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  1. My experience only but I found AAO way more complicated so I went with Spad and found it much easier, I watched about 3 vids and that was it, any button or switch I can assign to the mini. Not only for the x-touch mini but for other devices like the Honeycomb Yoke, Thrustmaster and Saitek throttle ect.. and it recognized them no problem. When I got the Black Square Caravan it took me 20-30 mins tops to copy and paste some that I had set up from the 310R I had previously set up. It also recognizes the setup for each plane automatically and the only thing I have problems is with are interior lights adjustments, I'm to lazy to assign them to rotator knobs or the slider and gave up 🙂 but basically in flight I don't use the keyboard/mouse for any of the functions. Edit: this is what I have problems with, I'll try again.
  2. Spad + XTouch Mini here and not going back. Whenever I see a MSFS YT vid with the title "Real Pilot" and see them struggling with the mouse to change heading or frequencies it makes me cringe and shake my head.
  3. which will be full price, don't laugh that's what happened.
  4. Contrary to the flow here but I try to avoid them. There are some cons to use them. 1- Some have started to "impose" a log in to their site to use them even after you paid for the product. Any product that imposes added telemetry is not worth having, so I'm not a fan, I'll just leave that there. 2- Most of them add some sort of animation like vehicles or people walking ect.. which can impact FPS more than you think. 3- If ever there are changes to the airport like adding or removing runways, parking, ramps ect... the SIM and the NAV data will change but not the airport. It's rare but does/can happen. Just my opinion.
  5. I don't want to bore anyone and I'm just writing this as per my experience, I don't think the issue is with LNM because this has and does happen with other flight planners. In my humble opinion whenever MSFS sees custom waypoints, departures or arrivals, there's a good chance it will go berserk but not all the time. This happens to me I would say 1 out of every 3 or 4 flights. So I opened your original flight plan and removed the custom waypoint and MSFS still goes berserk. So I took out the waypoint and the approach, so all I had left was "NZWR DCT SAMVO DCT NOMAP DCT HOOKS DCT MASDA DCT ATHNE DCT UKDAS DCT NZRO" Even then MSFS still went berserk by inputting a departure and arrival. So I took out the departure and arrival I was able to load it into MSFS and once in there on the pms50 I created a similar waypoint and added the approach and everything from then on was fine. So until MSFS fixes this "anomaly" what I do is create the flight plan in LNM without any procedures just the included Victor airways and included waypoints if need be, I then load that into MSFS but make sure there are no departures, arrivals or approaches, load the flight and then go into the pms50 and then add included or created waypoints and the approach. Edit: But just to add that once I load the plan into MSGS I then go back to LNM and load the proper departure, approach to make it easier to select in the GTN
  6. Request for more but inside shoots if possible.
  7. Don't know if this is what was discussed earlier in this thread but correct me if I'm wrong, if you install even the Free version of the PMS50 WTT for the 310R it comes with the KAP140 I have the JP Logistics KAP in the C152 and I can't tell the difference between them.
  8. Another thing that could be 60 seconds is -Personalization -Background - just check to see if it's somehow stuck on slideshow 1-Minute.
  9. I'll take a shot at it. 1) Goto windows settings - Update Security - Search and Indexing and run the troubleshooter. If not start running the others from the top. See if anyone has a problem. if not 2) right click computer management - Services and Applications - Services and look for Windows Search - Properties and disable it. Reboot see if it helps. I know that "internal" search and index runs every 60 seconds unless disabled.
  10. A keyboard with integrated knobs + MSFS support for rotating Knobs. For me this is probably the most frustrating issue with any sim at the moment. Even today assigning a knob or slider to for example the heading bug or lights is a monumental task, hardware and software wise.
  11. Could be wrong but I'm quite sure that it's what the PMS50 uses in their package for the 310R it looks the same to me anyway.
  12. For GA I like the 310R and BS Caravan RexAccuseason but Zinertek for Airport Textures OnAir for Career mode FS-ATC Chatter SPAD.next for my X-Touch Navigraph VFR and wow 4 pages no one mentioned PMS50
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