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  1. You have never used vr i see. VR is currently the closest you can come to fly in reality without spending 15.000 dollars in a home cockpit.
  2. I really hope Microsoft and Asobo are able to have VR at launch, or else it will be going back in time. Every other major flightsims have VR at this point.
  3. If you havent allready done it. Please vote for VR on the ongoing poll in the other sticky post.
  4. I think Microsoft are doing a big mistake not having VR at launch. Every other flightsim on the market have VR at this point.
  5. Shaderbased seasons and snow. Yes thanks 🙂
  6. Im still holding my finger on either Unity or Unigine. My personal opinion though.
  7. Even if Microsoft are using Unigine i dont think the guys from Unigine are aloud to tell it to the public. Its all about privacy.
  8. Wich engine do you think the new flightsim will be buildt on? To me it looks like its either Unigine or Unity with Simul's TrueSky plugin. On Simul webpage you can see one of the partners using truesky is Microsoft Game Studios.
  9. I have a issue with the sounds in the Saab340. The wipers are way to loud, you shouldnt be able to hear them when the engines are running. The engine sounds need more low end, it lacks bass alot. And finaly the gpws can be heard from inside the passenger cabin along with outside view. Please fix this and the aircraft would be alot better. The sound is 50% of the imersion.
  10. Where is the steam version of the beta?? I want to betatest it me too. Unfair that only the people buying from xplane.com can join the beta, its alot of talented steam users to.
  11. Is there a fix for the extremly overdone lightflood of the lights on airplane. Its not normal that the 737 is lighting up an entire neigborhood when landing and at 1500feet. Same when at airport, taxi lights flooding up the entire airport terminal building.
  12. But still no fix for transparent clouds at night😕
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