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  1. A morse code we can hear. Seems impossible to fix in FS20
  2. I admit I do use and like REX Accuseason and give high marks for Black Square TaxiWays For textures I have both Rex and Zinertek v4.0 textures and Zinertek is better in my opinion.
  3. Both got updated again but the since Warrior - 0.3.7 the fuel selection seems to be on auto, is there a setting someone knows about to change this.
  4. In the Sim World a Work in Progress is always a good thing. Oh wait, from yesterday to today there was an update Change log v2.1.98. Also PMS mentioned that you won't need a new licence for it to work in FS24
  5. The way I see it is that the TDS is the real thing, it's geared towards real world pilots in it's operations, but within the sim it has limitations. While the PMS is geared towards the simmer. By that I mean for ex. the PMS will give you extra functions it will give you the glide path, it will show you Traffic, it will show you the radar, it will show you the wind, you have simbrief and navigraph integration, the flight plan loaded will show up in the PMS, all "geared" towards the flight simulator for ex. Both are strong products, just choose what you want.
  6. When you load the PMS goto the Setup and see if it says WTT NO or Internal. If it says NO just cycle the GPS options from the Aircraft and cycle back to the GTN and then check again in the Setup to make sure the WTT is Internal.
  7. Have to admit that I'm starting to like N4. It's more than Skypark but less than OnAir or AH2. It's a very good mix for a career add-on and you can't beat the price, jeezz
  8. Just spent 25 hrs doing flights in the Arrow II I like what they did but hey it's a trainer, anything above 5 kts of cross/wind on take off or landing is like Rodeo you just have to hang on for 8 seconds.
  9. It's more than that, it also uses the WTT. Like I said in another post, I've spent 10 years in P3D always trying to Sync the sim database, the charts and the GTN and it was a major PITA Here's the the main undeniable point of the PMS50. Now the Navigraph Hub is able to update the MSFS database with the latest cycle and the PMS50 uses that cycle. Now no matter what, when I open MSFS, Navigraph, PMS50, LNM everything is sync'd to the latest cycle guaranteed. The other thing I like with PMS is that every Airport Approach that has either and ILS or RNAV the glide path will show up in the GTN itself.
  10. After using both I would go Navigraph any day over Avilasoft, specially since Navigraph added world wide VFR but that's my opinion. Apart from that LNM should get an award for the best free add-on but doesn't the free Volanta also show you the airport.
  11. Though I'd post this here since it's an update issue. There's a red LV light that I can't seem to turn off, where it says the radio station not in compliance. Anyone know how to turn that off. - Ignore it goes away when airborne. sorry.
  12. MSFS2020 ATC is the equivalent of buying a $7,000 computer with a 3Dfx video card. I still would rather Radar Contact v4 over the default any day but FS24 is our priority and most likely still won't change. What to much?
  13. According to this not really. Only as long as it's generating revenue. I think bobcat called it back in January.
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