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  1. I don't have it yet but It now has working crossover with the WT Nxi G1000. Jezzz how cool is that.
  2. There's one thing that will never be the same, the Nxi airac depends on the twice/year update while the PMS will always use the sims updated nav data which is a major consideration for me. If there was a way to leave the sim, Navigraph and the Trainer all at the same cycle then it would be fine, but coming from P3D when everything is/was always out of sync it's just a tiresome pain I don't want to go back to.
  3. It will take longer than that (for some). This has been talked about since day one on multiple social media. First they don't update, they patch and authenticate every file separately which takes forever, second they outsource the "data" to AWS which they also "throttle" depending on their load in your region. If everyone would update 120Gb at the same time instantly it would crumble the update process.
  4. Basically none, there's basically no diff between the airac from FS and Navigraph (that I can see) but the longer you use the Navigraph cycle without updating LNM or Navigraph the more the diff will be in the airac database between FS and Navigraph. Thing is that if you have the pockets and you want the best immersion then yea go for navigraph at $140Cdn/Year and everything will be sync'd you'll also get the charts. If you don't have pockets for it, Aivlasoft is pricey for what it does and if not mistaken you will need to buy the NavData to update it, while LNM does nearly everything, for example with Aivlasoft you can't overlay google maps, the HI/Low IFR or VFR Sectionals it would be a diff story if they did while LNM can do this. With the Go link I showed you basically also have free airac updated charts for NA. Both are fine, with MSFS LNM and FltGo you have updated airac, an incredible flight planner, moving charts and IFR/VFR maps and aero charts for no cost. It's just about the price you can afford.
  5. charts in EU are free but probably little known for US/Cdn if you goto https://fltplan.com/AwMainSearchToAirportID.exe?a=1 and put in the ICAO and in select the approach charts and select Fast Viewing and Right click - save as If you have LNM when there's an FS update just reload the scenery library. and also put in the extra maps like VFR, Sectionals, LO/High IFR, Google maps, ect..
  6. It's definitely on my list but with iFly's commitment to P3D let's go a notch higher and call it the "new" 737 standard for P3D.
  7. The "eula agreement" basically gives them full access to your computer to do whatever they wish, want or see fit to do even if the reason is a "false" positive. I'll leave it at that. Well there goes my copy.
  8. It has nothing to do with MS, it's AWS that's hosting the files that's the problem also depending on where they are hosted, just slow down your downloads speed through software or router to about 5Mbps. Depending on traffic some "hostings" won't allow fast unlimited.
  9. I gave MSFS a 1 year break and I'm back with OnAir and did/was using AH2 for a bit with P3D but it just has to many issues just like FSE. If you want simple and easy go with NeoFly or Skypark. With FSE for example you can't even create a new account because they are overloaded and rumours on forums are that it's hanging on by a thread. I just now restarted OnAir and it's very stable, after a year break the improvement are impressive. Yea it's not easy but only if you play on Thunder, and yea it's a sub service. But what it does offer is a cloud base persistent career mode with live multiplayer economy, while the others just feel static. The best way I can compare OnAir is with the Career Economy of ETS2 or ATS. The jobs market however that is offered in OnAir just outdoes anything else out there. Overall it's one of the few products that I consider giving an "Overwhelmingly Positive" score.
  10. I'm doing the same flight plan on repeat to get it right and it happened to me yesterday, N1 set to ILS an N2 set to VOR/DME and N1 picked up like 3 miles out and N2 never picked up. Same flight dif times and everything worked fine.
  11. That's not the problem. This is the problem. Trying to change the FMS and Range knobs are problematic in flight. Now if the G1000 would pop out, that would be a diff story.
  12. You're in luck the weather is always bad there.
  13. Thanks for that, also I tried turning off the electronics and reboot of the PDF/MFD and it didn't clear the DTO
  14. I just have a question bout this, is it possible to remove a DTO once it's entered ? Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong in finding it or maybe it's not implemented yet.
  15. Boooooo FSL and Majestic, there's always a Grinch at xmas 🙂
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