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  1. If there are still people searching https://www.carenado.com/CarSite/Portal/pages/C208BSCFREELIVERIES.zip
  2. I cheated a bit, taking the values from the B120. fuel_flow_gain.0 = 35, 0.001 fuel_flow_gain.1 = 40, 0.006 fuel_flow_gain.2 = 65, 0.007 fuel_flow_gain.3 = 70, 0.04 Of course I should check for the same engines, but started with the latest Carenado aircraft first. Just checked the relatively new Milviz PC-6 where I found it still uses the constant value. The former DHC-3 Turbine Porter the same. So went back to Carenado but didn´t find alternative data in the 690B Turbo Commander, B350i, C90 or C208B. Now I´m going for a testflight. The startup already tested was very satisfying. About the youtube video, that´s in airshow configuration, with not pax, cargo and minumal fuel. Certainly not the way it usually behaves 😉 Dan
  3. Hi Bernt Cool. I found the reference for it in the SDK. What curve did you use, just linear or do you have real world data? Regards Dan
  4. Hi Bernt How can you handle the torque/rpm spiking in the aircraft.cfg? I just came to fly the B1900 again today and checked the forum here for repaints. I also realized, the aircraft is empty by default and I added passengers and cargo to fly. It´s not too bad then but I think it may be feeling heavier in real life. It´s pretty agile now. Dan
  5. Glad to have found this help here! Dan
  6. I just uninstalled the complete P3D4.4 and installed 4.5. Everything works fine so far. Sure, some addons need to be updated. I think, most of them could run, but have a version number check to make sure no one runs it with the wrong version. The devs just want to check first, if it works. Apart from the donkey and cart I did not see any improvement. Still the same stutters when coming into a region the sim has to load an airport. I had wished, they develop a loading strategy that goes smoother. I can't tell, if the sim loads faster now, since loading times are kind of erratic on my system. Sometimes, after a new install of scenery, my load time was suddenly much faster. FPS seems still the same. I have it limited to 30 FPS and still get that in my actual start situation. Will see the first longer flight next week only and wonder, if my blurry texture problem is solved now or not. I use P3D since v.2 and the look has improved a great deal, but else, nothing has changed. I also installed FSX on my new system and it looks also great and has great FPS with nowadays computers.
  7. I also have 419.67 and P3D 4.5 full installation and it works like before. Did you clear the shaders cache?
  8. The USB fix Software can be found here http://uraster.com/de-ch/produkte/usbenhancedpowermanagerdisabler.aspx
  9. I had it too in ZADAR with Davor Puljevic´s addon for P3D3, which has old FS9 standard AI aircraft. The new installer for P3D4 has no AI aircraft and the problem is gone. For me, it is definitely caused by old AI .mdl files. Hope that helps others to fix the flickering.
  10. I bought the Beaver yesterday and the bug is still there. There is/was no update via MVAMS. I also hear water waves on the ground in the wheeled versions of the beaver. It sounds like in the amphibian. I thought Milviz has a bit better quality but that seems more of imagination of myself. And support forum, still no access to it. I wouldn´t buy it a second time. P.S. At least, the problem can be solved by just replacing MV_WX.dll with the one from WX Advantage Radar, if you own this one. This has been updated with all versions of P3D up to 4.3. The latest one from the Beaver install is only for P3Dv3.4
  11. Finally got it to work! It is really necessary to start the sim with a default aircraft and the change the plane before starting the flight. Otherwise one gets the problems above. I did not miss a step in the flight preparation as far as I know. Since now I got through the tutorial really fast overreading the explanations going straight forward to the instructions and it worked since the aircraft was loaded correctly. Even though it had been 20 secs initializing before too, it did not work as expected, when another complex aircraft was loaded first, in my case the blackbox A321. They don't like eachother I guess. Not even starting the sim with the default aircraft and then loading the PMDG 737 works. Thanks all for your help.
  12. Ok, I took the default flight, instead of mine to start P3D4 and loaded the PMDG 737 afterwards and put it to Gatwick etc. as written in the tutorial. The flame out was gone, but now the VNAV does not engage. Even in the air, it does not get on. LNAV works. Speed did not change according to flightplan. So it's again something I guess with initialization of the plane. Yes and my joystick throttles are on. I changed it to one engine each. And I had no speed callouts. The speeds are set of course. So this aircraft seems not very reliable. A bit dissapointing for the most expensive aircraft in my hangar. Of course I have to try one more time beeing absolutely in line with the tutorial, selecting the plane and airport before going into the sim.
  13. I tried unassigning the propeller axis and also tried to unsassign the throttle axis, just spooling up with F2. Unfortunately it does not cure the problem. I just wonder, why the fuel warning lights up. The pumps are running, the valves are open. As promised, I will start all over again, go through the tutorial from the beginning. Maybe it's just an oddity of the code somehow. But on the other hand, everything works that perfectly with this plane, I rather think something is not set correctly. I also don't believe it's the aborted takeoff routine, which wouldn't stop the engines, but rather use the reversers.
  14. Yes I have a mixture axis on the stick. I understand now. So have to unassign this or map bot sliders to one engine each.
  15. Service based failures is off. Hope that's all. And come on, I just set up the flight as described in the tutorial. That should just not happen. Here's a video of my problem. Maybe one can see what's wrong. Otherwise I will start the whole tutorial one more time from the beginning and if it end like this again, I go back to default aircraft. Youtube Video of my flame out
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