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  1. Patch test 3.05 is out and carenado is imported via sim connect.
  2. I like it alot. Have used it in Prepar3d and now MSFS. BTW, You can do separate companies and also there is a nomad mode. The manual is available if you have a JustFlight account and log in. See this review and there are others:
  3. https://ah2.justflight.com/category/11/issues-bug-reports-microsoft-flight-simulator This forum has answers on issues that usually get fixed quickly.
  4. In case you bought it in the past, check your email for the discount code.
  5. Having the opportunity to go to France with my wife on business, we stayed in Amboise. It was a wonderful time. So the other day I was going through scenery in developer and I saw Chateau Royal in Amboise and said no way. Then saw Chambord. Jumped in the mooney and was off to see these spot on made landmarks and enjoy the memories. Thanks Adobo team.
  6. The deluxe has analog gauges. No glass panels.
  7. I was totally bummed when I saw the Teterboro KTEB leaked video segment. I grew up in that area and when I saw how real it looked compared to P3D with the KTEB area addon, I went back to learning the mandolin until the 18th. But then thought, what aircraft do I fly and what is MFS offering. I have A2A 172 and have my local remodeled airport (KMGJ). So I fired it up to practice landings and patterns and especially because I am terrible at lining up the runway. Kicked on FS Flying School so the instructor can get annoyed with me. That will keep me going until preChristmas morning August 18. BTW, check out on YOUTUBE PilotFun101 channel and you can see KMGJ and some nice flights. Just attended the fly-in there.
  8. I did not subscribed and bought the standard version. In my Windows Apps under Microsoft Flight Simulator, if i click on it I get this message: We know you really want to get started, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Check the store for the launch date. If I go to the store, it says this product is installed and then when I hit the "Play" on the screen, I get the same message as above. So, it appears, like some other games, installation is ready to go once released for download. Hope I am right.
  9. Teterboro very impressive. The new Walmart shopping center got rendered nicely and the area is very accurate. My old neighborhood. Saved that 20 minute video to enjoy til the 18th.
  10. My local airport KMGJ which I embellished and also 8 miles to KSWF are frequent trips.
  11. Flying in Flight Replicas Super Cub and slewing in Orbx Bob to check out the new Misty's Carribean.
  12. Great aircraft and flight dynamics. Bought it when it came out. Thanks for the gift and go fund me
  13. My system is gtx 970 6700k and I went for it. GA flying . I have so many add-ons like air hauler and fs flying school plus a2a. These are working with A2a soon to be. Go for it for at least the 15 day trial.
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