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  1. Did the install all fine. Rebooted etc. did a few missions but could only have full speed or no speed. changed the controller profile settings great fine control of throttle BUT now every time I go back to main menu I get a locked up “spinning circle” and have to ctrl alt delete and end task . Uninstalled Dune expansion problem fixed. Was good fun while I had it but having to ctrl alt delete after every flight would just do my head in. shame 😢
  2. Anyone having trouble with power settings? I can only get 100% on or off Using RB and A and B. Have mapped throttle up to A , and less power to B but they do nothing? RB and A sends me to 100% power straight away. Also tried mapping to keys no response from them either? Is it me?
  3. Yep I have reverted back to it as it allows me to use the open xr toolkit which I cannot get to work in steam link
  4. Have been trying to compare the two buts it’s long winded having to keep switching the runtime selected back and forth. It appears to me that the Link cable may be a tad smoother. However it’s difficult to actually confirm, but to me the overall image outside the aircraft just seems to be better in steam link? anyone care to share their experiences? run on a quest 2 with a 3080rtx
  5. Brilliant thanks Redge. What do you think of it? I fly in VR. Thanks for your feedback
  6. Occasionally I like to jump into a quick flight without going through all the procedure of clearing my desk, connecting up my yoke so just use a gamepad. Its great for this except the joystick does react VERY quickly, especially in GA coming into land at low speed. Is it possible to alter this at all? I have gone into controller settings and cant see any options to alter the sensitivity? Any tips appreciated
  7. Shame this was on my list for when my Saitek finally fails. Can’t justify buying at the moment but if anyone else is considering Them AEROSOFT seem to be selling them with a discount at the moment
  8. Hi looking for feedback as a possible purchase. does anyone use one of these with the A2A Comanche and how well does it work with accusim? As I find I only fly with this now many thankss
  9. Just read this option is now available for the stream link in oculus to make it look better ? how do you turn it on? Is it in the app in the headset or is it an option in the steam program on the pc. im so confused ! Steam link does seem very good at the moment though
  10. “I was able to run at 1.2 pixel density”. Can I just ask is that in the occulus software same place you also set the refresh rate ? many thanks
  11. Thanks but no idea where this order is ? Still can’t get the toolkit to work with steam link 🥲
  12. Would love to her from any one with a Rtx 3080 card who has upgraded from a quest 2 to a quest 3 as to what they think as I heard it needs a 40 card for best results is it a “wow” upgrade.? still on the fence , takes me a long time to decide to replace a working piece of kit. Any feedback from users appreciated
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