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  1. PSXT + RealTraffic up to a limit of 100 aircraft. I probably could get it to be stable at 30 if I started fiddling with settings and cfg files. The thing is that, with three small kids, I am lucky if I get 3 hours a week to use my sims nowadays. With MSFS I can just fly in a performant fashion regardless of the add-ons…no need to tweak.
  2. Could barely hit 30 with live traffic on major hubs. The overall lightning in MSFS is also much improved, so this should allow for a better experience when looking inside and outside of the flight deck.
  3. I don't see how I could justify purchasing yet another A320, no matter how good it is. Perhaps the first FSLabs plane for MSFS would end up being indeed the Concorde? At least we know it is coming for MSFS. I have purchased it for P3D but stopped using a week later. The aircraft is amazing, but the platform is just too outdated. I am sure it will look/perform much better in MSFS...
  4. For a 85" TV, you would definitely need to run XP in 4K. Having a Macbook M2 as well, I can say that the performance would be underwhelming, especially if you use advanced aircraft, plugins and ortho sceneries with it. In any event, my response pertained to the comparison between Xbox and a phone. You at least can be a hardcore simmer on an Xbox. On an iPhone, that is just not possible.
  5. One can use A2A or PMDG aircraft with a Throttle/Yoke combo on a 55" TV and good quality visuals using an Xbox for less than what a high-end graphics card would cost. Is this possible when using a phone?
  6. Yes, but it should provide statistical/sample data for the overall user-base. I mean, I have uninstalled XP11 one week after purchasing XP12. It is so much better while retaining compatibility with most of my add-ons...
  7. That is good news, but it makes even harder for me to understand why XP11 still has more active users than XP12.
  8. Very good. Can't wait to ged rid of X-Plane.org (awful support) and the gizmos of the world.
  9. I've bought the A300 for XP11, XP12 and MSFS. What a glorious beast. Only issue so far was a small incompatibility with my Honeycomb Throttle when IAS was selected on the knob.
  10. One of the best purchases I've made for flight summing, alongside the SD XL. As I fly with many different planes using different sims, the Stream Decks offer a very reliable interface across the board.
  11. And that is precisely because it is so popular. Even though I am also an XP12 enthusiast, using MSFS is a more enjoyable experience overall precisely because the latest gaming technologies were used. The foundation built by Asobo is extremely good when we compared to what we get with P3D and XP out of the box. Perhaps you don’t know this, but all main MSFS Devs got their PPLs before the sim was released. That is why, besides the virtual world, MSFS has also remarkable built-in capabilities in terms of flight planning, navdata, default aircraft and avionics.
  12. Not very much…yet. Having young people becoming more interested in the hobby is great news. I have been saying this all along, but it is really intriguing that some here still think that expanding the base of simmers is something bad. Some of those “gamers” will definitely experiment with X-Plane in the future. Regardless, this huge increase in popularity among youngsters would not have been possible without MSFS and Xbox.
  13. So, it seems that the sporadic users of MSFS in this forum are more outraged than the so-called "hardcore" fans of the platform. Why is that? Personally, this slight delay in receiving the update has not affected my temper at all.
  14. This issue is not related to FG, but rather to Asobo’s DX12 implementation. I have experienced this, but there are known workarounds to either get the textures back, or to not have them disappear at all in the first place.
  15. Yes it is. Only artifacts that I see are in the engines. The flight-deck experience is pretty much flawless.
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