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  1. Makes no difference to my frame rates but I'm GPU limited. Must be related to the CPU.
  2. I prefer Bing maps...less hassle, less issues, and the imagery seems just as good in most places with better color correction. It might be useful if you fly in one area a lot where Google is noticeably better, but in general I'd forget about.
  3. Same...I get some menu flash briefly at me in VR. . I'd prefer the logbook popup than this current implementation
  4. Didn't noticed nothing like that where I was flying in Australia last night
  5. Lets hope so...time to give the southern hemisphere some love.
  6. exiting and then trying to enter VR causes sim to crash
  7. Was working at YSSY, now clear skys. Its definitely overcast here in real life
  8. Hey guys, I've been working on a massive update to this for the last 3 months that involves an in-game panel. Looking for a couple of testers who might be interested in testing it out for me. If your interested, send me a PM and Ill get in touch.
  9. I was flying online with a buddy and I couldn't see him either on the traffic display.
  10. Not everyone lands at a large airport with ATIS. Pretty standard for my local airport is to overfly the airport 500ft above pattern altitude and look at the windsock. Very hard to do that in MSFS.
  11. This is not what to do https://youtu.be/1xjJuWkSUGA
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