem.
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