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  1. It seems like only heavy rain will make the rwy and aprons wet. Not light rain.
  2. Its a good reason the performance in Aerofly is so good in vr. You have no advanced weather, no water shaders, no ai traffic, no complex aircrafts, no dynamic lighting. And the list goes on.
  3. The wipers dont work. They dont clean away the rain. I believe its a bug or the wipers are just half implented.
  4. About everything besides the aircrafts autopilots.
  5. Just edit the cfg file and turn up terrain_LOD to 4 or 5.
  6. Carenado= great visuals. Bad sounds,Bad system simulation.
  7. I agree on this. Very difficult to spot them. Maybe its because of that HDR thing. I dont have a hdr monitor.
  8. Almost all of Norway is broken because of water heightdata.
  9. So why does it respond dynamicly to the winds and updraft in alot of different behavior if its only one single 3D animation? And how do you know its only a 3D animation? Do you work at Asobo?
  10. The flightmodel in mfs is closer to blade element theory than lookup tables, but its neither.
  11. I did enable the experimental flightmodel. The aircraft didnt shake at all. Its so funny to see all people think Austin Meyers flightmodel cant be beaten. Austin is not the only man in the world that know how a aircraft should behave.
  12. Those colors are for the UI Only, they dont have any effect on the colors in the simworld.
  13. When on the ground with parkbrake on, apply full throttle on the cessna and watch the aircraft shake because of the propwash winds. Thats awsome. Xp11 dont have those physics. I tested both. Flightmodel in my opinion is also better then xp11, specialy on the cessna's.
  14. I bet you cant hear the flaps from the flightdeck irl. They should just have muted in the cockpit.
  15. Yes i agree on the interior of the airliners, the sounds on the turboprops could also need an overhaul.
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