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    I began designing aircraft in FS4 times almost 30 years ago and stopped after FS98. It became too much work for me alone then. I still work with aircraft.cfg, panel.cfg and Airport Design Editor. I like bush flying and airliner flying. Whenever I fly somewhere, I have to rework the airport there, either if it's a freeware or commercial product. Have a look at my website https://sites.google.com/view/dans-p3d-mods

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  1. Sure will do. Have some problems with double scenery caused by the exclude file...
  2. I try that. The default SDG HECA worked fine with the Exclude and dynamic light from iniBuilds. Now I added the terminal 2 and look forward to what I will see.
  3. Does SDG have it? I read they didn't realize it, but maybe that was not true. I have now installed both and can compare.
  4. I have both versions. I first bought the SDG HECA in 2015 and it worked fine in FSX. I then also got the updates for P3D2. After two years I ran into problems. I can't remember what it was, but I couldn't solve it and so I bought the Armi Project HECA, which I still have today in P3D5. I reworked the Afcad. The altitude has changed in P3D5. I had a look at the scenery and it looks flawless. But the scenery is not nowadays standard, so don't expect high quality. I will upload the reworked Afcad to my website. Dan P.S. Looks like there are static jetways.
  5. My intention for the thread was not a comparison between the two models, but to show how great the sim and the planes for it are. Just something positive to share, not to compare different products. I was well aware of the Vertx product, but after reading the threads here about the problems to install it in v5 and some problems in operation, I decided against it, on impulse and I'm not dissappointed.
  6. Today I bought Carenados DA-62 and I wanted to share my impressions with this plane taxiing to runway 10 of Montserrat, Freeware by Blue Sky https://blueskytropicalsceneries.weebly.com/downloads.html Departing Montserrat Approaching Guadeloupe, Le Raizet Airport by Taxi2Gate. I made a mop for this airport, available on my flightsim page. Another shot of the plane at Le Raizet Airport This is plane is just state of the art. Could fly it out of the box without reading a manual. Ok, I fly flightsims for some years but it really works well. And its a beauty.
  7. "engaged in long-term R&D efforts" That sounds for me not v6 will include the unreal engine, but maybe v10
  8. I think the sudden trees on the runway is caused by ORBX sceneries. Since some time Central I observed after I bought new sceneries, Central put all sceneries on top, regardless of the insertionpoint I once choosed. After this I always moved the whole stack of local and area sceneries below any other addon sceneries. You can do that with Central or like me with SimstarterNG. Just make sure, the ORBX landclass stays still below the other ORBX sceneries.
  9. Ah I understand. And, do you like it? The screenshots are great. Dan
  10. Justflight Beaver? Are we talking about Otters and Beavers mixed? 😃I have the Justflight Otter and the Milviz Beaver. Both are great.
  11. In P3D5 the F-22 is in Folder "F-22" and in P3D4 it is named "IRIS Raptor Driver". The files look the same, have just newer dates in P3D5. The FSX Installer I have, creates the same files with older dates and some name differences. But it looks like the same plane everywhere. So no need to buy the Iris FSX one. Never had the Virtavia F-22. Rikoooo has that one but states compatible up to P3Dv1, not compatible with v4. Maybe one could convert the outside model and merge it with the default F-22 cockpit to get the liveries there. P.S. To answer your initial question. The best one, is the default one. There is no other 😄
  12. In the shops, they write "all versions". So that means, it works in 5.3. But I don't have this one so I can't say I tested it. I have the Milviz Beaver, which got a v5 patch in their forums, before they became blackbird. Also the old FSX versions should work in P3D if you have them.
  13. These are the coast lines of the water bodies. I don't have it like you, but that could be because of an addon (TOGA Textures, shades). I have no idea how to change that. Maybe just the shaders. Try to delete them.
  14. Now I'm sane again. After endless hours, reinstalling ORBX Global, verifying all Landclass and synchronizing and then, sorting it again by hand, since Central does always put it on top again after moving it with Central below other sceneries, I am through and it looks awesome again. Here with spring colors on the right, the city buildings are gone.
  15. Well, sometimes it's far from sweet. All day testing to remove this buildings which eventually came from ORBX Trees HD. My sim takes some time to start, so no flying for me yesterday. I could keep the Terraflora v2 Trees. But the nightmare isn't over. I have now brownish ground textures everywhere. Usually this could be fixed with layering but this time ... I get nuts.
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