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  1. GCBraun

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    Doing my first flight. Really interesting bird!! Great systems too! The synthetic vision on the PFD is really cool! Is this now standard on the XP11 G1000 or built just for this plane?
  2. GCBraun

    FlyInside FlightSimulator

    This is meant to be a VR-first sim and not a direct competition to P3D/XP11 in 2D.
  3. GCBraun

    FlyInside FlightSimulator

    Are you trying it in VR?
  4. GCBraun

    FlyInside FlightSimulator

    I already have a fully stacked XP11, DCS and P3Dv4 that are expensive enough to maintain. All of them cover a particular niche for me and VR support is very good already. Those screenshots have not convinced me to purchase yet another sim, unfortunately.
  5. I am using P3D 4.3 and it is working fine. There are multiple topics in the official P3D forum regarding this problem and it seems usually to be associated with faulty/non-present VR software, for instance: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=128552 https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=129460
  6. I am not sure if this is PMDG-Related, but what HMD do you have? Is the appropriate VR software installed (Steam/Oculus)?
  7. GCBraun

    EFB not seeing add-on airports

    It seems to be. At leat it was for me on every single instance where I installed a new airport. The others above seem to be confirming it. Not a big hassle, nevertheless.
  8. GCBraun

    EFB not seeing add-on airports

    I have also experience this and it seems that doing a scan (not the quick one) and re-launching the sim was the way to fix it.
  9. GCBraun

    PMDG Expansion 747-8 or QW 787

    I have both and after using the 748 the 787 feels more like an advanced toy. Kind of like the same feeling you have if you own the FSLabs and then go use the Aerosoft A320/19.
  10. Perhaps because not everyone is a native-English speaker? In any case, thanks for pointing it out.
  11. Hello, I am really enjoying the 748. It is without a doubt the best long-hauler in my virtual fleet. Nevertheless, even the best products always have some areas where they could improve. Here are two (possible) ones that I have found: Flight-deck lightning: It seems that PMDG is still using texturised-lightning for the lightning in the cockpit. Is this something that has been decided due to possible performance impacts with using other solutions? I must say that almost every aircraft that I currently fly uses some sort of dynamic lightning on the flight-deck and it is hard going back to the old FS2002 way of doing things. Rainmaker: This is such a great addition to the PMDG, thanks for that! Nevertheless, I have noticed that the drops disappear from the windshield even before taking-off. Is that normal on RW operations? I have seen a couple of videos (for instance this one) and it still possible to notice the drops well into climb. It is somewhat immersion breaking to have the rain disappear from one moment to the other during the take-off roll and a more fluid experience would be highly appreciated (some raindrop sounds while on the ground could also be added perhaps?). Thanks for taking the time to read this and congratulations for this amazing bird!
  12. GCBraun

    Some VR questions/concerns

    I am using VR with every add-on possible and I have absolutely no issues with nausea. Please notice that we are not talking of a 3D shooter here, where it needs to be 90fps at all times. P3D/XP11 are a very slow-paced environment, so lower FPS in some scenarios is not a significant issue, at least for me. I remember when I had the Odyssey trying all sorts of things to prevent sleep-mode from activating, including taping the sensors and nothing would work. Changing the stand-by timer was not an option at that time, from what I`ve remember. Anyway it is a shame, because the device itself is very good.
  13. GCBraun

    Some VR questions/concerns

    Yes, I had some issues with the Windows Mixed-Reality Software that runs the Odyssey. My use case might be a bit different from the majority, as I only use VR in some parts of the flight. These activation procedures caused multiple sound problems both in P3D and in XP11. For instance, the airacraft sounds of the FSLabs A320/Flight-Factor A320 would just be lost after enabling/disabling VR. For that reason, I was barely using the Odyssyey, even though it was a very good piece of hardware. The Oculus software is just miles ahead of WMR at this point. I will definetely take a look at the Pimax once it is widely available. Hopefully I can run the 5K version on my current Rig as I am only planning to upgrade in a year or so.
  14. GCBraun

    Some VR questions/concerns

    With a Rift, using pixel density of 1.6 and up is your best option. Other than that, higher resolution HMDs are already available, but the difference is not considerable. I have bought a Samsung Odyssey and sold it after a while because even though it had better resolution, compatibility was an issue. All in all I am pretty happy with my Rift and will keep using it until the 2nd. generation comes out.
  15. GCBraun

    QW787 update 1.1.2 out

    Thanks, missed those.