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  1. I see you can fly any plane but for most realism, are there Caravan or Kodiak routes? Thanks
  2. I do not know if this will help you, but I assigned a keyboard key to the Toggle Button under the First Person Settings - Experimental. Press it one to activate the walk mode. That does put your mouse cursor in the center. You can then use the mouse to turn your direction if so desired or just start walking. After you had your walk, hit the same toggle button and you are back in the cockpit. I I use the < than key for my goggle. Any keyboard or flight key works. In walk mode, the mouse cannot be used to click things.
  3. I found a good sound file and it works best when substituting the water steps. Most of the seaplane docks are in the water so when simulating a walk around, the water steps play. By changing the water step sound to walking on boat dock, the effect is good.
  4. Now using the Beaver on floats and Return to Misty Moorings. I am on a wooden dock doing a side inspection walk. It would be great to have a steps on wooden Deck wave file added to the Data/Sounds folder. I do not know if this possible. The sim would need to know I am walking on a wooden dock deck (found some dock walking sounds online). Anyway, just thought and thanks for your product.
  5. Used this with the Parallel 42 campout program. It was cool to walk around my camp.
  6. Nice third person view. I guess it could not be done, but can the avatar's headphones be removed? Asking for too much :).
  7. The trees right now in Montgomery, N, KMGJ closely match Rex trees. Bijan's trees are fixed colors for the fall and do not have the gradual realistic transition. I am however partial to just the Hudson Valley of NY.
  8. Thank you for this. One thing is the 90 and 270 degree hat switch view puts a view behind the seats. Is this intentional? Are there plans for documentation/manual? I did not see any in the various folders of fsreborn-aircarft-stings4.
  9. https://www.thisdayinaviation.com/tag/sky-king/ 310B
  10. I was still setting up the controls for the honeycomb yoke and throttle and hardly spent much time flying the Kodiak. I may try it again after some flights and if they are for short take off and landings. As mentioned above $25 fee would be better as I’d likely kept the course.
  11. I bought it and decided to ask for a refund which was promptly given by Ryan. My course progressed to the 10% point. I believe the refund is good up to 20%. I may consider it again.
  12. Confirmed on their Facebook page that it is available tomorrow the 17th.
  13. Hi Mike: Thanks! Looks like a purchase for me. Brian
  14. I have a similar question. Will I see barren winter trees if flying in New York, 60 miles north of NYC such at KSWF or KMGJ?
  15. I see in the Rex website screenshot there is a mountainous area showing winter trees with less leaves. Will less leaves show in NY State?
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