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  1. Alexander Metzger created the FDE for both the Sibwings model and the Aerosoft one, for the record. Agreed upon the lack of update info for the Aerosoft one, but luckily the new Sibwings/AT Sims iteration will appear which will likely be objectively superior.
  2. Alabeo has definitively stated via a support email to be that they will not be fixing the Cutlass: Support (Alabeo) Dec 7, 18:38 -03 Greetings, The technology that C172RG Cutlass has (10 years ago) is not compatible with new technologies that P3Dv4 uses, that is the reason why we can not update it. Regards, Alabeo.
  3. Just reinstalled the Robinson R66 in P3Dv4.3 and noticed that the VOR gauge is non-functional. Can anyone else confirm? I can change the compass card on the gauge using the OBS knob, I can tune a VOR frequency on the radio, and I can receive the appropriate Morse signal through the radio, but I have no response from the VOR needles. I have tried multiple VORs across multiple locations. I have also ensured that I'm not in some hidden inadvertent "GPS" mode with the avionics (despite lacking a GPS), and I have confirmed VOR functionality with other aircraft in the same region. No response to an ILS beam either. I sent a report highlighting this to Carenado today, but also hope to confirm my observations with the general user base too.
  4. Just a heads up that Neo Leung, who is associated with China Leaf, has been covering a lot of liveries lately and has uploaded them to the P3D repaints section of the library. These include Northwest Airlink in both old (red) and newer (silver), American Eagle, various Japanese and Thai liveries, and Delta Connection. This is in addition to Murchison's NZ and Asian liveries, as well as EDRM's European liveries on his own website.
  5. I did some additional snooping following a reinstall. It looks like the LITE version of the aircraft has only a two position switch (alongside all problems with the pitot heat) as I outlined with my previous screenshot. The normal/full version of the aircraft has the three position switch and so far it does seem to work correctly. How frustrating. I guess it's the full version for me!
  6. Sorry for the delayed response. Just tried my version again of Version 1.1 of the Cheyenne III and my switches only have two positions: OFF or PITOT/STALL. I have tried left clicking, right clicking, middle mouse button clicking, scrolling, etc. When the switch is in the position of PITOT/STALL, my tubes still ice up in icing conditions when using software such as Activesky in real-world conditions, as well as with pre-built P3Dv4 themes. Additionally, Carenado has acknowledged the issue to me in email and said that they will look at patching it in a future update (if that ever happens). I have included a screenshot of my switches in the link below as an illustrative example. When in PITOT/STALL mode, the test lights on the left side wall of the cockpit light up when pressed indicating that there should be power for heating purposes, but again, still have problems with ice. https://i.imgur.com/NHxWNG6.png Thanks.
  7. I've turned on both left and right switches. Additionally, at least on my model, each switch (left/right) only has two positions: OFF, or Pitot/Stall. Again, I've utilized all deicing / heat switches in the aircraft, and just confirmed again moments ago that the pitot probes still ice over, resulting in airspeed indication loss.
  8. Using 1.1 in P3Dv4. Flew through visible moisture north of Seattle in temps conducive to icing today, and despite the pitot heat indicating ON, the pitot tubes still froze up, which in FSX and P3D mean that the airspeed needle rapidly drops to zero and stays there until warmer temps are introduced. I submitted a support ticket, but encourage others to verify as well. I believe this problem is also present with the F406 Caravan.
  9. Thought you were looking for dedicated switches that say "inverter" since I thought that it was apparent that AVN1 performs an equivalent function (consequentially, you would be looking for system redundancies like in most/all King Airs), but I do not see evidence of redundant/backup inverters (more than 1 inverter), nor any additional primary switches with that label beyond what is performed by AVN1. I should have clarified my initial inquiry into your original post further. Enjoy the F406.
  10. I do not see any documentation nor any evidence in the cockpit that the Reims F406 has inverter switches. Do you have any documentation or evidence that there should be one, and that the absence is an error? Sean
  11. For user awareness of what issues exist with this model. PLEASE also report any bugs to Carenado via email as well. Don't assume that someone else already did (and even if they did, it doesn't hurt to add another voice of concern). My list so far... The standby attitude indicator show an approximately 4 degree nose down situation when the plane is in level flight or on the ground. This issue was previously experienced by their Navajo and Alabeo's 404. Unfortunately, the standby indicator is not adjustable, so we'll have to see if Carenado fixes it. The vertical speed indicator (VSI) seems to show a slight, approximately 30-50 foot decent when on level ground. It's not very noticeable due to the incrementation of the reference lines on the gauge (in hundreds) but one can see that the needle rests slightly below zero on a flat surface. These two issues have been reported to Carenado. Recieved a generic "form letter" response as follows: --- Greetings, Thank you for your valuable feedback. We'll consider it to include as a modification on the future version we will release for the aircraft. ---- -Sean
  12. The configuration following GTN750 integration is the replacement of the top GNS530, while the lower one remains.
  13. I use a Saitek throttle unit as indicated in my review, and when I cut the mixture/condition lever to engine one, my autofeather system responded immediately and correctly to fully feather the engine. I was actually surprised that it worked. Keep in mind that the autofeather system does not turn on below a certain power setting.
  14. Would anyone be willing to contact me so I too can obtain this GPS modification? It would be greatly appreciated, as I only recently purchased this model. Thanks, Sean
  15. Mr. Pieke, I do not own any RXP products, so I would be using what I imagine to be the default GPS implementation. I will message you with my email address in anticipation of purchasing this product. Thank you for the input! Sean
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