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  1. Hello, I received the new file from Carenado, but it did not solve the problem, I only continue with the sound of "beep". Could you tell me if you did anything other than change the file? Please? Thank you Amauri Penze
  2. Hello, Did you get Carenado's answer? thank you, Amauri Penze
  3. if you use the NAVIGRAPH EMB505 PHENOM 300 EXTENSION PACK you can not import flight plan ... only disinatalating would give to import ... Amauri
  4. Do the procedure for the GCU unit controls, this tutorial is fantastic: Amauri
  5. Thank you very much, your work is excellent !!! Amauri
  6. hello, when I try to make the flight plan for the side controls of the g1000 this also happens (numbers and letters spinning nonstop) only does not happen if I use the controls of the GCU, then everything is normal. That's what I was talking about in the Celin101 tutorial, it tells you to set up the flight plan for the GCU unit controls. Amauri
  7. my dear, here is a fantastic tutorial, only with it I was able to use my G1000. search here in the forum. Amauri Penze
  8. Repainted by Raphael Rodrigues https://1drv.ms/u/s!Atavk6neI40QiJZsTIbNkdZ71Da_XA (Sorry if it did not work, I never tried to post a photo before)
  9. I know a real pilot of Phenom 300 here in Brazil, he said that by default (of the company he works), the trim is always 9.5 Amauri Penze
  10. What a shame, they end up with the FPS ... Can not Mr. Bert find a way to turn it off? He is a magical man. Amauri Penze
  11. Hello, the N1 of my Phenom 300 is only 87%, no matter what I do ... As I do not know how to change the aircraft.cfg I ask the help of the friends, what I did wrong? I must have changed something without wanting to. Could anyone help? Thank you Amauri Penze
  12. hello, with FSX I get to hang up and gain some FPS ... with P3D I can not turn off ... do you know where to turn off the co pilot PFD in P3D? Thank you Amauri Penze
  13. Hello everyone, My Phenom 300 Carenado does not simulate traffic in the PFD or MFD. Also does not simulate the weather radar, is that correct? Thanks for replying. BigPenze
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