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  1. How does this compare to SoFly's weather presets?
  2. I heard from some that it's possible to with YourControls. Has anyone tried it with the latest version and can comment on whether it works well or not?
  3. How much for the complete package, and will it work with other airbusses or just the Fenix A320?
  4. I remember reading somewhere on here that there's a correct way to update this. Does anyone know?
  5. I thought the DLSS dll version 3.7 isn't officially out yet and was specifically for devs only and also for 4xxx RTX cards. How did you get it to work with your 3090? I am currently on DLSS dll v3.6. Did all you have to do was replace the 2 dll files with the newer v3.7 to get it to work?
  6. Yes I can most definitely see and feel a difference between 30 and 60fps in MSFS. Especially during take off and landing, and the movement of AI planes and traffic. It is a lot smoother.
  7. That's the main reason I switched back to TAA. Using DLAA I couldn't stand those blurry characters in the PFD/MFD etc of the cockpit.
  8. But I thought we need the latest version of both the dll files and the nvidia drivers in order for to get the best results?
  9. There's no nvngx_dllsg.dll 3.6 file. I am an RTX 3090 card owner so I have to use the FG hack. Without that file, will I still be able to use FG?
  10. Very nice! I love these city downtown addons!
  11. YES!!!!!! This is the plane I'm most excited about! Can't wait to fly this beast!
  12. Thank you also for your time and dedication into making MSFS run better! You and the likes of the other person with the sky color formula are a real gem for the community! It's always great to have people like you.
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