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  1. Hi all, I have a 13900K - recent rebuild. Don't even need to overclock on these new cores as it's already 5.5ghz out the box! Question, in the old days we always used to set affinity masks - I was never certain if it actually did anything or was mere placebo as I tried with and without and rarely saw a difference. What is the recommendation? And what AM should there be for a 13900k? I looked at the affinity mask calculator but it just seems to refer to physical and logical cores but doesn't seem to cater for the scores? Help required! Thanks, James
  2. Hi, I'm trying to request direct to a specific waypoint on the IFR plan by requesting "[callsign] request clearance direct to whiskey alpha lima" as has been suggested previously in this forum, but the response I get is something along the lines of "[callsign] this is london center on [frequency]" and nothing further. I tried to find the correct phrase in sayit help but it doesn't appear. Am I missing something? Running the latest beta from the website Thanks
  3. @Ray Proudfoot how does RC4 cope with Concorde? I've stuck with Pilot2ATC as I can set a wide allowance on altitude deviation, not really a block clearance but works to the same effect.
  4. Tried the latest beta last night. All fine except it seems the controller is ignoring the minimum runways I've defined in the config page. When assigning takeoff/landing runway it just picks any despite length. Thanks
  5. I think you guys are taking the specifics of wording a little too seriously. P3D is relevant for those who still use it, sure, and I'm one of them (though I use all 3 regularly!) Though even as a long time fan of the platform, I can agree with MrNuke that this is a age seasoned platform upon which the developer has many years of experience, and have released an aircraft with which they are intimately familiar (Andrew having been releasing Concorde addons for around or over 20 years now!) A significant number of us have been able to see a huge initial memory consumption at load-up, thankfully I have enough RAM to soak it up until it settles, many more do not. It's a shame that they didn't get that part right, is all. All that said, while it's true that glaciers form, move and dissolve faster than FSL takes to release new features, they have always been quite quick at releasing patches to get the existing functionality working as well as it can.
  6. Presumably my Ultimate license gives me all the same features as the PMDG737 version? Just to say - I would heartily recommend this product. I have been using MCE for years and the functionality, ability to customise SOPs, and huge level of support from Gerald is nothing short of amazing.
  7. Hi - is there an issue with the download for the latest MCE ultimate version? For some reason I'm unable to download it from either the website or the download link I was sent..
  8. Hi I just tried the public beta - flying a route out if KO86 to KBVS in TBM 900. I got onto the center frequency after takeoff, but after multiple attempts to get clearance (using both voice and saying) I had to give up.. Could I have missed something?
  9. That's fine, I can create custom scripts and call them using a key press anyway, it just means one small extra step but no biggie.
  10. To be honest, I'll doubt many would use MCE in the CL650 - it already comes with an automatic copilot out the box, and while MCE would be better, it's probably not worth the effort to fully interface it. It would be quite easy to create some flows with MCE without custom coding - every button in the 650 has its own command so map them to a key and set up the commands via voxkey - you can then program full flows with voxscript. As an aside - @FS++ is there any ability in xplane to trigger a dataref or command path in xplane using either voxscript/key? It would make the process of creating custom flows quite simple.
  11. Just installing it now... will give it a try!
  12. So the exterior lighting when inside the cockpit is still to bright and washed out? I'd heard elsewhere that this was a lot better in SU10?
  13. What about the brightness in daytime in VR, is it any better?
  14. ok - no problem. I'm going to have a go at a few things myself, might end up writing a few custom commands for voxkey using lua I'll let you know if/when I get somewhere..
  15. So - I've gone for a quick testing circuit tonight to give things a try - good job Gerald - working well! Only noticed two minor bugs: 1. The commands 'engine 1 hydraulic pump' on / off commands are reversed (so commanding on turns it off and vice versa) 2. I couldn't remember the voice command, and don't have time to check, but also I think there is a similar issue with the other hyd pump switches - trying to command them individually on or off gave some odd results. Possible it was my voice detection but also during the shutdown flow, the F/O turned elec pump 1 on instead of off - so perhaps related. 3. I had a few random callouts - for example after calling for flaps 40 the F/O gave me some warning about the gear (I don't recall exactly what he said) I'll report anything else I find once I have some more time to do a proper flight... However, for those waiting to upgrade to the latest PMDG version, I'd say go for it.
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