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  1. Nvidia gaming drivers are not ready yet for DX12. Take the studio driver or wait for the updated gaming drivers.
  2. That explains the fact very well. 😃 I thought somebody in the forum was saying there were some performance updates on the Fenix. 🤪 (did not read the whole change log)
  3. I find the performance has not improved. Still stuttering when i approach LSZH (and butter in the PMDG).
  4. The PMDG 737-700 (and the others as well i guess) is in my opinion a really, really good addon aircraft. I am more an Airbus guy (i fly the Fenix as well), but making the same flight with a Fenix and with a 737, its for me personally more fun with the 737 because it feels more like flying. The fenix feels like you are flying a spacecraft on rails. The fly-by-wife simulation somehow "decouples" me from the feeling for the aircraft. Maybe this is the flybywire system at all, maybe its the flight model, i dont know. The only thing i am missing a little bit is the EFB in the 737 which is very comfortable. I hope, PMDG continues to bring good aircraft, i also hope they will reach the current state-of-the-art with EFBs like other companies do.
  5. Very interesting, thank you somiller. I also found a difference to my approach: My target alt in the autopilot was 4000 ft @ Unser. You have set directly to 2400 ft, so the aircraft descents further at UNSER.
  6. flyingpauls, i see the solution on the right screen: Your flightpath is different than the one i had in my Airbus. It was going from LBU direct to UNSER, without the wide curve. The aircraft then turns short before UNSER to the ILS (and is within seconds over the G/S). Then it just holds the altitude. In other words, im coming from roughly 000 degrees and turn to the runway at UNSER. thats a too hard angle. I realized it now. Thanks for that video!! 💕 Now i need to find, why my waypoints are not the same as i see it in your Airbus.
  7. Yes, sorry, did forget to answer your question. Everything assisted is off.
  8. At what point/time did you engage the APP mode? I still have the feeling my fault lies in the timing of things.
  9. Hi Bob, thanks for trying and reporting. EDDS is the recently updated "vanilla EDDS" from Asobo. DId you fly completely managed from LBU direct to approach ILS25?
  10. @andreh i will try again in the 737 and look specifically for that.
  11. The approach mode in the Airbus is on, yes. Yes, pressures where right. I have flown the approach no at least 8 times with both aircraft, always the same effect. Is it correct that in both aircraft, the final approach / autoland only starts when i approach the glideslope from below, else the aircraft stays on the 4000 fts? That would be the only reason why both aircraft stay on their altitude, because i am already too high at UNSER with 4000 fts.
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