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  1. The other half was out tonight so I couldn’t resist installing it I think the graphical quality is slightly better in direct X 12 but it’s really difficult to tell it seems smooth as well but the frame rates are definitely down as I have the counter on in the toolkit at one point something flashed up in red about being CPU bound no idea what that meant so I reverted back to Direct X 11 frames rate are higher it just doesn’t seem quite as smooth but it might be my imagination However, the driver works well in Formula One as well which is my other guilty pleasure so leaving the latest driver installed for now
  2. Any one tried these yet ,does it improve dx12? I have not installed yet but hoping to this weekend 😎
  3. If you use the openxr toolkit it has a section where you can change settings such as vibrance contrast brightness etc etc. it also has two default sunglasses modes that you can use and a night mode. it takes a bit of tinkering but can definitely improve things
  4. Yes I’ve just found if I switch to TAA I get better instrument clarity thought this DLSS was supposed to be a super Nvidia thing for RTX cards? Shimmering gone on both with dx12 though which is good
  5. Quick instal 10 minute test, looking good. Changed to DX12 , DLSS. Instrument dials don't seem any clearer, but my Distance scenery shimmering has gone, and FPS increased. Looks promising. Installed the toolkit over existing instal, also tried a quick flight with the toolkit disabled my Quest did crash after a few minutes. closed link and reconnected and image came back Will do some more testing when more time, did not crash when the toolkit was running but only had a 10-minute test. If nothing it does give you a FPS counter which is useful.
  6. Great looks like just been released. Quick instal 10 minute test, looking good. Changed to DX12 , DLSS. Instrument dials dont seem any clearer but my Distance scenery shimmering has gone, and FPS increased. Looks promising
  7. Glad I could help. It was on a MSFS toolkit forum. I found it via Google after reading in a avsim post about SU 10 and VR Is their much improvement using dx 12 without the toolkit and DLSS ? I believe in about a week to 10 days the toolkit has a new version coming out which will be DX 12 compatible
  8. Only thing I can say is like you I am on quest 2 and link I don’t have a key mapped to vr I switch to it via options . Today I installed su10 and seems ok, but I am using 51694 nvidia driver .(game ready) are you using dx12 and the openxr toolkit as I believe that can cause crashes until a new release for the toolkit comes out in a week or so.? I use dx11 with the older driver and is working ok. I would like to try dx 12. dlss seems to have reduced shimmering now. may be worth removing that driver and try 516.94 to see if that is the reason ?
  9. Had a quick tinker and I can't tell should I now use the Nvidia DLSS setting rather than TAA as I have a 3080RTX? My Nvidia driver is, which I had to instal to get F1 2022 to work. I read that there is a new one coming out. Have not really noticed any graphic improvement. There is also a setting called reprojection, should that be on or off? Had a few instances of the Headset crashing but MSFS still running? Just when I stopped messing with settings new options come out....argggggg Any one recommend anything? I am using DX 11 and the Open XR toolkit Here we go again more tinkering than flying ;-(
  10. Isn’t the Oculus official cable a usb C ,? I use a C by Kiwi Design and it’s always been very good . Have you done the speed test in the oculus app to see how the cables are performing ? I do get occasional crashes in the headset but I suspect that may be caused by Realtek sound river now and then but can’t prove that and the odd “ wavy “ Image now and again but normally a restart of the headset sorts
  11. This sort of area interests me rather more challenging than the uk. I have the Just flight Piper Arrow and the Warrier and on Friday picked up the Milviz 310. Are these suitable for these type of airstrips in real life ( Especially the 310) ? Thanks
  12. Just picked it up in the Marketplace. Fired it up to check installed ok. Have to agree in VR its VERY impressive. Instrument clarity a LOT better than a lot of my other aircraft. Going to have some fun in this one with all the realism and failures turned on 😉
  13. Brilliant thanks for the quick reply 😎👍
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