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  1. Paladin2005

    Strange lights

    Hello all, the Lear 35 from Flysimware is my absolute favorite, i fly this bird hours and hours. But only by daylight, because at night, i have such strange lights: Has anybody an idea, why it looks like this? P3D v4.5 ORBX global stuff AS16 Thanks for some hints, Jan
  2. Hi Thomas, as Joystick, the Thrustmaster T.16000 has two advantages: - Contactless HALL Sensors (they will never wear) - can be configured for left and right hand. As a Throttle unit, i would take the Logitech/Saitek Throttle Quadrant.
  3. Paladin2005

    What are your addons that you value most?

    Aircraft Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended Flysimware Lear 35A A2A C182 Utilities LittleNavMap AS16 + ASCA UT Live Airport/Scenery ORBX Germany Aerosoft LSZH + EDDS + EDNY Textures ORBX Global + Vector + Landclass
  4. Hallo Peter, du startest nur AS16, bevor du den P3D/FSX startest. In den AS16 Einstellungen sollte dann das entsprechende Texturenset (oder "automatisch") ausgewählt sein. Im P3D/FSX stellst du das Wetter auf AS16. Mehr musst du nicht machen.
  5. Paladin2005

    Does anyone use Track IR anymore ?

    I am using TrackIR 5 since the release of version 5, from the Cessna over the Airbus to the Fighter Jet. In P3D (former FSX), DCS, Falcon BMS, IL2 Sturmovik 46 and BoX, Wings over Flanders Fields, European Truck Simulator and so on... I would never play again any Simulation without it. Invest the time to get used to it - its really a good Input Device that enriches the immersion. Regards, Jan
  6. Paladin2005

    A few questions regarding addons from a newbie

    Hi Peter, you can continue to use FS Global 2010 with P3D - works fine! Just install it anywhere (because there is no P3D installer) and then add the areas in the scenery library manually.
  7. Paladin2005

    P3Dv4 aircraft recommendations

    I recommend the FlySimWare Learjet 35A. Perfect for short-middle flights.
  8. Paladin2005

    I can't access my NGX manuals

    Same Problem here. I bought the NGX some Weeks ago. But the files are not in the PMDG folger, simply missing. Only the tutorials. I opened a ticket but the response was, 747 has now higher priority. Nothing heard since then. Thats sad, because a noobie like me needs these docs.