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  1. rwilson881

    Vertx Da-62 no interior sound.

    thanks for replying I'm using Windows 10 pro #1803 I did a uninstall and reinstall always as admin.with no anti-virus running I didn't completely eliminate all the Vertx files manually after the uninstall so I'm going to try that next. Then log in as admin and do the install. Yes P3D is in the Program files. Not sure what other folders require full permission Nor do I know where the DA-62 sound module installs. Still haven't heard from Sean. I sent him a FB message also. I'm sure he'll reply when he can. thanks guys Ron
  2. I bought and installed it yesterday. First above all, I love this aircraft. Vertx has finally produced a solid G1000 aircraft that flies beautifully. I spent the night reading the manual and a flying it. Looking forward to getting back to doing some long distance GA flying online. Ok, now that sound problem. On selecting the aircraft, I get a windows notice "Config file not found: using default ......." Other than the runway sounds on takeoff and landing, when in the cockpit I get no engine or switch sounds. I did the reinstall sound module via the config UI as stated in the guide. I've uninstalled and reinstalled (No antivirus) and still can not get interior sounds. Yes, I sent a email to Sean via the email. I understand from other posts that he has some real-world issues that certainly take priority. I just wanted to post here to see what others have done to resolve this problem. thanks Ron Wilson
  3. Since Carenado didn't code in either the TOD (top of Decent) or BOD (bottom of Decent), what do you guys use to determine these? Aviasoft EFB has a TOD function but it's mostly set for the approach FAF altitude. Most STAR's have a fixed altitudes or step down altitudes on them. I've been using the old method - subtract the required Altitude from the current multiply by 3 for the approx. TOD miles from the BOD. Other than using FStramp (which is now a subscription service, I'd rather not pay.) to show the BOD on it's moving map Is there any other moving map that displays them? thanks Ron
  4. rwilson881

    Navigraph issues

    Before I decided to move to P3D (reinstall ,eliminate the Navigraph pack and just use Aviasoft EFB to port over the flight plan) I'd first get a valid Flight plan from SimBrief. I found that if I entered it in this order I had fewer errors. Since It knows your starting location, I do Proc- departure -picking the DP and runway. Then I do approach - select the airport, runway and procedure (ILS, Rnav,..) Then STAR for the arrival. Then I go into the flight plan and enter any missing way points usually starting with the one closest to the STAR. BTW, once it's in there don't try to change a SID or STAR. Hope this helps. good luck. Ron
  5. Jorge No-joy with either suggestion. The Crt+shf+F4 causes the 'off' label to go out on the engines and a rapid egt but the engines never light and the off lights just comes back on. I'm going to guess that this version must not work with P3DV4. I'll have to look into it some more I doubt that Carenado support will be off any help. everyone says they are useless.. thanks for the reply. Ron
  6. Is there a way to get a V2 phenom to start in V4? Ready to taxi - NO JOY even if I select cold and dark and try to do it myself I can't get it to start. UGH Thanks Ron
  7. rwilson881

    My new yoke

    Great work. I'm jealous.
  8. rwilson881

    G1000 issue

    I have had the follow flight plan without updating on my Phenom's. I found that if I activate a leg that is after the first leg it doesn't happen. Also if you make any in-flight changes to you flight plan you also may get the problem. Just another Carenado G1000 issue that has been around for a long time. Ron
  9. Never saw one, I just modified the C750
  10. the Traffic "TAS" screen will display targets for AI aircraft but not online aircraft (I fly VATSIM). Has anyone been able to get that and/or Weather radar (I use ASN16) to work with online inputs? I'm using FSX, haven't tested in with P3D yet. thanks Ron N142RW
  11. Thank you for your great additional effort. I look forward to you solving the import mystery. Ron
  12. rwilson881

    Twin Star DA-42 Engine "Upgrade"

    Thanks Ganter for quickly sending the upgrade. I really like the way the 42 fly now, it feels very close to what I would expect. The rudder is a little bit better but it was always touchy and I don't have pedals so the twist grip of the joystick may make it so. Again thanks for the great work. Ron
  13. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I love to fly the 300 a lot on Vatsim but rarely use the VNav function, just use VS. I'll start using it now. I also never used the TOGA button. My procedure "was", throttles to TO, rotate at Vr, gear up, YD on, AP on either Nav or Hdg on, over 400 agl Flaps up then Throttles back to either CON or CRZ. thanks a lot for creating this. Ron
  14. rwilson881

    Phenom 100, cant select departure

    Did you try multiple airports? The splash screen with the dates is just a picture. you have to go into the folder to verify you updated the navigraph. for FSX it's: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\CarenadoNavigraph\Navigraph\NavData open "cycle_info" btw, that folder must be accessible to all.
  15. The full manual and the Carenado one are a great reference tools and must reads (I refer to them often), but I found that the video's by FSMaNia shows the process perfectly (as well as with errors) Sorry, Not sure which one showed airway entries. Ron