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  1. Guys, you need to do some reading on turboprop operation. As in most, the TBM has a derated engine - the Pt6A-66D can produce 1825 shaft horsepower at sea level on a standard day. The gearbox (between the power section and the prop) is designed to take up to 850shp maximum. Even at an airport with a really high elevation, you will never use 'full throttle' on takeoff. As you climb, torque decreases as the air density decreases and you may then add more 'throttle' to maintain max Trq. There will be a point where you should reach maximum temperature, and no further power increase should be possible.
  2. Fair enough. I can do a lot of commands myself in Lua anyway and call them using MCE so I'll develop that a bit more. Thanks for all the other work anyway. ( I haven't had time yet to try the flaps as I've been travelling with work)
  3. Here you go - these are what I use to set the flaps: --Flaps 0 ipc.control("65698", 0) ipc.writeLvar("L:dc6_419_obj", 0) --Flaps 10 ipc.control("65698", 2735) ipc.writeLvar("L:dc6_419_obj", 1) --Flaps 15 ipc.control("65698", 5455) ipc.writeLvar("L:dc6_419_obj", 2) --Flaps 20 ipc.control("65698", 8191) ipc.writeLvar("L:dc6_419_obj", 3) --Flaps 30 ipc.control("65698", 10927) ipc.writeLvar("L:dc6_419_obj", 4) --Flaps 40 ipc.control("65698", 13597) ipc.writeLvar("L:dc6_419_obj", 5) --Flaps 50 ipc.control("65698", 16383) ipc.writeLvar("L:dc6_419_obj", 6)
  4. Half way there! The lever is working, but unfortunately the flap doesn't actually move. I saw this when I was creating my script, I think this is what happens when you manipulate the lvar but not the 'axis' that PMDG use in the background..
  5. No - no repeat. So after some testing, I've discovered that if I have one command mapped to, say, 'ctrl + o' and another simply to 'o' then it often shows that 'o' on it's own is being pressed by itself. This causes an issue for me as this calls two different scripts, and one will override the setting that the first does etc... I appear to have worked around this for by having all commands either use 'ctrl' or 'shift'.
  6. Hi, I'm using VoxKey commands quite extensively to link to key presses to enable various Lua scripts - I have several that I may run one after another and such. I'm using keys like: SHIFT + o = cmd 1 CTRL + o =cmd2 CTRL + SHIFT + o =cmd3 o =cmd4 etc... For some reason, it almost seems like when toggling some commands, the keys stick and, for instance when calling command 1, might also get command 4 initiated also.. I'm not entirely sure if the issue here is MCE, or FSUIPC, but wondered if I could have some information on how the key press function works so I can try and eliminate it from fault..? Thanks, James
  7. Which simulator are you using? For P3D / FSX / MSFS - FSUIPC has a Lua module For X-Plane - look into 'FlyWithLua'
  8. Ok, thanks Gerald. I've set it up so I can ask for 'wing flaps XX' which seems to work quite well. The good news is the F/O is now recognising the correct speeds for landing gear etc. I have all the commands and lvars for the landing gear (and quite a number of other controls /buttons / gauges) too that I use in my own customised 'AFE' implementation. If it will save you time I'd be glad to share them with you, just let me know.
  9. Have the super-dark cockpits been solved in this release?
  10. So, good and bad news: F/O now responds when asked for, say, "Flaps 20" - he responds "Flaps 20 selected" - unfortunately, nothing happens.
  11. Just checked - In monitor, the flaps just read "-1" and this value doesn't change when I press the '+' or '-'
  12. We get it, you don't want to get the '6. Ok, that's fine, we all like different things....(move on.....)
  13. It's funny.I have had the DC6 for over 4 years now and, oddly, she still isn't just sitting in the hangar... I am, beyond all reason, still enjoying the complex and enjoyable simulation of the DC 6 from PMDG- even though during that time many, many other 'modern' aircraft have released ..
  14. The response I get on flaps is (paraphrasing) "ok skipper, you want flaps....." - and nomatter the response I give nothing happens. Will try 'affirm' in regards to gear down.
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