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    I began designing aircraft in FS4 times almost 30 years ago and stopped after FS98. It became too much work for me alone then. I still work with aircraft.cfg, panel.cfg and Airport Design Editor. I like bush flying and airliner flying. Whenever I fly somewhere, I have to rework the airport there, either if it's a freeware or commercial product.

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  1. I fly it more than the PMDG NGXu, since it is less complex. From the look and feel I think it´s a nice plane.
  2. Didn´t notice it has no pbr 😉. It was a terrible hurricane however. I had fun that matters.
  3. I have default vehicles disabled. No, GSX vehicles are silly drivers too 😉 Dan
  4. I have GSX since the beginning and looking back, it is today not what I expected. It needs some work on aircraft and parking positions. There are a lot of people who did configurations for aircraft and airports, which you can freely download. But also this is time consuming work to do, whenever you install an airport. What I most dislike is the cars come from an aircraft parking, if the airport does not have its vehicle parkings with GSX in mind. A lot of airport creaters, commercial and freeware, don't care for GSX. So one could also refine the AFCAD... What I also dislike is the path the vehicles take, sometimes really stupid and also the drive through the plane, through each other. Things I thought could be fixed one day. Also from time to time it is unloaded somehow in the configuration of my P3D and when I have startet the sim realize missing jetways since it is not loaded. I have some FDSD airports which depend on GSX. So that's the reason I don not uninstall it. I hardly use to load the plane with it and have a look at the animations today. I sit in the plane an configure the FMC.
  5. Here, you can see, when they update GSX https://www.fsdreamteam.com/couatl_liveupdate_notes.html
  6. It depends what you expect. I never noticed the above mentioned bugs. I estimate the CS767 because I can fly it with little preparation time like all of the CS planes. The price is fair at the moment. I also got the "unfinished" freighter. Most people get in rage about the missing cargo door. I think, it is a flightsim, not a ground operations sim. GSX, which would take part in this ground ops sim is worse I think, with the vehicles doing crazy turns and driving into each other. So we have plenty of things that arent perfect in a not so perfect world of P3D5. Dan
  7. I think, if you have ORBX in an external library, the altitude stub files are there to and not in the sims Scenery\world\scenery folder. Unticking is not as easy then, since the ORBX sceneries are added by add-on.xml, which need to be disabled either from outside, manually, with a tool like Lorby Addon Manager or SimstarterNG or inside the sim, unticking them all (hard work). Maybe just moving all add-on.xml folders for ORBX sceneries from Prepar3D v5 addons to a store place outside, before starting the sim, would do it the fastest way. This is something they should have included in the Central application, too bad.
  8. You are certainly right for part of the users here. Like you, I´m from the tweaking generation and yet with P3D5.2 HF1 I have bought as many addons like never before. I remember people saying, they stopp buying addons for P3D when the first message came there´s a new MSFS on the horizon. I continued to enjoy P3D with new addons. Now, a year waiting for the new sim and a year with the new sim available has gone. I didn´t take the plunge into the new world. I´m tired of tweaking which I did my livelong. With P3D5.2 I have reached the destination. If I leave P3D for MSFS, it means tweaking the whole world from scratch again. Everything there seems to need an addon, a living world, seasons, airports and aircraft to name a few. Things, I expected from the new sim i admit. Pretty naive for a life-time simmer. I don´t feel tempted shopping fixes for MSFS. For P3D I don´t need to do this. I have time to fly. Yes, you said, one can have all three sims and even DCS on the drives. I use already too much time for one sim and one community. I can´t split myself into 3-4. I have not the time to use different sims. Maybe also not the brain, to have three sims in my mind, since all have different keys, different files to mod etc. I still have a job which needs my brain and it´s pretty filled with this already. Dan 😉
  9. Oh wow, that's one package from Godzone and they didn't find this problem? I wonder, if it's the combination of addons, that makes it so different for everyone. I have ORBX mesh and landclass in South America. So maybe someone else without these addons may not have the same effect. It was pure coincidence, I decided to fly to SKCR, which was nearby SKMU. I saw it was a small strip in the middle of nowhere and landed there in night. Next morning I saw, there's nothing but the runway and decided to create a little airport scenery. During this i realized the trees are missing in the whole tile. After repairing the scenery in P3D, which didn't solve the problem, I disabled SKMU just to be sure and voila, the trees were back. Then it was only a matter of dilligence to find the one file of about 30, which made the problem. For the interested, I search the binary way, removing always half the files until the problem is gone. I use "Unlock" by Iobit (v1.1) to unlock opened files, in order to not to have to restart all the time if you want to unload a scenery file. Important is to open the scenery menu before, otherwise the sim could get locked into missing files messages. Then make the sim reload all sceneries. Almost every scenery I buy needs to be improved or fixed. I sometimes think, today I don't want to load new problems into my sim. Don't buy it. 😉 Dan
  10. Found the cause. The file Area_Lp3_SnapLOD13_N001051553_N000472766_W071281102_W070483797.bgl from Cool Simmers SKMU scenery caused it. The scenery is 65 miles away. Did not expect that. That was a difficult search.
  11. I wonder too, if P3D5 uses all 16 cores. Taskmanager could show it. There are some tools around to see cpu activity.
  12. Sorry, not Steve... Did you try without affinity mask? What is your experience with this CPU. I assume you overclock it. What frequency can you reach with your CPU? I'm still on the 9700K bought 2018, running at 4.9 GHz and a RTX 3090 i got this January. I don't use Affinitymask since v5. Never had a difference with this cpu. All cores are used by the sim. Dan
  13. Recently I just flew into colombian jungle and discovered, there are no autogen trees. The ground is covered with rain forest textures. I have ORBX SA LC. There are no trees with the ORBX landclass an without. Trees landclasses everywhere, but no trees and also no buildings There's a straight borderline a few miles away, where autogen trees start. I fear it's the complete square not having trees. Looks like something is deletiing autogen on a large scale I have no scenery there, than the default runway you can see. Is this a P3D5.2 HF1 bug? Can someone check, if this is something every user has or not? Just go to SKCR. Thanks Dan
  14. What you can merge is the outside model and the inside model, the SSP 767F exterior and the CS cockpit. If you want mix the interiors from both, cockpit from CS and cargo hold from SSP, it becomes hard work, disassembling the model and merging it together with ModelconverterX. This only works, if the parts you want to extract and merge are not connected to parts not needed. Sometimes I come across things like this, where for example a left aileron is combined with the right side of the fuselage. If you take just the interior model from CS and the outside from SSP, it should be easy combining through the model.cfg entries.
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