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  1. Which of the following statements is correct? 1. Enter the ISA DEV/QNH at the Destination Airport 2. Enter the ISA DEV at TOC and the QNH of the Destination Airport? 3. Enter the ISA DEV at TOD and the QNH of the Destination Airport? SimBrief shows me the AVE ISA for the trip as well as deviations (TDV) at TOC and TOD but NOT at the destination airport. 4. Can I enter either in Hg or hPa for the QNH? Thanks AVG ISA TOC / TOD
  2. https://mbucchia.github.io/OpenXR-Toolkit/ Reverb G2 has a tiny sweetspot (sharp area of focus), that's just the way it is. I upgraded from the G2 to a Varjo Aero which is a huge step up in clarity i.e. 99% sweetspot but then you have to deal with Chromatic Aberation and no built in headphones on the Aero.
  3. @MammyJammy Hoping you are still around.. I'm trying to add mips with your tool to a bunch of unoptimised textures but the tool keeps resizing all of the textures below the specified size (4096). i.e. It is resizing all of the textures in the folder to 4096x4096. I thought it was supposed to ignore anything smaller than the specified size? Original files Edited Files
  4. Had to do that a few times. But the airport is finally showing in P2A now. Appreciate your help.
  5. +1 for Sky4Sim. As long as you have/need your cheat sheet, you can easily follow the P2A conversation in the Sky4Sim tablet. It's a brilliant solution.
  6. Dave, I've run Make Rwys. I can see the airport in Taxi Mnt but there is no icon in the map for a recognised airport there in P2A with Show Runway option set to All and I still cannot import the flightplan. Any ideas?
  7. Importing Gates and Taxiways now.. I think that that will be the issue. Appreciate your help.
  8. You'll have to forgive me for not being able to remember but doesn't P2A read the sim database or does it rely solely on a MakeRunways import or does it start only with Navigraph and go from there?
  9. I realised that, thank you. I didn't want to create another new post and thought this could help people searching via Google to find a solution,
  10. Dave, the error was happening in the latest Beta, not on the earlier versions. I needed to reinstall without updating to the latest beta to be able to fly!
  11. I updated and still get the same error..
  12. This might not be related but yesterday I couldn't get Pilot2ATC to hear me or even the co-pilot using SayIt. Nothing was being recognised at all until I reinstalled and updated to Pilot2ATC_Update_2642_x64. I found the error below in the log, pasted into the spoiler tag at the bottom of this message. It looks like Pilot2ATC is looking for a non-existent folder called 'info' inside the Controllers folder.
  13. Hi Dave, I need to use LittleNavMap to export a custom flightplan that I can import in Pilot2ATC but none of the available import options are working. This is the route as pasted to the clipboard from LittleNavMap: MMTO MEX PBC PB50A MM20 Regardless of format, when I try to import this route, Pilot2ATC throws up an error, 'Unable to import text into Flight Plan. Check format of the pasted text.' I have tried loading a .pln, text in 'Spoiler' tag below, and importing the text above by pasting into the import window and trying to import in all of the available formats, always with the same error. Any ideas? Thank you, Toby
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