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  1. Xp12 is realy bad in vr, have tried to tune my settings but its realy a hog.. anyone else xperience this?
  2. In a few weeks we should expect a development update for the dash 8 kroswynd August 20 Hi @garyarnold, Hope all is well. Updates on the progress for majestic will be made in a few weeks. Still quite a bit of work to be completed before we can see the light at the end of the tunnel but the update will address this. http://majesticsoftware.com/forums/discussion/890/majestic-softwares-plans-for-microsofts-upcoming-flight-simulator-2020
  3. Microsoft needs to add this in the core sim. They should just hire Mamu or buy the algorythm and boats from him. 🙂
  4. Yes the same is for distant animations, like windmills and other animations on airports become stuttery when longer away. Really anoying.
  5. Its like this when every new software releases. Some are human errors and some are bugs and faults with the software, just have to be patient and it will all be ok in the end. I cant wait for people starting to make airports gsx ready.
  6. Will the new GSX have an option to automaticly spawn at the gate given by atc?
  7. So gsx for mfs will have everything in one package. Thats great.
  8. Its somehow the same problem in every place in the northern hemisphere with the LOD. I think its a bug.
  9. Just curious about mfs users age in here at avsim. Im 38 been simming since fs fs98.
  10. Can someone change the headline of this topic or close it?
  11. I dont know what u have done with your sim but i have great clouds.
  12. This bug came with the su5 xbox launch. Still under investigation by asobo. Cant understand its so difficult to fix.
  13. Nope. Next Wu can be delayed as they told in the last Q&A.
  14. Anyone else not able to slide the window closed in vr? I can open it fine in vr but i have to exit vr to close it.
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