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  1. Just on my last flight from LSZR (DA40NG) in July2022 I had to give way to a Twin Otter. Might also be one of the most close Twin Otter "base" to aerosoft HQ, since right at the southern German border... https://www.zimex.com/solutions/maintenance/
  2. @Reader ZIMEX runs a maintenance/restoring center at LSZR Altenrhein with a special competence in DHC-6 incl. new Viking makes, PC-6 Pilatus Porters, etc. Many Twin Otters can be seen there, incl. Amphibian versions.
  3. Hi Steve What exactly did you modify/update in the 3d party textures? Thanks for your detailed information Ernst
  4. Hi Al Thanks for your valuable tip! Worked fine! Not evrything is encrypted in Community folder, I learnt. Ernst
  5. Would like to change install path to my regular folder for aircrafts and add the FSW C414 by Addon_Linker. The installer would not let me do that, change path option is greyed-out. How to install as I wish and can do with other addons? Ernst
  6. I was eagerly waiting this release, since this was my most flown aircraft since FSX! However, without free or PW PMS50/GTN750 integration alternative I think I'll pass this Carenado beauty for the coming SWS version🤥
  7. did you try the below one? https://flysimware.com/website2019/ Ernst
  8. Found the culprit: My bad! Culprit was an outdated "G-PRIX Lotus" livery, which got an update some time ago und which now works beautyfully! Followed your systematics, Al. I was happy to have only about 20 liveries installed. Thanks again for your very valuable hints! Ernst
  9. Hi Al Thanks for your helpful comments! Did not think myself of a livery incompatibility, but removing all addon liveries is curing my C414 problem. Will find the culprit! Ernst
  10. Sorry to say no, even worse:pink engines are still there plus new the running props (not running=ok) show as pink/black checkerboard discs.
  11. Thanks Al I have v 2.3.0 installed and I don't seem to be the only one. Yes it seems to be PMS GTN750 related, but isolated to FSW C414 I had that problem before v 2.3.0 but can't tell when it started. Ernst
  12. Thanks for your responses! Unfortunately the onedrive link is not working for me. The 2 engines/motors/engine blocks inside the motor casing driving the nacelles are in pink color, not texturing. Perhaps there is a texture missing or a reference to it or to a number of textures. This pink motors are visible from front view but also from the cockpit through the cooler slots on top of the engine casings. No such problems with the aircraft paintings. Below 2 links may show you the effect as jpgs https://drive.infomaniak.com/app/share/325217/20cd2d7d-1936-4f1c-9093-e28af74f9ed9 https://drive.infomaniak.com/app/share/325217/c76d5ca3-39bb-4c16-9e8b-8c8036d15cf2 Ernst
  13. My C414's with FW PMS GTN750 show pink engines. No problems with the standard GNS530. Is there an mod known to correct this problem? Ernst
  14. Had the same problem. Started MSFS via the Xbox app and somewhere was shown a small pending update. After this update the Marketplace accepted my p.o. Ernst
  15. @JIW Can you please tell us what file exactly has to be copied into where exactly? Thank you Ernst
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