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  1. Sir this is a flight simulator, not a ground service simulator
  2. When FlightBeams KDEN was first release it majorly conflicted with default KDEN. Early adopters had to manually uninstall Asobos KDEN for FlightBeams to work correctly. Flightbeam later fixed this issue by uninstalling Asobos during the installation of theirs
  3. Yeah, don't get me wrong. I get it's beta and scratch built. Much respect to the developer for getting this far. I tried to work around the teething in game flight plan creating (lack there of) issues by using the world map instead to create my IFR flight and it still didn't get it right. I'll check back in a few more releases.
  4. Take each photo, make it full screen. Follow the right wing over to the taxiway. Default is a seamless transition from apron to taxiway. There are light shades of rubber from the wheels on the concrete. It looks used. EAG - The transition is absurdly abrupt. There is no signs of use, and it really shows the low quality of the textures a little further out as you can see visible noise and pixilation on the taxiways and runway. It's bad.. Just bad
  5. Bought it a month ago. And immediately uninstalled it. It makes airports look worse. The textures are low quality and a step back in everyway from default. Waste of my money. Once you see this unsightly mess on the apron you can not un-see it. The apron and taxiways are an ugly patchwork of textures, color, and repeating patterns. Example Default KPHL - Absolutely seamless transitions between varying textures. Beautiful Enhanced Airport Graphics KPHL - The aprons, taxiways and runways looks like default FSX 2004
  6. Remember there used be threads 10's of pages and longer of people arguing about how to calculate the correct AF numbers.. People were literally almost virtual fist fighting over a line in a CFG file. Thank god those days are gone
  7. I ended up deleting this mod for now. It's nice and all but has a big flaw. If you use the world map to create a IFR flight the 750 has an awful time importing the flight plan. For example. Flight plan is KACY to KPHL via HOLEY-FOSOM-ESKOE The PMS750 GPS completely skips HOLEY and goes directly to KPHL despite the line on the map clearly showing to turn to HOLEY. But nope KACY ---> KPHL instead
  8. What a strange time we live in. When MSFS came out everyone could literally not stop complimenting the scenery of the sim. Calling it the greatest thing ever. I'll never need scenery addons again! Morphing aside, mind you, that's been there since day one you now have people throwing the baby out with the bath water over something that for all intent and purpose is generally very minor at most. This is screenshot is default. I bet the price of the NZ Mesh if I posted "Just bought it and it looks amazing" no one would know it was just default and compliment how amazing it looks. Sure it's "only $10" but so is a nice meal. I prefer a nice meal over miniscule gains
  9. It's worth it. Unlike most payware GA aircraft she's the first to have "character" and it's ever evolving. It's not study level, but it's not Carenado either..
  10. The discount is tempting.. Although. I don't fly high enough usually to warrant the turbo. The regular Arrow III is a lead weight just to make it to 9,000ft.. I usually fly her comfortably around 4000-5000ft after that the climb rate is so painstakingly slow most will get carpal tunnel syndrome just maintaining that subpar climb rate flying it manually to a high altitude. It's perfect at that 4-5k range though gets up there pretty easy. After that.. Welcome to watching paint dry.. I understand that's the limits of the plane but I just don't have the patience..
  11. https://community.justflight.com/topic/1806/update-change-logs-edited-07-05-21
  12. Did that. I try not to post complaints unless I went through nearly all the usual steps. Reboots, removing mods etc. Then I remembered I did switch to AI Offline today.. Reversed it and the problem solved itself. *shrug*.. Who knows..
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