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  1. This is awesome! Good to see more focus on Asian airports as opposed to the American and European ones. I love flying in Asia and this would be a nice destination! 🙂 Thank you for your contribution.
  2. captain420

    FlyTampa Ki Tak Updated For P3D V4

    Awesome!!! Thanks for the heads up!
  3. captain420

    Ground textures gets more blurry the further I fly

    This problem still happens even with Google Chrome closed. I have been busy lately and don't have time to do further troubleshooting to see the cause of this problem. Just wanted to touch base with you guys here so that you guys know that the problem still exists for me. In case some of you thought that it has been fixed since I haven't responded, which isn't the case. Once I have some more time I'll do some more testing.
  4. captain420

    Ground textures gets more blurry the further I fly

    I'm not sure how the resource monitor shows my CPU Usage running between 95% - 130%. Sim is smooth though. I'm not seeing any blurries yet (knock on wood). I have been flying for about 30 minutes now. I have targeted frame rate locked to 30, vsync on, triple buffering off. I just added the FIBER_FRAME_FRACTION=0.10 and also set my TEXTURE_EXP_SIZE=9 and HIGH_RESOLUTION_TERRAIN_TEXTURES=1. Not sure if that was the fix to the progressive blurries, I'll have to continue with this flight and keep an eye out. But so far it's looking good. Also I usually have Chrome open to surf the net and watch youtube while flying. Currently have about 30 tabs open. Does this have any effect on P3D?
  5. captain420

    Ground textures gets more blurry the further I fly

    When using the Resource monitor, what sort of CPU usage are you guys seeing while flying in P3D? Mine is always like 95% - 128%. I have just updated my NVIDIA Drivers to 398.36 too and it made no difference. I did disable AI traffic, Boat traffic, lowered my sliders, disbabled some add-ons but not all. Loaded up without Rex Skyforce or Active Sky running. Even though resource monitor shows CPU usage above 100%, the sim is still smooth. But the progressive blurries still exist.
  6. captain420

    Any feedback when using nVidia 398.XX drivers?

    I'm currently at 398.11 and I'm not sure if the drivers are to blame for the "progressive blurries" problem that I have posted in another thread. I wasn't aware that there were newer drivers out. I will update and see if that will fix the problem or not.
  7. captain420

    Always grey clouds AS16, ASCA, REXSF

    I also reported the same awhile ago, and I'm not sure why my clouds also see greyish. I am using Active Sky Next P3Dv4, Rex Skyforce 3D. I use Rex for the 3D clouds and textures, sounds, cloud sync only and Active Sky as my weather engine. I also use PTA as well.
  8. captain420

    9 FPS at KJFK in P3D v4.3

    Thanks Tokitaumelie. The thing is with DD's airport, I get all the airports in the region, but what's the use if it's gonna bring down my performance way down. I'm thinking about disabling DD New York City X as well. And I did install those with LITE textures too.
  9. captain420

    Ground textures gets more blurry the further I fly

    It could also be the fact that I did update my nvidia drivers after I did a clean install of P3D 4.3. I think I'm on 389.11 now. I also have this in my Prepar3D.cfg, but why is this a bad setting? I've always had this and never had this problem with progressive blurries before. I'm exhausted in trying to pinpoint the problem and have taken a break from P3D. Kind of lost the mood. Been wanting to fly but seems like endless hours and days of tweaking and trying to figure out the cause for these blurries have just ruined the whole experience for me. HIGH_RESOLUTION_TERRAIN_TEXTURES=1 TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=8
  10. captain420

    9 FPS at KJFK in P3D v4.3

    Sorry I was using the runway 31L which faces Manhattan. I also had Drzeweicki's New York Airports X (KEWR, KLDJ, KCDW). I disabled that add-on, fps increased just a tad bit more, about 10-13fps now, but still quite low. Could be my AI traffic that's the cause. I have it set to 40% Commercial and everything else off.
  11. captain420

    Ground textures gets more blurry the further I fly

    Rob, in scenery library I can't uncheck the addon to disable them, the box are gray. I installed the, using the add-on.xml method. So do I unable them by. moving them out of my Documents/Prepar3D v4 folder? The photoreal scenery is: I have it enabled, but in my time of testing I am not flying in that area. Should I run the FFTF = 0.10 in my Prepar3D.cfg when having fps locked to 20-30? I also heard that if you want to run with locked frames, then its better to do so in the NVIDIA Inspector and have your sim fps set to unlimited instead. This was old information that I read last year, not sure if it is valid with the latest P3D v4.3 anymore. So much information that I get confused on whether or not I should use it. The contrail you see is from AI planes, I've also never seen that V-shape before. I'm assuming it's caused because of the lag or stutter I'm facing while flying. Sometimes the sim will pause for 5-15 seconds. I assume this is because of the auto time compression mode I have on while in the PMDG 777. I have it set up to 4x. I will do further testing like you said and report back. Thanks for everyones help.
  12. captain420

    Ground textures gets more blurry the further I fly

    So this is not a result of the CPU being maxed out. It also happens to OMGEDSON as well.
  13. captain420

    Ground textures gets more blurry the further I fly

    I will try that later and see if it makes a different.
  14. captain420

    Ground textures gets more blurry the further I fly

    Useless comment.
  15. captain420

    Ground textures gets more blurry the further I fly

    Using time compression in the PMDG plane is useless if I'm going to be getting blurries like this. Sigh.