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  1. I thought the purpose of those type of approaches is automation? Why would you fly them without AP?
  2. No point in having a nice plane if the scenery can't be enjoyed by it. Especially when doing VFR flying in the lancair legacy. A nice plane like that deserves a sim capable of delivering the scenery to compliment it.
  3. This is awesome news! But what about the reverse livery texture affect that I still see on the A320 models in the game? There livery is reversed from a distance and switches back to normal as you get closer.
  4. Doesn't matter, you clearly get my point. Your suggestion isn't great either. Why would I load up a legacy sim with inferior aesthetics such as graphics and visuals, etc just to fly a plane I like. Personally, to me, the visuals, make up a huge part of the immersion for me when it comes to VFR flying, which I solely choose the lancair legacy for. FSX/P3D doesn't really come close to that when compared to MSFS now does it? Even with a fully blown FSX/P3D with all the addons, it can't even compare to vanilla MSFS. In the end, I rather fly a not-so-great plane in MSFS with great graphics and scenery rather than an awesome custom 3rd party plane in FSX/P3D with outdated scenery and graphics.
  5. Cause those are old and outdated sims and I deleted them a long time ago for MSFS. Plus how can you even go back to those sims after flying in MSFS? It's like driving a ferrari and then going back to a mustang. MSFS has spoiled me.
  6. This was one of my favorite all time planes in FSX and P3D, especially with the dual GTN 750 setup. How I miss this plane terribly. I really wish to have this plane back in MSFS some day. The only thing that comes close is the vertigo turbo prop, but it's not the same.
  7. I'm not sure but both of my screens are black when I load up the plane. I do have WT mods installed and the PMS GTN 750, not sure if any of those has anything to do with it?
  8. nevermind, i just the pinned thread at the top. I apologize. Please disregard.
  9. Would it be possible to use LNM to monitor my flight's progress from another computer that's on the same LAN network? I have a macbook with LNM installed and would like to use it to plan my flights and also monitor my flight (use it as a moving map). But my main flight sim is on my PC. I am using MSFS by the way. If it's possible, are there any tutorials or videos that demonstrate how to set this up and get it working?
  10. Wow, thanks for the great suggestions! 🙂 Will definitely give those routes a try!
  11. Would love to see the GTN 750 in this plane. I have the WT G3x mod installed. Is there anything else I need to do to enable AP?
  12. I would highly recommend justflight piper arrow with the GTN750 mod! Amazing plane!
  13. I've never done an RNAV approach before, but isn't an ILS landing more automated? I know it depends on the airport, runway and what your plane is equipped with, but given that you had the choice to land via RNAV vs ILS. Which would you choose? Why would one choose one method over the other? Isn't an ILS approach the preferred method?
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