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  1. GCBraun

    Native VR

    Native VR is virtual reality that is directly implemented by your simulator of choice, without the need to resort to 3rd. party software, such as Flyinside. XP11, P3D, DCS and Aerofly offer Native VR already. For me, I have always preferred to use the native implementation, as this usually means a better general compatibility with 3rd. party addons.
  2. I also have physical controls and I would not give them up to use the touch Throttle/Yoke. I have just set them up in a position that interacting with the switches/knobs is very comfortable! If you every try XP again, I would recommend something like the TBM900, 737 IXEG/ZIBO or even a C172 + Rep. It is really something to write home about... Good luck with Native VR, regardless of the sim! 🙂
  3. I would recommend trying XP11's VR mode if you have not. Interacting with the aircraft using the Touch Control makes all the difference imho. I also get better performance in VR with XP 11 than with P3D.
  4. GCBraun

    Active Sky for X-Plane

    If they are not replacing any clouds, but just depicting weather, what is the point of saying that it is VR compatible/optimized??
  5. GCBraun

    Rex Skyforce 3D

    Does SkyForce need to be running if I am using ActiveSky for weather generation?
  6. GCBraun

    Vertx DA-62 News

    Seems that there is no Synthetic Vision unfortunately. Got used to that with the TBM900. 😞
  7. GCBraun

    7.5 Terabytes later...

    I use Z16, because I only fly in VR and usually above FL080. It is indeed for XP! 🙂
  8. GCBraun

    7.5 Terabytes later...

    Thanks! Will definitely take a look. As global flyer, hopefully I will have the whole world as Ortho one day. The only region that I have tried and could not get good results until now was Scandinavia.
  9. GCBraun

    7.5 Terabytes later...

    About a minute? I don't believe it loads all the photo-scenery when starting up.
  10. So, this is my current Ortho4XP coverage: And here are some results (random pics from all over the world - in some you can`t see the terrain, but it is there!). 🙂
  11. GCBraun

    GTN 750 in VR

    I use the pop-up, resize it and place it on the left window, just like a table/EFB to use with the Touch Controls. It works great!
  12. GCBraun

    Orbx True Earth for P3Dv4

    Seems that Orbx is prioritising XP at the moment. The world does indeed turn around...
  13. GCBraun

    Nail in coffin AFS2...?

    So probably is P3D. FSX peaked and is declining, whereas XP11 is growing. Besides, I have XP but I don’t use the Steam version. The same could be said of FSX, but I think most fans of that platform are using the more optimized version from Dovetail.
  14. GCBraun

    Nail in coffin AFS2...?

    I say that from a consumers perspective. Perhaps if XP11 was not around, I would spend more time with AFS2. Regardless, the fact is that one platform has expanded significantly since launch and the other has not...if course it is not an excuse for IPACS.
  15. GCBraun

    Nail in coffin AFS2...?

    That is a very narrow minded view. It is good that Orbx invest in other platforms as well. I don`t want P3D to be the only player in this market. Anyone that has used other sims knows that P3D lacks in multiple areas and competition is always good. The problem with AFS2 is that XP11 has established itself as P3D`s alternative. The fact that there are no advanced airplanes for AFS2 also did not help...