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  1. Thanks for the explanation. Where do I find the documents that describe all the features?
  2. What is the difference between these? (besides one being free) https://secure.simmarket.com/john-dowson-fsuipc6-for-p3dv4-5.phtml http://www.fsuipc.com (the 6.0.8 version) Edit: I can't made the links clickable for some reason, so just copy and paste them.
  3. I really like the enhanced atmosphere in v5 also. Unfortunately for me I can only use it at a default airport with no AI traffic. I hope after the beta tag comes off I will be able to use it everywhere in the sim.
  4. Does anyone know when is the new Windows update supposed to be released? (I am not a Windows insider)
  5. I have this in my sim too. You would think it would be the clouds to lower the FPS.
  6. https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=137694 This is happening at the default Vancouver airport. I saw this yesterday for the first time and thought my graphic card was on the fritz.
  7. I did not even notice the v5 wallpaper until you mentioned them. I did not see the ones that came with v4.
  8. For me I like P3D v5.There are 2 things they need to fix/improve for me to love it. 1. TrueSky. I can run Truesky at a default airport with no AI with no problems. Go to a addon airport with AI traffic and the sim crashes. 2. I have AI in my sim, and when I go to a airport the AI textures are blurry for about a minute before they pop back to clear (they will not stay clear though). I was told this was because the sim is loading less detailed textures at a distance to reduce VRAN usage. Edit: I have tried different settings to improve/fix my 3 complaints
  9. Has anyone noticed that the tool tip for the Shadow Draw Distance (for the clouds) say "Adjusts the distance of shadows. Higher settings may reduce quality and performance". Perhaps people have that option on the high setting thinking high will be better?
  10. I really like the trueSky clouds. But I do hope they improve the performance. With my computer it is hit and miss. I go to a default airport with no AI and run trueSky without any problems. I add AI and scenery to the mix and my computer gets the VRAM crash. (I can run the regular clouds with scenery and AI no problem)
  11. I am glad I am not the only one. It has been driving me crazy also. I tried different settings I tried to see if there was a bad texture and so far I have not been able to fix it.
  12. I do. I got all the AI models I have from AIG, FAIB, FSPXAI, and MAIW.
  13. I have flickering also. With no AI and at a default airport I can have dynamic texturing streaming on plus the VSync and triple buffering on and the is no flickering at all in my sim. I add AI planes to the mix (I don't have any scenery installed yet) and the sim flickers with both those options on.
  14. I think I was have a reason for the blurry AI. I was just at KTEB again to see about the flickering you mentioned and I notice one G-V (HTAI model) that was not blurry (N129KC). I opened the paint in Imagetool and saw that the paint had the Mip Levels at 1. The other planes that were blurry had the Mip Levels at 9 or even 10. So I think that may be the problem?
  15. Sorry. My anisotropic filtering is set at 16x. In the Nvidia control panel I have it set to "enhance the application". I don't know what is going on with my computer and v5. I can run the sim with the normal clouds and everything max out with no problems (except for the blurry AI and flashing). I try out the TrueSky feature and in certain situations the sim gets the out of VRAM thing (I had 2 earlier), but then with other situations I come close to VRAM but don't go over. PS: My graphic card is GTX 1080 (non Ti). My computer is similar to yours.
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