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  1. When upgrading to Windows 10 you have 30 days to revert back to your previous OS.. After 30 days the key to your previous OS is invalidated with that OS and permanently attached to Windows 10. There is a "Revert back" in the settings of Windows 10 (don't delete Windows.old). So you can try it if you want.. Windows 10 after updating creates a hardware hash and stores it on MS servers.. So if you need to do a fresh install of Windows 10 if you want to format etc (create the USB media with the creation tool MS provides), reinstall, skip entering a key, and Windows 10 will auto activate itself via the hardware hash. ie: Windows 10 will know you're reinstalling on a previously activated PC and reactivate it accordingly. If you upgrade your MOBO and it doesn't reactivate.. Same process as before.. Call MS and they will square you away (MS are actually good with that)
  2. I used to plane spot at Burlington VT when I lived in Bristol VT.. Nice 45 minute drive... Nice little Airport.. Great pics
  3. Late to reply but I had a PM about this months ago and the reply here. No. Never seeing the light of day.. It's long gone. I don't even have a flight sim installed anymore. My dad had just passed and was unemployed when I started doing that repaint to cope. I'm now employed full time, going to be an EMT and eventually paramedic. I have no time for this anymore ATM.. Sorry.
  4. Know how I know you don't know what a point release is?
  5. Dovetail has done this numerous and countless times with their Train Simulator.. Hacking the price to $5.00. They want the core sim in the palm of everyones hands as quickly as possible.. The core is the loss leader to all the DLC. Which I have no doubt they will start selling for FSX:SE
  6. You know the change logs for versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4 are publicly available to read right? Of course you do, so why ask a question you already know the answer to and make statements presented as fact that aren't fact at all?
  7. Weird. I installed the update and when I load the game I'm flying an ICON A5 and told to collect something called Aerocaches.
  8. forum alert

    Rob is that new guy that just signed up yesterday right? Good choice by Avsim staff.. Perfect fit for the P3D forum
  9. I used to have one of these and my Z Axis turned to trash after about 2yrs also. Same exact symptoms. Just vaguely touching the stick would send the Z Axis into twitchy behavior. Setting deadzones helped but you usually had to set them so big it killed the point of having a Z Axis in the first place. There is no fix, no cure except not to buy Logitech controllers again. They make great mice and keyboards, not controllers. I just fly stick aircraft with the yoke. I never bothered buying a new flight stick.
  10. It depends.. In house Dovetail trains are pure cheap garbage that are not realistic and barely anything in cab works except the basics and the sound set is not accurate to the real life model at all.. It's the folks like Armstrong Powerhouse and Oovee (and others) who actually go out of their way to strive for simulation. Class 90, Class 57, Class 321, Class 150 are all stellar train sets and aim to truly simulate their real life counterparts. Dovetail though do cripple trains. Armstrong Powerhouse 321 released on their own site is remarkable. The Dovetail release of that same train though is a dumbed down version where half the functionality of the APH version has been nuked. Their release of the APH Class 90 though wasn't too terribly crippled though. Still. I've been a user of that Simulator since 2006 and can say with 100% certainty.. Anything produced and developed by Dovetail.... True simulation is NOT their concern. Flashy graphics and Tyco like controls is.
  11. Yes they do.. 80% of Railworks rollingstock is produced by serious 3rd party developers that they offered a piece of the Steam pie and brought under their belt to sell their product through Steam. Dovetail is more a powerhouse route building developer now and not so much on the rollongstock aspect anymore. They still do rollingstock but they heavily lean on outside developers now. Mark my words.. (I'm speculating. Pure conjecture) If Dovetail make a Flight Sim ala "Ms Flight" and run the DLC business like they do Railworks you will see Orbx, Carenado, and all the usual suspects producing product for it and distributed through Steam by Dovetail. I remember back in the day so many 3rd pary developers for Railworks claimed they would never sellout to Dovetail (Then RSC) and would keep the ship sailing for freeware or payware only off their own websites.. Slowly but surely The tides changed.. You can not ignore the cash cow that is Steam exposure.
  12. Thanks guys! And Jim.. The VC (and plane) repaint is one of my own. They're sitting in the library here. Mr. Attwood got my repaint itch going for a while there and I churned a few projects out. Not on his level but.. Who is?
  13. Not sure what you're really going on about to be honest.. You seem to be fishing for an argument where one doesn't exist.
  14. This about sums it up and hence my "last relevant in 2003" comment. While an exaggeration yes, I was pertaining to the old school way of thinking where even running notepad.exe could cause performance issues in games. We aren't in the 1GB of RAM days anymore scretching our PC's out to hit 1.5Ghz. I've had P3D open on one monitor on auto pilot and Photoshopping on the other monitor without a hiccup.
  15. I have no stutter. Rob has no stutter. If you're going to claim something is bad advice, by all means.. Provide some sort of data to back it up. Otherwise you're just parroting advice that was relevant in 2003.