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  1. It's by no means razor sharp until you get around 4,000ft or so. If you click on any of my photos and expand it to full size you will see it still holds some of the draw backs of photo scenery at lower altitudes. This isn't a knock at Orbx but just natural drawback of photo scenery.. What Orbx did though was improve upon those flaws. While it isn't razor sharp at lower altitudes it's leaps and bounds better than any other photo scenery I've ever installed at those same heights. For $40 American this truly is a fantastic display of what is possible with photo scenery. If you have the HDD/SDD space to sustain a collection of it. :)
  2. Nope that how Schipol looks out of the box with the Orbx TE Netherlands region.. :) Framerates are stiffer than a normal Orbx region... Just dial down the SSAA and Texture resolution down from 4096. The price you pay for photoreal. :)
  3. Winter / Winter Snow / Spring / Summer / Fall Schipol - Maxed - 1440p
  4. XP11 w/ The SSJ KPHL conversion. Ortho, w2XP. Ultimate Mod..
  5. Been gone from the Flight Sim game 3 years now.. Upgraded to P3D v4 from P3Dv2, caught up with aircraft and scenery, dusted off my yoke and pedals... Found my old repaints I did!... They stood the test of time!!
  6. When upgrading to Windows 10 you have 30 days to revert back to your previous OS.. After 30 days the key to your previous OS is invalidated with that OS and permanently attached to Windows 10. There is a "Revert back" in the settings of Windows 10 (don't delete Windows.old). So you can try it if you want.. Windows 10 after updating creates a hardware hash and stores it on MS servers.. So if you need to do a fresh install of Windows 10 if you want to format etc (create the USB media with the creation tool MS provides), reinstall, skip entering a key, and Windows 10 will auto activate itself via the hardware hash. ie: Windows 10 will know you're reinstalling on a previously activated PC and reactivate it accordingly. If you upgrade your MOBO and it doesn't reactivate.. Same process as before.. Call MS and they will square you away (MS are actually good with that)
  7. Yeah, I'm not complaining at all.. Rob has been super cool with his product being used in Prepar3D despite not officially supporting it. So.. I'll take what I can get.. I haven't heard the Lancairs audio in its full glory in quite some time so to hear it in Prepar3D is music to my ears.
  8. Yeah that's what I used to test... You have to enable legacy mode and the Lancair audio is 100%. Flaps, gear, wind, farts, sneezes, coughs, beard scratching.. It's all there in its wonderful glory. So happy!!
  9. Ok.. I re-installed with it enabled Disabled migration tool afterwards Sound issues still there Enabled it Sound still no go Tried legacy mode which forced you to enable the migration tool Sound works!! Holy hell.. The Lancair 100% Functional!
  10. How does the dev build fix the Lancair audio? Do you have to run Prepar3D w/ the Migration Tool enabled?
  11. Just so no one gets the wrong idea. The Lancair is still crippled a tad in audio. Various little audio cues don't work in Prepar3D because he's using a custom DLL for some things. Not a deal breaker though. Audio wise everything you need is there to enjoy it in Prepar3D just some stuff is missing like the gear audio, flap audio etc etc.
  12. I will word this carefully as I'm not accusing but. Orbx does have a system in place if what you're installing detects a pirated copy of an Orbx product installed it will delete everything in your Orbx folder whether you had legitimate items in it or not. I believe this started around the time Orbx Global was introduced.
  13. Honestly.. At this point. I'm not even confident Malaysian Airlines is sure if the plane even took off.
  14. Now they were apparently purposely evading any radar detection at all. http://my.news.yahoo.com/mh370-flew-low-1-500m-avoid-detection-says-011918423.html
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