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  1. Update version 1.2 -added all the new Points of Interest and airports from the new USA update. Currently developing new functionality that will allow use to share and explore other users flight plans Now, back to checking out the new USA update 🙂
  2. Awesome! That's exciting news. And my G2 is coming today. Good times ahead my friend.
  3. I loved that plane. My second favourite flight Sim plane after the Realair lancair legacy. I would love to have these in msfs but I think it's unlikely.
  4. From what I've heard they haven't been given any latitude to fix the longitude 😁
  5. This looks awesome! I'd also like to know how it compares to default...especially after the North American update coming out soon.
  6. Thanks to everybody who have checked this out over the last few days and provided feedback. Over the last few days the community has added 63 new awesome places to explore! Update version 1.1 Based on some user feedback I’ve added some extra functionality to the app: -you can now search for an individual point of interest (see map search input box) -you can now name the flight plan before exporting it. -users who have an account can update the location of their created POIs (before you could only update the name and description) More functionality coming over the next few weeks 🙂
  7. It's a combination of both. There are a lot of POIs added because they are very famous and we'll known. I haven't explored all of them... yet, so I don't know what their MSFS representation is like. There are also a lot of POIs I've added based off user screenshots from the in game MSFS. There is also a rating system, so please rate the good and bad POIs. The ones that get rate the worst I'll probably remove them from the web app. Regardless, long term with what adobo is doing and along with the mod community, most of these locations will be pretty representative of their real world locations...and worth exploring.
  8. That's awesome... Thanks for adding this. I'll check it out
  9. A lot of it was from Wikipedia and other forum posts when some talks about a cool location they have been to and then entering it in manually
  10. My pleasure. I hope some of you find it as useful as I do.
  11. Start with the top ten rated by the community listed at the bottom of the web page 😉
  12. I love flying … have my entire life. But what I really love is exploring this amazing world of ours. As a recreational pilot, having the opportunity to take-off and leave all of the world’s problems behind and go exploring my local area is the highlight of my week. Now, with MSFS, having the ability to authentically explore the entire world is a dream come true. For the last couple of months, trapped at home due to COVID, I’ve taught myself web development and built myself a web application I call Flight Sim Discovery. I’ve found it really useful, and so I thought I’d share it and give back to the community that has given me so much over the last couple of decades. So, if you love flying, and really love exploring this amazing planet of ours, then check out Flight Sim Discovery. Flight Sim Discovery is a free, community-based web application that allows you to find places to visit and explore in the world of flight simulation. From the most scenic airports in the world and bush strips, to mind-blowing geological landscapes and towering volcanoes, there are currently over 1500 places to explore and growing - including MSFS photogrammetry cities and POIs. If you’re intrigued, check out the intro video I made, or the visit the website directly and start exploring: Intro video (~3 min): https://youtu.be/ubROPYjHJhU Website: https://www.flightsimdiscovery.com About Flight Sim Discovery Flight Sim Discovery is easy to use. Browse the map, or search for points of interest (POIs) based on category, region, country and rating. Create a flight plan by adding one or more points of interest and export to your computer. Start-up Microsoft Flight simulation, load up the flight plan and away you go! If you like, you can also create an account which allows you to create your own POI's to keep private or share with the community. Click 'Create POI' in the menu or 'right-click' on the map. With an account, you can also like, rate, 'mark as visited' any other community POI. Have fun exploring this amazing planet of ours! Richard, flying out of Australia
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