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  1. Hi Folks, Some mighty fine work you have going on there - Russ - mighty fine... Regards, Scott
  2. Prepard3dv4

    Hi Steve, Fine work and a great pix... Not too shabby for a retired painter - LOL... Yeah - I used to fly that livery on Paul Golding's 727 a bunch - bare metal just looks soooo good... Regards, Scott
  3. Hi Greg, My new build is waiting on a video card... Same dilemma - even though the 1070 TI is almost 1080 from what I read - I’m going with the 1080 - as the specs quote a bit faster speed... Try Micro Center if you have one near you - they tend to have inventory when online retailers run out... I found they have really good prices and beat Amazon and New Egg on my CPU, Mobo, and memory... Regards, Scott
  4. Hi Simbol, First off - I tried your package fairly recently - wow - I'm impressed - superb effort and I really like what I see... Thanks so much for doing a freeware version and sharing with the community - realize it's a prelude to a payware version... Two things: Have you ever looked into the wigwag landing lights - where the lights alternates from side to side like a railroad crossing flasher ??? I don't know if it's possible but they have become very popular in the real world and add a great deal of visual interest... Even the little GA planes are getting them... I have the Flysimware Lear 35A and since the upgrade - the strobes are now visible inside the cockpit even during the day - pretty annoying - I'm guessing because it uses a default effect ? Are the original effects saved somewhere (assuming you swapped them) - that I could point this aircraft to them to fix it ? Thanks... Regards, Scott
  5. FSX-MS

    Hi Folks, OK - I like C310's and I have both... If you have both - you need to dump the Alabeo sounds and swap it with the MilViz sounds (far superior set) - just drop the sound folder from one to the other - then it's a great aircraft... The FDE's on both seem extremely well done... The Alabeo is my go to light twin now... Alabeo just needs to fix the panel lights - the switches are messed up... What exactly is not working - I dropped the GTN in the Alabeo model and it seemed to work fine ? Flew coupled approaches as well as well unpublished holds... Regards, Scott
  6. Hi Folks, Has anyone tried the RXP GNS swap on the Lear ? Just wondering if the knobs line up and if it worked with the autopilot ? Regards, Scott
  7. Hi Folks, Yeah - I run the GTN and Wx Radar without issue... Sorry to hear of your troubles... Regards, Scott

    Hi Folks, Yeah - I had my eye out too - planned on picking up the Tin Mouse - ah well - I have more than enough aircraft to keep me busy... Regards, Scott
  9. Hi Folks, LOL - I heard that a lot when FSX was king and I was the FS9 holdout - you FS9 guys are a boat anchor dragging development efforts down... I skipped FSX entirely going straight to P3Dv3... I recall a post on FlyTampa that stated FlyTampa, FSDT, and Flightbeam were going 64 only from here on out... Whether or not they stick to this remains to be seen... At this point - I think we're going to see a lot of this... Regards, Scott
  10. LOL - thanks... Cool fix Thomas... Regards, Scott
  11. Hi Steve, Why - yes - yes you are... Yeah - I've done some 3D modeling as well - so yep - I can understand the desire to keep texture sheets to a minimum and not wanting to start a new one if you only have a couple parts left over... Those tip tanks take a considerable amount of texture real estate as they are - the pixel density seems higher than the fuselage which seems odd if it can't support text... Nice work hobbling up an alternative... You know those tip tanks are going to stand out like a sore thumb to me every time I fly this paint... Yep - a good paint makes all the difference in the world to me and can dramatically change my opinion of a model - going back to the default "John Denver" paint they included in much of the Flysimware advertising - it really turned me off - and stopped me from buying this aircraft for a long time (nothing against the painter - just the scheme designer - lol - realize it was the 70's)... Concur - continued releases of new paints for older models - keeps the interest high - is free marketing - so developers should do all they can to foster that relationship with us freeware painters... One thing I've only recently noticed is that I need to tone down the whites on all my Lear paints - as with HDR and PTA/ENVSHADE - they are glaringly too white in the sim... LOL - the question then becomes how much is right - I'm still playing around with it... Currently added a black "multiply" shade to the entire texture set as 20 for visibility... Seems to cut down the glare a bit - looks pretty good in the sim - and make the side facing the sun actually visible again... Hah - I finally figured out how to eliminate those dang blasted advertising pop-ups from PSP... Much better now... Hi Scott, LOL - yeah - I figured you'd like this paint - I came across your request and I had a few more people request it as well a while back... I thought it might be popular with the community... The flag is what gave me pause - but - I'm pretty happy with the way it came out... While researching this plane - I came across a post where it mentioned they painted this whole scheme in response to 9/11... Gotta respect a company for that... Sadly - I think most of the AirNet lears are now in the bone yard - I've seen a bunch of pix sans engine nacelles and wings still proudly flying their logo - probably just used up with all the miles they must have logged... Without the small/cheap/fast/cargo Lears - makes you wonder what a company trying to fill a similar niche would turn to today - doesn't seem to be a jet made with those qualities now... I recall a comment that stated the little Lear's provided the fastest means to get between two points for the least amount of money... Thanks for the enthusiasm... Regards, Scott
  12. Hi Folks, What I find helpful - is Jan Martin (Project AI vet) - produced a set of standardized AI FDE's for most AI aircraft - optimizing performance for as realistic as possible within the confines of the current engine - then documented the performance metrics for review... I'm working on testing these in v4 now... Regards, Scott
  13. Hi Phillip, Yeah - I just added Silver to my Ultimate Traffic Live install - fortunately we have working AI models with the paint scheme... My plan - I noticed there's a PMDG Jetstream - fictional paint - that's my intended stand in until we get a well done Saab - - - Carenado is currently working on a Saab 340 - anyone's guess as to how good it will be... Regards, Scott
  14. Hi... Ooops - yes - so sorry - disregard... Regards, Scott
  15. Hi... SBuilder X or ADE can throw down an “exclusion” - basically a polygon placed on the scenery that excludes the selected objects in its area of coverage - you’d need to lookup the number for power lines on FSDeveloper - unless they’ve made it simpler - I haven’t made one in years... Or - pick up one of the two payware products - I’m quite happy with the LVFR one which you can usuallly get for a good price if you’re patient... Regards, Scott