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  1. Looking forward to it! Was due in November but seems to be running behind. Presumably won't have the loadout manager or weapons involved if released on the Marketplace (per policy), so will likely grab the Simmarket version. Having used their P3D version, it's a very in-depth model, and is a great supplement to the DCS aircraft for those that want to fly a high fidelity MiG in a different part of the world. Hopefully those asking "why?" and "what's the point", both here and observed elsewhere, are asking the same of every other developer who makes military aircraft (or maybe it's due to it being Soviet, or having a nice model in DCS?) for MSFS.
  2. PHNL Honolulu International Airport is a Class B airport (https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/digital_products/vfr_class_b/media/Honolulu_Class_B.pdf) and is not available from a third party right now, nor is it under active development by anyone to the best of my knowledge. According to the FSDreamteam forums, it's on their list, but it sounds like the dev has put it aside for now in favor of other projects, and it's likely (I'm guessing) multiple years out if it comes out at all: As of 23 November 2021 from FSDreamteam: "We don't have any news about PHNL right now. Sim Update 5 was a disaster, and stopped us for months, because the editor was so bugged and unusable ( it crashed continously ), that we had to go back working on some updates for P3D, because we couldn't progress much with airports for MSFS. We should have released KCLT months ago...We'll release KCLT in the next few days, then KIAH will follow later on, then likely KMEM. Then, the scenery author will might go back to PHNL. The rest of FSDT is all at work on GSX." All of this is a shame, in my opinion, since we have excellent, detailed, payware airports on the neighboring islands already from Northern Sky Studio, Pearl Simulations, etc.
  3. I am encountering the same issue and it may be Beta-related, as others that I don't think are on the beta seem to be using it just fine. I just sent an email to the author minutes ago at the following address (which I hope works, I had to ask around for it), and I encourage you and others to do the same. If this is indeed a beta issue that become official/final, many other users will have problems in the coming month(s). Their support seems to be at: help-desk@simskunkworks.it For what it's worth, I have tried reversing my axis mapping, using a different joystick setup (throttle quadrant or X-52 throttle), and remapping everything, with no positive impact. Currently, I have to have buttons assigned that equate to pressing F2 or F3 to throttle up and down in that way. Hopefully the author is kind enough to acknowledge the issue and work on a resolution.
  4. Hi, I just found out that the one-man-show developer of a Tupolev Tu-154B-2 for P3D version 4.5 released version 1.0 within the past couple days as a payware product. A demo is available, and one can purchase a license through a rather, in my opinion, convoluted process. Anticipating further English-language support and additional bug fixes, but it's a beautiful model in the sim right now. Not sure if it will be moved to P3Dv5, but I know the dev is planning on looking into a version for MSFS in the (distant) future. NOTE: I am not related in any way with the developer, nor in an advisory role. I simply have an interest in Russian/Soviet/Eastern European aircraft. It is available here: https://simuniqlab.com/
  5. Disregard please - sorry. Nemeth Design's had a patch 1.03 on their site for the 407 that fixed the issue that Simmarket did not reflect. Thanks anyway.
  6. Greetings, Using version 1.2.50 (though I've never seen this work in any build) of Chaseplane in P3Dv4.5 via Orbx. Assigning keys for hat switch panning works just fine for most aircraft, but it seems like the camera view goes to a fixed gimble position that is not pannable if using an aircraft that has a FLIR screen inside the VC. Two examples: Nemeth Designs Bell 407 Police/TV News version, and Nemeth Designs Mi-35 modernized Hind. The normal ND Bell 407 works fine, but when switching to the version with a FLIR camera, I can no longer pan around in the cockpit using the hat switch. Is this issue something that can be looked into? Thanks, Sean K.
