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  1. I think the gauge you are looking for was a free gauge made by HiFi simulation. I do not know if it works with fsx. Try it and see! keith:-beerchug
  2. I quit 23 years ago when I was 30. I smoked 3 packs a day.I still want a smoke every once in a while. Now that I'm 53 I'm seeing a LOT of people I know die of lung cancer! Quiting best thing I every did! Keith
  3. Are you sure your video card supports dx10? I don't think it does. keith:-beerchug
  4. Cloud9 has updated its addon manager for Acceleration. So if you have cloud9 kmco scenery like I do it now works with acceleration:) keith
  5. >>So far I found the T34-B Mentor aircraft from Carenado not to>work right in SP2. The cockpit panel in the Virtual Cockpit is>all gooey grey. Probably a victim of dropping some backwards>compatibility.>>If anyone knows how to fix this beautiful payware for SP2, let>me know.>>Any other incompatibilities found? Report them here.>cloud9 mco scenery does not seem to work:( keith
  6. I have it and it is not bad. I like it. If you buy it and don't like it flight1 has a 30 day money back. keith
  7. They are the same. At least that is what it says on there support forums. keith:-beerchug
  8. just put them in general population in prison and make sure there follow prisoners know they raped an 11 year old. They will get theirs. keith
  9. using etrust by computer associates. I have it turned off but I know that does not always work. maybe tomorrow I will delete it and see if it helps. thanks keith
  10. 3.4 single core 2gigs ram 7950 video card with 256 mem. no network. I uninstalled and reinstalled still no joy. everything works great except the xguge will not update unless you go to the map then go back. keith
  11. I tried that and it did not work:( Everything else works great:-) keith
  12. I have the same problem the only way I can get the gauge to update is if I mininize fsx and bring up the map page. keith
  13. I have the same problem I thought maybe it was just me. Hope somone comes up with a fix!:-beerchug keith
  14. I agree to.:-beerchug keith
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