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  1. It hasn't been 48hrs yet but this is pretty silly... all the other addons I've used are much quicker than this and even have the option to reset/deactivate previous installs. I've been waiting; I requested it so soon because my PC of 2 years crashed and for some unknown reason I'm unable to boot or even reinstall windows yet everything appears to work normally otherwise I wouldn't be here asking for a reset.
  2. I'm still confused; what zoom controls? I have them turned off in CP I'm telling you, I cannot zoom when using the onboard cameras but I CAN zoom while using the outside cameras. So, again where/what do I remove? I have; and it doesn't talk in detail about removing the default views, I'm not sure how this is an issue because what I have an issue has nothing to do with the outside. Besides, as long as I don't use the same key assignments the a/c views on the outside should be fine.
  3. which control assignments? I'm using CP outside views (outside) there are some default views like the default spot view that's still available/usable and the different camera attachments that are part of the plane, like wing, right front, etc As I was saying I have no problem being able to zoom using the CP outside views, but the inside/onboard zoom refuses to let me zoom as it instantly keeps resetting.
  4. BTW I can zoom no problem with the outside cameras but not with the on board cameras... why? It keeps resetting my zoom
  5. oh yeah I forgot; that I tried the mouse look, hate it and don't like using the mousewheel for zoom... there needs to be other options. I think I have mouse driver software, there a UI that lets me set macros and other keys but I don't know how to implement using a macro for CP to use.
  6. Ok cool; I've heard all the reviews this is great and all and I thought I swore this came with replay capabilities... how disappointing ah but yes its beta... Ok now... one issue I'm not pleased with is I can't zoom whenever I want, I have to create a new camera and set it closer and switch to that camera when I want to see things closer... kind of annoying really I'm used to panning around the VC and zooming in whenever and I can't even pan the usual way (spacebar+mouse, now has to be MB instead. I'd like to also know if there's a way to set how "big" the camera is, or I don't know how you explain it but whenever I get close to the plane part of the model disappears (and that's part of the sim, its been that way for eons through the years of MSFS) the reason I'm asking is I'm wanting to mimic "gopro" mounted and to do that I'd have to set the camera at angles/positions that aren't even realistic because its too close to the airframe and makes it disappear which makes it look funky and weird. One last thing, how can I map my mouse buttons (I have some mouse buttons on my mouse that I'd like to use, and maybe when I get a gaming mouse I'll use that) Otherwise, cool! I like it so far
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