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  1. Jorg talks about it back in one of the dev QA.
  2. This Asobo will do next year. They just use openstreet map and use machine learning to create roads and highways. Its part of the upcoming world 2.0.
  3. So in the feedback snapshot they say controller support will release in mid november with sim update 7. What do you guys expect? Do you think it will be like in x-plane or do you think they will have like fully modeled hands with finger tracking?
  4. Steam is always slower to get the updates. Give it 10-20 minutes.
  5. As for now i highly recomend to use default weather. Rex have maybe better metars but terrible weather transitions.
  6. Yes it makes a difference. You only have to tweak the GraphicsVR settings for VR.
  7. In livetraffic i have only planes arrivning. No planes taxi and takeoff? ??
  8. Propfeather isnt completly implented in mfs yet. It will come in simupdate 6 or 7.
  9. Do you guys think Microsoft and Asobo will attend at the expo this september?
  10. Is there anybody that knows how to get good modelmatching to work in mfs? ive tried the ivao pack but i cant get it to work.
  11. This hotfix realy made a massive difference in performance. Never had it so smooth in vr with the A320FBW. And the visuals is realy stunning. Thanks Asobo😁
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