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  1. I've tried limiter off and on and noticed the following. Setting frames within P3D to unlimited gives me around 40 frames in VR, with some fluctuation. DFFTF doesn't seem to effect it nomatter what setting I put in. Setting frams to 120 decreases my FPS by up to 10, DFFTF does have a big impact if I change the settings (+/- 20 frames in some cases) but I am never able to achieve an FPS even close to just leaving frames to unlimited within P3D. I do still leave DFFTF running, It is probably a placebo effect, but it just feels smoother with it so will keep it running until somone can prove it's in my head. Would be good to see some clarification on this matter.
  2. Does buildingsHD work if the directory is changed?
  3. So I've gone and done the voice training and recorded a few words into the dictionary. This has improved things greatly. However no matter how hard I try I have a problem at a specific point - during a flaps 3 takeoff after gear up no matter how many times I command 'flaps 2' I am completely ignored. The weird thing is, during approach, commanding 'flaps 2' works fine..
  4. You know I just re read and realised how bad I made it sound - I'm glad you took my terrible writing in good humour - you had me on the floor laughing! Certainly would bring a little more flavour to the 'broadsword' callsign!
  5. Hi All, I have an issue, I am a native english speaker, with a normal British mild accend (I.e. not from Scotland with a broad accent) For some reson whenever I say 'TOGA' or command 'Flaps 3' it completely ignores me! Any chance of some help please? Thanks
  6. The VC wasn't quite as horrid as the original release! They did improve it a tad, but yes it does need some update. But it arguably still stands as the highest fidelity biz-jet in flightsim. Though I'll be interested to see the Hotstart Challenger once its released..
  7. Got excited by this then saw from their startup video the engine & startup is just default P3D... not good. If any of you have ever tried to start a large radial engine from cold, you will know that auto rich before startup is never done.
  8. I can't wait to throw them my money for a 64-bit Citation X - heck I'd take the old one in 64bit. It was a dream machine.
  9. Aha! Hitting buy button now... Did all the scenery rebuild makerunways and align all work ok too?
  10. Anyone manage to try it out yet?
  11. I've found with all versions - messing with the affinity induces stutters or other oddities elsewhere. I think these days its best left as is..
  12. Thanks SierraHotel! vadriver - many people still even use FSX - 2 years for software age is nothing! It isn't perfect, but by a long way the best we have at the moment for non-voice activated ATC (i've tried them all!)
  13. Does anyone know if this one works in P5D? Literally the only questions stopping me from hitting the 'buy' button!
  14. 112 views yet no comment? Is this not the official chase plane support forum? Support please? Thanks, James
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