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  1. scottb613

    RAZBAM South Atlantic Theatre

    Hi Folks, A very interesting theater indeed... Regards, Scott
  2. Hi Tony, You should return the flap switch to the middle position when moved to where you want - it’s not meant to be left in the up or down position... There’s a gauge to show the flap position - 10, 20, 30 - but I usually just count “Mississippi’s” in my head - as I do in the real world with similiar flap levers... That way you don’t have to look down during critical phases of flight... The A2A bird seems to take 5 at my count rate to change 10 degrees... Regards, Scott
  3. Hi Folks, I found a takeoff chart for a B35 Bonanza - yeah - I’m sure these numbers are similar for the V35 Bonanza - by 1500 feet you should be in the air... The example illustrated on the chart has a 9 knot headwind... This charts conditions has flaps UP as well - Beechcraft has always been vary vague in defining its use of flaps - usually they just state “as required” - then leave it to the operator to determine - word has it this stemmed from a law suit at some point... Regards, Scott
  4. Hi Folks, Without looking it up - I would think a Bonanza at Sea Level on a Standard Day with no wind at MTOW - should be off the runway in around 1000 feet or so... That isn’t clearing the proverbial 50 foot obstacle - just airborne... Now the A2A model seems to need 80 knots to lift off when book stats I found had it listed as 71 IIRC ? I haven’t tested the aircraft on length of takeoff roll yet... Anyone found a RW POH yet ? Regards, Scott
  5. Hi Eric, I'm very happy with ENVSHADE - and even more happy now that I see the status of PTA... There is no tweaking it though - just set it and forget it... Regards, Scott
  6. scottb613

    Cereproc 50% off sale

    Hi Folks, i bought some a couple years ago - top notch - really - but no new voices ? Regards, Scott
  7. scottb613

    JustFlight Duchess looking pretty good.

    Hi Folks, LOL - The all but ignored red headed step children of the flight sim community... Regards, Scott
  8. Hi Folks, I’ve seen some recent references for the upcoming JustFlight Duchess - Alan - LOL - so I tracked down some pix... VC looks pretty good - bunch of time in Baby Beech’s - been in dozens... My only critique would be the yokes look a bit too dingy and grey in the images I’ve seen - they are actually white - and the gauge needles seem a little overtly bright white... All might just be the preview images... I’m looking forward to this one - hope they do it well... Maybe Martin will stop in and offer a few words... i hope the GPS is better than the one they put in the first version... 😁 Regards, Scott
  9. scottb613

    Night too bright

    Hi Folks, I turn HDR off for night flights... Regards, Scott
  10. scottb613

    Flysimware 40% sale 4 more days

    I keep forgetting to include the quote... Regards, Scott
  11. scottb613

    Flysimware 40% sale 4 more days

    Hi Russel, Very cool write up... Yeah - I know everyone celebrates the Xtreme Prototypes Lear 25 - - - but the updated Flysimware Lear 35A VC graphics are no slouch in my book... More than enough eye candy for me - while the XP L25 still has 2D GTN's (can't figure that one out) ?!?! The Lear 35A is an all weather bird so I've flown it in with some pretty sketchy weather - hopefully you have the REX Wx Radar as well... LOL - your obvious enthusiasm is what I still feel after years of use - seldom do I encounter that in the world of FS - for me it's like the Energizer Bunny - still going... And I'm completely embarrassed to say I picked it up on sale as well for $20.00 - I feel like a thief with all the enjoyment it has brought me... Learning how to fly it well - is a huge part of the attraction for me - I even bought a book on flying the RW Lear 35A and most of it's applicable... In the US - you're limited by the FAA to 250 KIAS under 10,000 feet... The EXACT same video is what caused me to make the purchase as well - too funny... Enjoy... Regards, Scott
  12. scottb613

    Lear 35 - MACH TRIM Fault

    Hi Rob, I use the FSFX package as well - and I don't recall any discrepancies with it - other than being a tad pricey for the actual benefit it brought to the aircraft... I'll try and remember to look when I get in tonight... I'm pretty sure the entire warning panel is dark in normal flight... Regards, Scott
  13. scottb613

    Flysimware 40% sale 4 more days

    Dang Alan - you're tempting me... Regards, Scott
  14. scottb613

    A2A Bonanza revisited

    Hi Greg, Do you have the "UP/DOWN" buttons mapped on your joystick ? If looking down in the VC to press them - I could see it would be hard to set right causing overshoot... I was flying numerous instrument procedures last weekend - the AP performed flawlessly - in both climbs - descents - and maintaining the GS (ILS/RNAV)... Best of luck... Also on the "UP/DOWN" button - are you using single clicks sparingly and not holding the buttons in for any length of time ? Regards, Scott
  15. scottb613

    Flysimware 40% sale 4 more days

    Hi Folks, From my experience with FSW - each successive release shows better modeling than the previous... The Lear and MU-2 were the last two - and seem to have the highest quality models... If you're into turboprops the MU-2 might prove the better of the two when compared to the C441... As for a Carenado King Air - I think the C90 GTX was reportedly the best made - I know Bert had it listed as his favorite for a while and I trust his judgment - of course a GTN and Bert's mod pack is a given... Either that or wait to see what the infamous MilViz 350 brings to the table - it HAS to be on short final now... Hi Russel, If you have issues - report them in the FSW forum - it's a very friendly and helpful community... Regards, Scott