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  1. This video talks about the state of photogrammetry in London. In short, it looks like the blitz just happened and no amount of moaning (or tweaking) will fix it.. It is what it is, some cities have great photogrammetry data available, some don't. It's not (normally) about the speed of your internet connection. Here's an idea (from a London helicopter pilot) - don't fly over London, it hammers your performance, doesn't look great up close, and there are much prettier places to fly - try EGQI and fly an emergency mission in Neofly with the freeware R44 and AirlandFS around the Cairngorms National Park for a change. Imagine you're there, walking over the hills, head in the clouds, breathing in all that fresh air and enjoying the marvellous views.. YMMV
  2. Thank you Alex @albar965 I really appreciate you considering this. It would be a huge help while I train my fuel management skills and LNM learns my aircraft.. Would it be possible to simply unlock the Fuel tabs so that they can be docked/undocked with anything else? thereby not ruining anyone's set-up? Toby
  3. Hi @albar965, As always, thank you first and foremost for your work on LNM, it's such a great tool for flight planning. Would you consider adding an option to undock the (vertical layout) Fuel Report window from the (horizontal layout) Flight Plan tab? I would love to have Fuel off to the side in my layout, separate from the plan, I appreciate they are connected but you give us so much freedom to choose our own layout I thought I would ask. Thank you, Toby
  4. I have created a collection of bookmarks for Asobo's hand-crafted airports for use in Google Earth Pro. Download from flightsim.to here > https://flightsim.to/file/34793/v1-00-msfs-hand-crafted-airports-for-google-earth-pro-kml
  5. Hi Rich, Thank you so much @richjb2 for taking the time to formulate such a detailed and informative reply. I am incredibly grateful to be able to share in your knowledge. I have learnt exactly what I wanted to. I now understand how and why Q and T routes work and exist and, one of the key bits of information for me, was the ERAM system, which I knew nothing about. I imagine the CAA here in the UK have a similar system, I hope they do! It's reassuring to know that there is a supercomputer crunching filed flightplans for conflicts and, quite amazing at the same time. Now I just need to work out how I can use my flight planning tools to plan my flights using T routes instead. I have had a look on SkyVector, Little NavMap and SkyDemon but see only the traditional Victor and Jet Airways for IFR planning. I see the GPS waypoints but not any Q or T routes. I don't own Navigraph, so cannot comment if they include Q and T routes for planning. Thank you so much for your help and for sharing your knowledge, I am very grateful. Toby
  6. I just found this video which explains Q and T Routes for anyone else interested..
  7. @JRBarrett and @C2615 Thank you, I really appreciate your comments, you've helped me understand a lot better how modern flight navigation works! Does this mean that we should all be navigating using GPS waypoints for VFR and IFR flights? Are 'Q' Airways even mentioned on any of the flight planning tools available and do Q Airways replace Victor and Jet Airways entirely? Are our IFR flight planning tools outdated e.g. LittleNavMap, Navigraph? Thank you PS Your cat looks amazing!
  8. With the phasing out of VOR navigation and the widespread adoption of GPS navigation now in full swing, just how safe is a sky full of pilots flying 'direct to' via GPS and will jet aircraft adopt flying GPS instead of using Victor and Jet airways? Victor and Jet airways ensured, together with ATC, that IFR flights were relatively organised on highways in the sky. How can GPS navigation retain that kind of separation? To me, GPS direct to seems to be a nightmare for ATC controllers, or are GPS waypoints laid out in a logical way that ensures relative safety i.e. virtual roads in the sky? I think if anyone, including drones, can fly wherever they want to, as long as they use GPS waypoints, wouldn't that be chaos in the skies and chaos for ATC? I know that pilot has a responsibility for his and his passengers safety but flying Victor or Jet airways IFR with ATC seems relatively safe to me and manageable in a busy sky for ATC controllers. A sky full of aircraft flying seemingly randomly around the sky seems incredibly dangerous to me.. What am I missing and what makes a sky full of aircraft flying direct to GPS waypoints safer than one where aircraft use defined airways? Thanks, Toby Ref: https://www.smartpilot.ca/airmanship/airmanship-articles/9-airmanship/airmanship-articles/113-gps-direct
  9. Final version v1.00 updated and uploaded to flightsim.to, link in first post. And thanks to @Milviz and @Milviz Official for deciding to include this in the Service Pack. Fly safe!
  10. EDIT 05/06 - Updated for use in UK, Europe and USA, including checks for possible failures and cross-checked for accuracy with a real life pilot. I made this Checklist for my flights in the Milviz C310R, maybe you'll enjoy using it for yours too. I use ATC, NeoFly and the TDS GTNXi 750, which are mentioned in the checklists.. Valid for VFR and IFR flights with or without ATC. ATC spoken sections are highlighted in yellow. External apps are in magenta and italicised. Enjoy and fly safe! https://flightsim.to/file/34520/milviz-c310r-abbreviated-checklist-realism-settings-on-vfr-ifr-with-atc
  11. @Doering Really appreciate your videos, have learnt a lot from them already. I love the way the C310R floats and bobs as she moves through the airflow, it feels very alive and reminds me of training for my PPL in a DA42, although that was more like a roller coaster ride in places. I do find the pitch controls and taxi speed very sensitive to my input ,and the way she drops out of the sky on finals rather unnerving, but nothing like a challenge!
  12. @Bert Pieke Hello, I just purchased the C310R. Is your mod still needed with the latest versions of the TDS and the C310R? Appreciate your dial dedication over the years 🙂
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