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  1. I fly on a 55" 4K TV and I have WWA set to on... Actually I've always had this set on, even when I had a 30" 16:10 monitor as well. Just looks and feels right, and I use a zoom of about 0.55 - 0.65 depending on which plane I fly. Even with TrackIR.
  2. What I used before was an addon called PDF Kneeboard, it was loaded into the actual sim and you can call it up anytime you need. No need to TAB out or use a seperate app, it was basically a PDF reader/viewer that you can use to view your charts, flight plans, etc. And it stayed above your main flightsim window always, and you can easily hide it if needed. I have made numerous requests on the flightsim community to see if anyone can port the old 32bit code to make it work with P3D v4. Last I've heard were there a couple of guys interested in doing it but I'm not sure of the progress as I haven't kept track. Besides that the most immersive or elegant solution would be to use FSTramp. I use this to navigate around airport and it is awesome. No need to tab out or load another app. It also loads as a plugin and interfaces directly into P3D as well.
  3. Sometimes when I shutdown P3D it will not automatically shutdown CP, so I have to go into taskmanager to manually end it. But when I load up P3D again, it won't load up CP, so I have to manually start it, and sometimes it just sits at the loading screen with Checking Computer ID and freezes there. It's driving me nuts when this happen, any idea whats going on? I am using the latest experimental version.
  4. Yup thats the one! :)
  5. I had the same problem, you have to disable some files in orbx folder, I forgot which one it was, check my thread I made last month on how to fix it.
  6. Thanks a lot! I notice PMDG ops center is taking up like 3GB of space. Is there a way to have that installed on another drive?
  7. I have a 128GB SSD for my main Windows 10 drive... I'm not sure whats taking up so much room.. I was at 30GB the other week, now down to 15GB! Is there any app or methods that I can use to determine what is taking up all that space so that I can free up some room on my main SSD?
  8. Simbol, I haven't received my latest update yet. Could you please send it to me. Thanks.
  9. What do you mean its released but just a part of it? link? P3D v4 version?
  10. thanks i was wondering how to deactivate photo scenery as well, any photoscenery i've tried in p3d v4 looks like a blurry mess, so i prefer to have the orbx textures and autogen instead.
  11. Wow, Simbol, thank you so much for doing this, I have been waiting for an imrpoved AI light fix as well for the longest time and miss the shockwave lights back in FSX. I would love to beta test your mod out as I am running P3D v4 at 4K as well. I am looking for a more realistic AI light approach for my planes... like you said, sometimes it's difficult to spot AI planes in the night sky, or the lights look out of proportion, etc. For your light mod, do we need to set the special effects slider to max in order to get the most out of this mod? Would love to see some screenshots or video of this in action, this sounds very promising!
  12. Is the CRJ more or less difficult to learn how to fly than a 737/777/747?
  13. Would be interested in purchasing a few add-ons and was wondering if FS2Crew will be having any sales?
  14. Just noticed this when I did a flight to VHHH. There's no runway lighting, but I do see other runway lights such as the blue lights. But the actual runway where you approach, isn't there. (Such as the lead in lights and the centerline and the border lights on either side of the runway are off) Anyone else get this as well?
  15. This looks really interesting and I was wondering if anyone here uses this? I have a few iPads laying around and this would be great to have my entire panel running off the iPads and free up my entire main screen for the scenery only, plus I think it would even give the simulator better performance since it doesn't need to render the actual instruments in the virtual cockpit. You can read more about it here - I wonder if this would work for planes such as PMDG 777/747, Aerosoft CEJ and the Airbus. I think having 2 or 3 iPads would make this a pretty awesome setup.