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  1. This is for true the best entry here in AVSIM in the past years. Full agree. Learn to enjoy what you have.
  2. Thank you, have seen all the reviews, but im asking for feedback of the current version 1.4 after WU6.
  3. Dear virtual Pilots, whats the current stat of the Carenado C182? Any bugs open? I like flying with the Piper Warrior, but i want to be a little faster and a high-winged machine is better for sight-seeing. Thanks for your opinions.
  4. Cool, basically my hometown airport (coming from Zweibrücken)... Maybe you can make EDRZ as well? Will buy it!
  5. For me, the 32er StreamDeck is also high on my wishlist. Only for MSFS and DCS.
  6. I dont get the point. What do you want to say? "Why Logitech AP work much better than MSFS default planes" a) Logitech has no Autopilot, its an Hardware Supplier. b) If you talk about the Logitech G Flight Panels, then again, its a piece of hardware, it is not an aircraft which could be compared to the MSFS default planes. c) If you control the (MSFS default) aircrafts autopilot with the Logitech Panels, then why should it be working better with the Panel, compared to clicking the AP functions in the virtual cockpit? "Working better" means for me, you can do things, that wont work in the virtual cockpit. Or do you simply mean, its easier to handle? or easy to install? 🤔
  7. Why should i stay on an old version? Automatic online updates are the best invention since the invention of the computer! 🙃
  8. Switzerland has many old snowy wintertextures...the whole year.
  9. Can you install other games on that drive? test it. You can install on any drive with Steam. has nothing to do with the MSFS.
  10. I have the impression, Carenado uses MSFS to improve their product care (compared to the old times with FSX and P3D. Still not on level with some other companies, but improving.
  11. Im flying the Carenado Arrow and i love it 🥰
  12. I do not link my love to aircraft to the configuration of their landing gear.
  13. Some times i think some flight sim guys need a break. Really what? Just look at some other airports. No reason for panic becase the layout of ONE european airport does not fit your expectations. Dscheeeeesus!
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