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  1. What kind of sim settings are you using with all default arlink settings?
  2. Hi everyone. I have decided to try running MSFS with Virtual Desktop. I would like guidance on what needs to be set up, what steps and in what order to execute to set up a run. I have Virtual Desktop installed in the Q2, I have the VD utility installed on the PC. I can successfully connect to the PC and see the desktop. What I am interested in is: 1. Steam VR setting to use? 2. Should I use the standard Steam OpenXR or a third party OpenXR? 2. VD settings to start out with for Q2 VR (high end gaming PC, i9-10900, ASUS 3090, 32GB RAM, M.2 drives)? 3. The order to do things (I have had issues figuring out exactly how to get MSFS up in VR using VD)? I know there are varying opinions as to whether Link, AirLink, or VD is the best way to run MSFS VR so I want to try VD for myself. While getting the basic VD set up has not been hard, getting MSFS up and running in VR has been difficult. Obviously I cannot test it and tweak settings if I can't even get it running correctly under VD. Please help a newbit to VD and VR....... thanks so much ........... Rob
  3. Thanks so much for the guidance. I have tried to follow it and the technical result is as you said; I got the sim to maintain over 30 FPS (almost 40), then I set ASW to 30 and saw 27.5 in the HUD monito,r like you said I would. However, while the cockpit image is not particularly shakey/jittery (although not that clear either), the outside ground terrain is stil pretty jittery and the landscape seems like it's always being painted as I arrive to an area. Can you offer any more insights to help guide me with this? Thanks so much!
  4. Hi everyone. Believe me I know there is no magic bullet for configuring Windows, Oculus app, Oculus Tray Tool, and MSFS for VR performance. I know it takes time and patience to get the right combination of options to achieve satisfactory performance. I have read dozens of forum threads and have watched dozens of YouTube videos about it; but I am just not getting anywhere. Let me tell you what I am working with: Intel i9-10900 overclocked toi 5.2ghz Asus GEFORCE RTX 3090 32GB of 3200 RAM 2 M.2 drives and 4 SATA SSD's Oculus Quest 2 Game Mode OFF, HAPS OFF, MSFS .exe file set to HIGH priority, Nvidia Control Panel settings set for best performance What do I consider my issues: 1. Everything outside the plane is always jittering, no matter how low I set everything 2. I have a really hard time reading the instruments, even in a Cessna 152 (yes I have Reloptix lenses in the headset) 3. Even text on the screen, in VR, seems all jittery. All of my testing is being done using Oculus AirLink. Now I don't expect anyone to give me a magic formula. But I spent a lot of time and money building my PC and I feel I must be doing something very wrong in my methodology, to be having such crappy results with such good hardware. What I'm hoping is that maybe someone can point me to an article or a video that is known to be very informative to help someone new to develop a working VR configuration. I just don't seem to know where to start and how to progress towards success. There are so many components (Oculus app, OTT, MSFS, etc). I have a very good internet network at home, WiFi 6 mesh router in the room with me, hardwired to the main router in another room, PC hardwired to the mesh router, Quest 2 connected to dedicated WiFi channel. I don't want to be spoonfed answers (although it would be great LOL). I want to be pointed in a direction to learn where to start; what to do first, what to configure first, anything that I can read/watch to help me see how to get the most out oif this expensive gaming PC I built. It's particularly frustrating for me because I am actually a retired computer specialist and I thought it would be easy to figure this stuff out. But I have to admit I am lost and in need of guidance. Please someone give me some guidance. All help will be so greatly appreciated. And if any if you gurus happen to live in Las Vegas, I would even poay foir hands on help (figured I'd throw that out). Thanks in advance, Rob
  5. Hi all. I have been working hours every day for about 5 days now reading every article and watching every video about getting good performance in VR with a Quest 2. I finally reached the point where my scenery is not stuttering and the clarity of things seems acceptable. So I moved onto starting the training sessions because I know almost nothing about actual flying LOL. But during those sessions, it seems that you have to keep pushing keys on the keyboard to use the session. Am I missing something? Is there a way to do the training sessions in VR? On a slightly different aspect of the training sessions, I get instructions that will say in order to do something press the xx key where it shows a letter in a box. However, I feel like when I press those keys on the keyboard, I don't see the intended action occur. I really need training so I am trying to learn how to make the most of those sessions so I can begin enjoyiung the sim mored. Thanks, Rob
  6. Thanks for the reply. I will try some of your settings. I have everything working now at least so I can try different settings. Cockpit is pretty clear but the ground is very jittery. Not really blurry, just not smooth.
