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  1. Whats causing anomalies when landing vs. When taking off? I've encountered several visual issues only when arriving at other airports as well
  2. Thanks for the detailed feedback! How is the vectoring mechanism? From initial approach to landing
  3. Yep I'm on the fence with MSFS, I wonder now with the complex airliners released if it's getting any better. Sorry a bit off topic
  4. Aerosoft no longer support P3D and in any case I would wait for a sale since it's on the high end price-wise. I think ini builds are creating a new P3D version I would probably wait for that one.
  5. Thanks for this! Me owning a i7 9700k and a 1080ti should upgrade the GPU to 3080ti according to the results and it will work perfect together.
  6. Right but today you can easily go over 11-12GB. Not saying we need 24 but there is nothing in the middle. If I upgrade I want to do it to make sure I'm as CTD bullet proof as possible 🙂
  7. Will the 12 GB VRAM limit not be an issue in MSFS? I'm still using P3D v5 with a 11GB 1080ti and with high settings can hit a CTD caused by lack of VRAM. Won't a 3090 be a better bet for future development and complexity coming into MSFS?
  8. Thanks for example where do you choose whether to use a STAR or a vectored approach? Is there a manual on the website which explains this more thoroughly?
  9. Any comments from users on the actual ATC operation? SID/STAR handling, vectoring to approach etc..? Assuming the program also includes these
  10. Thanks! If my only problem is the altitude and I don't have default building etc.. blending in is there a shorter flow to just fix the altitude? Thanks for the great info!
  11. I get weird elevation issues I think since I don't own that ORBX region. Wondering if you have the region installed?
  12. Also did a flight the other day but forgot to swap to winter textures 🙈
  13. Send their support an email they are responsive.
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