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  1. It's hard to survive on that one P3D or XPlane aircraft that is sold every month now. And with the incomplete SDK and long development time involved with MSFS you have to start somewhere.
  2. I did the same and enjoyed it. Would much rather have that ported over to MSFS, visually the same as it is in FSX, than that 777.
  3. This is what I do to keep my GPU cooler,
  4. I can see trees 40 miles away, but individual blades of grass only about 10 miles. I hope they fix this issue soon because it's ruining my immersion.
  5. Escape (Active Pause) has caused problems since the first release, but I guess there are new ones now. I quit using it long ago and mapped a key for the plain old fashioned Pause which never gave me the problems that Active Pause did.
  6. For me the C172 steam version is worth the extra few dollars to go from standard to deluxe.
  7. I bought it, flew it once or twice, then uninstalled. Not that there was anything wrong with it, I just prefer the default 172 panel and sounds.
  8. as I said in my post "no difference in performance"
  9. yup, when I went from 16gb to 32gb MSFS started using more. And no difference in performance.
  10. I was planning on getting this and would like to have it, but $35US is more than what it's worth to me so I'm going to pass.
  11. Asobo sold a stake in the company a couple of months ago allowing it to bring on more employees. I don't think they will have any problems supporting MSFS.
  12. With so many experts trashing it, I'm convinced. Going to buy it. I would rather have a 120, had a nice one in FS2009, but this will do just fine, love the turbo's. The Beech 99 is OK but I can't stand the sounds, so this might take it's place.
  13. Yup, the 787 seems completely flyable now. I had given it up due to it's previous tendency to dive into the ground shortly after takeoff, but tried it out a couple of days ago and had no issues.
  14. The latest update totally broke the moon dust particles. They used to be sharp, now all blurry especially in the craters.
  15. 76T, Bishop. Otherwise known as Simfreeze Field.
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