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  1. The only thing I miss from the old P3D/FSX camera system is the fly-by mode. Now that I am also using XP12, I am really disappointed that such a simple functionality is still not available in MSFS.
  2. I will probably keep my 12700 until the 7800X3D comes out. I believe that AMD will not wait that long this time around due to Raptor Lake. Besides that, purchasing a good AMD motherboard in a year or so will probably also allow for an upgrade to a 8800X3D in the future...
  3. That is what I am seeing as well. GPU usage almost 100% @ 4K most of the time when not on very large hubs with lots of AI-Traffic.
  4. Text degradation is too significant to justify a small perfomance increase in exterior views. DLSS: TAA: Currently DX12 + TAA is working well for me.
  5. Hi there. Xbox Series X is more powerful than Series S. If you have a 4K TV, then I would recommend that you grab the Series X. The Series S is fine for a 1080p TV but, besides the resolution, you will also loose some fidelity on textures and scenery elements. If you subscribe to game pass, you get MSFS and everything you need to play it included in the sub. You may also opt to purchase MSFS and then use it without paying subscriptions. As for online/offline functionality, it only really makes sense to use MSFS when connected to the internet as the most interesting features of the sim (like satellite scenery streaming) are only possible using an active connection. After launching the simulator, you may keep using it if you are offline, but I believe that a connection is needed to launch the sim in the first place. With all that being said, the PC is still my preferred way to experience the sim, but I am happy that there is an option for the console fans out there. 😀
  6. I do actually (since 3 months), but I would still not want to be in the office everyday. Again, I am fortunate enough to be productive working remotely and actually be able to choose where I work. I know this is not an option everyone can/may have.
  7. So, are these Gyza-Piramid/Minecraft-style clouds really a thing? Cloud resolution is already set to max, but I am not sure if there is anything else I can do to prevent this... Missing Enhanced Skyscapes from XP11 at this point 😔
  8. Do you think we have unlimited resources in this planet? I still have a car and buy my own groceries, but I don't need to spend almost two hours commuting everyday. That has nothing to do with a transition imposed by "those in charge" or similar conspiracy theories, but rather trying to use the resources we have in a more efficient manner. So, it is all about control in the end. As a productive and skilled professional, I expect trust from my superiors. If that is not given, I am fortunate enough to be able to leave and try my luck somewhere else.
  9. Being able to cook at home everyday, go for a run after lunch and have an ice-cream with my kids at 14:30 is just much more important to me than chit chatting with work colleagues. I was also able to move to the countryside while still working for multi-billion Euro companies. Happy to ditch any job offers that won't allow me to have this healthier, happier and more sustainable lifestyle...
  10. Yes you can but this setting is dependent on the aircraft itself as far as I am aware. For instance, on the airbus there is a switch on the autopilot to change how big the increments will be.
  11. There is no limitation on the hardware at all as far as I know. It is possible to adjust in both granularities depending on how the plane’s AP is configured.
  12. I believe that the Honeycomb throttle paired with a metal Joystick/Yoke is a pretty good combo. The HC Bravo is extremely versatile and allows me to fly from a C152 to an A340-600. As for the controls, I've had my TM Warthog for ages and highly recommend it for Airbuses. I also recently managed to buy a GoFlight 737 Yoke for around 400 Euros out of Ebay... The HC Alpha is also fine, but as I am used to the metal feel of the TM Warthog, I had to return it.
  13. Sure, but I have them all already for XP12. Once they come for MSFS, I might or might not re-purchase them.
  14. That is exactly why I have purchased XP12. Not only for the 727, but also for the A340-600, MD-11, 737-200/300, etc. 😀
  15. AS for X-Plane! But that is fine, I can also overlook many things in MSFS and still have fun. It is easier to be happy if you do not expect perfection.
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