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  1. Sorry for the dumb question but I can't find this option in Flight Model section--can someone direct me to where it is?
  2. Did they fix the issue with the manifold pressure wavering above 10,000'?
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by push and maintain. However, the nose up trim works fine with the plane parked (or flying) and without any manipulation of the yoke. The nose down trim, under the same circumstances, does not work at all anymore.
  4. Anyone notice this happening? It happened before I updated to PMDG's latest version but it persists after the new installation too. I've tried assigning nose down trim to something else but nothing budges it. Nose up still works as always.
  5. This is a bug that PMDG needs to fix. I can tell you from direct experience that you can stand on the brakes after landing and it won't blow a tire.
  6. Hmm, yes, that function will set the autothrottles for a GA but what I'm looking for is a setting that will reset the Flight Director to GA (for missed approaches).
  7. For some reason, I can't find the correct parameter to assign a key to the TOGA function. Anyone know what it is?
  8. When are they going to fix the wobbly manifold pressure above 10,000'?
  9. Not to go off topic, but is it true the REX weather system cures the issue or perpetual winter in the northern latitudes? By that, I mean using live weather.
  10. Thank you so much, Bad_T! Kudos! Now if someone can just give SE AK some real seasons!
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