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  1. Just bought on the end of year discount Orbx Southern Alaska, Fjords, all the Alaska airports and FS Addon Tongass Fjords, plus A2A piper cub and Lionheart Creations Zenith 701, Envsound and installed freeware (awesome) Return to Misty Moorings. Will use Airhauler 2 (already had it) to totally enjoy Alaska for a nice beautiful peaceful escape. I do not expect MSFS will have this experience any time soon.
  2. You can adjust the levels so that you will not hear birds etc. while flying and engine sound on. If the engine sound level is too low, you can hear birds. You have to balance out the engine sound with the Envsound setting. I have the animals and coastal birds sound pretty low. I fly low and slow in the ORbx Alaska scenery and the Return to MIsty Moorings freeware and the sound fit in very nicely. Looking forward to more sounds from author.
  3. Here is a tour of the local airport 2 miles from home. My house makes a cameo. This was inspired by Scottb613 who started it for FS9. It is a potpouri of FS Earth Tiles, free items, sidneyschwartz lights, my sketchup objects, autogen annotator, ADE airport Editor, sketchup items. It is finished for now. We will see what Microsoft has in store.
  4. Just made that photo PC background and now I am set free to spend time on other things than making scenery (autogen annotator, sketchup, fs earth tiles etc.) while I just fly and wait for this sim to release. So looking forward to this.
  5. stopped the ortho program and restarted. Now I see the resampling being processed. Looking forward to the results as present FSET user.
  6. Hi, Thanks for the program. I have it running and want to make sure it is processing. Two of the blue progress bars are fiiled and the black window has the last line as: Starting ESP queue with a max of 8 processes. *Resample windows will open minimized to the task bar. This process will take a while... you will be notified when finished Completed in 23m5sec. _________________________________________________ The curser - is blinking. It has been at least one hour. I assume this is normal. If not, please let me know. Thanks.
  7. Alabeo Diamond DA40 Hi I have put the RXP GTN 750 into the A2A's but I also have an Alabeo DA40 and tried to insert the 750 via the Xp in the game method. It allow you to custom size it but I tried many different resizes and just cannot get it to line up in the window of the GNS430 that is in the DA40. I got it to work pretty decently with this for gauge00 in the panel.cfg: [Vcockpit01] Background_color = 0,0,0 size_mm = 512,512 visible = 0 pixel_size = 513,513 texture = $Panel_1 gauge00 = rxpGTN!GTN_750_1, 73, 32,325,165 gauge01 = CarenadoG430_3D_DA40!GNS430_nc2, 0,257,512,256 gauge02 = DA40!ToggleCARG1000, 64,0, 256, 32 gauge03 = ALSound_PA32TC!CarSound, 0, 0, 1, 1 gauge04 = ALDA40!SYS_SMOKE, 0, 0, 1, 1
  8. https://oldrhinebeck.org Also second the kobelt and nu cavu.
  9. I have prepar3d v4 and skyforce 3d and use the free fsxwx but all I fly is Cessna 172 GA low and slow. I am downloading the AS demo but was wondering if Active Sky will be much better. Thanks.
  10. Free fsxwx with skyforce3D looks great and works fine.
  11. Two other features: You can create your own home page with graphics to customize your opening page experience. The other is for when you lease or purchase another aircraft for your company, you can see that aircraft parked at times at your base when assigned to your hired ai pilot. I use aircraft I have purchased for prepar3d such as the Milviz beaver or Lionheart Kodiak. It's nice to see they can get some use visually for me. There are so many possibilities in small GA company. One I use in July is taking customers to small airports located near the 21 stages of the Tour De France. It gets me out into the Alps. The missionary company has it's base in Papua New Guinea and someone made some STOL strips which are challenging. Immersion is key for me to get into the air. As a side note, another program used is FSFlying School which adds to the Tour De France company. You can add a sound file that plays near the airport and/ or at the airport. So when landing I'll hear a short description of the stage location.
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