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  1. Thank you for the exclude file. It worked perfect. I am going to have another go at making exclude files and try to get rid of the other default buildings in the Mendoza scenery. (there are default builds on the military apron part of the airport)
  2. Thank you. I think it's a real nice scenery, I just couldn't get it working right in P3D. PS: a closer look at the Mendoza screenshot with the terminal building, that is the default building in the screenshot with the scenery.
  3. Very nice screenshots! That Mendoza scenery, is that the scenery found here? Sceneries | alsur (e-alsur.wixsite.com) If it is the scenery how did you get it to work? I tried this scenery in P3D v5.3 and the default buildings showed up. I couldn't get rid of them.
  4. Back when I used FS9 there were tons of very good freeware sceneries available. With P3D I noticed there are not a lot of freeware sceneries. Is there any good freeware scenery I may have missed or don't know about? Here are the freeware stuff I know about SIMMERSHOME – Welcome to our website! (has some good sceneries here) Fangzahn (fangzahn-productions.com) (a good scenery for LGZA) The freeware stuff from Orbx A good freeware scenery for Grand Rapids Michigan can be found here at avsim (grand_rapids_gerald_ford_int_2021_p3d.zip)
  5. Looks pretty good. Does anyone know if they have sloped runways? I remember the old FS9 LatinVFR scenery for Caracas had sloped runways (AI couldn't use it though).
  6. On the DD support forum they posted a new AFCAD that they said should remove the taxi signs. I downloaded it but don't have time to try it out now to see if it works.
  7. I thought about getting Taxi2Gate Seattle instead, but that scenery is missing the bridge that connects concourse A with the South Satellite (S Gates). DD should change the description of the Seattle scenery and say it's not fully compatible with P3D v5+.
  8. That exclude file from iniBuilds did get rid of the default taxi signs but it messed up the taxiway. When you taxi over it the plane kicks up dust and rocks like you are taxing on dirt.
  9. If you look in the P3D cfg file and look for MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE= and change it to 32000.000000. This will help with the textures getting loaded more quickly.
  10. Yes, it is worth the download. The download F-35 is better than the default one. It is a lot harder. I have been playing around with the B version and that is hard to do the vertical landings (at least for me it is).
  11. The manual says that the default F-35 is a simplified version of the IFE version you can now download.
  12. I did see and read the message when I went to install Louisville. I bought Louisville but didn't have the money for GSX (I bought some other airports too). So I thought I wouldn't be able to install the scenery until after I bought GSX. And the part where it says it's free to use at all FSDT airports I thought it ment that after you bought it, it would be free to work at the other airports. I guess I need to read better.
  13. Thanks guys. I did not know I can use GSX for free. And I agree with Ray. I think it would be a good idea if you mention that you need GSX installed to install certain airports.
  14. I bought FSDT scenery for Louisville, but I can't install it because I don't have GSX (it didn't say I needed GSX). I would like to know if all FSDT airports need GSX installed in order to install the airports? If not, which airports don't need GSX? I don't have GSX because I don't fly airlines that much. I fly mostly biz jets, large GA aircraft (like the king Air 200), military aircraft, and helicopters. When I do fly airlines it would be cargo planes and turbo props mostly.
  15. Ok looking at the screenshots that came with the scenery I think my dynamic night lighting might not look as good as it could because I use P3D v5.3. The screenshots of the night lighting look very good compared to mine. Luckly, I don't fly at night to much.
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