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  1. I really hope openLC Asia will be next. It was suppose to be come before South America and I'm not sure why it was switched. Asia is severely lacking in attention and really needs more focus.
  2. I am chill. Was I yelling? Maybe you need to chill.
  3. thats kind of inconvenient having to install and load up another app just to pick a gate to start at. If this can just be added into P3D's menu, then it would be the best way. We already have enough apps to load when using P3D. We don't need any more.
  4. I have tried New Zealand before, couldn't really rememeber if it really awe'd me that much. I will have to try it again. What about Spain, Portugal, the islands around there as well? Southern Coast of France, etc?
  5. Yes I wish there was a better way for gate selections. Where we can visually see the gates with an airport diagram in the P3D menu. Kind of like what X-Plane 11 has... and it whatever plane we pick, it will then dynamically filter out the gates that are valid for our aircraft. This will take the guesswork out of having to look at Airport charts and online to see what gates are realistically suitable.
  6. Guys, I have been flying tubeliners for awhile and wanted to take a break and fly some of my GA planes for some stunning VFR flights. I love nature such as beautiful coastlines, moutains, hills and landscapes. The only scenic places that I really flown around was Hawaii. I'm trying to expand further and want to try other parts of the world. I love to do short hops from airport to airport. So if you guys now of any good routes that would take me through some amazing and breathtaking scenery that would be great!
  7. Would it be better to use DD's KJFK or FSDT's? Which one is more optimized and better overall?
  8. I just started noticing this today when launching p3d v4 it would take about 2-3 minutes after for chaseplane to start launching? Before it use to be instant. Not sure what's wrong.
  9. Jay thank you so much for that! :)
  10. I have tried using an app called Simple Airport Scanner to find duplicate airports in P3D v4, but I'm not sure if its compatible... I get some error when trying to read from scenery.cfg. I have installed the freeware NA airport pack from FTX, but I also had Aerosoft PHDH airport as well (DIllingham Hawaii). Now whenever I load up to that airport, I get uneven terrain. I have tried disabling Aerosoft PHDH scenery from the scenery library and it's still doesn't look correct. Does anyone know how to fix this? Where does FTX store it's freeware airport BGL. I want to see if I can disable FTX's version to see if it fixes it. But really what I would like is to compare between the 2 versions to see which one I like better and get rid of the one that I won't be using. But in order to do that, I need to be able to see the scenery properly.
  11. I have the default Zibo Modded default XP11 737, and there's no comparison that its superior to the PMDG 737, what kind of drugs are you on? Why are you even here? For serious simmers who wish to fly airliners, then it's P3D. I'm not turning this into an XP vs P3D thing, but hey you started it.
  12. I want to update but I'm afraid of losing my liveries as I have downloaded and installed a lot... what is the easiest process to keep them without having to reinstalling them back again? Can I just make a copy of my aircraft.cfg files in each of their respective directories, and after I update, just go in and copy the entries and paste them back into the new aircraft.cfg? Since we have to uninstall and reinstall the PMDG planes now instead of using the operations center... I want to make sure that I won't lose my liveries.
  13. Excellent, but from now on everytime there's an update, it's required that we uninstall first and then reinstall? I though the operation center handles this so that we wouldn't have to do this?