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  1. scottb613

    Milviz radar Falcon 50

    Hi Marty, I believe the solution is to just uninstall the MilViz radar until they make it compatible - it usually takes a little time for MilViz/REX to catch up... Regards, Scott
  2. Hi Folks, Hmm - so the full gauge swap works well ? I’m intrigued - while I’m on team RXP - I may just pick this up in anticipation of RXP’s pending release of same - I think there are only a very few candidates available now for G500’s... I’m not really interested in either of the two others I’m aware of... How are the sounds ? I see this was back when Bernt was still around so I’m sure the FDE is excellent... Regards, Scott
  3. scottb613

    Eaglesoft 40% off

    Hi Scott, Ron was in here a few days ago - on a business jet thread - he stated they are actively working on projects - and they update status on FB - I don't do FB so I haven't looked... Yeah - I'd take either the XLS or the Challenger - - - for some reason the Citation X never really appealed to me... I think the Challenger has a very similar cockpit to the CRJ - too bad they couldn't work out a code sharing deal to speed development with AS... Hopefully - ESG not trying to break any development time records set by AS... Is it getting close - LOL ? I like this chubby guppy looking BizJet for whatever the reason... Although - the modeling on this one looks pretty darn good... And rounding out all three "Open" projects... Regards, Scott
  4. Hi Folks, Chatted with Ricardo - he confirmed he is actively working on fixing the ground shadows at Key West - - - AND performing a PBR makeover for 4.4 - hopes to have some update for us in the next few weeks... As one of my favorite haunts - I'm pretty pleased and looking forward to the update... Regards, Scott
  5. Hi Bert, Roger that - gracias amigo... Regards, Scott
  6. Hi Bert, Just curious for the newest FDE on the Carenado website - do we have to cut and paste the "aircraft.cfg" to make your fine mod work with it ? Regards, Scott
  7. scottb613

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Hi Folks, Hah - maybe that's why the forum indexes are so spotty ? Regards, Scott
  8. scottb613

    Who fired first, and deservedly so...

    Hi Folks, Yeah - Tora Tora Tora - one of the greatest WWII movie ever made - LOL - they almost killed the crew as they filmed the flaming plane careening down the runway... The guys they filmed running from it - were truly running for their lives... Regards, Scott
  9. scottb613

    Who fired first, and deservedly so...

    Hi Folks, Great story - they’ve had this in a documentary I’ve seen in the last several years - initially - it seemed as if upper management thought the crew of the Ward might be a little over excitable - maybe this report was the result of an overactive imagination - as they doubted the initial reports of a sub sunk by the ship... Nice to see the crew get concrete proof and vindication of their actions... They nailed the sub right where they initially reported it... Regards, Scott
  10. scottb613

    Carenado PC-12 RXP GTN750 and RXP GNS530

    Hi Bill, Nice !!! Regards, Scott
  11. scottb613

    Which is the best,

    Hi Folks, While past performance is no indication of future results - I managed to grab the Majestic Q400 Pro version for less than $50.00 during a holiday sale - might just want to watch for sales until the holidays are over ? Regards, Scott
  12. Hi Jose, It's up to you - it's definitely one of Carenado's better offerings - because most of the bugs have been fixed and it's been heavily modded by the mod squad - you can add 3rd party gauges to realistically fix the Navigation and Wx Radar - and it flies very nicely - I find their FDE's are usually quite good.. The biggest faults I have with Carenado/Alabeo are related to their Big Glass/FMC shortcomings - that and they repeat the same stupid mistakes over and over again... That said - it's not an externally modded FDE therefore it has all the same limitations of turbines inherent with the default model... I enjoy her (enough to paint her) and I'm one of the guys who have a complete love/hate relationship with Carenado... Regards, Scott
  13. Hi Geoff, If you just bought the PC12 - make sure you grab the optional FDE from the Carenado site and Bert's mod (PM request to Bert with email address) - makes a bunch of improvements... If you happen to have the REX/MilViz Wx Radar - I have a post in the respective Carenado forum - to swap the Avadyne for the REX/MilViz Wx Radar as well... All modded up - this is a mighty fine little aircraft... TSS has a new sound pack in the works as well - which I'll be purchasing when released... Regards, Scott
  14. Hi Folks, Now there’s a flash from the past - when Vauchez released his FlightZone scenery - he was so far ahead of his time - picked Charlie’s when everyone else was focused on Bravo’s - included a wide area of custom ground textures/autogen - and modeled a couple of the surrounding GA Airports - man - I was such a fan of that company... What a loss to the community when he faded into oblivion... Yeah - concur - think we get a bit excessive with modeling the interior’s of airports today - honestly - I don’t think I’ve ever taken the time to investigate the fine modeling on the interior of a building... Regards, Scott
  15. scottb613

    Falcon 50 - VC - Specular Shine and Shading ?

    Hi Mark, Beau offered some follow up alternatives - like a dim source of light in the VC ? Regards, Scott