  7. Hi everyone. I have a very powerful PC with the fastest Intel CPU and a 3090 overclocked GPU, etc, etc. I have a Quest 2 headset. I can use Oculus Link, Virtual Desktop, or AirLink to play any of my Oculus games on PC or any of my Steam PCVR games quite well, EXCEPT for MSFS. I have been struggling terribly to get a good configuration for using the Quest 2 with MSFS. I have watched numerous YouTube videos where people seem to be having great results with PC's even less powerful than mine. I have configured my system(s) following numerous articles without success. For example, one article says turn Game Mode on and HAPS on and another article/video says turn them both off. That's just one example. I would be sooo grateful if someone who is using a Quest 2 with MSFS on a beefy PC system could either give me instructions on the settings and steps to follow, or at least point me to some definitive article/video and they highly recommend I follow to get a proper experience using my Quest 2 with MSFS. Thanks in advance ............ Rob
  8. Hi folks. I have not tried to use MSFS for a while until today. I have downloaded and installed all available updates. I have a Quest 2 so I throught I would play around with using VR (this is NOT a VR thread). Once I got that going I tried to load the very first training exercise. The blue progress bar took almost 15 minutes to get to the end and the training exercise never started. Assuming it had something to do with VR, I shut down all VR stuff, shut down the VR headset, and opened MSFS in regular 2D mode. I went to the same training exercise and I have been waiting for over 15 minutes and the blue progress bar is still not done. I have the fastest Intel CPU available, a 3090 GPU, 32GB of RAM, water cooling, and all m.2 and SSD disks (6 of them). So I find it hard to believe it would be a computer resource issue. Can anyone shed some light on what might be going on here? More Info: The progress bar goes really fast about 80% of the way. Then it starts painfully crawling along for a ridiculous amount of time. Tried a discovery flight and it has the same problem; 80% of the way loading in 10 seconds and then even wen the progress bar finally gets to the end, after like 10-15 minutes, the session never opens. Even loading just a simple flight won't complete. Have restarted computer numerous times, didn't help. Don't want to uninstall and reinstall because of losing settings and other things. I checked the content manager and nothing is missing or in need if an update. I'm desparate here! Thanks, Rob
  9. Which thing, the Community folder item I mentioned of the notification item I mentioned ?
  10. After the latest update to MSFS on my system, wen I look at my content manager, it lists the items in my Community folder and says Not Installed. However, if I look on the system, I seem to be able to bring up the items. Can anyone explain why that would be? Thanks ........ Rob P.S. How come, even though I click Notify me of replies, I don't get anything? How does that work? What am I missing? Thanks again.
  11. Hi everyone. I am relatively new to MSFS and now I have an Oculus Question 2. I have managed to use Virtual Desktop with it so far. So here are some questions: 1. Can I use the link cable and run MSFS VR without Virtual Desktop? If so, what are the steps? 2. If I use Sidequest to change the resolution of the headset and then disconnect the cable, does that change stay active in the headset until the headset reboots? What about after a reboot? 3. I want to learn more about the Oculus Tray Tool. I have it installed but I need a good tutorial about using it, especially with MSFS. 4. Any links to the best Oculus Quest 2 / MSFS settings and performance tuning would be greatly appreciated. I know there are lots of YouTube videos out there about it but it's hard, without help, to know which ones are worth listening to. Thanks so much in advance for your help. I love this forum.
  12. I am confused about how the 'tours' work. I have been trying to use the new USA tour and it doesn't seem I have proper control of the aircraft. Is the tour supposed to run itself or should I have complete control of the plane? My second question is a stupid newbie question. I have absolutely no experience with flight simulators or flying at all. It seems the only way I can see anything outside is to use the outside view. When I am in cockpit view I can't get any view out the front window to see anything. Am I doing something wrong or is that just the way flying actually is? I feel like I need to be sitting up higher in the aircraft which it doesn't seem I can do with the sim. I sincerely appreciate any help, advice, guidance. Rob
  13. I really need help here folks. Let me be clear of what's happening. I get to the Press Any Key screen. I use the mouse to get past that. The next screen come up with the little rotating icon on the bottom right, but after about 3 or 4 seconds, that moving icon stops moving and that's the last I ever see anything change. No loading bar, no checking for updates screen, nothing, just the pre-loading screen with the rotating icon stuck and not moving. This is the steam version of the program. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a million times already. After a clean install it will open correctly one time. But the next time I try to open the program I get what I described above. I also have a license for the Microsoft store version so I installed that. That version would open and close correctly. The problem I had with that version was that my controller inputs would not be recognized. I would try to map buttons, etc on my CH Eclipse yoke and the MSFS would never recognize that I had pushed a button or turned an axis. I know I could manually select the controller numbers but let's face it, it's not supposed to work that way. If any of you can give me any insights I sure would appreciate them. Right now I can't use the program since it won't finish coming up properly. Thanks, Rob
  14. Yes, I can click and get it started but then its frozen with the loittle progress icon on the right just stuck. I don't get the Checking for Updates or anything. It just looks like it's going to load and then nothing.
  15. Hi folks. I had been using MSFS 2020 for a little while. Then the large update just went in the other day. Now the program won't finish coming up. I get the Hit Any Key To Start, or whatever that message says, and then the program never comes up. The little progress icon on the lower right stops moving at all and no matter how long I wait it won't come up. I am ok deleting the whole thing and starting over, except for one thing: I had a CH Products tech support person help me set up my controller profiles for the CH accessories I own. I don't want to lose those profiles. Is there a way to save the controller profiles, delete and reinstall the product from scratch, and then re-populate the profiles into the program? Thanks, Rob
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