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  1. I just downloaded and installed the 737 Evolution PIC from Wilco. It installed fine with no issues. I have tried the JF 737.
  2. Feel there 737, Flight One 737 package. I believe the PMDG models are still available. 😜
  3. Thank you Sir. Very nice suggestion. Have a great day
  4. Can someone recommend a good scenery Manager. Freeware or pay ware. Open to any suggestions as long as they work efficiently.
  5. At one time there was a web site that listed all the Flight sims payware airports and locations where to buy. Do anyone remember the name of that site? Thanks in advance😁
  6. Thanks, I was referring to 3r party AI aircraft. I made the notation with simobject in FSX cfg file. I was wondering if there was another location where a entry needed to get made.
  7. thanks for your help, but I know about those locations. But there was another location where a entry needed to be made to get the AI to populate in the sim. I forgot the location, maybe it was in the C:programdata folder.. i'm building a new computer and rebuilding and reloading everything.
  8. Where is the CFG file location to edit to get AI flights to appear in FSX? Thanks for any help in advance regards
  9. Anyone using "SCANSIM - FLY TO EKCH COPENHAGEN" with Norway scenery? Any known compatibility issues?
  10. I did check it has setting mesh complexity to 100 and >10 for mesh resolution. It's something conflicting with Norway scenery, because I never had this problem before. Just have the eliminate folder by folder/ file by file.
  11. The speed bump is to the right. It looks like another conflicting scenery is trying to bleed thru. See attachment
  12. Great info. I removed all the files with br_ and enbr, but still had double jet ways and buildings. So I tried removing the following files starting with br and now my FSDT airport looks normal. brdeice brfence brsacargo brspedi brterminal brtower
  13. I think the files have been moved to FlightSim.com
  14. I removed the HP_5009_B2.bgl and still have the speed bump at my ENVA scenery by aerosoft. All else looks fine.
  15. Unfortunately I don't think so. It took me about 4 or5 hours to download. But it's well worth it.
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