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  1. Lange_666

    FSX & Vista 64 Trouble Trouble Trouble...

    >FSX will run without problems if none of the sceneries addons>are installed however whenever I install either one>- FSX doesn't only crash to desktop - it crashes Vista.If FSX runs without any problem without the scenery addons and does crash with the extra scenery installed, you have found your problem. You can be sure it's not hardware related.Something in the scenery add-ons makes either your FSX or Vista crash. A search on either of the add-ons might bring up some results...?
  2. Lange_666

    FSX Real Weather

    Had the same problem, which disappeared after a complete un-install, reformat, install sequence.I always used real weather but not updated because i didn't like the screenflash which occurs every minute or so.At a given moment in history, rainy weather was downloaded for EBBR (Zaventem/Brussels, Belgium). At that moment it was the correct weather but it kept raining every time i started a flight out of EBBR even when the weather was sunny.If i changed from real weather static to real weather updated everything was fine again but when i swithed back to real weather static, data was loaded again but the weather always switched back to rain.My AVSIM topic about it:
  3. >Hey guys,>>The new beta drivers they've just released have the FS issues>that have been discussed here and on Nzone listed as known now>in the release notes. This means they're aware of them and>hopefully will be fixing them in a later driver.Downloaded the new driver (XP 32-bit) but can you give a link to these release notes? Did find only Vista release notes and nothing about FS at all. Just want to look at them before installing.
  4. Lange_666

    a performance observation...

    >A program like FSX may leave memory and virtual memory in a>mess when it exits.I doubt that because when i do, i notice that FSX loads a lot faster the second time (completely quicting to desktop before the re-load) so parts of it must still be in memory (same happens in Lock On).I also noticed the same effect (lower FPS the next startup) but it mostly settles back to normal after a wait.On the other hand, if i exit out of a flight but stay in FSX and then re-load the same flight again, 50% chance that i end up with an error which needs to be send to MS and the question of restarting FSX yes or no. Again then there is a 50% chance that the next load works fine or comes with the same error again. Think it has somehow something to do with the latest version of FSUIPC4 but i'm not certain. But since that's the only thing i added upon a clean install of FSX and SP1...?
  5. Lange_666

    Controls locked (throttle + yoke).

    Found it!For some reason my controls were disabled in the controller setup screen. How this is/was possible i still have to find out.
  6. Currently flying the B-737-800 from Puebla in Mexico to Cancun, also in Mexico.For this flight i used the autopilot a lot but i'm about to turn onto finals so i disengaged the auto-pilot and the auto-throttle but i have no controls over either throttle or yoke. The airplane keeps decending until it re-acts all by itself and start quite a steep climb to prevent a crach.This makes me think that the auto-pilot is still engaged although the the AP light's are all off. Engaging the AP and then disengaging again does not help.Anyone any clue's on what to do?
  7. Lange_666

    Night time in FSX

    Could you post a screenshot?
  8. Lange_666

    This is weird......!

    I don't think it's a graphics driver problem and when it is, it's on the FSX side because i had it with an ATI card and now have it with an nVidia (for which i already used more then a few drivers).You can provoke this by simply calling the task-manager and then trying to go back to FSX. It will almost every time stay minimised, whatever runs in the background.But next time i'll have to "switch" for some reason, i'll try the windowed mode and see if this makes any difference. Up until now i always ran in full screen mode.
  9. Lange_666

    FSX SP1 Stutters - Am I screwed?

    >I've never seen much mention of it, but something that causes>stutters are the ATC announcements. That's one possible cause of stutters. Everytime a new sound is being loaded into memory, you'll see a stutter.Same happens when you set anti-virus software to check every file when it opens (or get's written to or when a new file is created). Anti-virus should be set to only check incoming mail and downloads, nothing else.Another cause can be loading of scenery. But witt all sliders to the left, this will not be the problem.Do you have HD access when you see a stutter? If yes, then writing to or reading from the HD can cause the problem.Do you have much unnessecary tasks/services running in the background? Shut them down.
  10. Lange_666


    Comming back onto the anti-virus thingy... Every anti-virus, when set to max protect (or near max) will cause trouble (read stutter or slow a PC) because in most cases, they control every file created, opened, downloaded etc... and this everytime, even if a file is re-accessed which had been open moments ago, most anti-virus software on normal setting will check that file again.Best setting is: do your own checks on what is allowed when and where on your computer, then for the rest let anti-virus check incomming e-mail and downloaded files. All the rest should be turned off!!When you start simming, turn off everything which you don't need, including anti-virus. Then turn back on when you're done.Worst setting is. All at max for max protection. It will turn your computer into a turttle causing stu.stut...stutt...stutterrrr...
  11. Lange_666

    Full Screen AA inside FSX not working :(

    And set the Negative LOD Bias to "clamp" instead of "allow".
  12. Lange_666

    2d cockpit goes white momentarily

    >I just discovered I'm having the same problem. Has anybody>found a solution to this yet? >Thanks...DonnA nice example of crossreading. This is prove you "can" miss the most important part of the entire topic... LOL.
  13. Lange_666

    Finding actual runway heading

    >You can use the map view under the World menu. Click on the>destination airport and it will list all of the runways,>specify which have ILS, and the exact dirction of the>localizer.If you don't want to do this in flight, you can do the same while in the flightplanner before your flight. Once the flightplan has been generated, click on the destination airport, zoom it in and then click on one of the runways. A new screen will open, select the airport and you'll get a complete list of all airport frequency's, runways, ILS (if any) and if they have an ILS, you'll also get the correct heading. This can then be printed and you have everything you need at hand while landing.
  14. Then just tell me how it's possible to deliver a so-called ingame movie if no current PC can match the performance you see in some video's? Lock-On video's were a nice example a few years back.