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  1. In my opinion RC is the best for "immersion and simplicity" but let me says this after years of my quest for ATC, no sim industry ATC will vector you with 100% accuracy, but RC does a darn good job at it. Right now I keep practicing a flight from KBWI/KISP until I get it right with RC PMDG737 with the HUD and ActiveSky at night and it's flight sim heaven right now. If you want to see the immersion I keep watching this vid, basically that's how it is.
  2. After installing TE Washington on top of PNW and KHQM and Seattle X and Seattle Airports, it just blends in nicely IMO, I did have problems with black squares but It should all "FIT" having said that IF --- you install TE with Central just make sure if you want to be problem free to just verify the files for Base, Vector, openLC's and Orbx Libraries. After doing the link everything in and out of scenery is fine. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/189035-fix-for-blocks-andor-night-textures-in-orbx-global-base-or-open-lc-scenery/
  3. Can I bother you for another question if it's not to much trouble. In my learning journey, as I continue to understand and simming in airspace, I was watching a YT on "understanding airspace" and in all my readings I have still yet not found or determine the minimum Alt for VFR. Surely, even if I'm in Class G I can't be legally buzzing rooftops at 300FT. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHju-2JeVEw
  4. ah yes I think I see now, and I'm in the process of reading the Chart user manual and your right it was IFR so the MOA would start at 6000MSL but if I'm VFR I would be allowed to goto 6200MSL. Thank you for the explanation.
  5. I'm still learning and I'm trying to plan a flight with restrictions that takes me just north of HQM but this T257 has a 2900G/3700G but the MOA says that it excludes B1200AGL. My question is how can I fly at 2900G if the MOA only excludes B1200AGL
  6. interesting point, there are two parts to a sim scenery and flying. You can have poor scenery and excellent flight dynamics or very nice scenery and cartoon flight. If FS20 turns out to have cartoon flight dynamics I wouldn't be surprise to see captains bail. As for buying a scenery, by the time FS20 comes out it will have cost me $0.10/hr so that also is subjective.
  7. a little late but did you try moving the Forecast slider in AS
  8. I updated mine no problem, are you using the FMS data manager ?
  9. In the A2A-182 somewhere near Mount Hood from TrueEarth Washington by Orbx on my way to Felts Field. I'm not even sure I had my graphics maxed out either.
  10. My meager review, I do 95% of my flying in Washington/Oregon state with GA and I have all the regions, I was going to say I'm disappointed but actually I kinda like it. First the downside, if you want to buzz treetops and fly over your house you might be disappointed, if you're expecting fs20 type scenery this ain't it. The positives, where this thing shines though is 2500+ AGL the other strong point is that it has very good mesh which really brings it to life. If you like GA and do VFR/VOR flying then this is indeed a treat. Another positive, just don't take this as an airport scenery, the coverage is quite large, I went over the mountains and it was very nice. I once spent days doing an "Ortho for P3D" and it was word not allowed. Consider TEW like a very well done Ortho+Mesh+Autogen except that it took me 15 minutes for a hassle free install and it blended in blended in perfectly with Airport/SeattleX. For me for the amount of flying I do it was worth it.
  11. I've watched it several times and it looks like we don't even need the voices. Also the unknown is that was this the default voice out of several.
  12. I don't think readers understand what they're saying here, I've tried quite a few and in 20 years no one has EVER made a functioning ATC not P3D not XP no one. The closest I've come to enjoying an ATC was RC4 which was abandon some time ago. FS20 is the first in 20 years to have a functioning ATC that controls AI and Multiplayer with SIDS/STARS in alpha and here we are complaining about voices that sound robotic. Even with what I saw in the few minutes of IFR it's has already buried every other ATC offering in the sim industry.
  13. Ray there was a 6 year old thread on the HUD for departure/landing, if anything it's an interesting 2am read.
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