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  1. scottb613

    Pilot license checks

    Hi Folks, The FAA conducts what they call "Ramp Checks" (random spot checks) in 15 years or so of flying - I've never seen one or had anyone ask to see my pilot's license... I've seen them chatted about with some fear and trepidation - but - my ducks are always in a row - so I wouldn't be very concerned about it... I guess they do have power and could theoretically ground you for the most miniscule of infraction... Regards, Scott
  2. scottb613

    Learjet 45 for prepar3d?

    Hi... Welcome to the boards... Forget the 45 - there are none - the default is a miserable beast - drop back to the 35 or 25... Personally - I like the Flysimware Lear 35A and I can't get enough of it - others like the Xtreme Prototypes Lear 25... I don't think you can go wrong with either... Xtreme has better visuals - Flysimware has better frames - both are well made simulations... Things happen fast - real fast - without the fancy automation of newer transport category aircraft - and - these aircraft require two pilots in the RW - so just be prepared for a serious learning curve... Flysimware Lear 35A Regards, Scott
  3. Hi Folks, Just read an article on Samsung VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) 4K TV's - it said they're slated for 2018 - are they out yet - seems unlikely as I couldn't find any by searching... Is this like Nvidia Gsync at a better price point ? The article I read seemed pretty enthusiastic - anymore info available by those in the know (LOL - here's looking at you Rob) ? Thanks... Regards, Scott
  4. scottb613

    S340 versus F50?

    Hi Folks, Wait for sales - I picked up the Majestic Pro for less than $50.00... Although I did have to shell out a few more bucks when I moved to 64 bit... Regards, Scott
  5. scottb613

    KIDA Idaho Falls

    Hi Nils, I don't use XP but I don't think there is any way you could possibly go wrong with TD - their airports are truly works of art... Regards, Scott
  6. scottb613

    ACES Studio Member Responds to FSW Closure

    Yep - yep - yep... Regards, Scott
  7. scottb613

    Flysimware news

    Hi Al, Thanks for the update - sir... :) Regards, Scott
  8. Hi Folks, Maybe I just noticed - or maybe it's an issue on my end - but are the advertisements within the bodies of threads something new ? I seriously dislike seeing an advertisement in the area where I'm actually trying to read posts - I'm hoping this is in error ? Thanks... Regards, Scott
  9. Hi Rudi, OMG - too funny - a while back I was trying to use the Maule out of some unimproved state forestry strips in Idaho - couldn't get it off the ground in the allotted distance - probably 1200 feet or so - switched to the A2A Cherokee 180 and it got off the ground just fine - anyone even vaguely familiar with Maules STOL capabilities realizes how truly absurd that is... I'd certainly be interested if anyone has taken the time to rework this FDE... Best of luck... Regards, Scott
  10. Hi Jevon, Wow - awesome - great work - and the annunciator panel is back where it belongs... Woohoo... Best of luck on your exams - given your attention to detail showcased here - I'm sure you'll breeze right through them even if it is for an engineering degree... Best of luck !!! Regards, Scott
  11. scottb613

    PA-24 Fatal Crash caught on traffic camera

    Hi Folks, I've flown a few Comanche's - when I heard the details of the crash - my first thought - "Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity, or neglect."... Regards, Scott
  12. scottb613

    New Brunner CLS-E NG Yoke

    Hi Folks, Yeah - my PC costs less... GREAT company name though - wonder if he has a substantial discount for a long lost relative in America ? Regards, Scott
  13. Hi Folks, Wow - the mother of all wide screens... Regards, Scott
  14. scottb613


    Hi Folks, Beautiful job - like we expect any less from you - Steve... Yeah - LOL - I've been in those seats in the tail - pretty miserable overall... Regards, Scott
  15. scottb613

    Alabeo and Carenado

    Hi Les, It's OK - I was cleared for that and I do have a need to know... Regards, Scott