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  1. Also just got a 10900K and currently am running on 5.2Ghz on all cores@1.325v. I probably could push to 5.3Ghz, but I rather have a more quiet and cool system. In any case, I am still waiting for HF2 to come out before re-installing P3D, but I am seeing a good improvement on other games when compared to my old 9700K (which was a very bad chip btw, as I could only get 4.8Ghz@1.45v+).
  2. Well, good that my issues had nothing to do with the data, but with the software itself.
  3. I had so many issues with Vector, including performance problems, that I won't install this tool ever again on my simulators. Looking forward to a future where these kind of utilities are a thing of the past...
  4. It shows the Bonanza. I am using the module available here in the forums. After re-synching, I still see the MadDog controls. Assigning controls to the Bonanza do work. but then I would see them when loading the MadDog. Never had these issues with P3Dv4 so I do wonder what I am doing wrong.
  5. Have tried to Sync as seen below. Still showing MadDog controls in the Bonanza. Will email you the files, thanks!!
  6. Hi, I have re-installed FSUIPC and Linda and both are on the same folder on the P3D V5 Add-ons folder. Nevertheless, I still get assignments for different aircraft when another profile is selected. Now I am seeing assignments for the MadDog with the A2A Bonanza profile loaded. I do have a minimal P3D V4 install just to be able to install non-V5-compatible add-ons. Should I remove it? Thanks!
  7. Had a 43 4K TV and now have a 49" 5K UW. It is MUCH better, especially when hitting 60 fps+. More lateral view, better resolution, improved fluidity, better gaming support, etc.
  8. Hello, I am using Linda 3.2.3 with FSUIPC 6 for P3D V5 HF1 and, as seen on the picture below, I am getting the same assignment screen for different aircraft. On the pictures, I can see assignments for the A2A Bonanza, PMDG 747 and C172. I already have the different aircraft modules installed, so not sure why Linda is not showing me an empty screen when I open a new module. Any clues? Thanks!
  9. Well, I am easily achieving 60fps in P3D V5 and possibly constant 100fps+ will be doable in MSFS with next-gen GPUs. More FPS means more fluidity overall, so of course Flight-Sims also benefit from it.
  10. I have the Samsung 5K UW49 and it is just great. I think having a higher refresh rate will also be a plus once MSFS is out.
  11. What is exactly a Power Pack for UTL Live? Do we need to manually update Airports like shown in the video?
  12. I am using AS with TrueSky and I have not touched the Max cloud layers setting. When comparing to FSGRW, sudden weather changes are still there, but winds aloft adjustments seem to be smoother.
  13. Ok, I have restored the default control assignments from P3D and now things seem to be working again.
  14. Thanks for the answer, unfortunately it does not work. Regardless of the windows mouse settings, the result is the same. I have also registered FSUIPC6, but that did not help as well. 😞
  15. Hello, I am experiencing this old FSX issue where a single mouse wheel rotate will increment the heading bug by 10 degrees. This happens with multiple addons and also when I use a joystick input. I know about the old FSUIPC setting FixControlAccel=Yes, but that seems not to be available since P3D V4. Anything else I can do to fix this? I have already tried to reinstall V5. Thanks
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