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  1. An OLED 4K 120Hz HDR TV like the 48" LG CX/C1 has been so good to me that I even abandoned VR for it. I don´t think there is anything better for flight-simulation at this point in time. Hopefully Asobo fixes the issue, though.
  2. I use the DC-6 almost exclusively and I have noticed significant improvement in the cockpit textures with the latest MSFS hotfix. For me, they are definitely similar to what they were before SU5.
  3. No. It is not a bad signal. Bad signal is when the developers *won't* update the simulator, like in the FSX days. Asobo has been pretty quick not only updating and expanding the sim, but also issuing hotfixes. I repeat myself: home simulators *are not* mission critical software! MSFS has seen many more updates in the last months than P3D probably got in its lifetime and that is great! Yes, Asobo could perhaps improve the beta testing and its delivery processes, but I am glad that I am not using an abandoned or outdated platform anymore.
  4. They are working to take them away from you. Guns and bibles next.
  5. MS already said that they are killing the UWP layer so I assume that this encryption problem might go away in the future? In any case, I purchase most of my add-ons via the marketplace. That way I support *all* developers and hopefully contribute for an overall healthy ecosystem.
  6. That was quick. Such a change compared to the P3D days. Thinking about opening a topic in the other section saying how UNRELIABLE P3D has always been... /s
  7. Mistakes in software development are plenty, but prompt feedback, commitment to the product and its costumers are much harder to find.
  8. Exactly. This will bring many, many new users to the genre and we as flight-simmers can only benefit from that. Thank you MS/Asobo for putting this TOY GAME in a GAME TOY like Xbox (as you correctly wrote, it is called Xbox, not X Box, X-Box or the like btw). Flight-sim is now something for the masses, not just for some elitist boomers pandering themselves for using an outdated platform produced by some military contractor...
  9. "Toy play game", "other serious sims", "struggles to approach FS2000"....sorry, that is not an acceptable thread-starter for a productive discussion. It is a troll post and the user should be reprimanded, not lauded by moderators.
  10. I would be willing to bet how long a topic titled "P3D has never been reliable" would remain open in the other forum... What about having a moderator defending the poster? That is a long, long shot (especially when such bad, if not inflammatory, arguments like criticizing controllers being supported or calling MSFS a "toy game" are being used).
  11. Answering to the comments above: I have been flying SE-Asia and Australia lately and generally the weather fronts and clouds are where I expect based on live weather maps from Meteoblue. It would be great if those were properly integrated into the Sim's UI.
  12. MSFS has the best built-in weather system of all sims I have ever used. I've been flying the DC-6 a lot in the last weeks, and did not experience any significant discrepancies when compared to the Meteoblue weather maps that I use during flight prep. Everything can improve but, at least for me, the native WX system is not nearly as bad as its reputation.
  13. That is great for you but, for most people, paying just 299 or 499 in order to get a good MSFS experience is much appreciated.
  14. Comparing a released and evolving title like MSFS (that you can test for 1 EUR, by the way) with a game that is in development for almost 10 years after collecting hundreds of millions of dollars from its fanbase is not reasonable, sorry. I have been using FS since early beta and there are constant improvements being released. If you are either not an user or don´t follow its progress that closely, perhaps it is better to refrain from such inflammatory remarks.
  15. Come on, you are smarter than the average troll and know very well that every software product has a roadmap. Is this really needed?
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