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  1. Yeap took me like 5 days until I reduced my router speed to about 5Mbps. It has to do with them outsourcing the data to amazon for example and the way it does the updates like patching instead of updating. I know the "why" they patch but the last time I patched a page was in 1995.
  2. I've given up on Careers when you can't do 3 out of 5 flight in either sim.
  3. I've tested this over the past two years and with it on it's a guaranteed hard lock 90% of the time with ATI cards.
  4. Are you located in Canada by any chance ?
  5. I've rolled back with to 20.9.1 and it's better but not perfect. I can do 12hr flight in p3d v4.5 and play Farcry 5 at the same time but reboot clean and to FS and it's 1 out of 3 or 4 short flights so trying to do anything with Career mode add ons is useless.
  6. here's an example though of what I mean, it may not be typical but I've never seen an ATC control ground and air at the same time. The example starts at 1:13
  7. I think your overdoing there, I've seen several videos where this just isn't the case where on final it will tell ground cleared for takeoff and basically landing and taking off on top of each other.
  8. If I understand this correctly and I'll give you what I believe is happening but I could be wrong. To import a plan it has to be in \P3Dv4\F1GTGTN\FPL You "technically" can import it from the winfs_mount\FPL\ directory but I think that's where the GTN "STORES" the plan. I believe that there is a maximum number that you can have in that particular directory for the GTN to be able to see. If you exceed that number the GTN won't see it (I don't remember what the number is). That's why it has to come from the \P3Dv4\F1GTGTN\FPL directory which has no limit and then you use the GTN to Store the plan. Again I could be wrong.
  9. They won't comment, they basically made a deal with Navblue and got the shaft, and where's Charts+. Again you have to scratch your head as to why they didn't partner with Navigraph which is the defacto Nav data provider for all flight simming which would all correspond to online ATC's like vatsim. The best solution is to get the Navigraph data and try to fix their messup.
  10. Seems like ET has to call home or else. As the old saying goes, "Guilty until proven innocent".
  11. Standalone, but frankly I was/am quite disappointed in it for the price, right now LNM with the extra maps is my goto.
  12. Sadly in my opinion Flightbeam have gone over the top with drm and forcing you to log in ect... and when something goes to pot well "ooops" you're on your own. Flightbeam is on my list to never touch again, Active Sky is a close second at this point.
  13. This brings up an interesting speculation issue that is it possible that SimBrief was also going the way of Fsaerodata and knowing that it's a major Navigraph requirement, did Navigraph just save SimBrief from a shutdown. I mean how much is something that offers everything free really worth.
  14. They are totally within their right but as a consumer and AVSIM member let me exercise my right in mentioning that they are unethically predatory gouging the consumer that have made them who they are today, but what else is new these days. They could very easily offer an update to previous owners but won't and that shows how low they can go. I have no plans anymore to purchase PMDG and have gained respect for QW and Majestic more than ever.
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