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  1. Can this be done on the iPad if anyone knows? Would love to have the GTNs and PMDG FMS on my iPad for use while flying.
  2. Please focus on more stuff for the Asian region. US and Europe has enough stuff already.
  3. Man, photoreal+autogen is a dream come true! This is how I've always imagined scenery to be like.
  4. omg, 737-MAX! I really hope this is true and then the 777X! Please! :)
  5. This is awesome, but I rather have 777 and 747 instead. :)
  6. Thanks, I'm aware of Aerosoft airbus having shared cockpit... but it's not quite study level for me. I was hoping to see it on PMDG and FSLabs planes.
  7. Where can I get the Normandy map for DCS World 2.2? Is it free?
  8. I see that the f18 Hornet is about to be released soon, but currently looking for some of the best fighter jets to try out? Anything out there thats close to study level with amazing graphics? I have the Flaming Cliffs pack already and also the Nevada Test Range map. Does the new DCS World 2.2 come with any new maps? How can I try Normandy map? I am also interested in the new UAE map and Kaukus as well. Where can I get them?
  9. Especially for study level planes such as PMDG 737, 777, 747... FSLabs A320, etc... Since these planes are meant to be flied with a partner and not alone. It would make the experience much better. I really hope PMDG or FSLabs can add this feature.
  10. Thanks, is the demo of Seattle X the full version with a time limit?
  11. Wish somebody here could make a video so that we can see what it actually sounds like at a busy airport. I'm kinda skeptical.
  12. D-Man, thanks, but if I get Seatle X will I have to disable anything, because I also have Taxi2Gate KSEA and Orbx PNW region as well. I want everything to play nicely.
  13. Thanks for your input guys, looks like I will hold off on purchasing these then.
  14. Hahaha Jim, I'm not mad at all... just confused... :) Btw, could somebody tell me why I have bouncing lights? You can see it when you position your plane at Runway 27... the round yellow lights are bouncing up and down. Not sure what the cause of this is.
  15. I'm confused. You recommended at first to place DD Miami X above LatinVFR's Miami and now you said to put it below. Which one is it? I'm noticing strange yellow round lights bouncing up and down when loading up the scenery. Not sure what the cause of this is. Does DD Miami X include its own version of KMIA that could be conflicting with LatinVFR's KMIA? Right now I have DD Miami X below LatinVFR's KMIA.