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  1. The outdated cities really hit a sore spot. Philadelphia has a 1,121ft skyscraper that was completed in 2018 and in the sim it's still just a parking lot.
  2. From s 9900k? under 1000$? Are you buying from Wish and AliExpress exclusively?
  3. Same.. I'm not spending thousands of dollars for marginable at best improvements.
  4. I know it's in development but Horseshoe falls looks awful. It's bloated and buldging out where the water is falling.
  5. Anyone up for a rolling database where some of the most popular former addons from that site can be found now? I've honestly lost track of where to get some of my favorite addons, or check for updates that were once there that I know are still in development and jumped shipped. .... Somewhere..
  6. That's the intent. Asobo.. Do better. The strange thing is all 285GB still exists on my drive, Edit: Even retrying to reinstall. Nothing. Zero download speed. What an awful operation. My entire installation of over a year is screwed.
  7. Well now my simulator is useless. It got stuck on downloading the update of 0 for 0. I forced closed it now it doesn't launch at all. No splash screen. Nothing.. Opening the Xbox app shows it's downloading something but not downloading anything Edit: I tried cancelling the update and this POS deleted my entire install.. Asobo is trash
  8. Ccleaner is a damaging and useless app at this point in time. You can do everything it does all without the aggressive adware push and useless registry "cleaning". It's snake oil at best and malware at worst.
  9. I refuse to use any program that uses awful fonts like that.
  10. I was wondering the same. We are approaching a year since launch and it's more or less the same exact product
  11. All good things end up becoming about $$$
  12. RealAir The Lancair Legacy was my go to aircraft for years. It could do it all, without you having to spend 95% of your time coding a new operating system for the government and flew like a dream.
  13. You can add an exclusion for your MSFS folder so it isn't scanning files inside that folder every time you run it.
  14. Defender. You don't need anything else except that and common sense.
  15. Oof. That just triggered the AVSIM PTSD in me. MS Flight caused such an internal battle here. One of AVSIMS ugliest times.
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