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  1. Farewell FSW

    I have the same opinion. We do not need yet another FSX necromancer!
  2. It may have left early access status, but it still feels like an alpha project. Don’t get me wrong, I have bought it alongside with almost all of its terrain DLC‘s and I want it to succeed, but its development is really, really slow. As you pointed out, the lack of third-party support, especially when it comes to aircraft, also make it really hard for me to justify even using it.
  3. All the other top-tier developers are jumping on-board. Unless they are really working on a new fs-platform, I think this will be inevitable in the (near) future.
  4. FSX is not in active development, AF2 is still in early access and some say it will have the same fate as FSW, P3D is not available in Steam, nor is it sold for entertainment-only purposes. Perhaps after FSexpo this outlook may change, but, as of today, I do not see currently an alternative for XP11 in the consumer-entertainment segment of the flight-sim market.
  5. Well put! They failed to recognize the importance of a thriving 3rd. Party Developer ecosystem for the success of a flight simulator. I believe that XP11’s rise as the consumer-grade successor to FSX also played a big role.
  6. Farewell FSW

    Same old and tired FSX engine, somewhat confusing relationship with 3rd. Party developers, bad reputation from DTG, no VR support, rise of XP11...there are many reasons for this. Currently I believe the FS market is saturated in terms of sims. P3D for professionals and students, XP11 for consumers and AF-FS2 for early-adopters. I use all of them, but never touched FSW due to the lack of VR.
  7. XP 11.20r1 is out

    Usually people that post against VR are either physically not able to use the glasses or just do not have the means to buy the VR kit and/or upgrade their rigs to get a decent performance out of it. But fear not, all top-tier developers are aware of the potential of VR and of its exponential growth among simmers. I would take the analysis of a John Venema, Mathjis Kok, Robert Randazzo, Lockheed Martin and Laminar Ressarch when it comes to VR instead of the same naysayers on this and other forums.
  8. PMDG B737NGX and X-Plane

    Use the zibo mod/737 ultimate. It is not as complete systems-wise, but it is getting there.
  9. Is P3D a most complete consumer simulator?

    XP11 is in my opinion a better, more compelling platform. Yes, it is behind in terms of high-end addons (esp. large jets), but things are catching up quickly. In the last year or so the evolution has been remarkable and for someone just beginning in the hobby, there is no better option. Tons of high-quality content available for free and very, very good out-of-the box experience. Personally, I use almost all available simulators, and I still enjoy P3D, but XP11 has now become my go-to sim.
  10. Is P3D a most complete consumer simulator?

    P3D is not a consumer simulator.
  11. I do live in Europe and I bought mine from Amazon US. Paid about 500 Euro in total. Still much less than the Vive Pro.
  12. I really don’t understand how this can be the case, especially for someone who runs a flight simulation forum and is obviously quite experienced in configuring and troubleshooting sims. In XP11 you basically need to configure your inputs to start flying, something that is expected and quite easy to do with a visual representation of your joystick, a very helpful feature that P3D does not offer. In general, XP11 is much easier to configure and maintain and something like setting a different control scheme for different aircrafts is possible out of the box, without having to buy external plugins like FSUIPC. The only explanation that I can find for this is that you are so happy with P3D (or so used to the “perks” of the FSX/ESP platform) that you are not ready to invest some minutes, if not seconds, to bind your hardware controls... To the OP, I would recommend XP11. There is a growing trend in adoption of this simulator in all aviation communities that I follow for a reason. It is much, much more satisfying to fly an airplane in XP, the graphics are better, there is a plethora of quality freeware available and most high-end developers like Orbx and FlyTampa are already supporting the platform. The only reason that I still keep P3D is due to the heavy jets (aka PMDG 777 and 747). With the Zibo 737, I have not touched the NGX for months. Same for the FFA320 in comparison with the FSLabs. In fact, from about 10 hours spent in XP, I use P3D for 1, even though I have thousands of euros invested in the platform. Do some research, watch some videos on YouTube. Check the Flightsim community on Reddit. The choice should be more or less clear...
  13. GTN 750 VR Window test

    Very good!!
  14. Get an Odyssey which has the same resolution for half the price.
  15. 11.20 beta 4

    Running pretty well for me (VR).