  7. Initial version released. See the Google Translate link below. Still very much a work-in-progress with documentation incoming, and unfortunately the author is already being inundated by 50+ emails just from one user, but something is out now. Be patient and respectful while the author addresses issues, continues development, and adds documentation. Also, with a complex plane like this, something you may think is a bug could easily be user error. With that said, I'll quote another user on the navigation piece: "So far, only VOR (DME) and NDB navigation can be flown quite well using these means. NVU is in the process of development and will be in the next updates. In addition, a tablet will work on the pilot's panel, and in the future Sergey plans to implement a domestic analogue of FMS" https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://avsimrus.com/forum/topic/146276-%D1%82%D1%83-154%D0%B1-2-%D0%B4%D0%BB%D1%8F-fsx-%D0%B8-prepar-3d-%D1%81-%D0%BD%D1%83%D0%BB%D1%8F/page/78/
  8. Just highlighting that a Tupolev Tu-154b-2 is in development for P3Dv4+. Plug the following URL into Google Translate for a very rough idea as to what’s going on. There are pics throughout the thread. This effort is unrelated to any by the old Project Tupolev team. (And I am posting as an unrelated observer as well). My understanding is that it will be payware and may be out by mid-summer. https://avsimrus.com/forum/topic/146276-ту-154б-2-для-fsx-и-prepar-3d-с-нуля/page/74/ Regards, Sean K.
  9. The pic seems to match up with an unreleased scenery here: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/capital-region-lansing.442837/page-2 Not sure if the developer could be encouraged to pursue publication through another service.
  10. I know this is an old post, but it deserves a response. Unfortunately this is a known issue with this AP. You'll notice that if you do altitude hold and switch to an external (spot) view for a short time, it won't even hold altitude at that point either. I recommend downloading the "Helitrim" addon in the library, making sure the helitrim config is active in all axis, and assigning keystrokes for cyclic, collective, and yaw trim left/right, as well as a button to center those. It's not a good substitute for an AP, but can serve as a slight hands-off assist in calmer conditions (and can resolve the pulling to the left due to rotor torque). In a way you can kind of fly-it with the trim if you fine tune it enough. Other than that, you can try reaching out to Cera but not sure if they are active anymore and would even respond.
  11. Greetings, This pertains to Prepar3D Version 4.5 but probably counts for v5 as well. I'm wondering if anyone has any input on how to boost the G1000 LCD gauge resolution in the virtual cockpit of Carenado's various glass-panel aircraft, without encountering the resulting distortion in the screenshot below (Caravan EX in the example). I wasn't happy with a 1024 x 1024 pixel resolution that is included by default. I tried bumping this to 1280 x 1280 (also tried 2048) in the panel.cfg (pixel_size), and also tried globally using the P3D.cfg [Panels] edit, with the same results. I ensured that the HIGH_LOD=1 setting is set both in P3D options and in the P3D.cfg, so that's not a factor. In any other aircraft I've encountered that's not Carenado or Alabeo, I can increase glass-gauge resolution just fine. It seems to be an issue with Carenado/Alabeo gauge rendering. Any suggestions? Thank you, Sean K.
  12. GKS/Aviasim released a weapons payload visual patch. Please note that users need the Pro Plus version for fully working (launchable) weapons systems. This patch is for Academic and Pro (regular) only. https://www.aviasimhd.com/download/
  13. I’m one of the users on the Sim Outhouse P3D forum that encountered issues and seemed to have assisted in solving the mystery as to the weapons functionality. The developers developed this aircraft with a fully featured pro+ or dev license and didn’t realize that Academic and non-Plus Pro licenses prohibit weapon visibility and functionality in P3D. This is the only aspect that I believe is “broken” right now. Note that the Extended also includes rain effects and a rare bird strike effect that I believe still work. All other features and systems work with non Plus licenses. In the short term, it sounds like GKS will be releasing an update with configurable static weapons (for appearances purposes) within the coming days. They will continue to see if they can somehow make working weapons for non Plus licenses in the future. For what it’s worth, the model is still extremely detailed from both a systems and a visuals perspective, and the developer is very responsive to support inquiries via email, their forum, and other forums, so even with the lack of weapons functionality at present, I’d argue that the aircraft is still worth it. Sean K.
  14. The Cera models do work fine in v5 and their AS365 is excellent.
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