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  1. severniae

    Looks like F1 GTN 750 is updated for 4.4

    Just tried it last night on latest update on 4.4 - Great! Finally has VNAV functionality properly implemented too!
  2. Why some people feel the need to attempt to bully around and make demands of a developer is quite beyond me. Getting excited about a future release is one thing, getting angry with PMDG for not providing an update just to suit your lack of patience is completely another! This is a company that has generally had a policy of no status updates unless there is significant information, and quite frankly, why should they feel the need to constantly drip feed us information? Just wait, and enjoy their other products whilst you do... PMDG chaps, keep up the good work, and don't pay any attention to the leagues of trolls here...
  3. severniae

    PMDG 747-8

    Thanks Gerald, Yes happy to test on V4 for you, just let me know what specifically to test and I'll produce you a report. Best, James
  4. severniae

    PMDG 747-8

    @FS++ Hi Gerald, any news on the above? Happy to do any testing you'd need me to do. All the best, James
  5. I got a bit over excited last night about de-rate calculations - so much so that I derated myself to the point that I only had about 500 feet of runway left at VR! That was scary...
  6. severniae

    PMDG 747-8

    Hi Gerald, Thanks for the above, I went in and chacked the figures and they were actually already correct. I did a flight last night and it would seem that the F/O just ignores me when asking for 'gear down' - he doesn't say anything, and also after takeoff he raised the gear then lowered it again..So I'm presuming its something to do with the changed gear lever in the 747-8...?
  7. severniae

    PMDG 747-8

    Thanks, will do this next time I boot the sim up. Will keep testing to see if there are any other things that need setting up, so far the most annoying one is the packs switches (I keep having to re-do them for the F/o! 😉 )
  8. severniae

    PMDG 747-8

    Sorry it took so long, only just got back into it after the festive break. Here is is: [fltsim.0] title=PMDG 747-8F PMDG House (N748PF | 2018) sim=B747-8F model= panel= sound=GEnx texture=pmdg atc_airline=PMDG atc_id=N748PF atc_flight_number=748 atc_model=747-8 atc_heavy=1 atc_parking_types=GATE,RAMP atc_type=BOEING ui_createdby=PMDG ui_manufacturer=Boeing ui_type=747-8F V3 ui_typerole=747-8F V3 ui_variation=PMDG House (N748PF | 2018) description=Boeing 747-8 Freighter powered by General Electric GEnx-2B67 engines.\nPMDG Simulations\ \n\nProduced under license from Boeing Management Company.\n\nBoeing 747, 747-400, 747-8, 747-8F & Boeing are among the trademarks owned by Boeing. visual_damage=0
  9. severniae

    engaging speed hold mode correctly

    Wow, great reply that explains perfectly! Many thanks - your right, I should try and make things easier!
  10. Hi all, So when I'm descending I often use FLC mode to descend, and often by a certain point I'll need to level off and maintain a certain speed. If I try and input a speed on the MCP, nothing happens, but also if I press the speed hold button the AP seems to stay in the previous mode. It also seems to do this when in VNAV mode. To engage speed mode I first have to engage alt hold/VS then I can engage speed or thrust mode. What I'm asking is what is the correct way? How should I be doing this? Reason being I once disengaged the AP but left the AT on, I leveled off (maybe a little early) and instead of the AT either disengaging or applying more power, it kept itself in FLC mode and kept power at idle and I almost stall spun in! Advice greatly appreciated. James Walker
  11. severniae

    No Logo liveries

    Hi Koen, Yes, but I'm looking for a livery that does not contain any branding or company logos... Best, James
  12. Hi All, Does anyone know of any liveries available the don't carry any company logos branding etc...? Preferrably for the Freighter variant. -400 or 8 (or both!) Just for those days I want to chill and fly from A to B without thinking in my head I'm flying for DHL! Thanks in advance, James
  13. severniae

    PMDG 747-8

    So did another test flight last night - only one other thing noticed so far: I just couldn't convince the F/O to lower the gear on approach, I had to do it myself (lazy git!) - I wonder if its because the gear lever is different in the -8, in that its only up/down rather than up/off/down.
  14. severniae

    PMDG 747-8

    Hi Gerald, Ok so I've finally gotten around to trying the 747-8f with MCE after a few weeks working in the -400f! On the whole most things work as before, there are a few parts of the flows/checks that are different, but largely it seems this can be gotten around by editing the flow in question etc.. You are quite right regarding the ECL - it doesn't seem to handle it at all so I suspect it'll need some functionality developing, also the eicas controls are different in the 747-8 (for instance the flight controls screen has been moved to it's own menu) Also the controls for the packs are no longer a rotary but are now a push button, so MCE doesn't seem to quite know what to do with them (from what i observed when it should have set them it pressed them twice. I'm sure there are a couple of other things that I haven't found yet, but those are the main items I've noticed so far - going to give it another go tomorrow evening so may have a little more to report. I'll be as specific as I can, but I use a VR for simming so it's difficult to make notes during flight. Many thanks and all the best, James
  15. Thanks Gerald! Help much appreciated. Do you think the separate GPU plugs/APU generators will be implemented at some point? The reason being that when setting up and loading cargo, the cargo operations use plug 2 etc... so if its engaged the nose door for instance loses power! Cheers, James