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  1. Hi, So I've purchased the early access but only started using it recently (starting v0.9.11). I've done a couple of flights with it and it gets the job done getting you from A to B with no issues. It's clear it's missing key features like VNAV. FMC more advanced functions and so on... but my main issue is the flight dynamics which I'm not sure are getting attention - Aircraft pitches up by itself during takeoff roll before reaching V1 Unrealistic pitch with FLCH set to 250 knots resulting in 3000-4000 feet per minute climb rate Aircraft pitch changes too quickly/abruptly following VS changes on autopilot Thrust lever movement is jerky trying to cope with speed changes especially around pitch changes LNAV - encounterd a single case where the aircraft started banking to no relevant direction I'm no E-jets pilot and have experience only with the Feelthere e-jets in P3D but wanted to get some feedback on the above...? Thanks! Shom
  2. Yep that would be Fsimstudios with Texan simulations
  3. Released on feelthere site, interested if anyone got it and can provide some feedback..
  4. On FSHud forum I found a thread stating that in order for it to be supported it will require a change to be done by JF developer. https://www.simforums.com/forums/fshud-and-justsim-fs-traffic_topic65328&SID=13128-21588562e12c38725614238912037.html I won't be getting JF version until it is supported since FSHud is my ATC program... will wait for this to hopefully be supported
  5. I don't have their EDDF which I saw got bad reviews... I was pretty pleased with their KRDU much better then default
  6. On feelthere FB page... coming soon.
  7. There was a blog by them a few months ago where it was stated but maybe someone else here can share the link...
  8. BTW the wind movement is an issue on all aircraft where the aircraft moves while parked. I hope this issue will be fixed eventually
  9. Thanks! So failures are not off by default in the Fenix?
  10. I have the same issue using FSRealistic. I hear this high pitch sound like the wheels are spinning after pushback halt. Weird...
  11. And additional hubs coming from Flightbeam...
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