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  1. Nice comparison pics. It seems that the graphical advantage of XP was already evident even 20 years ago? At least on those pics, it seems to look better and more realistic than FS98.
  2. While I am really enjoying these new functionalities, today while planning a flight I had some significant problems and slowdowns. I had 4 external windows pinned at the moment and had to kill Oculus Home via the TaskManager because everything basically came to a halt.
  3. I cannot interact with them using my mouse. It seems SteamVR will release an update soon that would allow you to interact with the Oculus` Virtual Windows with the Touch Controllers. That would be great, especially for XP11s native VR, which already makes very good use of those.
  4. Good catch. From what I`ve seen the drops still won`t move, though. I will keep a close eye on this, thanks.
  5. I am not sure if you can pin 2D pop-ups from the simulator. I have tried with the AFE from the PMDG DC-6 in P3D and could not "grab" the window in the desktop view. It works fine for external programs such as vPilot or Navigraph.
  6. If you supersample, you are already pushing your system to render at a higher resolution than the current HMDs. Therefore, I think that something like a Vive Pro would not perform considerably worse. Nevetheless, I might wait for Volta and for Intel's next gen CPU to grab the new Pimax or a Vive Pro. I am currently very happy with my supersampled Rift and native VR in XP11/P3D.
  7. That is exactly what I think. With the rapid evolution of VR hardware and software, I would never invest in a home cockpit from now on. Besides being much, much cheaper, a VR setup will give you a 3D experience on ALL cockpits and not just one!
  8. Have you tried native VR in XP11? Yesterday I had a very enjoyable flight with the C172+REP using the touch controls. I really wish that LM would also implement native support to the touch controls. Regarding the second point, with the latest Oculus Beta Home Screen, you can pin external windows right into the simulator. Yesterday I did one flight with vPilot, Navigraph Charts and other windows pinned right into my simulator. There is really not a need for Flyinside anymore. Things are evolving fast!
  9. I am pretty sure Oculus stated that a new model would come out just on 2019. If that is the case, I will probably be buying the Vive Pro in the second half of this year.
  10. I fly mostly in PNW, South America, Europe and Oceania. That is perhaps almost 50% of the globe? That is why I need my 5Tb HDD :)
  11. My experience on the PMDGs is really good, all of them. The FSLabs has two problems, first the performance and second the smaller fonts used on the screens. I use it all the time, but the PMDGs, especially the NGX with its very helpful HUD, are better for VR flying. The best of all on the P3D front, imho, is the Majestic Dash 8. The performance is amazing and the cockpit is generally very pleasant to use in the 3D environment (the HUD also helps a lot)!
  12. Xplane 11

    Yes, you need to go into Plugin Admin in the XP menu bar and manually enable the PMDG DC-6 plugin. You need to do this for every flight.
  13. Hi Tony, everyone that has tried the new Pimax has said that the expanded FOV is really nice and they fell like wearing swimming goggles when going back to the Rift/Vive. I believe that the a bigger FOV would have more or less the same effect as an Ultra-Wide monitors or multi-screen setup. It expands your peripheral visions and gives you an improved sense of realism. It may not be as important as resolution, but I still think that it will be a considerable step forward! Regarding Chaseplane, I would not say it will be completely obsolete in VR. I have been using this software and the built-in camera system in X-Plane and they can be really helpful to wander around the cockpit or to perform workarounds, something that would not be possible just by walking with your own feet in the virtual space due to physical limitations.
  14. The cost has been improving. I`ve bought my Rift for 800 Euro one year ago and it costs 400 now.
  15. Hi Tony, thank you for the kind compliments. I do not have the Vive. From what I could research, it seems that the Rift has a somewhat better screen and more functional touch controlers. The Vive, on the other hand has, a slightly bigger FOV. The fact that the Rift is much cheaper than the Vive, leads me to believe that, at least for flight simming, the Rift is the best choice at the moment. There are, as you already stated, other variables to take into consideration. The VR market is booming and multiple new headsets are being released. Besides the Windows Mixed Reality Devices and the Pimax, if you check HTC`s latest tweet, there seems to be some incoming announcement on a VR product with increased resolution that is being made in the next days on CES. I was in contact with an Australian developer the other day, and he said it was very difficult to test these devices in his region. It seems that you echo his concerns! If you have easy access to Amazon and its prime delivery, I say you could buy one, test for a week, and return it without any extra costs if you don`t like it. On your case, it seems it is a really more complicated than that, so perhaps the best option for you is to wait a bit?