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  1. Curiously, this version did not fix the problem for me, but an older version -- tbm930_project_v1.2 -- DID fix it. All panels are normal with SU10 installed.
  2. It doesn't! I have a 2080 card, and MSFS runs fine with almost all settings at Ultra. In most places I see FPS at 40-60 and smooth performance. Alienware Aurora R11, 32 GB ram, Intel i7-10700F, GeForce RTX 2080 Super
  3. As I place all my addon files in a different drive from MSFS, they are never in Community in the first place (addon-linker places only links there), and so never have to be moved. In your case, since your files are already in Community, it should be possible to move them individually to the new location, after which you will have an empty Community folder (except for the selected links addon-linker places there). One of the great things about AL is that it allows you to have zillions of add-ons without having to worry about space on your MSFS drive.
  4. For those who haven't discovered this yet, there are several excellent freeware add-ons for Toronto and Vancouver, available on flightsim.to, that make WU Canada look much better - e.g., a great-looking CN Tower and Vancouver bridges. These work fine with photogrammetry on. I realize that residents of those areas may have higher standards, but to me the combination looks great. With these fixes, and the fact that WU Canada makes many other areas of that country look much better - for example, Quebec -- I am happy with this update.
  5. Fine. My question was, how is it better than W10? Still waiting to hear.
  6. Can anyone tell me any advantage -- a single one -- afforded by Windows 11, other than "you have to update because Windows 10 is being phased out"? I have seen reports from some folks that it works fine, but how is it actually better than Win 10? (Note also that the announcement says that some features of Windows 10 are not available in Windows 11).
  7. Prior to SU10, I could not use photogrammetry at all, because the frame rates were not just bad, they were single digit (with photogrammetry turned off, I was typically seeing 40-60 FPS everywhere at Ultra settings). But SU10 fixed the issue, and I now have great performance with PG on. Just to be clear: the issue I (and others) had was not just the "photogrammetry cities" -- I could not use MSFS with PG turned on in the data options, no matter where I flew. But now all is well. For me this is Christmas in September! Alienware Aurora R11, 32 GB ram, Intel i7-10700F, GeForce RTX 2080 Super, Ultra graphics settings
  8. Just to point out that for those who have many addons (I have hundreds), Addon-Linker is a terrific way to organize them and -- major advantage -- store them in a separate drive from MSFS, from where they can be used selectively. I could not imagine being without it.
  9. I will report that this issue has resurfaced this morning -- i.e. a false "low bandwidth" warning, which I fixed as before -- by turning online functionality off, saving, turning on again, saving, and turning on Bing graphics. IMHO, this points definitely to a server issue, unless someone has a better idea. It's good to know how to fix it, but that this problem keeps popping up is annoying to say the least.
  10. OK, problem solved, at least for the moment, though I don't know what caused it in the first place -- possibly a server issue though I can't confirm that. As I said before, even though I have a good internet connection, MSFS kept telling me I didn't, and switching me to offline mode (which also turns off the Bing mapping of course). The cure was to turn ON the online functionality, apply and save; then turn ON Bing data, apply and save -- in two steps. Turning both functions on simultaneously doesn't work, which took me a while to realize. But lesson learned. I will also keep your suggestions in mind for the future. Many thanks for those.
  11. Thanks -- I tried this, but no luck.
  12. For the last 24 hours I have been unable to activate satellite streaming data. I get the message that my internet connection is poor and that I am being switched to offline mode, even though the connection is is actually quite good (120 Mbps). Anyone else have this problem?
  13. Just to be clear, the drone camera and slew mode are two different things (and unrelated). Slew is toggled on and off with the Y key, and enables moving the aircraft wherever you want quickly. The drone is activated with the drop-down menu, and as the previous poster said, you can move the camera around using the keyboard and num pad. If you pause the flight (P) before activating the drone, the plane will remain fixed in place while you move the camera around. Changing the drone speed from the default (very slow) to a higher value lets you move the camera much faster, especially useful in exploring large areas.
  14. This ... is ... getting ... tiresome (to say the least)! Seemingly endless nitpicking, in language that at times is barely comprehensible but incessantly boring and irrelevant. Stick with whatever older sim suits you, but let's wrap this up and move on.
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