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  1. So there's no night lighting in AFS2 yet? I really hope they take their time and do night lighting properly. So far the best I've seen in terms of night lighting is X-Plane. If AFS2 can do better, then I'll definitely be interested. Now wit FSW, AFS2, and P3D, I'm not sure which will be the definitive one to choose. And I would like to stick to one, because this hobby is extremely expensive. If I was rich, I'd have every single flight sim. But since money doesn't grow on trees, I'll have to pick and choose wisely.
  2. Wow, that is simply amazing. So it's like an official tool for Aerofly FS2 to create our own photoscenery? Kind of like Ortho4XP for X-Plane? Will this be an official tool thats included with AeroFLY FS2 or is this a 3rd party thing?
  3. I really hope it's not just aimed for just the US and Europe only... I really hope there will be Asia as well. All in all I'm excited to read up about AeroFly FS2, seems like it will be a great addition for casual flyers. Hope we will be able to fly with an Xbox controller from our bed or couch and enjoy the beautiful eye candy. I assume Aerofly FS2 and Dovetail FSW are both in the same level? Both are casual simcades and not actual simulators?
  4. I've seen the news that Aerofly FS2 has just been released. Having flown mostly in FSX, P3D and X-Plane, I am curious to know how it compares? How are the graphics compared to P3D? Is Aerofly FS2 more of a flight simcade than a full blown simulator? Is it more along the lines of Dovetail's FSW? I'm looking for an alternative to P3D, something where I can quickly set up and fly, without having to worry too much about flight planning etc. Something a bit more casual. Is Aerofly FS2 the sim for me?
  5. I only got replay to work once, after that everytime I enter replay mode to watch my take off, it shows my plane parked at the gate and doing strange things. I usually pause my sim and then enter replay mode. But when exiting replay and unpausing my sim, my plane will be moving cross the ground. This happened with FSLabs A320 and PMDG 777.
  6. For those of you who are running P3D v4.1 in windowed mode... what do you set your graphic settings to as far as VSYNC on/off and Triple Buffering on/off? For windowed mode should vsync be on or off, or it doesn't matter? I notice that my fps is higher with both vsync and triple buffering off. And also I noticed that 8xMSAA is better on performance than 4xSSAA.
  7. The trees around the airport have a strange semi-transparent box around them. This only shows up during night time.
  8. Interesting, I'll have to give this a try then. Would be awesome if I can have other windows set to 'always on top'. Such as PFPX, Aivlasoft EFB, Chrome, etc while I'm flying long haul.
  9. I have a 55" 4k TV as well... hehehhe. But does running P3D in window mode cause any significant performance loss in FPS as oppose to fullscreen mode?
  10. Is there a way to make window mode look like full screen?
  11. I really miss the PDF Kneeboard add-on... thanks for this but I really wish you can use it with P3D in fullscreen mode.
  12. I ran the WMIDiag 2.2 script and it popped up a window at the end saying... ERROR: WMIDiag detected issues that could prevent WMI to work properly!. Check 'C:\USERS\X\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\WMIDIAG-V2.2_WIN8.1_.CLI.RTM.64_PCNAME_2017.11.16_05.35.40.LOG' for details. 31222 05:56:17 (0) ** 31223 05:56:17 (0) ** WMIDiag v2.2 ended on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 05:56 (W:172 E:67 S:1).
  13. I hope that you'll be able to fix the problem as to why it always seem to hang at the checking computer id part... it can take anywhere from 10-20+ minutes for it to finish.
  14. Hope to see PacSim focus more on Asia! They make amazing airports for this region!