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  1. I would bring it down to 120Hz instead of 144Hz (i did the same). This way, refreshrate of the monitor is 120Hz and then VSync is either 120, 60, 30 or 15. This coops nicely with the pull rate of TIR. You then need to cap your FPS to one of these values, i use 30 in MSFS but 60 in other flightsims because i can't maintain 60 all the time in MSFS. If you leave it on 144Hz, Vsync values are 144, 72, 36, 18. These values don't match the pull rate of TIR causing slight stutter on fast moving terrain most noticable when looking sideways because there you really see the motion.
  2. It depends also if you run TrackIR. TrackIR (4 and 5) has a pull rate of 120Hz. If this (or a half divisions like 60 or 30) doesn't match the refreshrate of your monitor and your FPS isn't locked to those values, you can have stutters on fast moving terrain/objects like when looking sideways (looking forward generally isn't a problem). If you set your monitor to 144Hz the divisions don't match those of TrackIR causing slight stutter. Therefore I run my 144Hz monitor at 120Hz. In game i set FPS to 30 and VSync on.
  3. They are already on 471.11 these days... One thing that pops up for if you're a Steam VR user: [Steam VR game]: Stuttering and lagging occur upon launching a game while any GPU hardware monitoring tool is running in the background.
  4. I agree on that, you only know this when you know how it is in real life. Same for the surrounding streets but before the adding of the cathedral the surrounding streets looked fine and one could orientate by looking at them. Now it's like... where the hell am i. Adding of the cathedral messed up the surrounding streets too.
  5. Sometimes things can get messed up. The BeNeLux by Asobo update added quite few buildings but sometimes they are orientated wrong and this can then mess up the entire surrounding streets (Antwerp/Belgium around the cathedral is a nice example). Since probably no one in the Asobo team has ever visited this place, what do they care....
  6. Oculus Rift S here, no need for SteamVR nor OpenXR (and a lot less hassle to get everything going).
  7. Really? What does a post count say about someones experience in any subject, flightsim or other? I can tell you... nothing!! Comments like that are just one load of c r a p. Maybe to get your post count up?
  8. Mmm, how? Because Googling Oculus software sticky windows didn't reveal much (as in nothing) usefull or even to the point. Oculus software itself doesn't seem to include an option either.
  9. I had the same after the previous update (3). No way to make the sim connect. No marketplace, default scenery everywhere. Just as you i could't find a solution. In the end, i uninstalled en re-installed. Since then no problem.
  10. I find all these different update location more then confusing. Why not a single one where everything is joined together?
  11. Update went through the Windows Store this time. I just wonder why sometimes through the Store, sometimes directly from within the game when it launches. Why not just through the game the moment it launches? Why?
  12. It did but it introduced others. There are lot more (computer generated) church towers visible right now, they destroy the city view. Also, in Antwerp, the Groenplaats (which is a open space) has now turned into a (computer generated) building... LOL.
  13. Ah, no, i did not... will probably do the trick? (personnaly, i find all these different update options more then confusing).
  14. Updated to (France + Benelux) which added a bit of extra "landmarks". However, i'm unable to see them in full glory. They are just regular computed buildings instead of handcrafted. Example: MAS (Museum Aan de Stroom) in Antwerp should look this (screenshot from MSFS announcement): However, it looks like this (ingame screenshot) Same goes for other new handcrafted stuff. Rolling Cache is OFF, in Data settings: Online Functionality is ON, Bing Data World Graphics is ON, Photogrammetry is ON etc... so it should work but it's not. Idea's are welcome.
  15. Yeah, your AV saw that file as potentional virus. 99,99% is just a false positive. But it quarantined or deleted it, preventing MSFS to run. Happens on a regular basis with different AV's too (and not only MSFS). If the file (or files) were deleted by the AV, only a re-install will help. I would whitelist the whole MSFS installation to prevent your AV from accidentally detecting false positives and delete good stuff.
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