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  1. You have the a similar setup to me. I'm also on an i7-3770K. I have already ordered all my parts for my new build. Like what most others say, the jump will be huge. The only thing I'm waiting on is the CPU. The rest of the stuff has already arrived. I will also be upgrading to the 3080ti once that comes out as well. Also definitely recommend the i9-10900K if you want the best ATM. I've always been with Intel and feel safe by staying with them. Don't really want to dip my toes into the water with an AMD build. Might run into more problems down the line than it's worth. What inspired me to build a new machine was MSFS 2020. I can't wait for that to come out!
  2. Question, how do you deal with complex planes like PMDG Boeings, Airbuses, when rotating switches and entering data into the MCDU/FMC with a VR headset? I have never used one and thus am quite curious. And also when using the keyboard, are you suppose to take off the VR headset just to see the keys? I mean a keyboard is absolutely necessary for flight simming, I use it for chaseplane shortcuts, movement, typing and other things such as activating the reverse thrust upon landing, etc. If having to take off the VR headset each and every time I need to see my keyboard, then that would completely kill the experience for me. Also what about accessing the menubar up top in p3d? How does that work? Do you use the mouse or the controllers that come with the headset?
  3. Yes, I am willing to wait, there's no rush. Thanks for the suggestions. I will do some more research and some comparisons of new and upcoming VR headsets then.
  4. Seems I may have to wait then. I was considering the Occulus RIft-S, but didn't know Facebook bought them out. And since I don't like Facebook and won't buy anything with their name on it. I will probably look for alternatives.
  5. Yes I was able to get on a waiting list. Hopefully the 1st wave of stock will come in next week, and I should get it no later by the end of the month. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. Does anyone here extensively use VR in P3D v5? I am interested in purchasing my first VR headset but not sure if the technology is ready yet. I'm concerned about resolution and framerates. I run the sim now currently on a 4K TV. Would playing through a VR headset give me the same level of detail? What are some good brands and model to look at that you guys can recommend?
  7. Glad to know. I'm super excited to get my 10900K in to complete my new build. It's the last piece that I need. I plan to run at stock for a few days to get a feel at how a stock upgrade feels. Going from an i7-3770k to an i9-10900k is a big jump for me. After that, I'll start to experiment with overclocking. I will probably aim for at least 5.0GHz or 5.2GHz if I can run it at a stable voltage. 1.35v or under. Going to be pulling out my GTX 1080 from my current machine and put that in my new build until the new 3080ti comes out.
  8. I'm kind of skeptical about installing vector for v5. Seems like more harm than good. Too many add-ons already. It seems endless. I wish all this was already included in the core P3D, like how MSFS 2020 is doing.
  9. This is exactly what I do too. Since the 747, 777, 787 and A330 are my favorite planes. I know it's not quite realistic to use these planes for short hauls, but it's a sim.
  10. Curious as to what happen if you fly online with live ATC. Let's say you take a nap for a bit and ATC tries to contact you and you're not there. What will happen?
  11. That sounds a bit risky then, especially when in a long haul flight. That could cost you a lot of time then if your plane goes out of wack during the final phase.
  12. I'm curious those who fly long haul flights like 10+ hours. Do you actually sit there the entire time to monitor everything? I love flying, but I can't imagine just sitting in front of the computer for that many hours, especially during the cruise phase (after ToC and before ToD). If so, what do you do during those long hours?
  13. I agree, I love this feature and should be standard in planes like Boeing and Airbus. Comes in handy especially when doing medium to long haul flights. I've never really tested the jump ahead feature extensively in the QW787, but does it work reasonably well when you jump/skip ahead like that? I'm afraid it might throw the plane off course or make the plane instable when using fast forward type of time features like this. I'm afraid it will mess up my flight.
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