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  1. Hi again folks. I am still very new to MSFS and everything that goes with it. When I am in VR I find that everything on the ground looks too bright and washed out. But I don't know how to fix that. Where do I go to control the general brightness of the headset image when trying to fly in VR? Truth be told I am getting so sick of trying to tune my system to use that I sometimes want to just ditch MSFS and go back to just playing native Quest 2 games. But I have too much invested in Honeycomb devices and addons to just give up. Thanks in advance for help.
  2. UPDATE: My problem was due to using the Open XR Toolkit with DX12. I was not aware that was a problem until this evening.
  3. That's amazing. After running all kinds of tests it seems to be that using the Open XR Toolkit is what is causing the problem. With the toolkit disabled I can use the new driver and DX12/DLSS and VR works fine. I didn't hear anyone in the forums talking about this issue. Did I just miss something?
  4. I know this is not the VR forum but I am just wondering if anyone else is having the problem today of immediate crash of the app when trying to switch to VR? I loaded the new nvidia driver. As far as I know that's the only change as I was already on the SU10 Beta.
  5. I have been in the SU10 Beta since the beginning with no real problems. Today I installled the new 517.nvidia driver and brought the system up. Now, every time I hit the keys to switch to VR mode, I get a brief "Loading' message and then the simulator crashes. Thoughts on what I should do? Thanks. I guess I should add that I am using a Quest 2 via Link cable.
  6. Hi folks. Earlier today I watched a video about programming controls in Spad.nExt. I noticed that one commentor indicated that everything done in that software can be done in FSUIPC. I am wondering if anyone is doing their controller setups in FSUIPC? I see many people talk about Spad.nExt and Axis and Ohs but I have never heard anyone mention programming their controllers in FSUIPC. Just wondering if anyone does that in this forum or any comments regarding its use for programming controllers.
  7. That's why I personally think that using PSXT and Real Traffic, a system that uses the AIG database, is a better solution for AI traffic.
  8. Well, after reading dozens of different threads in different forums, I read an article about setting Link settings in the Oculus Tray Tool or Oculus Debug tool. I tried a bunch of different settings and finally realized that while you set the encode bitrate when using AirLink, you don't do that when using a Link cable. Once I set new values for the encode bitrate and maximum bitrate, the background interference went away and now I am getting some of the best graphics I have been able to get so far. Still a lot of tuning to do but at least now I don't have the issue I had before and I can move on to setting Open XR Toolkit settings, Oculus Tray Tool settings, and in-sim settings to maximize graphics and performance.
  9. Yes the cable is USB-C. I tried both USB-C ports on my motherboard and Oculus said they were really USB-2, not USB-3. So I put a USB adapter pon the cable and plugged it into a super USB-3 port on my motherboard. Then the Oculus speed test succeeded, indicating a data speed of 2.8Gbit. However, the background interference is still there. This is driving me crazy because I don't know what else to try. I have reset the headset numerous times, tried different cables, different PC ports, etc. I don't know what to do next to troubleshoot this.
  10. Hi folks. Up until now I have been using AirLink when using VR. I decided to use a Link cable since I read a number of well respected people on YouTube saying that's what they do. But, when I use a cable I get this weird ghostly background faintly all across the whole screen. It's not a double image or anything like that. It's just some kind of wavy ghost image. Now, let me tell you what I've tried: 1. Two different cables, one being the official Oculus link cable and one being an Anker certified cable. 2. I have tried (with both cables) using the USB3 motherboard direct port as well as a USB3 port oln the front of the case. I reall;y don't know how to troubleshoot this. I need help. The really frustrating part is that the image in general looks like it's quite clear. But I can't take advantage of it because of this faint wavy ghost interference of some kind all over the image. Can anyone help m,e to know what to try to troubleshoot this issue. I don't have the issue when using AirLink but I want to see how my image and performance is when using the cable. Thanks ............ Rob
  11. Also worldtour.flights has ready-to-load flight plans. Lots of them.
  12. SOLVED: I use the "Wingman" home screen modification addon. Apparently I missed an update to that addon back in July. I found the update today and installed it and now the flight training and landing challenges screens present all of the selections as they should :-).
  13. That's exactly what I do but when the screen comes up there is just a picture, there are no training activities to select. Both Flight Training and Landing Challenges have no entries I can select. They just show a picture with nothing selectable. (I took a snapshot butr don't know how to add it to the post)
  14. When I select Flight Training from the home screen menu, all I get is a picture; there are no selections to select. Anyone know what I should do to see the selections? If I look at the Content menu it shows they are all installed and up to date.
  15. Hi everyone. Although I downloaded and installed MSFS as soon as it came out, and installed lots of great addons, the truth is that I still know practically nothing about actually flying. The other day I found worldtour.flights on the internet, which provides lots of flight plans uploaded by other people. I read about how to load the flight plan into MSFS. But I don't really know how to actually implement the flight plan once loaded. So ........... questions: 1. What is the simplest plane to fly that can actually implement a loaded flight plan? 2. Where can I go to learn more about how to install and implement flight plans? Thanks all. Seems I might be a newbie forever :-).
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