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  1. Thanks! Weird FSLabs isn't supported 100% though...
  2. Another question I see on their site there is a list of addons compatible and for example FSLabs isn't listed. Is it custom fit to specific addons?
  3. Thanks for the info, I may pick this one up!
  4. Interesting thread... I have a few questions coming from someone who has been using radar contact for 10+ years... I've previously tried PF3 as well but found it unstable and did not find it could handle dynamic SID/STAR assignments which you had to pre-program... Eventually I moved back to Radar Contact. 1. How stable is Pro-ATC in completing flights with no ATC connection loss etc? 2. How is the dynamic SID/STAR handling along with vectors? Is it close to real world procedures when compared with the other offline ATC programs? 3. Can it be used w/o voice recognition? (= Only by using keyboard/menu commends)? Thanks for the info, Shom
  5. With a 1080Ti I even need to lower to 1024 (did not want to give up on the PBR). Same for their LEMD
  6. So... what's the verdict? Buy or wait? Any showstoppers or other critical bugs? I'll for sure buy it at some point since I love the classics
  7. I don't find any major flaw with it only you can load flight plans to the FMC but need to add the waypoints manually. Since the ATR routed are relatively short I don't find this a real issue. From realism perspective it's Carenado... So don't expect anything complex
  8. What about the silver PBR textures (PMDG NGXu leading edge flaps as an example) becoming black at dusk? Not sure I understood if that is fixed? Using v5.1
  9. Weird I don't have those issues but I use only Global and LC
  10. Probably not supported anymore like Gatwick by Jennasoft?
  11. A bit off topic, but do you generally recommend upgrading Justim airports to v5? v4 versions work fine for me in v5.
  12. Sierrasim KSYR and PESIM Biarriz released today for P3D. On FB got updates that Dreamflight Studios are bringing MROC & MDPP new version soon (which will be followed by Biarriz as well 🤪). Taxi2gate previewing an update for CDG. Project Max are previewing MHTG as well. And this is after PMDG & QW updates! Edit: and something BIG will be announced
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