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  1. It hasn't been 48hrs yet but this is pretty silly... all the other addons I've used are much quicker than this and even have the option to reset/deactivate previous installs. I've been waiting; I requested it so soon because my PC of 2 years crashed and for some unknown reason I'm unable to boot or even reinstall windows yet everything appears to work normally otherwise I wouldn't be here asking for a reset.
  2. I'm still confused; what zoom controls? I have them turned off in CP I'm telling you, I cannot zoom when using the onboard cameras but I CAN zoom while using the outside cameras. So, again where/what do I remove? I have; and it doesn't talk in detail about removing the default views, I'm not sure how this is an issue because what I have an issue has nothing to do with the outside. Besides, as long as I don't use the same key assignments the a/c views on the outside should be fine.
  3. which control assignments? I'm using CP outside views (outside) there are some default views like the default spot view that's still available/usable and the different camera attachments that are part of the plane, like wing, right front, etc As I was saying I have no problem being able to zoom using the CP outside views, but the inside/onboard zoom refuses to let me zoom as it instantly keeps resetting.
  4. BTW I can zoom no problem with the outside cameras but not with the on board cameras... why? It keeps resetting my zoom
  5. oh yeah I forgot; that I tried the mouse look, hate it and don't like using the mousewheel for zoom... there needs to be other options. I think I have mouse driver software, there a UI that lets me set macros and other keys but I don't know how to implement using a macro for CP to use.
  6. Ok cool; I've heard all the reviews this is great and all and I thought I swore this came with replay capabilities... how disappointing ah but yes its beta... Ok now... one issue I'm not pleased with is I can't zoom whenever I want, I have to create a new camera and set it closer and switch to that camera when I want to see things closer... kind of annoying really I'm used to panning around the VC and zooming in whenever and I can't even pan the usual way (spacebar+mouse, now has to be MB instead. I'd like to also know if there's a way to set how "big" the camera is, or I don't know how you explain it but whenever I get close to the plane part of the model disappears (and that's part of the sim, its been that way for eons through the years of MSFS) the reason I'm asking is I'm wanting to mimic "gopro" mounted and to do that I'd have to set the camera at angles/positions that aren't even realistic because its too close to the airframe and makes it disappear which makes it look funky and weird. One last thing, how can I map my mouse buttons (I have some mouse buttons on my mouse that I'd like to use, and maybe when I get a gaming mouse I'll use that) Otherwise, cool! I like it so far
  7. the PMDG B777 is buggy that's all there is to it. even though we've told the devices (the joystick, etc) not to power off when not in use; if what you're saying is true about the USB hubs internal on the motherboard; that could have everything to do with it. of course my FSX keeps crashing; well another day!
  8. As for the win8 vs win7 argument; that's what I was afraid of... hmm have to think about that cuz FSXAssist isn't working for me at all it does things its not supposed to do to my knowledge for example: unless FSX is already running even when FSXAssist is run as admin it wants to close anyway so in theory launching FSX from FSXAssist is useless to me for some reason. I had a joystick drop/disconnect as usual; same thing FSXAssist didn't help with that either I kept clicking on it or waiting for it to do its thing; but it never did one thing for me at all. Pressing Alt+Enter did bring back my stick each time and almost immediately so I'm not sure if I have to keep doing that or not; I was HOPING FSXAssist would get it back for me WITHOUT my intervention so that I can run ENB again because FSX/ENB are too unstable when going between windowed/fullscreen all the time. I can't stand the fact Microsoft hasn't even bothered/stepped in to fix their own product no matter how legacy it is; all the devs and all the naysayers say that Microsoft and the developers all agree there's not enough money to justify doing certain things as far as the FSX addons go because of the small FS community I call ###### look at how many people posted here, look at facebook there's A LOT of people! These addon companies make THOUSANDS (FTX/ORBX, Aerosoft, etc) and no offense to you Jim this isn't directed at you; You've done a hellva job (excellent) at attempting to fix a problem although it works for most it doesn't work for me it seems. I've pretty much run the end of the road on this one and I'm out $12
  9. Was told this would be perfectly normal; but wasn't told how we'd get it back since FSXAssist was supposed to do that for you; but now we know FSXAssist doesn't prevent the drops; it just polls the controller for a reconnect (this is what was explained by Jim Allen) I am now able to use FSXAssist too so far haven't had any drops, but how long did it take for FSXAssist to get your joystick back? I would rather keep my setup; win8 does have more performance gains as far as FSX is concerned IMO
  10. Not me :( my FSXAssist wants to close regardless of the "close on load" checkbox being ticked or not. Unless Microsoft pushed an update (we'd all know about it hopefully) I am noticing that my joystick holds out longer now for some reason; I don't know why and no that doesn't include however many times my FSX is restarted for one reason or another including crashes; but even when that doesn't happen sometimes I can fly all day without a problem. So, is there something WE don't know?
  11. So you tested P3D on win8.1 RTM? I have heard P3D has the same issue on win8
  12. Been working with their support team, yes its top notch support
  13. Tried this, still closes on me; doesn't produce a log :( Tried that too; you would think this would work really. Lately I've noticed that some days I get no disconnects at all; that's new to me because it has always done it from day one for me.
  14. Microsoft may not care about old software; we know that FS9 doesn't have this problem; this is a Microsoft product they NEED to put their arm out and get it slapped for doing this to us we didn't ASK them to do MS Flight either. But I hope that FSXAssist will be here to help us win8 users and my issue with FSXA and hopefully this will be good until somebody comes out with another simulator; we're way overdue for another one already.
  15. I got FSXAssist mainly to fix the joystick problem, I thought the feature had already been implemented in 1.0.7 but I read it wrong; so I waited for 1.0.8 which is supposed to have the feature included (and even if it didn't I'm having an issue outside of that) I'll admit that FSXAssist DOES have some nice features such as being able to change your LOD, texture size, etc (and I found a freeware app that will make your texture size stay, but FSXA will do it for you too) IF you want to use it for other features then I'd recommend it; but if you want it for the joystick feature I'd test it first then if you like it then keep it; I'm all for saying yes its all worth it but I can't say that because of the problem I am having which you may not have so it would be worth having someone also test and verify. You don't need to install everything; I'd just install FSX and FSXAssist and see if it does what its supposed to do (and of course use the same controller you intend to use with the system that FSXAssist will run on permenantly)
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