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  1. That's what I'm going to do also, no hurry to drop cash on something that's not on same level. I appreciate the competition between developers, but there are many many other airports that get done and not step on each other's toes.
  2. I don't get it. After reading this 2-page post that's pretty much saying that this is a subpar product, a default aircraft that LVFR is collecting $$ for, and you still pay for it. Stop your complaining!!!
  3. I own the feelthere KTUS scenery, and it's great. But I also purchased there LAX and LAS packages and all they done was modify the default MSFS scenery. That's why I was glad to get replacement packages when other developers made those sceneries. So why would you buy from Feelthere that just modify MS default airports or get from developer that just makes airports and is very good at it.
  4. I purchased the version for FS9 and FSX years ago, and never really flew it because of the bad flight dynamics and terrible sounds and 2D panel. They lost me years ago as a customer because of their way of selling you parts of a system instead of a complete aircraft. Their eye candy of the C130 was great but that's about all. they have to do a much better job with their C130 before I bite again.
  5. very very nice post, I agree 100%. I'm blown away how weather is now depicted using s versus msfs LIVE.. I'm also a very early user of AS from the FS9 days and was always pleased with AS as my weather generator. keep up the great work Damion.
  6. After install the new build, I'm able to get AS working in MSFS with all mt toolbar mods installed. Thank you for the great timely fix and work for this great add on.
  7. Yeah, I read the post about the parking mod causing issue, but I'm not using any parking mod, but still can't get AS to work. All I get is clear skys. Maybe I'll try will my community folder disabled.
  8. All I want is AS to be my live weather app, I have live weather choosen in AS menu, Am I suppose to turn on something else? When FS is loaded and on< I see the sim connected is on in AS.
  9. I have the live weather preset checked in AS, but when I start FS live weather is still active inside sim. What am I doing wrong?
  10. The biggest issue I have purchasing anything from the marketplace is they don't give you a receipt showing what you purchased. I always get some encrypted receipt not knowing what I purchased. How hard is it to generate a receipt stating what was brought and when, instead of encrypted emails.
  11. Do anyone know how to deactivate the Dune start up expansion screen? it's very irritating that I have to resize my screen every time I start MSFS. It looks like it ignores my windowed mode setting no matter what I resize to. Any assistance is much appreciated. Regards
  12. Since the last quick update that I have no idea what it was for is causing issues with my installation. I never had my virtual or system memory usage go over 50%, now when I start my system memory goes over 90% and the virtual memory stays over 90%. Never had this problem before, until update. Now my flight sim crashes when I run out of resources. Do anyone know what that update was or how to uninstall it?
  13. I purchased the following software from Inibuilds and still cannot download after a few weeks of CTD's and time out errors using the crappy Inibuilds download manager. OMAA EGNM KLAX PHNL NFFN LGHI Pilatus PC-12 A300-600 Cowan Sim 222B Is there anyone else having this issue? I feel ripped off with all the money I sent them and can't use anything.
  14. To whom it may concern @ Microsoft. Would it be too much trouble to issue out receipts for purchases from market place that states what was actually purchased and the amount?? Instead of the cryptic receipts that I have no idea what it means How hard could it be to issue a receipt for what was purchased, that way I have a record for future needs. Thank you.
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