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  1. @Cpt_Piett: Your explanations are extremely useful and summarize the various and confusing, lengthy threads extremely well! I am going to study your special contribution well, before going to modify my actual configuration. Many thanks and best regards Ernst
  2. Dear MSFS Experts I have a problem in understanding all those upgrading mods. Since I have my new own built PC well performing with MSFS (7800X3D, RTX4070TIS-16G-GAMING, RAM 32GB 6000-36, TUF Gaming VG27AQL3A at 2560x1440) I was convinced that's simply fine and enough. Now I see, even 4090 users still optimizing. Please, is somebody willed to explain in brief and short whether I am right or whether I should look into FG, DLSS etc. etc. If yes, I where can I get all the relevant information as a summary and all the download and install informations? Thanks for any help in this and any useful information for an (oldie) beginner with all this tinkering. Ernst
  3. Hi Noel I am also just about to select the components for my new build. I have chosen Kingston D5 32GB 6000-36 Beast EXPO wh K2 KFY AMD EXPO (KF560C36BWEK2-32) since the are just 35mm high which allows for e.g. a Noctua NH-D15 Chromax air cooler (with a slight replacement of one cooler section). Should get my components with 7800X3D and a ASUS TUF-RTX4070TIS-16G-GAMING etc within the coming 2 weeks for a WQHD system.
  4. I am on SU13 Just realizing that I may run into problems after tomorrow's SU14 without a further relevant mod from FSS😟 I also just now changed the pilot's view point and pilot's view angle which were bizarre for my Track IR flying (camera.cfg > [CAMERADEFINITION.0]) into InitialXyz = -0.049196,0.36,3.05696 and InitialPbh = -5.90064,-0.004707,-0.559795).
  5. Installed 1.02 from Contrail 2 days ago. No problem at all spotted yet. Combo with Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo. I only use basic Bravo AP functions: setting HDG directions, ALT, VS
  6. Hi martin-w Very good tip! Thank you. I'll check with Amazon Germany. Lower postal fares.
  7. Thank you all for your suggestions. For the time being I followed Biggles2010 descriptions which are working, with a 230V switch. But I've decided to build a new system with up-to-date components in a not-Fractal case.
  8. If I remember right this is a 4 wire switch. But I have a closer look into that and perhaps tinker something, really saving some money. Thank you for this tip!
  9. Hey Actually I am running a rather old system consisting of: Windows 10 Prof i7 9700K 4.7GHz ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero 2 x 16GB, 3000 MHz, DDR4-RAM, DIMM Asus GTX 1070 Monitor Asus VE278 1920x1080 60Hz Corsair RM850x *2018* (850W) Fractal Define R6 USB-C - White Midi Tower MSFS is running quite "fine" (except for some stutters at heavy airports with AI) locked at 30fps. I need to change the PC-case since Fractial does not want to supply any replacement for the 2nd time broken power switch, 1st (warranty) replacement was totally smooth If possible, I only want to change the case and GPU. Case e.g. NZXT H7 Flow Mid Tower (alternative?) GPU: RTX 4070 Ti 12GB or RX7900XT 20GB GDDR6 What are your suggestion particularly regarding my CPU etc combo? Thanks for your suggestions/experiences
  10. Me too! I've registred multiple times and got confirmations of correct registering. My account shows active and correct. Starting the app always wants me to register again, each time, and collapses. This Rex registration process is really annoying and preventing from buying any further product!
  11. Just checked: Yes I do have scenery and photogrammetry when being in the simulator (relieve!!) Still no joy with Content Manager, seems to be a spread connection problem. Thank you all for your soothing contributions!
  12. Hi all Just wanted to check whether there is any update available in Content Manager and realize that I am offline. This is confirmed by the X-Box app on top right corner with Status Offline. Content Manager just shows "0" values and the weel is turning forever... However, I the Marketplace seems to be alive. I am on version and I don't know how to actively connect MSFS to the Internet. The PC is online with a quite fast LAN connection of 1Gbit/s. The General Options/Data show Online Functionality. Tried to start MSFS through the X-Box app, w/o Admin rights and standard as Admin, makes no difference. Can somebody explain to me the process to get MSFS online? Thanks for any help! Ernst
  13. Great thanks to MikeT707 for his above detailing of these limiting default MSFS EcoRegion. For the first time, this explains to me the why it seems so hard to get realistic Alpine Fall season golden larches to show. The first versions of MSFS2020 showed yellow conifers (larches) e.g. in the Engadin valley (St. Moritz, LSZS), now I don't get this anymore and missing it sadly. Quite some time ago I led a long discussion with Bijan on this subject, but also his experiments didn't succeed. These impressive golden Fall colors at elevations >1500m above sealevel must also be missing all over the Rockies etc. Hope, default MSFS or Rex AccuSeason can improve that in the near future.
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