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  1. Shomron

    Pro ATC X current thoughts

    I meant to ask how does the program know which ones to assign to you? If it is done by the randomizer than I would think it is generated unrelated to the weather conditions.
  2. Thanks for this info! Question - since I have tons of scenery installed in the "old" way already, I have the effects folder in P3D already with many files which I already lost track of which file belong to which scenery. Could I just copy the entire effects folder to this external folder you suggested and point all scenery components to this generic folder? Or do I need in each effects folder only the relevant effect files which are to be used by the specific scenery. I am trying to find a way to migrate to this new method the easiest way possible 😐
  3. Shomron

    Pro ATC X current thoughts

    How do you get the SIDs/STARs based on the weather? Doesn't the randomizer pick them randomly?
  4. The best method is to create a dummy fsx folder install it there and than copy manually all files to the equivalent P3D folders. I then add the scenery manually to the cfg.
  5. How do you disable MROC land-class? Specific file?
  6. Fsimstudios (creators of MPTO) are doing MMUN, I would wait for that version
  7. Shomron

    Inspector needed?

    There was a thread (could not find the link unfortunately) which said setting SGSSx4 in NVI with MSAAx4 in-game gives better visual/performance than SSAAx4. Is this no longer relevant? With a 1080Ti I find significant fps drop in cloudy conditions.
  8. Its weird as I got it in 3 different occasions using different aircraft - 1. Approaching Pacsim KSLC while changing views in the TFDi 717 2. Approaching Flytampa KTPA in the Maddog x 3. Randomly at some point when pressing the an FMC button in the AS CRJ
  9. Thanks keep me updated I may need a better cooling system. I can confirm it is probably not related to the GPU since these occured with the 970 before upgrading to the 1080Ti.
  10. I get these I would say in average 1 in every 10 flights which is annoying. How are your CPU temps? I saw a thread indicating it may be related to this. I have a stock i7 4790k which is not overclocked and I get up to the upper 80c. I wonder if this may be the cause.
  11. Shomron

    US Airports

    KIND was announced more than a year ago by Taxi2gate since then no updates KPIT was announced by FSDT last year as well but since then no updates
  12. Shomron

    P3D disappears when

    Bumping this thread as I am having this issue once in a while, did the content reinstall solve the issue? I've noticed I have this issue when approaching an airport (which comes into view, not a specific airport) and I think also once changing views. Thanks
  13. Shomron

    Pro ATC X current thoughts

    Who knows I may try out Pro ATC as well at some point 😃 I mainly fly in the US, where in the major hubs SID/STARs are indeed used until a certain point on downwind etc where you get vectors...
  14. Shomron

    Pro ATC X current thoughts

    Yep it's great we have this forum! Started this thread asking about Pro ATC X and ended up getting PF3 😃 I have been using PF3 in the last few days and I am really starting to like it. However, it does have its drawbacks - 1. Vectoring & step climbs/descends need to be polished (when compared to old RC4) 2. The planning can be cumbersome when it comes to SID/STARs - I think there is a need to add more flexibility around this All in all happy I upgraded from RC4.