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  1. I will gladly take your word for it -- that it's an issue for you. For me, it isn't. The pic and the sim in general do not look over-exposed to my eyes. This is a subjective situation to which we all respond differently, and we would do well to leave it at that.
  2. This debate reminds me of an earlier one several years ago when MSFS2020 was new. The issue then was whether the clouds in MSFS were rendered sufficiently true-to-life. One simmer commented that he had just looked at the clouds outside in the real world, and they looked very unrealistic! This might well apply to the current thread -- look outside your house on a bright sunny day and see if the colors are washed out!
  3. With reference to the photo in this thread: it shows a large white fuselage in direct sunlight, and to me it looks exactly how I would expect it to look in real life. I just don't see the over-exposure.
  4. If this pic is supposed to show washed-out colors, I have no idea what you are talking about.
  5. Just to clarify -- if you use Addon Linker, you will not "pollute" anything. With AL, only links to desired addons are placed in Community; the addons themselves are stored separately, even on a different drive from MSFS. To me this is the single most valuable tool for use with MSFS, and is free to boot.
  6. I hope you are not implying that Addon Linker might be a cause of CTDs! Surely not.
  7. I recall that several years ago Bijan had said that other tree addons could conflict with his, but I had forgotten about that. However, most of them do not appear to cause problems -- only (apparently) the ones that actually replace the tree/foliage files themselves. Addons that simply limit the extent of tree coverage in certain areas seem to be compatible with Bijan's. Anyway I am glad it worked out. I wish all MSFS problems could be resolved this easily.
  8. OK -- I found not one but two addons that conflict with Bijan: Forest Enhanced and Shortest Trees. Removed these, and the problem disappeared. Other tree-related addons, e.g. those that change the trees and foliage in specific areas, do not cause problems. Hope this helps.
  9. I have the same problem as the OP -- Bijan Fall colors do not show up since SU13. Before SU13, it worked fine. Update: I removed most add-ons (other than Bijan) and voila -- the fall colors appeared! I will investigate to see which addon is causing the problem, but it is clearly not due to SU13.
  10. An update. I set AI ship traffic at 10% (above the recommended 6%) and reduced pleasure craft to 60%,and -- mirabile dictu! -- I am now seeing many ships, both in the Great Lakes and near ocean routes. These settings seem to be different from what I had used in the older gaist versions, but no matter, it works now. It continues to be a marvelous addition to MSFS.
  11. I remember this issue from the old version of Great Lakes ships when it first came out, but it was fixed I believe. But if this the case now, how to explain that I do see a few ships? One would think the elevation problem would affect all ships.
  12. It's the difference between an informed user, who knows what he is talking about, and a troll. Simple as that.
  13. I don't know if this is relevant to the OP's problem, but after months of dealing with CTDs that seemed to originate with SU12 and did not end with SU13, I found that going into Settings -> Apps -> Startup and setting most of the apps to NOT start up automatically with Windows 10, the "graphics error" CTDs I was constantly seeing, just vanished. (This has been suggested elsewhere).
  14. OK, I am having to eat crow, big-time. I found the solution to the problem -- at least for me --, and it is not Asobo's fault after all. A suggestion in a post a while back, which I ignored for a long time, turned out to be the answer: in Windows 10 (and maybe W11 too), go into Settings -> Apps -> Startup, and set most apps to NOT start up automatically when Windows opens. (Most of mine had been set to open automatically, unbeknownst to me). Result: no more "graphics error" CTDs whatosever. Very few add-on programs, aside from those having to do with security and antivirus protection, need to open when Windows opens. Lesson learned.
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