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  1. Seems you have to switch the switch-mode from "locked" to "legacy" to access the panels. A friend who bought the Vulcan told me yesterday...
  2. How fast is your RAM? i use 3200 DDR4 (via XMP Profile)
  3. I have stutters and temporary freezes when i fly low and with enabled photogrammetry (the reason why PG is deactivated). I have currently no other issues. DX11, 4K Resolution, G-Sync, but my GPU has 50% more RAM than yours. Maybe...? Gust Guessing.
  4. 8GB 2080 with 4K? Wow, optimistic. Maybe GPU memory is full and the short freezes happen when memory is emptied and re-filled?
  5. I will further investigate. Thanks for your support, Alvega! 😎
  6. When ever i edit the Panel.CFG, the screen are blank white.
  7. 1) Because i want GNS 530 in my Steam Gauge Aircraft. 2) Because i have this nice little hardware gadget https://www.octavi.net/. This lets me use the GNS 530 like im sitting in the cockpit.
  8. I never had any GNS Mods, only the official WT Updates from the content manager. I dont find the failure. Carenado C182RG Carenado C337 Carenado PA28 Carenado PA34 All of them - simple GPS, not the upraded WT ones.
  9. I have the same problem. All my Carenados use a somehow simplified GNS 530. I have both installed in the Content Manager (the 1.1.4 and the 1.1.7). When i change "AS530" to "WT530" in the PANEL.CFG, i only see a white screen. What can i do to use the current WT GNS in my Carenados?
  10. So the Tablet does not free us fully from the simbrief downloader. then i can stay with using it for the route as well. 😆
  11. And how do we get the Simbrief Wind Data into the PMDG 737? The only way is still the Simbrief Downloader, right?
  12. We know, development time by PMDG means time in astronomical dimensions. But thats OK, next week we have a tablet to make some imports and takeoff calculations. thats basically the only thing I am missing for the 737. I am sure, with the next updates, release ofproducts etc there will be smaller functional updates to the tablet. I would say, let them establish the tablets now, and when the flightsim world knows them better, there will be 3rd party functions and other stuff added over time.
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