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  1. Contained within the download is a pdf with images of different continents and their associated shipping lanes.
  2. This is awesome. Just need to fix the wakes, they are a bit ugly when close.
  3. Install voice commander. That's what I did. I made voice commands like "Toggle Slew Mode", "Slew Forward 2 seconds" "Slew Forward 4 Seconds", "Slew Forward 8 Seconds", "Slew Backward 2 Seconds", "Slew Left", Slew Right", "Slew clockwise", etc. Makes life much easier. Like when I say "Positive Rate", then Voice Commander raises the gear and after the command is issued says, "Gear Up".
  4. You're welcome to fly with us, https://discord.gg/wmBhSDSR Also recommend MSFS Bush Pilots, https://discord.gg/kPHHPtqJ
  5. It looks incredible on my OLED. Other than some road lights hovering 30m above the ground. Imo, Vegas looks like trash for a photogrammetry city, especially at night.
  6. flightsim.to is great in that (once logged in) it shows you if you have ever downloaded a particular mod from there, and what the last version number you downloaded is. Makes it very easy to stay up to date. On each mod's page you can follow that mod and the site will notify you of any outdated mods.
  7. Option 3: Don't calibrate in windows or fs2020, and use a 3rd party app like FSUIPC7. Or one of the other options, https://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/
  8. It has a simple purpose in life, one in fact. To point out the location of the quality slider to novice users who don't know it exists. It's not meant to distill the meaning of life for you, but thanks.
  9. For nVidia users who aren't techies and don't have time to experiment, you can just try a few different spots on the quality optimization slider and your game can be anything from a blurry mess to sharp as a tack with the GeForce Experience. It takes a lot of criticism, because most people don't know the GefEx quality slider exists and the defaults can often make your game look worse. Power users tend to like more control, so it's typically not for them either. My system is strong enough to drag the slider full right @ 4k, and it looks amazing. I used to love tweaking each setting and optimizing setting by setting, but I don't have the time or even interest in do it anymore. Personally, I love the GEF app because it records 4k HDR for me with virtually no FPS loss in FS20. GEF also has some nice shaders to play with.
  10. Go into options to the content manager and delete the 747. Then, click the button to install the 747. I did it 45 minutes ago with the 787, just to make sure that I didn't have any bugs with it.
  11. Virtual drives, AND volumes. Two different things in two different locations of the device manager. Just to clarify. The only reason I researched this is because of the strange volume in Disc Defragmenter. I don't like "mystery" items on my pc, so I started researching.
  12. I bought the IFR course from https://www.fsacademy.co.uk/, and I think it's well worth the 20 bucks. Reading the ground school manual alone taught me at least 5 things in the first chapter, and that's before flying that chapter's mission in the sim. Thumbs up from me.
  13. Ooooh, new toys to play with. And I'm home alone right now! Wake up, 7zip.
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