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  1. Nice, wonder why they were shelved? I hope not due to lack of support
  2. What's going on with their product list? P3D products were not available for some reason in the last year and suddenly they are back up? Can anyone comment if they are working in v5 flawlessly?
  3. Back to the question - are installers for v5 coming for existing sceneries?
  4. Thanks for this info, will retry it with FFTF dynamic (which I actually own)
  5. Bert, why lock to 30 specifically? It seems like the actual fps is always below what you set (in complex airports/add-ons mostly) so I set mine to 40 so the end result is min 30. Any reason most lock to 30 inside the sim? Locking via Nvidia does maintain the setting however from my experience with the price of blurries.
  6. +1 on that question although from the trailer/photos it does seem so
  7. 30% off Boston, Las Vegas, Montreal on Simmarket
  8. The move to 4K definitely made temps go up by 20C, they were usually around 80C with an Arctic freezer fan
  9. Thanks Gordon, do you have a specific CPU cooler or are you using a stock fan? Sorry if I did not understand from the above...
  10. Hello, hopefully I can get advise here as I am pretty shocked by my current CPU temps. I'm using P3D v4.5 with a 1080ti and an i7 9700k at STOCK speeds. Before moving to a 4K screen temps were 70C-85C (I have an Arctic freezer fan cooler, did not bother to buy a fancy cooler since I am not overclocking the CPU) However in a test flight using my new 4K screen all cores went up to the max of 100C! I am using coretemp to capture the temperatures. 1. Does the above make sense even if I'm not OCing? 2. What is the recommended cooler from your experience and what change in temp should I expect? 100C as a starting point is already too high... Thank you!
  11. Thanks Ramon are Faro or Tirana one of them?
  12. Actually the sale is on all products I'm just looking for some info if it's working even if there is no new installer
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