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  1. I prefer MSFS's night lighting, but they still have room for improvement. Especially with airport lighting and the default AI exterior lights definitely needs reworking. Those terrible square looking light's are a true eye sore and stand out like a sore thumb.
  2. XP12's lighting doesn't look realistic to me compared to MSFS. The 3rd party planes still look extremely low quality as well doesn't help it much either.
  3. Okay guys, I need help. I also have the MSFS 2020 Premium Deluxe edition that I bought from the MS Store. I'm not exactly sure how to convert my install from legacy to modern. I've looked at the instructions but I'm a bit nervous as I do not want to mess up my entire install. I remember installing it to my SSD drive which is located on D drive but it's showing C drive under the xbox app. I'd appreciate if someone can walk me through on exactly what I need to do. In my xbox app under settings it shows this: This is where my MSFS 2020 is installed:
  4. I noticed an A380 parked at one of the C terminals which is wrong. Hope that gets fixed.
  5. I bought that and totally regretted my purchase. Flightfactor left a bad taste in my mouth, especially with their 777. But I do really hope to see a proper, well modeled, high quality A350 for MSFS.
  6. When will AAU2 be officially out for the rest of us? I'm mostly excited about the 747 and 787!
  7. 25% off of $29.99 or was the price different back when you purchased it?
  8. When does GSX Pro usually go on sale? It's currently $29.
  9. Which one has better push back integration and features?
  10. Which one offers a better overall experience and gives better immersion to the sim?
  11. Thanks, this is the very 1st time I've heard of something similar to fs2crew. How does it compare? Which one is better? I fly mostly Fenix A320 and PMDG 737.
  12. How would one get the ultimate offline ATC experience in MSFS? I'm assuming getting P2A, FS2CREW for your specific airline, FS2CREW RAAS Pro, FS2CREW Pushback Expresss or GSX Pro, ATC Chatter, and IVONA voices?
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