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  1. Beyond atc cant controll Ai traffic so i dont see the point. The real deal by having atc is to fly in a controlled airspace and dont conflict with the Ai all the time.
  2. The stated early that sim update 13 will be mostly stability and aircraft bug fixes.
  3. It says in the new beta that vr now support openxr, but when i try to launch i get error message (Expression is false unexpectedly:pfnXrgetOpenGLGraphicsRequirementsKHR) I have the reverb G2.
  4. https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxUat_e-mxnOmepROOtwdpkjLq6Ls9vZT6
  5. This was not a problem at launch and after. Its something that came in an update with all the frozen fjords and lakes. So i cant understand they not being able to fix it yet.
  6. They usaly always release world update before going in beta.
  7. I dont think WT did anything to the flightmodels on the aircrafts except the cj4. All aircrafts have problem with inertia. To slippery. And groundhandling is to static on most aircrafts. In my opinion.
  8. Im wondering why they are fixing the legacy flightmodel? Is anybody using it anyway? Nothing mentioned about tweaks to the modern flightmodel or ground handling. Thats very frustrating. And nothing on the LOD problems we had since SU5. Ai aircraft with missing landingear, objects pop out in close proximity and so on.
  9. The more north u are in the world, the less the fix works. Thats a bug that still being since launch. It still is frozen fjords and over covered runways and roads in the northern hemisphere.
  10. My experience after buying the fstraffic to use with vatsim modelmatching. Pros: 1.Nice detailed models 2.littlebit better fps compared to fsltl Cons: 1.Vatsim modelmatching shows alot of default asobo models. 2. No Wwise sounds 3.no way to turn off ai traffic as default when using with vatsim.
  11. Im realy just curious why Asobo did choose to use lit texture maps for the rwy and taxi lights instead of dynamic lights. X-plane uses dynamic lights and it looks much better. I cant understand that asobo did choose to not have dynamic lights on the runways and taxiways but all other places in the sim.
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