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  1. Confirmed on their Facebook page that it is available tomorrow the 17th.
  2. Hi Mike: Thanks! Looks like a purchase for me. Brian
  3. I have a similar question. Will I see barren winter trees if flying in New York, 60 miles north of NYC such at KSWF or KMGJ?
  4. I see in the Rex website screenshot there is a mountainous area showing winter trees with less leaves. Will less leaves show in NY State?
  5. Comes out wheeled version on December 17. Posted on the Facebook page.
  6. My vanilla install is hanging on flight loading to the 80% point. Went to bed and the flight loaded at some point. I tried clicking on the toolbar and click ponts were now a bit lower than you would normally put the cursor. Anyway, now I clicked to let AI fly but nothing happens and it is in hang up again. I noticed in task manager that power usage was very high. I have no issues like this in other games. Totally clueless. I also deleted all content and have a Core only install with no change.
  7. I have same problem. I did a re-install and have the same issue. The install is vanilla with no addons or anything in the Community folder. Please provide any solutions you tried. Thanks.,
  8. I had to turn photogammetry off for stutters I get on the ground level. Maybe this will help you.
  9. I fly Sim GA and never took a flight for real with headphones on. In real life, can someone tell me if the various sounds are still heard with pilot headphones on? I know you would feel the rumbles etc. Thanks. Maybe I found the answer but any real world pilot, please let me know. https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/11295/do-anr-headsets-affect-pilots-perception-of-engine-problems https://www.lightspeedaviation.com/blog-posts/how-anr-headsets-help-make-you-a-safer-pilot/
  10. 970gtx my weak card . I turned off photogrammetry and all is fine. Had the same stutter altitude issue. Maybe this will help you.
  11. combined two simulators - pro cycling manager and msfs and fly to each race and various stages. Rally Cycling is now Belgium. 2021 GP Le Samyn
  12. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3708035455969304&id=548402901932591 Kodiak
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