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  1. I have P3D v5.4 and I install all my AI manually using AIFP. I use everything from AIG to MAIW. I have everything from airline AI to military AI to biz jets, general aviation, and helicopter AI. I even have Russian AI planes in my sim. For ATC I use the default ATC.
  2. I wish v5+ would get updated this quickly! We had to wait months for each update.
  3. I don't do too much AFCAD stuff. The only things I do is resize parking spots when needed and add airline codes.
  4. I have that Barranquilla scenery from PKSIM too. What is wrong with it? I didn't notice anything wrong when I was there last.
  5. Thank you so very much!! That new xml file did the trick, no more X! (I had a second X where the white DHC-6 plane is in your screenshot, but I fixed that one myself). Without your help I probably would have deleted the scenery.
  6. I checked my sim.cfg file with your and it's exactly the same. I tired deleting the aircraft entries in the sim.cfg file, but that didn't make any difference. PS: Just so you know I did email the author of the scenery about my problem, but never heard back from him.
  7. I just checked the sim.cfg file and I did see a lot of entries like this [fltsim.9] title=FAIBA320SPWAVA sim= model=FAIBA320SPWAVA texture=FAIBA320SPWAVA The texture folder (FAIBA320SPWAVA) is there, but there is no model folder. There are about 21 entries like that but with different planes. Perhaps the red X's are missing static aircraft?? If it is missing static aircraft I don't want static aircraft. I just want the X gone.
  8. Yes, SODE is registered and active.
  9. That is all installed already. There is a xml file in the xml SODE folder and there is a WINGSIM_SKSM folder in the SimObjects folder of SODE.
  10. I sort of got it figured out. I opened up the GSX file and changed the afcad_path = line so that it points to where the SKSM AFCAD is and that got rid of one of the X's but I still have the red X that is over the parking spot for the first jetway. Any ideas what it could be? I don't know much about GSX so I don't know what else to look for to fix that red X.
  11. I am not sure that is it. The scenery has all the jetways showing. And the scenery does come with a SODE exe installer which I did run.
  12. Tonight I installed Wingsim's Simon Bolivar scenery in P3D v5.4 and I have two red X's in the scenery. One X is over the parking spot for the first jetway (the one near the control tower) and the other X is just to the right of the terminal over one of the remote parking spots. I have SODE installed and it is activated (I ran the SODE exe file that came with the scenery) and I have GSX installed and activated too. Any idea why I have the red X's??
  13. Yes, I downloaded and installed the dynamic light library, The dynamic lights are working correctly at the airport, my thing was that when I changed the two cfg entries I did not see a difference between 250 and 1000.
  14. Are you talking about crickets because of the lack of responses here about the MSFS release? If so, then I would guess because no one here (or very few) has MSFS. After all this is the P3D forum. Looking forward to your next P3D release.
  15. Thank you. I think I understand now.
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