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  1. scottb613

    Learjet 35A Dual GTN not that far fetched ???

    Hi James, Unfortunately - we have no ability to change the 3D model - so I don't think you can do it in the VC. You could probably rig it so when you open the popup 2D GTN screen - it shows two GTN's instead of just one... I haven't done it myself as the mismatch between 2D to 3D would bother me and I don't use the 2D panels very often - you would need some familiarity working with 2D panels before diving in... I've been able to get by pretty well with just one... Another image as the old one doesn't come up: Regards, Scott
  2. scottb613


    Hi Folks, LOL - yeah - never had a FB account - never will - without an account they make it almost impossible to view content - I'll wait until it shows up somewhere else... Regards, Scott
  3. scottb613


    Hi Ron, Concur - any status update would be much appreciated even if the projects are stalled... Thanks... Regards, Scott
  4. scottb613

    FSX Loran ?

    Hi Rich, Hah - used Omega on my Submarine in the 80's/90's - 7 stations world wide 1 in Hawaii IIRC - the actual fixes were rough - we had NAVSAT (Doppler Shift) as well which predated GPS - the satellites were in polar orbit vs geosynchronous - so you had to know when to "catch the pass" - for our most accurate fix source... Regards, Scott
  5. scottb613

    FSX Loran ?

    Hi Ken, Ditto with Bjoern... I've used the Northstar Loran in real life - what a miserable and clunky interface - much like the Trimble interface Digital Aviation included in their Piper Cheyenne... The Northstar was accurate enough though - drove my Century I autopilot before I had moving maps... Regards, Scott
  6. scottb613

    who stole the plane

    Hi Bill, The tape I heard had him challenged repeatedly - he just didn't respond... Regards, Scott
  7. scottb613

    Lear35 P3D Frame Rates

    Hi Al, Hah - or a real FS9 diehard - depending on your perspective (FS9 to P3Dv3)... Honestly - P3D is so worth it - c'mon in the water is warm... Regards, Scott
  8. scottb613

    Lear35 P3D Frame Rates

    Hi Al, While frames are all very subjective and I've never used FSX - the Lear is very light on the frames for me - i2700K@4.7Ghz with a GTX970 - a pretty old PC loaded up with all the usual suspects of addons - I don't typically fly into large Bravo's - more ORBX/FlyTampa/LatinVFR Charlies and Deltas... Smooth as butter and well in excess of what you mentioned... Regards, Scott
  9. Hi Jevon, Your dedication is admirable and your work is greatly appreciated... Regards, Scott
  10. scottb613

    Congratulations to Bob Scott!

    Hi Folks, Mr. Tin Mouse himself - can't even begin to count the number of enjoyable hours I've gotten from his labor of love that he graciously shared with the community... Congrats Bob - well deserved - sir !!! Regards, Scott
  11. Hi Jevon, Once again a HUGE thank you for all your efforts - thoroughly enjoying your hard work... Regards, Scott
  12. scottb613


    Hi Folks, Yeah - for a modern Archer - I sorely miss my old Dreamfleet model from FS9... Exceptional aircraft and a hoot to fly... The bar has been set - hopefully a new one clears it... *** While I took some poetic license with the paint - should have been an Archer II vs a III - this AOPA Sweepstakes Prize was won by a woman at the airport where I was learning to fly - KPOU - had a chance to sit in it - beautiful aircraft... Regards, Scott
  13. scottb613

    who is Calorado, and do they talk with users?

    Hi Folks, Some of Carenado's work is decent - you just have to be careful of what you choose - avoid GLASS and FMC based products - as that's usually the most disappointing aspect... I haven't seen a response to a post in the Carenado forums - from Carenado - in many years... It's pointless if you think you'll have some dialog with the developer... If you have a real issue - submit a ticket and you will usually get a response - albeit - it might not be the response you want... Regards, Scott