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  1. Thanks showing me the people location for placement in the scenery editor. I found all of the standing people in KBID and LSZA. Can you direct me to the sitting ones?
  2. Thank you. I have a question. Are the people stock items and if so, I assume these are from the world MSFS updates? I do not have all the updates installed and do not see the library of people when creating my scenery.
  3. I checked some of Community made airports and the runway gets changed with the terrain mask. The summer runway is the dark black asphalt and the autumn is brown.
  4. I have the same issue. All Rex folders are in the community folder and as I make selections in accuseason I see the file time change so the app is injecting into my active folder. The trees are changed but terrain is not. I bought via orbx. I guess I’ll wait until orbx has the update working.
  5. Found it there too but I cannot find my Transaction ID. I do not have the email any longer from Orbx and when I hunt around in Orbx Central, my products show but I do not see where to find the order ID. Found it by not going via Orbx Central but to the website and account log in obrxdirect.com
  6. Hi, I will be purchasing a new pc for GA flying using 1440 resolution. My budget is less than $1500 and that has me looking at a 4070 gpu (12 gb VRAM) with a cpu Core i7 12th Gen 12700F. the other option is a 4060 ti (8 gb VRAM) but with a i7 13700 cpu. Is the 12 gb VRAM the way to go? Thank you.
  7. Thanks Alvega. My unplugging hardware did not continue to work. The core sim has the Working Title GNS430/530 installed as noted in Content Manager and this is the issue. I deleted this WT file via content manager.I also had the option of keeping this file but installing the PMS50 1.18 compatibilty patch I which missed doing days ago. Sorry for spinning everyone's wheels.
  8. PMS50 at Discord told me it was hardware. I unplugged my Honeycomb devices and re-plugged them and all is working. Thank you Bob and others for help.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I am using the Comanche which has no nav source control. I checked the system status and the WTT mode is External. I will try the discord channel.
  10. Yes it’s the updated version. I installed today and also redownloaded and reinstalled
  11. I was using the map view but still no go. Then I loaded the GNS 430 in the Comanche and the CDI toggle from VLOC to GPS worked back and forth with no issue. Then left the 430 in GPS mode and loaded the 750 GTN and it was now in GPS but the CDI still does not toggle to VLOC1. Very strange. If I start a new flight, I need to load the 430 and put it in GPS and then load the 750.
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