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  1. Little nav map, which is now fully implemented for MSFS, is a very easy way to find any info on any airport.
  2. It seems that you first need to do your homework, i.e. become better informed about what does work, before complaining. It is a great platform for real flying!
  3. The sequence is crucial. First, have a flight in progress (can be on the ground awaiting takeoff). Then start VFRmap, and finally localhost:9000. You should then see VFRmap with your plane in the correct location.
  4. You are correct. I did this several days ago and it works like a gem. BTW, it need not take hours to find -- a search in the C drive for "Community" will locate it in seconds.
  5. I strongly disagree. I live in a small city that in FSX (augmented by Ultimate Terrain and GEX) was represented as a bunch of buildings in the right geographical area but was unrecognizable -- the buildings and streets were just generic, unrelated to the actual city. In MSFS it is totally different -- flying over the city is amazingly real, both in appearance and placement. My house is located on a street just one block long -- so obscure it is unknown even to most folks in the city! -- yet it is THERE, with my house and neighbors' houses in the right places and sizes. These houses are, of course, computer-drawn and differ in detail from the real ones, but that they are there at all is incredible! In my opinion the above post is a perfect example of trashing something that is very, very good and a great leap forward, just because it falls short of perfection.
  6. This is not the impression I have from seeing these reviews. Some of them are by real-world pilots, who stack up pretty well as "hard-core simmers" I would think. The fact is, the clientele at Avsim is very diverse, as is clear from just looking at the posts!
  7. In MSFS, go into Controls, and you can assign keyboard and flight yoke commands for slewing. Y is default for entering slew mode, just as in FSX.
  8. This is OK, but cumbersome and time-consuming. There is a much easier and quicker way to place your plane anywhere you like instantly. Use the recently released (and much discussed in this forum) free tool, VFRmap, which is simple to install and has a "teleport" feature which even LittleNavMap does not have.
  9. I have had the opposite experience. In my first (and so far only) attempt to reload a saved flight, I was able to access the toolbar, and could change the weather with no problem. If it makes any difference (doubtful), my plane was the Cessna 172 G1000 model. Also the flight was saved with the plane on the ground and engine off.
  10. Google maps have the capability to show latitude and longitude in decimal format. Got to tools > options > show lat/lon and select your preference.
  11. You can switch to Stamen Terrain, which is a very nice topographical map.
  12. Yes. It has a "teleport" feature that allows instantaneous relocation of the aircraft to any point on the planet, which is amazing. As far as I know, LittleNavMap does not have this capability.
  13. Its "beauty" is beside the point. The main thing is that it is REAL, 3D, and covers the entire earth. Never been done before in a sim! And there really is not anything more important than scenery in a flight simulator, not for me anyway.
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