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  1. I guess best option is to fly around on Bing maps.
  2. We will find out if CPU or GPU are more important when we all have the FS20 on our harddisks...
  3. Dont you use Windows 10? Then you should already have an MS account.
  4. Lets wait for the release and then we will experience the stability. What answers are you expecting?
  5. I would say the main forum stays for the hysteric, useless threats that are bombed down on us every 30 sec (roughly estimated). Then i need 1 subforum for serious discussions on technical issues. Then i need 1 subforum maybe for travel advices, something like a FS20 trip advisor with hints to nice places to be visited by air. Then i need 1 subforum for aircraft. then i need 1 subforum for scenery addons. just my 2 cents.
  6. In steam you have full access to all game files as in every other game and in FSX and P3D. In the MS Store, they are encrypted and somehow invisible. I was never able to locate the files of Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 4. Could be relevant when we start to finetune CFGs and other files. But maybe someone found a solution to access the files from the MS Store.
  7. Now THAT was some serious needed information for all of us! Thank you! Useless hysteric thread +1
  8. There are many more of them already on page 1 of this forum 🤪
  9. You are right, its looking terrible compared to the good old FSX times:
  10. You mean we are too friendly to each other? I like such discussions when emotions cook up. 🤪 Especially in this really heaten up atmosphere of freaks and normalos when expectations of different levels explode together. 💣
  11. What is the advantage of calling a game early access or not?
  12. Lets just hope the same is valid for post #1.
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