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  1. Probably cheaper than my method. I go to the local airport and hire a number of plane spotters to stand behind my couch and take photos while I simulate flying
  2. Sigh.. AVSIM has been like this for decades.. Someone with a college degree could make a fortune reading the AVSIM "MS Flight" forum from front to back and writing a case study. While ultimately becoming a failure it was peak "Simmer Vs Casual" battle royal.
  3. Love this mod but it does chew up bandwidth lol. Thankfully I have 1GB fios and no data caps so I'm good but if you're on a limited plan.. Turn on that cache
  4. Until SunSkyJet KPHL and Philadelphia has been blatantly ignored despite the fact it's a gigantic hub in the Northeast. Sandwiched between DC and NYC. Even despite the city itself being where Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were both debated and signed at gets ignored. Anyone who has flown VFR around Philadelphia knows it has a lot to offer already, but there is so much more to it
  5. Et Hem Backs up my statement. Anna ruined Orbx. And those screenshots are not impressive. They look like FSX graphics. Orbx is awful now. Step gatekeeping them.
  6. Citation needed.. They used to have the best.. They stopped innovating ever since Anna took over. A lot of their newer work feels cheap and on strict budgets in their desire to become the "Steam" of Flight Simming. John Venema was brash but the man knew how to push innovation. I mean seriously. We've come this this rubbish. John would have fired the person who even suggested doing this - Easter Hunt 2022 - Orbx
  7. Personal attack? Calm down Karen. I simply called you out for your nonsense. Who cares if it's default or custom made. Someone took the effort.
  8. It's better than what we had before for KPHL. Absolutely nothing. You may be a verified reviewer but your views are skewed
  9. Not really a mistake considering how old their scenery for KPHL is.. They are literally the only developer in flight simming to ever get KPHL proper treatment. (until now)
  10. SunSkyJet was the only developer to ever do Philly properly. It's a shame considering how big of a hub KPHL is
  11. FINALLY! Philly gets some airport love! I've been waiting for this since MSFS 2020 was released for my home airport to get some treatment. Philadelphia International Airport v2.0 » Microsoft Flight Simulator
  12. That may have been the case in FSX/P3D despite the bugs Carenado stepped it up a bit with MSFS 2020. They found middle ground finally.
  13. This is reaching. You're zooming in way beyond the typical acceptable draw distance
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