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  1. Tradewind Aviation's N590TW

    Hi Ron, They do have far more colorful schemes that are very attractive as well - just say'n... "plain" - it doesn't look so plain to me... Thanks again... Regards, Scott
  2. Tradewind Aviation's N590TW

    Hi Ron, Absolutely perfect - you made my day as well - sir... In addition to private charters - Tradewind flies scheduled service in both the Caribbean out of San Juan and out of White Plains in New York to resort destinations in the Northeast - it's the perfect plane for bopping around either... Thank you ! Regards, Scott
  3. Eaglesoft airplanes coming, but not to v4?

    Hi Ron, Thanks for the update - some of us avoid Facebook at all costs - nice to see updates here or on your website... Best of luck... Regards, Scott
  4. Shiny MD 80 MadDog in the sun.

    Ehm Ehhmm... :) OK - given - shiny metal does look pretty good - had a fantastic shot saved somewhere of an AA MD landing at KSAN - one of the best airliner shots I've ever seen - can't seem to find it at the moment... Regards, Scott
  5. Hi Steve, LOL - psst - you're "retired"... And I did a double take on that picture... Regards, Scott
  6. Hi Jim, Just updated my firmware - thanks for the tip... Regards, Scott
  7. Hi Bill, You're on a roll - thanks so much !!! Regards, Scott
  8. Bulk C r a p Uninstaller

    Hi Folks, CC Cleaner serves a different purpose - as it’s a malicious software (malware) removal tool - the program I mentioned here is a software uninstaller on steroids... The fact that it’s Open Source means it’s code is free to be evaluated and reviewed by anyone - it’s posted with the download - so it becomes difficult to mask malicious intent... Choosing how to manage your PC is definitely a personal choice and you should always do your due dilligence before blindly installing any product - learned from more than 25 years in the trenches as an IT guy in downtown Manhattan... CC Cleaner is a great tool and I use it as well - that said - no software is beyond compromise as CC Cleaner infected over two million machines with malicious software last September in a widely publicized event... The more we depend on our PC’s - the more we have to keep our guard up and never load something you’re not comfortable with... I was merely passing along some feedback on software I had a good experience with - your mileage may vary... Regards, Scott
  9. Hi Folks, USAir - lol - it wasn’t mentioned before - right ? Shez - what’s your opinion ? Now if we only had a KPHL to fly out of... Regarrds, Scott
  10. Bulk C r a p Uninstaller

    Hi Mallard, Sorry for the troubles - I've used it on three machines - a coworker used it on two machines - and another coworker used it on one machine - all good - in addition to the overwhelming consensus on Source Forge... I used the defaults as well... Again - my apologies... Regards, Scott
  11. PC Building Again

    Hi Folks, Ain't that the truth - I have three quarters of a new build - purchased before the holidays - unopened and gathering dust in the corner of my office - for want of a reasonably priced video card... Regards, Scott
  12. Hi Folks, Also like EVGA and they have a handy power supply calculator... Many need less power than they think - LOL - although Tim Allen would probably disapprove... Regards, Scott
  13. Bulk C r a p Uninstaller

    Hi Jim, LOL - thanks so much - I knew it was automated - just joking around with you guys - but now I can post the link... Here's the direct link: Regards, Scott
  14. Bulk C r a p Uninstaller

    Hi Folks, Just a heads up to a great Open Source - FREE - tool I've been using for the past few weeks - it finds, displays, and organizes far more material spattered around your hard drive and registry than I never knew about or that the standard Windows uninstaller will show you... Bloatware - watch out... Cleaned up my machines very nicely and even cleared some stuck registry entries I've had for years... It's got excellent reviews over on Source Forge... If you want to clean up your sim machine - this tool really helps... Just my two cents worth... Bulk C r a p Uninstaller *** Oh - C'mon mods - that's the name of the program - the censoring process mangled my link *** Note - if interested - just search source forge for the product... Regards, Scott
  15. Hi Folks, Hear, hear - wholeheartedly concur... Regards, Scott