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  1. It's by no means razor sharp until you get around 4,000ft or so. If you click on any of my photos and expand it to full size you will see it still holds some of the draw backs of photo scenery at lower altitudes. This isn't a knock at Orbx but just natural drawback of photo scenery.. What Orbx did though was improve upon those flaws. While it isn't razor sharp at lower altitudes it's leaps and bounds better than any other photo scenery I've ever installed at those same heights. For $40 American this truly is a fantastic display of what is possible with photo scenery. If you have the HDD/SDD space to sustain a collection of it. :)
  2. Nope that how Schipol looks out of the box with the Orbx TE Netherlands region.. :) Framerates are stiffer than a normal Orbx region... Just dial down the SSAA and Texture resolution down from 4096. The price you pay for photoreal. :)
  3. Winter / Winter Snow / Spring / Summer / Fall Schipol - Maxed - 1440p
  4. XP11 w/ The SSJ KPHL conversion. Ortho, w2XP. Ultimate Mod..
  5. Been gone from the Flight Sim game 3 years now.. Upgraded to P3D v4 from P3Dv2, caught up with aircraft and scenery, dusted off my yoke and pedals... Found my old repaints I did!... They stood the test of time!!
  6. styckx

    P3D,Windows 10, and image

    When upgrading to Windows 10 you have 30 days to revert back to your previous OS.. After 30 days the key to your previous OS is invalidated with that OS and permanently attached to Windows 10. There is a "Revert back" in the settings of Windows 10 (don't delete Windows.old). So you can try it if you want.. Windows 10 after updating creates a hardware hash and stores it on MS servers.. So if you need to do a fresh install of Windows 10 if you want to format etc (create the USB media with the creation tool MS provides), reinstall, skip entering a key, and Windows 10 will auto activate itself via the hardware hash. ie: Windows 10 will know you're reinstalling on a previously activated PC and reactivate it accordingly. If you upgrade your MOBO and it doesn't reactivate.. Same process as before.. Call MS and they will square you away (MS are actually good with that)
  7. I used to plane spot at Burlington VT when I lived in Bristol VT.. Nice 45 minute drive... Nice little Airport.. Great pics
  8. styckx

    Alabeo Cutlass RG

    Late to reply but I had a PM about this months ago and the reply here. No. Never seeing the light of day.. It's long gone. I don't even have a flight sim installed anymore. My dad had just passed and was unemployed when I started doing that repaint to cope. I'm now employed full time, going to be an EMT and eventually paramedic. I have no time for this anymore ATM.. Sorry.
  9. styckx

    Prepar3D v2.5 Development Update

    Know how I know you don't know what a point release is?
  10. Dovetail has done this numerous and countless times with their Train Simulator.. Hacking the price to $5.00. They want the core sim in the palm of everyones hands as quickly as possible.. The core is the loss leader to all the DLC. Which I have no doubt they will start selling for FSX:SE
  11. You know the change logs for versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4 are publicly available to read right? Of course you do, so why ask a question you already know the answer to and make statements presented as fact that aren't fact at all?
  12. Weird. I installed the update and when I load the game I'm flying an ICON A5 and told to collect something called Aerocaches.
  13. styckx

    Welcome to Rob Ainscough

    Rob is that new guy that just signed up yesterday right? Good choice by Avsim staff.. Perfect fit for the P3D forum
  14. I used to have one of these and my Z Axis turned to trash after about 2yrs also. Same exact symptoms. Just vaguely touching the stick would send the Z Axis into twitchy behavior. Setting deadzones helped but you usually had to set them so big it killed the point of having a Z Axis in the first place. There is no fix, no cure except not to buy Logitech controllers again. They make great mice and keyboards, not controllers. I just fly stick aircraft with the yoke. I never bothered buying a new flight stick.