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  1. Hi Umberto. Will you add cleaning service to the list of available services during turnaround? I could imagine a service vehicle/van parking at the aft steps. Thank you! Bye Jan
  2. Jan Urban

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    Hello all. I have or had the same problem. I changed my graphics card from a GTX980 to a Geforce 1080ti Extreme Core from Zotac. When I run it with the stock overclock I get the DXGI hung error very often. Now I reduced the clock speeds, both memory and core by around 55 and the DXGI error rarely happens. The only time I get the DXGI hung error now is when I fly with the PMDG 777 for a longhaul flight and it gets dark. Last time it happend after 5 hours into a flight from EDDF to VTBS. Otherwise I also tried nearly everything that is suggested in the various forums, but nothing 100% cures this problem. Proably I will open a warranty case and return the card. Thanks & bye Jan
  3. Very nice, thanks for making it. Keep going 🙂 Looking forward to this airport. Bye Jan
  4. Its available here: http://avsimrus.com/files.phtml?uploader=60779 (three sets) On the old website it was available as single set "Sky mix". But all of them are really nice and natural looking. Bye Jan
  5. I can confirm this. I disabled ENVTEX for the sky textures and now use the Set "Sky Mix". The sky color for my taste is now perfect. It has a nice gradient transition of the white color at the bottom to more blue at the top. A bit hard to describe but I would really recommend everyone to try them. Bye Jan
  6. Hello all. Many thanks for the help. Now it is working again. I did not change anything from my side and did exactly the same steps. So all ok and good 🙂 Have a good weekend everyone. bye Jan
  7. Hi all, many thanks for your help, it is still not working. The issue might be related to my account, but I am not sure. I cleared the cache, rebooted, loged out and looged in and used two different browsers as I already mentioned in my initial post (Chrome and Firefox). 1. Start Chrome 2. Select "New inkognito window" 3. Open PDMG website and login with my account 4. Choose the 737NGX addon for P3D incl. typing in YES to confirm its for P3D 5. Item is moved to the shopping cart 6. I click the shopping cart and see the item in the shopping cart 7. I now click "Checkout" 8. After I have done this I get the message "Your cart is empty. Continue Shopping" Could it be something related to my session or account on your website? I am buying stuff online everyday and also work myself in an environment where I test websites. So its not a newbie unknow user thing, I just cant purchase. Maybe you can look into this matter again and I will try using the EDGE browser and see if it works. Could still be some odd failure/issue on my side. But maybe I am helping you to continue selling stuff as maybe other users are affected from this problem aswell. Many thanks. Bye Jan P.S. Just tested the EDGE browser and have the same problem. Its some weired issue with not staying logged in as it seems. If I go the the product page of the NGX I see at the top "Register/Login" even though I have logged in already...
  8. Hello PMDG team, today I wanted to buy the 737NGX base package for Prepar3d but fail to do so. I am looged into my account, put the item I want to buy into the shopping card and click "checkout". Everytime I do that, my shopping cart is emptied automatically and I cannot make the purchase. Message: "Your cart is empty. Continue Shopping" I tried Chrome and Firefox, all up to date and latest version. I also tried private mode (without cookies and empty cache). Nothing helped, I cannot make the purchase. Please let me know if it is a problem from your side, or if I can do anything about it. I finally want to fly the 737 in Prepar3d again. I had it for FSX and I really liked it :) Many thanks in advance. Bye Jan Urban (EDDL)