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  1. Been using these presets for quite awhile now and yep. They are that good
  2. This is the MSFS 2020 forum. Are you still on Flight Simulator 95?
  3. All things the default weather engine does. Again, this is overselling a product. They are literally promoting features the sim already does.
  4. I'm glad to see a majority here are on the same boat. The days of fleecing the community with a myriad of addons that are either unnecessary or completely over sell their actual capabilities is over. We are speaking with our wallets for once and not just our mouths. We've even see this in the payware aircraft scene. We are much smarter with our wallets now and that's a good thing. Expectations are exceedingly higher than they ever were in the FSX/P3D era.
  5. Meh. They had how many years to do something with MSFS now? This seems sus. That interface above looks like something I'd expect from a amateur program designer of the Windows 2000 era.
  6. I hate Youtubers who do this. It reminds me of going to a webpage for a cooking recipe. 15 paragraphs later of nonsense filler I finally get to the actual recipe.
  7. That's the strange thing. This design is OLD yet, she still hangs or exceeds with modern streamlined carbon fiber toys of the modern age.
  8. It makes me smile so wide sarcasm and cynicism took over. I'm laughing right now. Thank you
  9. Keep on moving those goalposts. One day the ball with fly through them
  10. Yet you didn't say a thing. Go on. I'm waiting.
  11. We're complaining quite humbly about pictures on a screen. You're literally insulting people. Who is the one with a fragile ego?
  12. Sorry my friend but when someone asks me for money for a product I tend to deep dive..
  13. The only thing keeping me from buying it (read into that as you will). Like, you paid real life money for it, yet they still feel the need to insert a stupid watermark of their product on the loading screens. Like, get that word not allowed off my loading screens. I paid you. You got your money. Why are they promoting their own product on something you paid for?
  14. I'm not one to nitpick over nonsense but I'm definitely on team "the Dune loading screen is trash"..
  15. Always love a good 182 livery. Take away all the paint and honestly the 182 is a rather drab and boring looking airframe.. Add in some cheat lines and appealing curves in paint and suddenly the girl has flair and static speed.
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